10 Real Make Money Online Ideas


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10 Real Make Money Online Ideas are 10 ideas that you can use today, for free, from home with little or no new equipment needed. Simply read the report find an idea you like and get started. These are real workable and doable online business ideas that will make money.

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10 Real Make Money Online Ideas

  1. 1. Contents1 Social Media Manager…………………………………………………………………………………………………….22 Freelance Content Creator……………………………………………………………………………………………..33 Upload and Share Services……………………………………………………………………………………………..54 Freelance Photographer and Picture Products……………………………………………………………….65 Email Newsletter Writer………………………………………………………………………………………………….96 Email blogging………………………………………………………………………………………………………………137 Free Website Builder for Local Businesses…………………………………………………………………….168 Paid Website Builder for Local Businesses ……………………………………………………………………179 Video Tutorials & Affiliate Commissions ………………………………………………………………….…. 2010 Writing eBooks and Reports……………………………………………………………………………………… 24Bonus Idea no 11…………………………………………………………………………………………………………….28Resources………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..31Copyright Tim’s Minions 2012.
  2. 2. In this report we have a list of several small home business ideas we Minions have recently come upwith.We sat down and brainstormed a few ideas, the ideas had to be things that people could do easilyand as cheaply as possible if not for free which they could potentially start as soon as they had readthis report, some of the ideas then could be charged to a third party. As we sat and talked the ideasevolved, some investment may be required for a few of the ideas but not a lot, should you decide toinvest or need to it is well within the reach of the average person. I think we Minions have come upwith some great ideas at least there are plenty of ideas that you can work on to come up with yourown working idea.This eBook is for information purposes only. Any results you gain both good and bad from using theinformation in this eBook is at your own responsibility. www.TimsMinions.com
  3. 3. 1 Social Media ManagerThis is a good business that most people can get into from the comfort of their own homes. If you arepretty good with Facebook and Twitter and have a rough idea about setting up pages, running advertsin Facebook or starting Twitter chats with hash tags you can easily approach local businesses andoffer them a monthly package where you over see their social media presence.This can be free to do, all you will need is the login details of each account that you are paid tooversee. If you have a lot of accounts then you may choose to invest in things like Hootsuite.com orTweetadder to aid your work.Hootsuite and Tweetadder help automate the processes; Hootsuite will incorporate many SocialMedia networks whereas Tweetadder is for Twitter only. TweetAdder is an awesome piece ofsoftware and you can see our review of the software here TweetAdder Review. Hootsuite comes witha monthly cost and TweetAdder is a one off cost. www.TimsMinions.com
  4. 4. 1 Social Media ManagerIf as part of your Social Media business you ran adverts for companies then you may need some cashto get the campaigns rolling before you invoice them later. You could set up the adverts to yourclients company credit card so your client is billed directly by Facebook and not you, you invoice yourclients for your work separately. The beauty of this business is that you can work for severalcompanies at a go.Social Media is all the rage at the moment; it is pretty easy to do from the comfort of your own homeif you have a room set aside so you are not distracted. Companies want people to build them lists offans and followers, to promote their products and services as well as interact and engage with theirnewly found friends. Can you do that? www.TimsMinions.com
  5. 5. 2 Freelance Content CreatorWhat do blogs need? What do internet marketers require? Content! Without fresh unique contentthe blogger has nothing for their readers to read, nothing to keep them on the site where they maketheir affiliate sales, without content the internet marketer does not have a product to sell or giveaway.If you are good at one or more of the following, writing articles or eBooks, creating video tutorials,recording Podcasts, editing audio or video, creating graphics or infographs and other skills you maythink off, then you could approach well known bloggers or internet marketers and offer them yourservices as a price per job.Again this can be done from home; many of them can cost nothing to do like writing reports and thisbusiness can generate work in many ways, emailing websites and blogs, opening up accounts on siteslike Elance.com and via your own blog/social media networks. www.TimsMinions.com
  6. 6. 2 Freelance Content CreatorVideo tutorials can be done using free online software if you choose not to buy the expensive stufflike Camtasia, as long as you can make professional looking tutorials you will have skills that manyinternet marketers require, skills that they will happily pay for.Online screen capture software that you can use for free are screencast-o-matic.com andscreenr.com. www.TimsMinions.com
  7. 7. 2 Freelance Content CreatorThere are many networks where you can join as a writer and get paid to write articles for blogowners. Elance.com, Rentacoder.com and Odesk.com are three of the most popular sites where youcan offer your services to blog and website owners.Podcasts can very easily be made by using free software called Audacity that you can download fromthe web at http://audacity.sourceforge.net/download .Using a decent headset, which can cost as little as $46 (£30), you talk and record yourself withAudacity which will create a recording that you can edit and add intro music if you decide it needs it.You can save the Podcast as an MP3 but you will need to download a free extension for that to work.The extension can be found at http://lame1.buanzo.com.ar . To see how easy it is to record a Podcastand upload it to your own Wordpress blog/website watch the tutorial here Adding Podcasts To YourWordpress SiteMaybe you are better at art than you are writing and creating Podcasts or videos. If you are using aPC there is a great free arts software called Paint.net (that is its name not its web address). You cancreate great graphics, website headers, banner ads and newsletter graphics in this software. www.TimsMinions.com
  8. 8. 2 Freelance Content CreatorI have done a quick tutorial showing you how to use this software to create a header and how toinstall it in a Wordpress site; you can watch the video here Creating a Header in Paint.net.. YouTube isfull of great videos showing you how to use this software. The Paint.net software can be downloadedfrom Getpaint.net . You might prefer to write reports or eBooks for people and if that is the case we have also created a guide showing you how to create and format an eBook, with a useable eBook template. You can download both the guide and the template from our website here How To Create and format an eBook. Each one of the above can be done for other people who will happily pay you to do the work! www.TimsMinions.com
  9. 9. 3 Upload and Share ServicesMany bloggers and internet marketers get traffic to their sites by spreading their content around theweb to satellite sites, article directories, photo storage sites and social media networks. Doing all ofthis yourself can take a big chunk of time out of a bloggers/ internet marketers day.Places like Fiverr.com have people offering their services to create accounts with places likepixelpipe.com which is a mass media distribution site. So we know there is a demand for it. www.TimsMinions.com
  10. 10. 3 Upload and Share ServicesThis small home business idea is to have these people create pixelpipe.com accounts foryou for a few pounds (or do them yourself) then offer your services as a mediadistribution service sending pictures, videos and articles for companies to the four cornersof the web each week.You could charge per job or as an on-going monthly plan. This could become a simplemiddleman business, where you pay people on Fiverr.com to do the uploading andsharing while you charge a higher rate to businesses. Reducing your work down to nothingmore than liaising between your client and the person you are paying to do the work. Thiscould be an add on to the social media management business idea.You may think that if people are going to email you stuff to be uploaded then they mightas well do it themselves, well this is where sites like Dropbox.com come in handy, youopen up a Dropbox account and invite your clients to join, you both download theDropbox folder and then you and your client simply drop files into it as you would anyother folder and those files are saved to the same folder on both yours and your clientscomputers. www.TimsMinions.com
  11. 11. 3 Upload and Share ServicesThey are also stored by the third party Dropbox on their servers so both you and yourclients have access to the same files when you are away from your computers. It is fareasier than trying to attach files to emails all the time. Go to the Dropbox site and watchthe video on the home page for more information. There is a free service but the moreyou use it and the more people you add to it then you will need to subscribe to a paidoption. www.TimsMinions.com
  12. 12. 4 Freelance Photographer and Picture ProductsEveryone these days has access to a high definition digital camera either as a camera or on theirmobile phones. Usually they are with them every day of the week and what is it that bloggers, andwebsites need? That is right, pictures!If you have a great eye for a picture or take interesting pictures you can start taking pictures and sellthem via sites like iStock.com and Corbisimages.com. There are more than those two sites where youcan upload pictures to. Some may require your pictures to be of a professional high standard.When someone wants to use your images they buy them from sites like Corbis and iStock, who take acut and then send you your share. Professional photographers will have photos loaded up to severalsites and earn revenue from all the sites when their images are bought. www.TimsMinions.com
  13. 13. 4 Freelance Photographer and Picture ProductsThe other small home business ideas we came up with to do with photography was having your ownphotoblog where you sell from it products like T-Shirts, mugs, calendars, and notebooks that haveyour photos printed on them. These can be printed at places like Cafepress.com. CafePress is not theonly printing company that will print and ship your product then send you a cheque at the end of themonth.In this day of home publishing you could have your own picture books printed, for example, if youappreciated street art and had a large collection of graffiti from around the world, those picturescould be turned into books, and printed onto T-shirts. Those T- Shirts could be shown in the backpage of the book; the book can direct people to your blog where you sell the T-Shirts from. www.TimsMinions.com
  14. 14. 4 Freelance Photographer and Picture ProductsCafePress has over 250 items it can print your design onto. There are 7 different CafePress sitesdealing with Canada, UK, USA, Germany, France, Spain and Australia. Each one has a basic shopfrontthat they will HOST for you so you do not need to have a blog if you just wanted to sell T-shirts, Mugs, Journals, Baby Clothing etc. direct from CafePress. There a 2 ways to open up aCafePress store. I will let CafePress.com explain in their own words…Option A: No Up-front costsWhen selling products, you earn royalties. From monthly checks we deduct 10% (up to a $10maximum).NOTE: This is $10 of royalties, not total sales volume.Examples:If you earn a $30 royalties for the month, we deduct 10% ($3) and mail you a check for $27.If you earn a $300 royalties for the month, we deduct only $10 (not the full 10%, which would be $30).So you get a check for $290. www.TimsMinions.com
  15. 15. 4 Freelance Photographer and Picture ProductsOption B: Pre-pay & save moneyWell bill your credit card each month:$6.95 per month$18.45 for 3 months ($6.15 a month)$34.95 for 6 months ($5.83 a month)$59.95 for 1 year (only $5 per month)Not only can you set the amount of profit you want to make off of each item once CafePress havededucted their base price (materials, manufacturing costs and overheads) you also receive aperformance bonus based on the amounts of sales. www.TimsMinions.com
  16. 16. 4 Freelance Photographer and Picture ProductsThere have been many stories made public of people making six figure businesses selling T-Shirtsthrough CafePress. You could possibly be the next. Below is a screenshot of some of the successfulCafePress shops. www.TimsMinions.com
  17. 17. 4 Freelance Photographer and Picture ProductsVery simple designs can sell well, they can be single line drawings like stick men or just simple sayingslike ‘S**t Happens’. You could take simple black and white photographs and with software likePaint, Word or Paint.net add basic text to create a funny picture that can be used. Photos can beuploaded and modified in online software like Photobucket.com.CafePress is not the only place around that offers a print on demand service, there are many others. Ifyou wanted you could set up your own site and advertise all of your products on it along with placeslike eBay and when someone comes to buy the product they will be sent to CafePress where thepayments are dealt with. You do not need to print, pack or post anything. CafePress and the othercompanies deal with all of that.All you have to do is create the designs and choose which products to promote then send traffic toyour own site or CafePress store. www.TimsMinions.com
  18. 18. 4 Freelance Photographer and Picture ProductsIn many ways this takes a lot of the hard work out of the equation, if you did everythingyourself, including sourcing the products, printing onto them, packing them, posting them, taking theorders, building the websites, promoting the site, creating new designs etc. Al of that would take upall of your time and not give you any room to succeed. At least with CafePress you can create thedesigns and focus on building your online brand and promote your site without all of the other timesapping jobs. Not forgetting it saves you buying all of the expensive printing equipment! www.TimsMinions.com
  19. 19. 5 Email Newsletter WriterThis is an exciting idea we came up with, I personally think it is an awesome idea (Andi the Minion).Websites, blogs and businesses are told that they need an email newsletter and that they shouldbuild email lists, and this is true, they spend a lot of time and money building these email lists but donot know how or what to write in the newsletters. Some new websites and blogs do not havenewsletters and should!To be on top of your game you need to be sending out a newsletter each week with fresh content.We believe that newly formed, up and coming websites, blogs & businesses would love a servicewhere they get their newsletters written for free.For FREE? I hear you shout! www.TimsMinions.com
  20. 20. 5 Email Newsletter WriterYes for free, and here is why:You offer to write emails and newsletters for people but they must leave in a link to either your ownsite or an affiliate offer. That is the deal, to get a fully working content rich newsletter they must allowyou to promote to the list as payment.Originally the idea came about as a way to build an email list for free without having the cost of awebsite. The idea is you write all the emails and newsletters for several websites giving you severalfresh and large lists to use as your own.You could be promoting to thousands of people within months maybe even weeks. Depending on thesites you approach you could be promoting to thousands of people as soon as you start.You could share any earnings with the website owner or do alternative promotions where youpromote a product then the next time you promote a product for the owner. www.TimsMinions.com
  21. 21. 5 Email Newsletter WriterIf you actually run the whole email campaign for them, setting up the email capture form, creatingthe follow up sequence and writing the emails then you can have control over all the links in theemails.With some smart planning you could build up the newsletter subscribers for several businesses, byusing things like list swaps and solo ads. The bigger lists your clients get the happier they will be andyou will have bigger lists to advertise your site/services/affiliate links to.If you are thinking that businesses won’t like the idea of you linking to your site or your affiliate offersthink of this for a minute.The website/business owner who needs an email newsletter has to either write it themselves whichtakes time if they do not know how or what to write about and writing a newsletter can rob them ofvaluable time which could be used for something more productive and cost effective, or they paysomeone to write the newsletter for them.If they employ someone just to write the newsletter it will cost them a lot even if it’s part time orthey can outsource it which for a long helpful newsletter could cost them a fair bit of money, moneythey do not have. www.TimsMinions.com
  22. 22. 5 Email Newsletter WriterThey cannot measure what you earn from your links as it is something that is a result from a) You building an email list for free for them which they were not doing anyway and b) Is saving them money which they will see more than the perceived loss.(Try imagining loosing something when you had nothing to start with!)For this small home business idea to work you will require an email auto responder account. (If youare taking over the whole set up and management role) There are a few free ones like Mail Chimpwhere it is free up to a certain amount of people on your lists or the industry standard isAweber, here you can have a $1 (£0.62) trial for the first month. It then goes up to $19 (£11.81) amonth after that. However, we believe you should be making the money back fairly quickly afterstarting. www.TimsMinions.com
  23. 23. 5 Email Newsletter WriterOriginally we thought this idea would be good for those without a website however it might beworthwhile having your own blog while you do this, at a cost of about $46(£30) a year to host; a blogis one of the cheapest investments you can ever make.The emails you send out to your clients can link back to your site which can bring in good free trafficwhere you can build your own list and eventually sell your own products or generate revenue fromadvertising and affiliate offers.To make the emails look more professional, you could source pictures and fonts from the sites thatyou are offering your services to and head over to Fiverr.com to have some professional HTML emailtemplates made up. www.TimsMinions.com
  24. 24. 5 Email Newsletter WriterThe site owners would love the professional looking newsletters you are sending out. Thesetemplates can have a picture button or link pointing back to your site.In many ways this is a case of hijacking other people’s traffic, but done in a seriously ethical way thathas a win win situation for both parties. Once your business is growing and your clients email lists aregrowing you could start to charge for the service. (You could start charging for the service from thebeginning for a small fee, we thought a free service would be snapped up giving you the chance touse the lists as you build them)One you have over 2000 subscribers to the newsletter you then offer a monthly service fee for theextra work involved. You could then outsource the writing of the newsletters allowing you to buildyour business in other ways. www.TimsMinions.com
  25. 25. 5 Email Newsletter WriterWhile you are writing the newsletters for your clients you slowly build up your own email lists on yourown site or sites, adding more and more names to your list so should any of your clients decide to nolonger use your services you are not left stranded without a business.There are many ways to evolve this small home business idea, in fact home business idea is anunderstatement, this is a web based business that can be run from anywhere in the world.Every newsletter that you write will need articles and this is usually easier than you might think. Asmost information based sites usually cover topics based in fact you can re write almost anything. Factcannot be copyrighted. Most philosophies and ideas are shared by many, who can have ownership onthe thought ‘Chinese food is tasty’? Copyright is assigned mostly to how the article is written notwhat the topic is about.The other point is that most email newsletters are only seen by those who receive them, they are notusually on a website for all to see. What you do is re write interesting and popular blog articles, thatway you make them yours and who is to know that they are based on someone else’s work, it willlook different anyway. www.TimsMinions.com
  26. 26. 5 Email Newsletter WriterThe quicker form of newsletter is the kind where you source 4 or 5 interesting articles; you add a linkto the article and add a short summary giving any website and author credits just to be safe. Thenewsletter subscriber would still be happy as they receive a newsletter with interesting and relevantarticles. They just need to click on the links to read them.The downside to this method is you can lose people to other sites should they find the articles yousuggested are on better sites, they may unsubscribe from your newsletter. I personally would notfocus on this method as the main method, maybe linking to one ‘Related’ article in a newsletter nowand again might be a good feature. To be safe, re write any interesting articles you find. Make thearticles your own!There are companies that supply writing services for websites, in many ways you can become aservice like that. You and maybe a few friends/employees spend your time crafting great lookingnewsletters for companies that get sent out once a week. www.TimsMinions.com
  27. 27. 5 Email Newsletter WriterCan you imagine how much time you are freeing up to a blog/site owner by offering to write qualitynewsletters for them? How grateful do you think they would be if they hadn’t started to collectemails to build a list or if they had but hadn’t gotten round to creating the follow sequence andemails and then you come along offering them a constant supply of great relationship buildingcontent? I think they would be very grateful, not just for the fact that you would supply them withquality newsletters but you have also saved them a lot of time looking for that right person tooutsource the writing to.The beauty of this idea is that it has a very low cost if any cost to start it. You could start right now bygoing to Google, looking for websites without email capture forms and emailing them. Sign up to afew newsletters or email forms on sites you believe are in need of help and see what you get, if youcan help them, send them an email with your proposition.See what response you get, after all, it doesn’t cost you a single penny to send out an email. If thisidea sounds good to you, keep at it, don’t give up if your first 10 or 20 emails are rejected or notreplied to. You only need a few to get you going. What do you think? www.TimsMinions.com
  28. 28. 6 Email bloggingSlightly different to email marketing or an email newsletter and the normal version of blogging, anemail blog is the combination of the two. Instead of a blog you create a single one page squeeze pagewhere you collect emails to build an email list; the normal practice is to give away a great valuableresource like an eBook. When you are building up your list you email your list with what can only bedescribed as a blog post.If you use Wordpress or want to create one page squeeze pages quickly Optimizepress is a Wordpresstheme that not only allows you to create great looking squeeze pages fast, it also allows you to createa blog and a membership area of the same site. www.TimsMinions.com
  29. 29. 6 Email bloggingInstead of writing a post and adding it to a blog you send it to your email list, and you do thisregularly. People love receiving valuable information, and that is what you do, similar to a newsletterbut without so many promotional emails and a lot more quality content. The normal industrystandard for a newsletter is 50% content to 50% promotions.Many marketers now only seem to send out emails when they find a product to promote. With thissystem you provide 80% content - 20% promotions or maybe 90%-10%. This might sound bad whenyou want to make money on-line but there is a reason for this which will reward you nicely.The main idea behind email blogging is that you provide seriously good content. A bonus of emailblogging over normal blogging is that it is easier, cheaper and quicker to implement. After writing outyour post you paste it into your email broadcast and hit send. There are no SEO tricks required, youdon’t need any images unless you choose to have them. You don’t need to create internal links toother posts or external sites, again unless you decide to. www.TimsMinions.com
  30. 30. 6 Email blogging www.TimsMinions.com
  31. 31. 6 Email bloggingHowever saying that, having a link back to your site or squeeze page in your email is veryadvantageous, imagine you got a fantastic email with an idea about an online business idea that youwanted to try and you knew people who might be interested, you probably would forward it on. Yourquality email blog posts could go viral or at least be passed around a bit which could get you moresubscribers.Unlike the usual email marketing methods this is all about giving ideas and methods that work, thingsthat people would like, the idea is to get people looking forward to the email arriving, waitingdesperately to see what great ideas or advice are in the email.Obviously you can also run a regular blog if you choose to; you can link to the squeeze page and getpeople to sign up for your special members only email blog. Having a blog is a great way for peopleto see that you are an authority and a name within your niche, not just some random squeeze pagethat is floating in cyber space belonging to an unknown person.You don’t have to add blog posts regularly, as long as it is updated enough for new and existingvisitors to see that the site is alive and that you are adding valuable content to the community. Whatyour blog should really do is get as many more people as possible to sign up for your email blog. www.TimsMinions.com
  32. 32. 6 Email bloggingThis is what you need to do • Buy a domain and hosting (Hostgator) • Create a one page squeeze page (Optimizepress) • Create a giveaway list building product like an eBook or video • Set up an autoresponder (Aweber) • Create 10 quality follow up emails • Create another report, eBook or video to sell (or promote someone else’s quality product) • Rinse and RepeatWhen you have a 10 – 15 page report set up as your incentive to get people on your list, you thenwrite 10 follow up emails, these are to be the longer than normal emails that you probably get, cramthem full of great tips and ideas, give the reader a reason to appreciate the email. Set them to go outevery week at the same time. Keep adding new emails to the system so that they build up, when newpeople sign up to your list they will get the emails in the sequence from the beginning.The next step is to promote products but as stated earlier you do not promote the usual Clickbankstuff every week. You do less promoting and you chose your products wisely. Ideally you would createanother product of your own and charge up to £17 or $17. www.TimsMinions.com
  33. 33. 6 Email bloggingThis is great for seeing how many of your list are buyers, if you have your own product with yourname over it and you have been giving them great information for the last 10 weeks they are morelikely to buy your product than one from some random guy.You then create a string of follow up products; you may decide to go with the £17/$17 range foreverything. Some people have done very well by offering loads of quality reports for £5/$5 or £7/$7every month. Please remember though, the important thing here is that you first and foremostprovide quality useful information for your subscribers.Imagine each month you sell 100 small eBooks or reports at just £7/$7. You would have made£700/$700It is basic business practice, keep your customers happy and your customers will keep you happy. Andby far the best way to keep your customers happy is to provide a great service and user experienceand they will reward you by spending their money with you. www.TimsMinions.com
  34. 34. 7 Free Website Builder for Local BusinessesThis one is a great little system to make money; the hardest part is convincing smaller businesses tohave a website. This idea relies on offering to build them a free website. The deal is that they mustget the hosting from Hostgator. Once you join Hostgator as an affiliate they pay you every time youget them new customers.The more customers you get them each month the more you earn. If you get them up to 5 newcustomers you will earn $50 per customer. So you will earn $250. Up to 10 people then you will earn$75 per new customer so you will generate $450.If you can refer 21 new people then you will earn $125 per new customer. That is a ONE timepayment not a continual monthly payment. You have to hit the numbers per month to receive theamount. For example the first month you refer 5 people then you earn $50 per person. The secondmonth you do 20 referrals then you get $100 per person but the following week you only refer 7people then you get $75 per sign up. www.TimsMinions.com
  35. 35. 7 Free Website Builder for Local BusinessesAs part of the deal you can offer to write a free email newsletter each week and have a link to yourown site or affiliate offers as suggested in idea no 5. You could offer to build the freewebsite, knowing how easy it is to install Wordpress then charge an on-going monthly charge tomaintain the site, write emails and create and run Twitter & Facebook accounts.Small business are suffering, several small business have been saved by creating an online presenceusing blogs and Social Media, connecting their services to people who wasn’t aware of who theywere or what they did.Small businesses are calling out for help, and you can offer it. Keeping costs down for them will helpthem to decide to take you up on your offer. If they get a free website built by you, you still get paidvia Hostgator so you don’t lose out.If getting paid by Hostgator once isn’t for you, you could always buy a reseller package with a hostingcompany and charge a monthly hosting fee as well as a maintenance fee for the newsletter, SocialMedia package.Who can benefit from this service? Bakers, plumbers, bricklayers, Coffee shops, martial artsclubs, sports clubs, virtually anyone you can think of. www.TimsMinions.com
  36. 36. 8 Paid Website Builder for Local BusinessesToday’s post is about a little system that many ingenious people are secretly using to make goodmoney. You may recall that I recently blogged about becoming a middleman style business where youcreated a website and creamed off profits from transactions made between two separate parties.I used Fiverr.com as an example of such a site, where they take $1 from every $5 transaction that ismade from through their site. Well this idea is similar, it is still a middleman business but for this towork you will not need a website set up like Fiverr, you could in theory run this business without awebsite, it would look odd if you didn’t have one and you will see why shortly.The website you would need for this business would be a fairly simple even basic cheap to runwebsite. It needs to look good but that’s about it. This little business idea is about leveraging the skillsof the people you find on Fiverr and offering it to people who need a website but have nounderstanding of the internet and charging them a fee. www.TimsMinions.com
  37. 37. 8 Paid Website Builder for Local BusinessesCan using Fiverr.com make you money? The answer is yes, it has been making money for more peoplethan you can imagine and we are not talking about the people who actually sell their skills on therefor $5. So how do can you use Fiverr to make you money?Local Businesses are in Need of Help.Many small local businesses in many countries are suffering due to the state of theeconomies, people are struggling to make ends meet and the only way to go forward is to earnmoney. To do that they need to advertise their services to more and more people, their businessescan benefit from going online. Going online can open these businesses up to a wider audience ofpotential customers.We are talking about the smaller local businesses that you will find in your town and surrounding areathat do not have a website or a social media profile. If you are not aware, website developmentcompanies in the US, UK and Australia can charge a lot of money for basic websites. The cost of livingand general overheads in these countries make it ridiculously hard to keep the prices down withoutlosing profit. www.TimsMinions.com
  38. 38. 8 Paid Website Builder for Local BusinessesYou on the other hand, will not have loads of overheads; you will not need a big office full of thelatest powerful computers or expensive software. You won’t be hiring University graduates withdegrees in design or web sciences. Neither will you be paying by the hour or paying for down time.No, you will hire people on Fiverr to do the jobs that are needed to create great looking but simpleWordpress sites for your clients. There are people from around the world who own the supercomputers and expensive software who have the relevant degrees or skills to do the work yourequire.They can build the professional looking sites that are good enough for smaller businesses that justneed a site as an online brochure and a place of contact. www.TimsMinions.com
  39. 39. 8 Paid Website Builder for Local BusinessesThey can design the impressive logos and headers or set up the Facebook pages for your clients for $5(£3.21) per job.I don’t need to tell you how great and versatile Wordpress is or what functionality it can have withthe array of plugins and Themes that are available. Wordpress sites will easily cover the needs ofsmall local businesses. www.TimsMinions.com
  40. 40. 8 Paid Website Builder for Local BusinessesThe Internet Business Opportunity We Call A Fiverr to Thousands.So here is what you do, go through the local directory looking at the local businesses that you believehaven’t got a website and who could benefit from having one. Do a quick Google search to doublecheck they haven’t got a website. Write out a letter template that you send to all the businessestelling them about the great offer you have. (Remembering to change the company name and detailsfor each letter) You could try phoning and emailing the companies too. Maybe send a letter then follow up a few dayslater over the phone asking if they received the letter and explain a bit more what you are offering.In the letter refer your potential clients to a website with more details and a few examples of the kindof sites they can have. Your website would be like an online colour brochure, you can lay out in detailthe benefits of having a website and what your offer can do for them. www.TimsMinions.com
  41. 41. 8 Paid Website Builder for Local BusinessesOffer them a package that is far cheaper than traditional web design companies but is a lot more thanwhat you will pay to have the work done via Fiverr. If a client is interested you can have them buy ahosting package via a link on your site that is an affiliate link to someone like Hostgator. So not onlydo you get paid for creating their website you get paid by the hosting company for referring yourclients to them.Hostgator and other companies can pay as much if not more per new customer than you will havepaid the people on Fiverr to actually do the work.The website package could include, registering a domain name, getting hosting (if you pay for thehosting through your own account you will not get an affiliate commission but you could charge amonthly fee) installing Wordpress, creating a custom logo and header. www.TimsMinions.com
  42. 42. 8 Paid Website Builder for Local BusinessesThere could be a total of 5 Fiverr jobs in the package, at a cost of $25 (£16), you could then chargethe client $250 (£160). You could also add content creation like article writing or a couple of socialmedia accounts into the package and charge a premium price for the set up.You do not do any of the work unless you want to, adding Wordpress is simple enough, you couldoutsource the graphics and other jobs to Fiverr.com and do a couple of the simpler tasks yourself.Fiverr has workers from all over the world, many of them have learnt the same skills as theircounterparts in the US and UK but they live in places where the cost of living is very low. Many ofthese countries are emerging from poorer statuses so their skills and access to technology is great butthe cost of services and living on the whole is poor. www.TimsMinions.com
  43. 43. 8 Paid Website Builder for Local BusinessesAn extra $5 (£3.21) an hour to them is a great supplement to their weekly wage whereas in the UK forexample, even the simplest jobs are protect by a minimum wage that is higher than what you pay onFiverr. Try getting a skilled person to do an after hour’s job for less than a Starbucks coffee in the UK, Ibelieve it will be virtually impossible.This is one of those internet business opportunities that doesn’t rely on search traffic so you can beimmune to any Google slaps. As you are a specific job and localised you should never have any issuesreally with Google ranking. As you are attracting smaller local businesses you can advertise in thelocal directories and papers, you are in control of contacting companies and attracting your clientsoutside of the search engine arena. This kind of business wouldn’t have been possible 10 years agobut now the internet is bringing people together and shrinking the world, we can connect and createa workforce around the world. Saving you money in overheads and generating more profit per job. Sodoes that sound good? www.TimsMinions.com
  44. 44. 9 Video Tutorials & Affiliate Commissions.They say that ‘FREE Is A Magic Number, yes I know it isn’t a number but it is loosely based on the oldsong ‘Three Is A Magic Number’ by Bob Dorough.The idea behind this online business is that when you give away great quality content for free peoplewill love you and come back for more. They will trust you and respect you.After all in this world where a lot of people are trying to take everything for nothing and scam peopleout of their hard earned cash, when you give something of value away for nothing then it isappreciated greatly and leaves a great impression in the mind of the person who has received yourfree information.This idea is based on creating great quality free video tutorials and generating affiliate commissionsfrom the products and services you show how to use in the tutorials. www.TimsMinions.com
  45. 45. 9 Video Tutorials & Affiliate Commissions.As an example, there are people who do not know how to register a domain, get a hostingaccount, point the domain to the hosting companies name servers, add and set up a Wordpress siteincluding installing all the right plugins.Well here is what you do, if you know how to do those things, (or different things) you create a seriesof easy to follow tutorials showing exactly what you do, you upload the videos to YouTube thencreate a Wordpress site where you embed the videos. Below each video you have some text and anaffiliate link or banner advert to the relevant places like• GoDaddy - Domain Registration• Hostgator – Hosting account• Woo Themes – Premium Wordpress Themes.The videos can be about anything as long as you can find a good relevant affiliate match for them.Should you not be any good at anything particular that can be made into a video tutorial, why notwatch other people’s videos and follow what they do? Record yourself doing the same thing and setup a site full of tutorials with affiliate offers. www.TimsMinions.com
  46. 46. 9 Video Tutorials & Affiliate Commissions.You don’t need to be an expert to start with and by the time you have watched the video, done whatyou saw in the tutorial and created your own videos you will know as much as the expert and morethan the average Joe. Should anyone ask you a question you will be in a good enough place to answerthem.If you do not have professional screen capture software like Camtasia you can create the videos usingfree online software like screencast-o-matic.com. This software allows you to record 15 minutes offree video before needing to upgrade. There are others that allow you to film 5 minutes of video, onesite is screenr.com. www.TimsMinions.com
  47. 47. 9 Video Tutorials & Affiliate Commissions.15 minutes is usually long enough for a video tutorial. Most people find it hard to sit and watch longwinded tutorials and would rather watch several short videos so if you need longer than 15 minutesfor a video it might be better to break it up into shorter parts.The software will record what you do on the screen, you can have some readymade slide showscreens with wording on them that you can refer to when you need to or if you use something likeCamtasia you can add these in during the editing.A screen can have a call to action like ‘to get recommended hosting click on the link below forHostgator’. If you are unable to add these slides you can add annotations to the video after they havebeen uploaded to YouTube. Annotations can have the same call to actions in them.You could do videos showing how to create header graphics. If you had your header graphic done at acompany then you could possibly do a video on uploading and placing the graphic into the Wordpresssite and again have an affiliate link below the video to the design company. www.TimsMinions.com
  48. 48. 9 Video Tutorials & Affiliate Commissions.There are so many possible slants to this idea, with free and affordable Wordpress themes designedto embed mainly video a site can be made and filled with tutorials surrounded by Google AdSenseand affiliate offers.So many videos can be given away free in exchange for an email address to build an email list topromote to. To get the rest of the videos in the series they need to give you their email address andyou can send them the rest.You could charge up front for access to the videos as a tutorial course once you have made themwhich goes against the free model here however you could use something like MediaPass that allowsyou to lock so many videos behind a pay to see wall. www.TimsMinions.com
  49. 49. 9 Video Tutorials & Affiliate Commissions.MediaPass is a company that will take credit card payments, they take a percentage of yourtransaction fee, they deal with all the payments, customers and issues then they send you yourmoney after their fees are taken out. www.TimsMinions.com
  50. 50. 9 Video Tutorials & Affiliate Commissions.A few videos can be offered for free with affiliate links and then the rest can be locked behind theMediaPass wall. These can be the all-important videos that are needed to finish off the project ortake it to the next level.I have heard of one guy who built a website using other peoples Yoga videos that he sourced onYouTube then charged a monthly membership fee.Wordpress sites can be turned into membership sites by using several Plugins and Themes. Some ofthese are premium Plugins and Themes so they do cost but they can be easily integrated withmerchant companies like PayPal.As this eBook is about business ideas that you can start from home fairly quickly and cheaply I will notgo into membership sites here today. That is for a more complicated report however to read more onthe Membership Website model Click Here. www.TimsMinions.com
  51. 51. 10 Writing eBooks and Reports.This has two parts to this chapter which can either be two parts to one business or two separateindividual businesses. The cost of this one can be zero, if you have a computer, which as you arereading this online based eBook I assume you have, you can start to work on this business idea soonas you have finished reading this eBook.Websites and blogs like to give their email newsletter readers free eBooks and reports, many of themlike to give them away as a ‘lead magnet’ to create email lists and many also like to sell them. Butoften they are so busy they do not have the time to sit and write them themselves. They go to placeslike Elance.com and Rentacoder.com to find people who will write them for them, often at a realexpense. www.TimsMinions.com
  52. 52. 10 Writing eBooks and Reports.This idea is simple, you contact websites and blogs that offer newsletters or maybe don’t and shouldthen tell them you will write them an exclusive eBook about any topic they choose. If they accept youagree a price then start writing in the comfort of your own home. You could write this at the tablewhile you watch your favourite TV shows if you so wished.You should have some form of writing software similar to Word, if not you can download Open Officewhich is a free open source software. There are templates available for eBooks and reports online, wehave one that you can download along with a guide here How to Create and Format an eBook.If you think you cannot write an eBook or report then I suggest you think again. All the informationyou need is on the internet, doing several Google searches and copying much of what you find into adocument will give you plenty of information that you can then re write into your own eBooks andreports. www.TimsMinions.com
  53. 53. 10 Writing eBooks and Reports.As long as you don’t just copy and paste other peoples work into your eBook you should be safe.Most things cannot be copyrighted as it is FACT. Fact cannot be copyrighted, just the way it is written.Simply re write much of what you have read into your own words. An eBook or report similar to thisone looks better if they are filled out with helpful pictures, many of these are screenshots which canbe created easily and edited in free art software like Paint or Paint.net for PCs. (There are equivalentsoftware for Mac available).Press the Print Screen button found on the right side of the keyboard at the top (for PCs) to take apicture of your screen, open up Paint.net, press Ctrl +v and paste the image into Paint.net ready forcropping.You could download Jing which is free software that allows you to choose the area you want to take apicture off and save it to your computer. www.TimsMinions.com
  54. 54. 10 Writing eBooks and Reports.It doesn’t take long to write a report when you have an idea of what you want it to be about andwhat information you want it to contain. Within a few days of work you could have created an eBooklittered with affiliate links for a client who would happily pay good money for it. Let’s say you spent 3evenings creating a short report full of affiliate links for a client. He could make several hundredpounds/dollars from either selling it and/or affiliate commissions sales so why would they not paygood money for your work?After all you have created a product that they didn’t have and probably wouldn’t have had which hasearned them some extra money. Had they tried to write it themselves they would have lost time thatthey would normally and preferably spent on doing other things so you have saved them time, workand made them money. Do you think they would like that? Of course they would!Graphics for the eBook could be done by outsourcing the work to someone on Fiverr.com to do whileyou write the book. $5 is roughly £3.23. It’s not a lot to pay for someone else to do the work is it? www.TimsMinions.com
  55. 55. 10 Writing eBooks and Reports.If you prefer to do the cover yourself you could invest in some great software like ECoverCreatorwhich has a onetime cost but allows you to create stunning covers. www.TimsMinions.com
  56. 56. 10 Writing eBooks and Reports.Once you have written the eBook or report it will need to be converted to a PDF, this can be donewith the newer version of Word or if you do not have any way of converting your eBook to a PDF thenthere are online versions like FreePDFConvert.com. We cover that in more detail in the guide How toCreate and Format an eBook.Creating eBooks and reports is not hard once you get started, they can cover any topic as long as theyare helpful. As well as creating eBooks for others, or instead of, you could create many small reportsor eBooks helping to solve specific problems for people, and give them away yourself for free withlinks to affiliate products embedded within.Products that will help the reader, as an example, a small report about how to get rid of belly fat andimprove your stomach could have an affiliated link to a product like The Truth About Abs. Theseaffiliate products can be found by joining up to affiliate networks like Clickbank.com andDigiresults.com.When you write your eBook giving really helpful information that teaches the reader how to dosomething or how to overcome issues you add links that send them to products they may need anduse. Images can be added to the bottom of pages that are also linked to the actual product. www.TimsMinions.com
  57. 57. 10 Writing eBooks and Reports.Many of the newer PDF creators will keep the links and image links in PDFs active, some may disarmthem, usually it’s the image link which is disarmed so if your PDF creator disarms the image link add atext link below the image telling the reader what they need to do, which is CLICK the LINK. Shouldanyone who clicks the link, goes to the product page and buys the product, you get a commission forthe sale.With most products from these affiliate networks being digital and requiring nothing more than anelectronical download instead of a postal delivery of a physical product you can earn commissions upto 75% of the sale price. There are some networks that pay 100% commissions and you do not needto wait for the money. They will pay once the sale is done via PayPal. They give 100% commissions asthey do it as a list building exercise, they will earn the money back at a later date.Digiresults.com, WarriorPlus.com and JVZoo.com are two networks that offer instant payment and100% commissions on some products. www.TimsMinions.com
  58. 58. 10 Writing eBooks and Reports.If doing the research for writing eBooks sounds like a lot of hard work, there are a couple of thingsyou can do, you could buy a pre written eBook from places like Master-Resale-Rights.com andMasterResaleRights.com for a few pounds/dollars and re write the book or if you buy those that allowyou to completely re brand it as your own then add a few affiliate links and products to them. www.TimsMinions.com
  59. 59. 10 Writing eBooks and Reports.Most of the work is done for you, and as the screenshot above shows, these books are sold verycheap. Two of the books in the image above are being sold at $3.99 that is £2.58 for our UK readers.For $15/£10 you could have a collection of eBooks that you could simply re write and re package withaffiliate links that you could sell to many, sell as one offs to website and list owners or give away forfree to build up email lists or create an online viral library of books circling the web loaded with allyour affiliate links.There are many ways to get your eBooks out to the masses for free, you could offer them to websiteswith email lists who need free information and gifts for their lists. You can upload them to PDF sharesites like Scribd.com, unfortunately many of the PDF share sites like Scribd can disarm the linkshowever those sites can have short reports that direct the reader to get the better eBook from yourown website.You can create free Facebook pages and Twitter accounts in the niches that match your eBooks andgive them away free to fans and followers who will then pass them onto their friends if they foundthem to be helpful. www.TimsMinions.com
  60. 60. Bonus Idea no 11In this bonus section we wanted to go a little bit wild, what if you believe you cannot do any of theabove things like writing, creating graphics or setting up blogs? Do you still think there are no waysfor you to make extra money online?Well we disagree and wanted to show you a few of the weird and wonderful services people areoffering on sites like Fiverr.com and Gigbucks.com. I cannot say how successful these people arehowever there are some strange and crazy things being offered on these sites. We have compiled afew of the gigs that will hopefully help you think up some ideas of what services you could sell onthese and other sites.Great idea, do you have a skill that you could teach over a webcam or Skype? www.TimsMinions.com
  61. 61. Bonus Idea no 11There are a lot of suspicious people out there, even Jamie Oliver’s wife recently confessedto checking his phone. Could you offer a honey trap service?Could this one interest stamp collectors or postcard enthusiasts? You could send postcardsto collectors.Could you do a funny video for both children and adults alike? Ideal for birthdays. www.TimsMinions.com
  62. 62. Bonus Idea no 11Do you know some great food and drink recipes that you could sell for $5?Not sure about worrying for someone but could you could offer stress reducing tips overSkype?Singing Telegrams used to be hugely popular; could you do an online version? www.TimsMinions.com
  63. 63. Bonus Idea no 11Websites like interesting promotional photos, could you do something similar?Oh La La, I will say no more, the image above says it all nicely. Could you…? HmmmA very easy to do trick that not a lot of people know, is there any little tricks you can offer like thisone?We really could go on; there are so many gigs available where people are offering to do so manydiverse things. I have in the past seen a woman willing to dance in a hotdog and pea outfit to themusic of your choice. With a bit of lateral thinking you could think of things that you could do formoney. These are examples from cheap sites, there are no reasons why you cannot use these sites asa way to find clients then offer a service that is better or longer for more money. www.TimsMinions.com
  64. 64. Bonus Idea no 11Take the first example of teaching French by Skype, the woman is offering an hour’s tuition that couldbe the special discount offer where the customer tries out the lesson, then if they like you and yourteaching methods they could sign up for more hourly lessons at the $20 or $30 per hour price.People learn more and better when they do with someone. If lessons are scheduled people stick tothem more. If you were relying to learn a language from a CD-ROM the chances are people will notbother loading the disc and move onto something else. You could easily teach lessons over Skype ora webcam for money.With most mobile phones these days having a powerful video recorder installed and the availability ofcheap webcams (most laptops have one built in) you could easily do interesting or funny videos forpeople. Sometimes the simplest ideas can become big hits. Now I think we have given you a lot tothink about. It is now over to you. We wish you all the best.Tim’s Minions www.TimsMinions.com
  65. 65. www.TimsMinions.com
  66. 66. ResourcesSocial Media Automation Software Recording a Podcast and Adding toHootsuite.com Wordpress VideoTweetadder Adding Podcasts To Your Wordpress SiteTweetAdder Review Video Paint.net Graphics SoftwareTweetAdder Review http://www.getpaint.netOnline Screen Capture Software Creating Header Graphic for Wordpress Inscreenr.com Paint.net Videoscreencast-o-matic.com Creating a Header in Paint.net.Audacity Audio Software How To Create and Format an eBook Guidehttp://audacity.sourceforge.net/download How To Create and format an eBookMP3 Extension for Audacity Online File Sharinghttp://lame1.buanzo.com.ar Dropbox.com
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