Media audiences 1.2


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Media audiences 1.2

  1. 1. Understanding Media Audiences
  2. 2. Source notes: CAA Film Monitor Jan – Dec 08 Q1 Base: 15+ 2009 ART HOUSE AUDIENCE PROFILE TARGETING AN OLDER AND MORE AFFLUENT AUDIENCE CINEMA: THE ULTIMATE BRAND EXPERIENCE 15-24 25-34 35-44 45+ M F ABC1 C2DE Age Gender Social Grade
  3. 3. Summarise the leading profile for Art House Cinema (who is most likely to frequent Arthouse cinemas?) There is a clear split for the number of male and female visitors with the percentages been a 50-50 split between male and female The majority of visitors are over 45 with just less then 50% of the audience been over 45. The next largest majority is of 15 -24 with 20% and the least popular age group is between 35-44 There is a clear majority when it comes to the social grade with over 75% in social class ABC 1
  4. 4. How do other media compare to cinema for positive engagement from the audience? The cinema is the best place to capture an audience compared to other media like TV, Radio and Magazines, with 33% percent of the audience is a captive audience. This is probably because the cinema is the place where there is probably the place where there is least distractions.
  5. 5. 3. There are 3,721 cinema screens in the UK 4. A cinema classes as a multiplex when there are more then 5 screens 5. Independent cinema’s normally only have one screen and are normally privately owned
  6. 6. Group habits 7-14 yr olds Normally go with family 15-24 year olds Will normally go with their friends in a group of 4 Male Will normally go in a pair Female Are more likely to be regular cinema goers Housewives & Children 70% go with children under 14 According to the Pearl and Dean source what can you summarise about the following audience groups and their cinema habits? Which audience would you say is the most profitable one for cinemas? (Who are they most likely to target and why?)
  7. 7. The audience that is probably most profitable for the cinema itself is probably the 7-14 year olds because they normally bring their parents with them which equals out in more tickets been sold and also the 7-14 year olds are the most likely to want to buy confectionary and their parents will probably buy it for them.
  8. 8. MEDIA AUDIENCES TV and other media habits UK audience / demographics breakdown
  9. 9. Lifestyle / description TV channels watched Other media Internet use Men 16-34 Emphasis on social life Sky Sports, Kerrang, C4 Papers, cinema and radio Online games and sports Men ABC1 Men C2DE Men 55+ Women 16-34 Women ABC1 Women C2DE Women 55+ Children / Boys and girls Using the link complete this table:
  10. 10. Classifying audiences and Psychographic profiles List the main audience profiles used by Acorn Conduct your own Internet search to find out what VALs and Psychographics are? (Give examples).
  11. 11.