Why your vote matters

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Watch it, like it, hate it, vote it up, vote it down on election day 12th of may.

Watch it, like it, hate it, vote it up, vote it down on election day 12th of may.

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  • 1. Why your vote matters
    It really does, yo
  • 2. What’s at stake
    270 staff members
    Well over a hundred years of excellence
    Control of Manning, Hermans and other catering.
  • 3. How leading scientists have determined most voters will make their decision
  • 4. Importance of decision v thought put into the decision
    Weight equals four cars, eight hippos and 6000 meal vouchers
    One of those tiny novelty pianos
  • 5. Introducing Tim’s campaign
    Tim’s independent
    And honest
    He has spoken with staff about the viability of each one of his policies.
    Tim has not breached the spending cap, actually intends to fulfil all of his policies and will never invade Czechoslovakia.
  • 6. Why this campaign is less visible than other campaigns.
    Tim’s typical discretionary budget each week
    5$ pizza and a can of drink from Sutekh
    0.00$ spent on books, clothes, computer games, live music, event attendance or transport.
    0.00$ Spent on blow
    Once I found a fifty dollar note, that was pretty cool.
    Tim is actually, certifiably, genuinely poor. Quite possibly the poorest candidate in the race
    That should not make a difference to whether he gets elected or not
  • 7. There’s a vicious cycle here
  • 8. You can break the cycle
    Just read what’s about to come up. It’s not flashy, it’s not funny, there will be no more pictures, but it really matters.
  • 9. Bars and catering
    The university wants to take over bars and catering on campus.
    Why is not clear, most probably for profitability.
    If we lost the bars and catering we’d lose a major source of income, and thus financial independence.
  • 10. How this plays out, pt 1
    Everyone says they oppose the loss of Manning and Hermans, but Tim has a plan.
    The university can’t just waltz in and take the place, they need to force us to give it to them
    How would they do that?
  • 11. How this plays out pt 2
    At the moment we get 3.56 million dollars in support from the university under the service level agreement. Our total budget is over 20 million.
    If the university were to try to force us to give over the bars and catering, their best bet is to threaten to cut the money they give us
  • 12. We can make up this extra cash
    If we attract more members to the access program. Access members pay us money, and then buy more things from us throughout the year.
    But we need a plan to reach out to new potential access card holders.
  • 13. Here’s how we can
    Identify constituencies who do not buy access cards, create benefits targeted at them and market directly to them.
    Most of the ideas I have are almost cost neutral, the rest are cheap.
  • 14. The plan…
  • 15. In sum
    We all get cheaper services.
    The union’s position is strengthened.
    Students who otherwise wouldn’t get involved benefit from the union.
    Victory for all.
  • 16. If you liked this
    Think about voting 1 Tim ( at least consider it.)
    Tell your friends about these ideas
    Post this video on your wall