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  • 1. Co-operative Library solutions Why a Co-operative solution for Libraries?
  • 2. Co-operative Library solutions 20,000 responses to the Council plan to shut 6 libraries 5.7% of population!  Protests at each of the the libraries  three marches of 200+ people each  Relentless bad / good publicity  Largest section of engaged residents / Active citizens  Good for ongoing support / involvement
  • 3. Co-operative Library solutions Background2010/ 2011 Total budget for Libraries £8,563,022 Depreciation charge £1,132,616 Net available budget £7,430,406 for running 12 branch libraries 1 central library 1 home book service (the mobile library had already been cut)
  • 4. Co-operative Library solutions Background available budget £7,430,406 Back office charges 44.78% £3,327,822 Leaving £4,102,584
  • 5. Co-operative Library solutions
  • 6. Co-operative Library solutions Most authorities not as bad as Croydon. London Average still 20% of library budgetCroydon has exorbitantly costly and inflexible IT and FM contracts – BEWARE!CAN YOU RUN A LIBRARY WITHOUT THESE BIG BACK OFFICE COSTS?
  • 7. Co-operative Library solutionsCAN YOU RUN A LIBRARY WITHOUT THESE BIG BACK OFFICE COSTS? Example on our own doorstep of an independently managed library funded by Croydon & LambethTotal Back office spend 17% of budget vs 20% London Average and 43% Croydon
  • 8. Co-operative Library solutionsLocal Management of Schools a good model for change1) Devolve all management to individual libraries or small groups 2) Staff in each library to set up quarterly library members meeting as an advisory board 3) Flexibility and evolution locally 4) Establishment of formal structures5) Transfer of assets to local trusts > possibility of advantage of no business rate payable
  • 9. Co-operative Library solutions Positives Local Community engagement More control / input by front line staff Better use of (lower) available budgetsEasier supply routes for local businesses Innovation of activity / use of buildings Good Examples:Lambeth Co-operative Library Commission Wandsworth Community Pilots
  • 10. Co-operative Library solutions Negatives / Risk Less hierarchical management? Support mechanisms for staff? Lack of community interest? Other?How to overcome / embrace these risks?
  • 11. Co-operative Library solutions Co-operative Support Services Co-operative Enterprise Hub – suitable for individual projects in your community Service Mutuals Project – a one stop consultancy service suitable for local government
  • 12. Co-operative Library solutionsWhat other services would be ideal for Co-operative or Mutual management? Personal Care Services? Housing? Youth Services? Parks?