Whole Foods Market Presentation for Client


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This presentation was completed for a client to begin the selling process to Whole Foods. If you would like a copy of the template, please send me a note tim@timforrest.com
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Whole Foods Market Presentation for Client

  1. 1. Whole Foods, Whole People, Whole Planet ™ Forrest Company tforrest@ugaalum.uga.edu
  2. 2. Whole Foods® Market #1 Organic Retailer in the World Forrest Company tforrest@ugaalum.uga.edu
  3. 3. Who They Are: Since 1980, Whole Foods® Market has pioneered the organic and natural foods movement. All products meet Whole Foods® Market's strict quality standards to ensure they are free of artificial additives, sweeteners, colorings, preservatives and hydrogenated fats. Whole Foods® Market was founded in 1978 and is based in Austin, Texas. Co-Founder, Chairman and Chief Exec. Officer- John Mackey Forrest Company tforrest@ugaalum.uga.edu
  4. 4. Who They Are: Subsidiaries: Allegro Coffee Company, Pigeon Cove, seafood processing facility, Select Fish, West Coast seafood processing facility, and Produce Field Inspection Office Forrest Company tforrest@ugaalum.uga.edu
  5. 5. Who They Are: Whole Foods® Market offers produce, seafood, grocery, meat and poultry, bakery, prepared foods and catering, specialty (beer, wine, and cheese), whole body (nutritional supplements, vitamins, body care, and educational products), floral, pet products and household products. Whole Foods® Market operates over 270 stores in North America and the United Kingdom and employees over 54,000 associates. Forrest Company tforrest@ugaalum.uga.edu
  6. 6. Who They Are: The stores emphasize perishable products, which account for about 75% of sales. Whole Foods® Market offers more than 1,500 items in four lines of private-label products (such as the premium Whole Foods line). August, 2007 Whole Foods® Market merged with Wild Oats® Markets based in Boulder, Colorado. Top Competitors: GNC, Kroger and Trader Joe's Forrest Company tforrest@ugaalum.uga.edu
  7. 7. Who They Are: For fiscal year 2006, Whole Foods® Market reported a 19% increase in sales to $5.6 billion, driven by 11% comparable store sales growth. Emphasis on highest quality perishable foods. 75% of sales are fresh produce. Private labels include: 365 Everyday Value, 365 Everyday Organic Value, and Whole Brands, includes Whole Kitchen, Whole Catch, Whole Fields, Whole Treats, Whole Pantry, Whole Creamery, Whole Ranch, Whole Paws Forrest Company tforrest@ugaalum.uga.edu
  8. 8. Customer Profile: Whole Foods® Market customers possess the following values and ideas: • Appreciate Whole Foods® Market company ethics • Environmentally minded • Healthful • View food shopping as an experience rather than a chore • Willing to pay higher price for better quality, least processed, foods Forrest Company tforrest@ugaalum.uga.edu
  9. 9. Customer Profile: • Gravitate to "lifestyle brands" • Loyal customer base • Better educated, wealthier customer • Willing to pay higher price for higher quality food in pleasant shopping environment • Baby Boomers – the largest consumer group in America is getting older and they are seeking healthy, preservative and pesticide free foods to ensure a long and healthy life Forrest Company tforrest@ugaalum.uga.edu
  10. 10. Parking Lot Customer Demographic Assessment: Forrest Company tforrest@ugaalum.uga.edu
  11. 11. Whole Foods® Market is the world's #1 organic food retailer. They attribute this success to their steadfast commitment to five CORE VALUES. 1. Selling the highest quality natural & organic products available. 2. Satisfying & delighting our customers. 3. Support team member happiness and excellence. 4. Creating wealth through profits & growth. 5. Caring about our communities & environment. In the successive slides, you'll see how ________________ Company's vales and business philosophy align with Whole Foods® Market's five core values. Forrest Company tforrest@ugaalum.uga.edu
  12. 12. Core Value Analysis: Selling Highest Our companys purpose Quality Natural & is the (add) Organic Product Add Photo Available Forrest Company tforrest@ugaalum.uga.edu
  13. 13. Core Value Analysis: To guarantee the quality, Satisfying & consistence and Delighting Customers Add Photo availability of products to our customers, Add text about your company. Forrest Company tforrest@ugaalum.uga.edu
  14. 14. Core Value Analysis: Support Team Member As a supplier and food Happiness & artisan, Excellence Add Photo Forrest Company tforrest@ugaalum.uga.edu
  15. 15. Core Value Analysis: Creating Wealth Through Profits & Growth standards and environmentally friendly production. Both key qualifiers for Whole Foods® Market Customers. Forrest Company tforrest@ugaalum.uga.edu
  16. 16. Core Value Analysis: Caring About Our _______ believes it has a Communities & responsibility to both the Environment community and to the environment. Forrest Company tforrest@ugaalum.uga.edu
  17. 17. Our Corporate Responsibility Forrest Company tforrest@ugaalum.uga.edu
  18. 18. Forrest Company tforrest@ugaalum.uga.edu
  19. 19. Celebrity Shoppers: Ed Begley Actor and Vegan Dr. Marion Nestle, NYU Professor & Author of Food Politics and What to Eat Forrest Company tforrest@ugaalum.uga.edu