Food Broker Market Planning - University of Nebraska Food Presentation


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The attached document was used as my speaking notes for the University of Nebraska Food Processing Centers Annual Food Meeting. Please send me a note with any questions or observations
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  • © 2009 Tim Forrest PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE PROFILE Tim Forrest assists food company growth with more than $ 200 million in sales and marketing experience.  After working with the two largest international food companies in the world – Unilever and Nestle, he founded his own Rep Firm and Consultancy developing programs domestically and internationally sourcing, shipping, and selling into Mass, Grocery, and Health in the United States.  Tim is a graduate of The University of Georgia, attended Professional Sales Institute in New York, and also received a Broker Management Certificate.     2007 recognized by Georgia Governor Mr. Sonny Purdue for Food Expertise and assisting the emerging Food Industry
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  • © 2009 Tim Forrest Please email me at [email_address] for additional detail or a copy of the extended written document supporting this Food Broker Presentation. If you would like additional information or insight into Food Marketing, be sure to visit my website at . Thank you for your time and involvement in todays session. Sincerely, Tim Forrest
  • Food Broker Market Planning - University of Nebraska Food Presentation

    1. 1. Tim Forrest ___________________________________________________ University of Nebraska Food Processing Center / National Small Food Business Conference “ Heat Up Your Food Business” April 24, 2009
    2. 2. Plan Market
    3. 3. Function
    4. 4. Trade Class Segmentation
    5. 5. Services
    6. 6. Selecting
    7. 7. Timing
    8. 8. Representation
    9. 9. Pitfalls
    10. 10. Evaluations
    11. 11. Questions
    12. 12. Thank You!