Deconstruction of a of a Hollyoaks trailer


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Deconstruction of a of a Hollyoaks trailer

  1. 1. Deconstruction of a of a Hollyoaks trailer: Voice over “This week on Hollyoaks” introduces to Soap Opera, which is anchored by the following trailer, at the same time as the trade marked “Hollyoaks” sign comes on screen. The sponsor is also on the establishing shot. Non-diegetic heartbeat sounds runs throughout trailer, to create an tensioned feeling as the drama grows visually Close up shot of Mercedes (out of focus) and Paul (dominating the shot) (0.06) shows Pauls domination and influence over Mercedes, whose body language displays fatigue and appears worn out. The next shot shows a two-shot shot, in the rule of thirds, in a deep depth of field with Jacqui out of focus and Mercedes in focus, looking beyond the camera. This shows she is thinking about something, and the following cut-away of her, her talking to her ex-boyfriend Riley, with Paul just in the shot out of focus looking concerned at them. The shot then cuts back to the two-shot shot oh Mercedes and Jacquie, then to a medium close up shot of Jacqui for her response “scary” in an uncaring tone of voice. (0.13) There is then a cut edit to a bar where Rhys is exclaims to Jacqui that “The girl needs help” referring to Mercedes, which voice over’s into a cut edit of a low angle shot of Jacqui crawling on the floor, snooping around someone’s office. From a high angle close up shot the viewer can see Jacquie looking at documents from draws. This leads to a close up shot of Jacqui’s face, worried – heartbeat still beating now with added distorted non-diegetic music playing alongside. This mirrors the developing drama of the situation This is monophonic with the cut edit over the shoulder close up shot of Mercedes phone with 5 missed calls of Jacqui. The shot then cut edits back to a medium close up of Jacqui with her phone up against her head, with a non-diegetic ringing sound to show she is still trying to contact Mercedes. There is then another cut edit to a wide, zooming two-shot of Mercedes and Paul intimately poised on a sofa together in an apartment. (0.22) This follows by a cut edit to a high angle over the shoulder of Paul and Mercedes, with Mercedes dominating the frame. This is then cut edited back to a reverse shot from a low angle, showing Pauls dominance over her again After Paul says “I love you” to Mercedes, there is a cut edit to a reverse shot oh Mercedes trying to say “I..” but then cut edit again quickly back to Paul showing the pressure he’s placing upon Mercedes as he orders her to “say it”. The trailer ends focused of Jacquie (0.33), cut editing to a medium close up of Jacqui distressed, slightly panning downwards to give an impression of following Jacqui as she starts to run. There is a cut edit of Jacqui running into view in a hallway, trying to enter a door frantically The trailer ends with the channel four logo on top of the trailer, branding it, with the hashtag HOLLYOAKS and the time it’s on, in synchronisation with the voice over