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Value Proposition and Business Analysis
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Value Proposition and Business Analysis


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  • Don’t assume people know or understand your product/service Description Specifications Drawings Photographs Rendering Other Product Issues Customer support Warranty Repair service Training Technical Support
  • Transcript

    • 1. Business Plan Preparation Frank Moyes Leeds School of Business University of Colorado Boulder, Colorado Value Proposition and Business Analysis
    • 2. Tonight’s Agenda
      • Topics
        • Value Proposition
        • Business Analysis
      • University Parent Business Plan with founder Sarah Schupp
      • In the Fire - Opportunity/Need
      • Team meetings
      Value Proposition and Business Analysis
    • 3. Next Week
      • Topics
        • Margins
      • OneButton Business Plan with founder Matt Emmi
      • Assignment: read BP pp 6-7
      • Hand-in:
        • 3 Alternative Value Propositions
        • Customer survey questionnaire
      • Activity: In the Fire
        • Market analysis
        • Interview results
      Value Proposition and Business Analysis
    • 4. Market Segmentation
      • Groups of customers – (demographics & psychographics) baby boomers, grandparents
      • Products – features, benefits, prices
      • Benefits – enhance image, trend setter, weather protection, save money
      • Geography – see Hecho en Casa business plan
      • Distribution channels
      • Sector – industrial (see MRT business plan), consumer, government
      Value Proposition and Business Analysis
    • 5. Value Proposition
      • Product/service features
      • Target market
      • Benefits
      Value Proposition and Business Analysis
    • 6. Product/Service Features
      • Description of attributes & environment
      • What is unique?
      • How produce & deliver?
      Value Proposition and Business Analysis
    • 7. Target Market
      • Targeted entry point based on segmentation
      • Demographics & psychographics
        • Must understand how make buying decisions
      • Business sector, size, characteristics
      Value Proposition and Business Analysis
    • 8. Benefits
      • Emotional: ambition, power, independence, achievement, ambition, pride of ownership, comfort, love, friendship, security, style, self improvement, etc.
      • Social: status, image, popularity with friends or family members, reputation of brand, personal relationships, style, fashionable, etc.
      • Health: stress, fitness, mental capacity, strength, sex life, quality of life, muse, etc.
      • Financial: revenue, costs, savings, productivity, pricing, profitability, market share, save time, productivity, etc.
      Value Proposition and Business Analysis
    • 9. Simple Value Proposition SST Corporation “ SST is a stainless steel toothbrush company. By its one bristle brush made of high tensile stainless steel, it provides an exhilarating tooth cleaning experience to thrill-seeking X-gen consumers” 0 Value Proposition and Business Analysis
    • 10. Simple Value Proposition Pete’s Coffee “ Pete’s Coffee is a Denver based coffee house. Its gourmet coffee, convenient and fast service provide a welcoming environment for people who want to meet with their friends; and a stimulating morning coffee for the on-the-go business person. Value Proposition and Business Analysis
    • 11. Value Proposition
      • Why segmentation is important
      • Differentiation is essential
      • Home work for next week
        • 3 alternatives value propositions
        • So what! Why should your customer should care?
      Value Proposition and Business Analysis
    • 12. Business Analysis Assignment
      • Present Mar 5 PowerPoint 10 minutes, 6-8 slides
      • Market Analysis
      • Industry Analysis
      • Product/Service Description
      • Profitability
      Value Proposition and Business Analysis
    • 13. Business Analysis Assignment (cont)
      • Hand-in 3 ring binder
        • Market Analysis - draft
        • Industry Analysis - draft
        • Product/Service Description - draft
        • Value Chain analysis
        • Competitive matrix
        • Financial COMP’s
        • Revenue Model
        • 20 interview Call Reports
      Value Proposition and Business Analysis
    • 14. Differentiation Road Map Core Needs Tangible Attributes Augmented Attributes Communications What’s it for? What’s it do? Delivery Warranty Installation Time of sale Service After sales Special terms Usergroups Design help Features Packaging Quality Color Size Style Options Timeliness Customize Brand Trademark Bundling Example: Morton Salt Value Proposition and Business Analysis