QlikView | Customer Success Story | US Synthetic

US Synthetic cuts                                                    ...
QlikView | Customer Success Story | US Synthetic

demonstrating US Synthetic ROI based               managers were losi...
QlikView | Customer Success Story | US Synthetic

Synthetic employees weren’t aware of the    choose from a menu of cri...
QlikView | Customer Success Story | US Synthetic

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US Synthetic cuts the scrap with QlikView business analysis


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Transcript of "US Synthetic cuts the scrap with QlikView business analysis"

  1. 1. QlikView | Customer Success Story | US Synthetic US Synthetic cuts Solution Overview the scrap with QlikView US Synthetic Industry leader in the development and production of polycrystalline diamond business analysis cutters (PDCs) for oil and gas exploration and a subsidiary of Dover Corporation Industry “ Industrial Machinery QlikView has made my team look like heroes. With it, we are able Function to give everyone — from top management to line managers on Operations, Finance, HR ” the plant floor — the tools and ability to make decisions based on Geography data, not hunches. And we do so within days, sometimes hours. USA Challenges Todd Graham, IT Business Analyst, US Synthetic Corporation • Increase flexibility for new reporting demands and ad hoc analysis US Synthetic (www.ussynthetic.com) is thetic continues to actively expand this • Develop and/or implement solutions the leading provider of polycrystalline leadership position – not only by develop- that provide valid, accessible and useful diamond cutters (PDCs) for oil and gas ing innovative new diamond solutions, information at all levels within the organization exploration. Thanks to constant innova- but also by ensuring process efficiency • Integrate and analyze large amounts of tion, proven quality, and superior cus- within internal operations. To empower data from ERP systems tomer service, more of the world’s energy employees with the business intelli- suppliers rely on US Synthetic than any gence necessary to improve operational Solution other PDC manufacturer. US Synthetic performance, the US Synthetic Produc- Driven by a need to provide business has spent more than a decade perfecting tion Management team created a new IT information and analysis capabilities its products to drill faster and last longer Business Analyst position to develop and to employees at all levels within the company, US Synthetic deployed – especially in tough conditions that test implement solutions that would provide QlikView to 50 employees for operational the limits of the most durable drilling real, accessible and useful information at analysis in only one week. Through equipment. The company employs over all levels within the organization. QlikView, US Synthetic now analyzes 600 people, and is located in Orem, Utah. yields and production, lead time, US Synthetic is part of Dover Corporation The IT Business Analyst would help customer profitability, and safety rates. (www.dovercorporation.com). address some of the key reporting and With QlikView Server and Publisher, US Synthetic easily supports analysis and analysis challenges that US Synthetic visibility while handling the large data faced. Although the company’s Made- volume of millions of records. 2Manage ERP system and internally developed custom tables contained large Benefits amounts of detailed data, employees • Significantly lowered scrap rate were not able to utilize that data in a • Enabled real-time access to yields and meaningful way. Even the generic reports production data that once took five days of prep time each month within Made2Manage were difficult to • Empowered end users to perform their access, and creating ad hoc reports was own changes and customizations even more time-consuming and inefficient. • Avoided need to hire approximately one or two additional employees for data Why QlikView? analysis and eliminated two full time Building on his background in business data entry/clerical positions and production, the newly appointed Data Source Systems IT Business Analyst, Todd Graham, Application: Made2Manage ERP recognized the value that QlikView could and internally developed bring to US Synthetic operations the very custom tables Need for speed and first time he saw the application. Because Database: Excel, SQL Server 2000, more efficient reporting the accounting department had already SQL Server 2005 In 1997, US Synthetic became the been using QlikView for margin analy- Hardware: Dell Poweredge Server industry’s leading supplier of diamond sis, the CFO was able to demonstrate a products. Over 10 years later, US Syn- live application that was tracking and
  2. 2. QlikView | Customer Success Story | US Synthetic demonstrating US Synthetic ROI based managers were losing visibility of those on sales, cost of goods, EBIT and net products and their status. income. By utilizing QlikView to track and “The selection and deployment of compare yields and problems across days, 5 days to develop and QlikView was actually driven by the factories and shifts, US Synthetic is now implement initial Yields & accounting department,” said Graham. able to determine which factories are Production application and “When the Production Manager and I performing best against standard cost/ only hours to maintain and saw the CFO’s QlikView application, we yield. Product line and floor managers build new dashboards were so impressed that we didn’t even are able to identify trends in product evaluate or seek out other BI software.” quality and performance and proactively With QlikView’s simplicity and ease of make adjustments at any factory that use, new users could observe a quick may be underperforming. QlikView demonstration and begin using the allows the user to track a product at system in less than five minutes – which any time, regardless of where it is in the would offer a tremendous improvement lifecycle. Instead of waiting until a week Return in existing reporting processes. after each month’s close to receive reports, Reporting frequency management can now review up-to-date from monthly to real-time Five days to production floor visibility information at any time. By eliminating During the course of a five-day engage- the five-day preparation time for those Report prep time from ment with a QlikView consultant, US monthly reports, QlikView has enabled 5 days to 0 days Synthetic developers were fully trained employees to free up some time and un- Elimination of 2 full-time and able to build the first application dertake additional responsibilities. data entry/clerical positions – a production floor dashboard. The Investment Yields & Production application was an The rollout of the Production & Yields important priority for US Synthetic, as application was met with the highest de- the company’s non-linear floor makes it mand for an application that US Synthet- challenging for managers to follow the ic IT had ever experienced. Because the tremely intuitive and does not require the product from work order to delivery. information that the CEO needs differs linking of specific criteria or cubes, the Because products may backtrack in the greatly from the data that a product line team was able to deliver on such requests process flow and ultimately take a dif- manager wants to see, the team has built in a matter of days, and sometimes even ferent route to completion, production a number of dashboards to empower us- hours. The second application developed, ers at all levels of the organization. With Timecard Reporting, helps managers the right information at their fingertips, enforce timely, accurate reporting by users at all levels can drill-down and employees. With QlikView, US Syn- slice-and-dice to their own specifications, thetic is tracking key metrics related to and no longer have to wait for a pro- payroll and employee performance, such grammer to deliver a requested query. as time clock data, average lunchtimes, tardy incidents, absences and overtime. Production analysis has given US Syn- In addition to adopting more efficient thetic management a new view into the reporting and payroll processes, the breakdown of scrap for each operation company is now able to analyze trends to and the dominant causes of scrap. “Based help optimize employee management and on our access to this information, we performance. have been able to significantly lower our scrap rate,” said Graham. “With this ap- US Synthetic is also streamlining and plication alone, QlikView has exceeded simplifying OSHA compliance reporting our ROI expectations.” with a QlikView Safety Dashboard. The ability to drill-down to detailed documen- Clamoring to Qlik tation regarding accident rates, types of Once word spread about the success of accidents, and OSHA reportable events the initial application, IT was inundated and violations enables users to compare with additional QlikView application re- and analyze trends in safety metrics and quests from all areas of the organization. performance between various plants. Because the development process is ex- “Before QlikView, the majority of US
  3. 3. QlikView | Customer Success Story | US Synthetic Synthetic employees weren’t aware of the choose from a menu of criteria and easily company’s safety status and compliance,” understand the likely result of different said Graham. “Now, anyone can find out decisions and ultimately determine the immediately where accidents are occur- best course of action. ring, how safe each plant is, and whether a specific accident is OSHA reportable.” US Synthetic was also able to avoid the need to hire approximately one or two From frustration to collaboration: additional employees for data analysis Transparency today throughout and eliminate two full time data entry/ order-to-delivery cycle clerical positions, since QlikView al- In addition to the scrap rate reduction lows the end users to perform their own and associated cost savings, QlikView changes and customizations and analyze has enabled US Synthetic to provide data from multiple source systems. employees with the business intelligence Because there is no training required, IT necessary to contribute to the com- employees are spending less time educat- pany’s bottom line and improve business ing others on a complex reporting system performance. For example, a QlikView and more time working on strategic lead time application allows employ- projects. Even the development of new ees to recognize and respond to any applications has not warranted new outliers that are lengthening a specific hires, as the average development time is lead time. Management is able to fully one week and some new applications are evaluate product orders and lead times to up and running in only a few hours. synchronize purchasing and supply chain for up-to-date data and trends because it with manufacturing. “One unexpected benefit was an increase is all available in QlikView. And the fact in employee morale and collaborative de- that everyone is seeing the exact same Utilization of QlikView what-if analy- cision-making,” said Graham. “Employ- information makes it possible for everyone sis makes it possible for employees to ees are no longer frustrated when looking to come up with the same answer.” “ I can’t even count the number of benefits that US Synthetic has realized with QlikView. We’re still learning and discovering new ways the software ” can help us solve our business challenges. Todd Graham, IT Business Analyst, US Synthetic Corporation
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