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Title: should be short

  1. 1. Technology be short; Programon Partner 6 words Title: shouldand Sane Solutions, NetTracker Web Site Analytics Business Objects average Introduction Sane Solutions, LLC was founded in 1996 to develop the NetTracker line of Web analytics software. A recognized leader in the Web analytics space, Sane has over 4,000 customers NetTracker Web analytics using the NetTracker line of Web site traffic Sane Solutions develops the analysis software, including Fidelity NetTracker line of Web Investments, Goldman Sachs, Honda, Alias, analytics software. and The Hartford and more. NetTracker is NetTracker is used by over available in five languages and distributed 4,000 customers worldwide to worldwide by a global network of distributors analyze and optimize usage and resellers. Business partners include of their online channels - Internets, extranets, and industry leaders Oracle, Sun, Microsoft and intranets. Business Objects, to name just a few. Sane Solutions has been a Business Objects partner NetTracker helps organizations evolve their since 2000. online channels to increase revenue, reduce the cost of The open architecture of Sane Solutions' NetTracker Web analytics software means doing business, increase customer/partner that companies can leverage their existing Business Objects business intelligence satisfaction, increase solutions to analyze and report on Web site data collected and sessionized through employee communication, and more. NetTracker. Together the Business Objects-NetTracker solution gives customers a more complete enterprise view of their business, providing a comprehensive Pre-built reports, templates business analysis and reporting environment to address critical business issues. and documentation are readily available to provide seamless integration of Synopsis of Solution NetTracker and Business Objects. NetTracker allows businesses to analyze and optimize usage of their online channels - Internets, extranets, and intranets. Using NetTracker, organizations Companies like Fidelity can evolve their online channels to increase revenue, reduce the cost of doing Investments, Goldman Sachs, Honda, Alias, and The business, increase customer/partner satisfaction, increase employee Hartford integrate NetTracker communication, and more. and Business Objects solutions in order to analyze their Web site traffic with By combining NetTracker with Crystal Reports, BusinessObjects or Business Objects; NetTracker WebIntelligence users can expand the capability of their preferred business provides the essential intelligence solution to include online business analysis. In addition, users can component making that possible. leverage investments already made in standardizing their business intelligence to rapidly incorporate comprehensive analysis of their online channel.
  2. 2. Technology Partner Program Business Objects and Sane Solutions, NetTracker Web Site Analytics Using the Business Objects-NetTracker combination, users can perform advanced analysis of their Web data to reveal hidden insight or forecast trends to optimize their online business. In addition, users can combine Web data with other customer data sources to get a 360-degree view of their customers across all touch points. For example, combining visit data from NetTacker with the shopping and sales activity of customers, grouped into their demographic segments, as seen below, allows NetTracker-Business Objects solution users to identify which demographic segments are critical to their online business.
  3. 3. Technology Partner Program Business Objects and Sane Solutions, NetTracker Web Site Analytics Competing advanced Web analytics solutions require users, who want to perform cross-channel analysis, to load their offline customer data sources into their Web analytics solution, creating a point solution outside the Business Objects environment. Not only does this negate all the investment the company has made in standardizing their business analysis on Business Objects, but it comes with high consultation fees to customize a package to the organization’s business model. Solution Details NetTracker eBusiness extracts clickstream data from Web server log files and/or page tags (client side, zero pixel image technology), transforms that data into meaningful reports about visitors, sessions, content and site metrics, and stores that data in a MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, or DB2 database. This Web data warehouse is the basis for all online channel analysis. From here, Sane Solutions provides users with a map to load their Web data into Business Objects business intelligence solutions where users can further mine their Web site traffic data or combine online data with offline customer data. A jointly developed starter kit (a series of pre-built standard Web traffic reports, templates, documentation) expedites the integration of NetTracker eBusiness with Business Objects business intelligence solutions. NetTracker easily and affordably turns your Business Objects software into an online business channel analysis solution: • The NetTracker database is fully documented NetTracker eBusinses offers the only open, fully documented database schema on the Web analytics market, allowing you to easily extract data from the NetTracker Web data warehouse for analysis and integration in a Business Objects solution. • Starter kits make integration seamless Jointly developed starter kits are available for integrating NetTracker with Business Objects and include everything you need to quickly and easily integrate NetTracker eBusiness with these BI solutions: pre-built reports, templates, and full documentation of NetTracker eBusiness’s open Web data warehouse and the technical integration process.
  4. 4. Technology Partner Program Business Objects and Sane Solutions, NetTracker Web Site Analytics • NetTracker is affordable and leverages your BI investment NetTracker eBusiness is the best-priced advanced, comprehensive Web analytics solution in the industry. The Sane Solutions business philosophy is to provide a reliable product at a sane price for today’s enterprises. In addition, NetTracker eBusiness allows you to leverage the investment you’ve already made in your Business Objects solution by simply expanding the use of the Business Objects solution’s analysis capabilities to include the online channel. NetTracker eBusiness is available through Sane Solutions (www.sane.com; 1-800- 407-3570; 401-295-4809), and starts at $25,000 (pricing based on the number of Web sites being analyzed). Any additional Business Objects solution licenses required for use with NetTracker are available directly through Business Objects. Initial prototype installation and customized integration can be obtained from either Sane Solutions or Business Objects. Summary This e-business intelligence gained from using NetTracker in conjunction with Crystal Reports, BusinessObjects, or WebIntelligence allows users to more intelligently achieve their business goals, such as increasing ROI from marketing campaigns. For instance, the information provided by NetTracker may reveal that two banner ads referred the same number of visitors who completed an online quote request. Integrating those visitors with their resulting sales, stored in another database, using a Business Objects solution, will allow an organization to evaluate the true ROI from each banner ad. The organization can then act on this data to run the better performing banner more often, and edit the underperforming banner to increase its ROI. Using NetTracker with Business Objects, organizations can evolve their online channels to increase revenue, reduce the cost of doing business, increase customer/partner satisfaction, increase employee communication, and more. Contact For further information, please contact technologypartner@businessobjects.com. www.businessobjects.com Americas Asia-Pacific Europe, Middle East, Africa Japan Tel: +1 800 877 2340 Tel: +65 6887 4228 Tel: +33 1 41 25 21 21 Tel: +81 3 5447 3900 Business Objects owns the following U.S. patents, which may cover products that are offered and licensed by Business Objects: 5,555,403; 6,247,008 B1; 6,578,027 B2; 6,490,593; and 6,289,352. Business Objects and the Business Objects logo, BusinessObjects, Crystal Reports, Crystal Enterprise, Crystal Analysis, WebIntelligence, RapidMarts, and BusinessQuery are trademarks or registered trademarks of Business Objects SA or its affiliated companies in the United States and other countries. All other names mentioned herein may be trademarks of their respective owners. Copyright © 2005 Business Objects. All rights reserved.