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  • The Unwired Enterprise is an information management strategy.
    In this session, we’ll be discussing this (POINT OUT YOUR PRODUCT OR SOLUTION AREA) section of Sybase’s Unwired Enterprise solution.
  • This slide summarizes the key business benefits of each product.
  • This slide is here to provide a focus on a new way of selling the IWS models. We have decided that a major barrier to Partners adopting the IWS Enterprise Data Architecture has been their reluctance to build an application which will commit them to significant royalty payments in the future.
    Therefore we have developed a marketing program called the IWS Blueprint which we will target at enterprise analytic software application developers and select end user organizations. In these case we will present a value proposition to these prospects which gives them a cost-effective way to jump start their applications development project. With the IWS Blueprint program we will sell them our data architecture IP without the obligation of future royalty payments. The “only string attached” is that they cannot re-sell the IWS models by themselves only as an embedded feature of their own products.
    We have shared this idea with several prospects already and have had strong interest in the program. This program should advance our goal of becoming the leading suppliers of this type of technology to the enterprise analytic application developers. We will make the offer even more enticing if they commit to embed IQ in their application as well.
    The IWS Blueprint is an approach that Sybase BI can offer to select prospects in which we see a “Win/Win” opportunity for them to use the IWS Blueprint as the basis for the development of future analytical tools and packaged analytical applications. These are special situations where BI is willing to negotiate special terms to sell IWS IP in the form of IWS Core data design an/or Vertical extensions. The typical prospect is an application software company with plans to make an impact in the packaged analytics market.
    In these situations Sybase can help “jump start” development of enterprise analytic applications with technology that will significantly reduce time-to-market and resource investment. This cost- and time-saving technology is the Industry Warehouse Studio (IWS) Blueprint, the first“off the shelf” enterprise analytics application infrastructure product that will reduce the burden on your engineering team, minimize the time and risk associated with developing a solution yourself, and increase your speed to market with a flexible and proven solution.
    The IWS Blueprint is a pre-designed set of enterprise business models and a physical database structure that has been perfected in more than eight years of enterprise analytics deployments. Since it’s pre-designed, IWS Blueprint solves the primary challenge of creating an enterprise analytics application. And it offers unprecedented flexibility and openness as it can be deployed on most of today’s leading relational databases including Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, in addition to Sybase’s own database technology.
    The IWS Blueprint provides a ready-made design to support analytic application capabilities for a variety of vertical industries, including Telecommunications, Utilities, Media, Banking, Insurance, Healthcare, and Capital Markets. Its enterprise-wide view also allows analytics that can be integrated from several different industries, providing the composite enterprise results that are necessary in today’s complex businesses.
    Moreover, the IWS Blueprint database structure has been designed to be flexible and open, facilitating its integration with your existing technology – protecting your investments.
    4 reasons to choose the Sybase IWS Blueprint as the foundation for your Enterprise Analytics Application:
    1. There are no licensing fees or ongoing royalties – Buy the IWS Blueprint as a one-time intellectual property purchase
    The Sybase IWS Blueprint is virtually an “off the shelf” product already tailored for specific industries and adaptable to change with your needs – even if you change industry focus. You can customize the design to meet your specific business objectives, but the product is ready to go when you are. As always, additional Sybase products, services, and professionals will be available if you have additional needs.
    2. Open to be deployed on any SQL-compliant RDBMS system
    Unlike many competitive solutions, the Sybase IWS Blueprint is open and flexible enough to be deployed on most leading relational databases including Oracle, IBM, NCR, Microsoft, Informix, Sybase Adaptive Server® Enterprise and Sybase IQ Multiplex™. The IWS Blueprint also positions you for out-of-the-box integration with market dominant BI visualization software partners such as Business Objects, Cognos, and MicroStrategy.
    3. An enterprise-wide view lets you integrate across industry sectors
    With IWS Blueprint, you can implement data architectures that give you the flexibility to integrate data across industry sectors. It’s an architecture that grows with your business and evolves with your markets and business strategies. The centerpiece of the IWS data structure is the Core Model, which has a physical database and pre-designed set of vertical-oriented business models (with tables and views) that integrate data across more than one industry. Specific industry-oriented extensions to the Core Model that allow you to further segment and analyze data for industry, external data, aging data, feedback data, and more.
    4. Sybase is a proven leader in Enterprise Infrastructure and Business Intelligence
    We have significant experience in implementing successful data warehouses and analytic application environments. We have learned from repeated deployments, constant development and refinements in enterprise-wide data warehousing, and business intelligence projects around the world. We can help you deploy enterprise analytic applications quickly, cost-effectively, and with minimal risk. We utilize proven industry-specific methods, applications, and data models that help you realize a quick ROI, reduce implementation time, and ease the burden on your in-house engineering team.
    In summary, at Sybase we believe that the IWS Blueprint represents a new option for you to consider in your development of enterprise analytics applications whether you are an application developer for a software company or an end user organization. By providing your development project with a “jump start” in the form of an enterprise-wide analytical data architecture design, your organization can reap the benefits of saving time and resources as well as gaining competitive advantage by accelerating the time-to-market for your project or products. Add to that the IWS Blueprint’s support for an open architecture and its flexibility for customization, and the IWS Blueprint clearly is an excellent “buy” alternative to the risky “build-from-scratch” option.
    The Sybase IWS Blueprint is perfect for:
            Software application vendors who are strong in operational applications and want to add analytics to their suite of products/services
            Companies who have acquired or merged with other businesses and need an enterprise-wide data model to integrate all their products onto one platform
            Companies who have found “inside” development of analytic applications too daunting and time consuming
            Companies who need to “go to market” quickly with their enterprise analytics applications
  • Title: Arial 28pt.

    1. 1. BID 205: Reduced Risk+ Reduced TCO + Reduced Time to Implementation = Business Intelligence Success Mike Wheeler Data Warehouse Architect Mwheeler@sybase.com August 15-19, 2004
    2. 2. 2 The Enterprise. Unwired.
    3. 3. 3 The Enterprise. Unwired. Unwire People Unwire Information Manage Information Sybase Workspace Industry and Cross Platform Solutions • Adaptive Server Enterprise • Adaptive Server Anywhere • Sybase IQ • Dynamic Archive • Dynamic ODS • Replication Server • OpenSwitch • Mirror Activator • PowerDesigner • Connectivity Options • EAServer • Industry Warehouse Studio • Unwired Accelerator • Unwired Orchestrator • Unwired Toolkit • Enterprise Portal • Real Time Data Services • SQL Anywhere Studio • M-Business Anywhere • Pylon Family (Mobile Email) • Mobile Sales • XcelleNet Frontline Solutions • PocketBuilder • PowerBuilder Family • AvantGo
    4. 4. 4 Enabling Analytic Applications “Although vendors like PeopleSoft, SAP, and Siebel are closer than others, currently the market offers no inclusive commercial platform for operationally, collaboratively, and analytically managing all relationships with all major business partners (e.g., partners, employees, customers, suppliers), across all channels and touchpoints (e.g., storefront, Web, e-mail, telephone) and throughout the entire customer life cycle.” -- Aaron Zornes, Meta Group According to Kevin Strange of Gartner Group, in order to be successful in business intelligence you need to be able to address all of the following with a BI analytics execution environment: • Complexity of the data model • Amount of data • Query complexity • Scalability (Concurrent Users) Comprehensive Data Architecture Scalable, Fast, and Cost Effective Access to Data
    6. 6. 6 Sybase IQ Sybase IQ is a Unique Relational DBMS That Is Optimized for Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence.  unsurpassed query performance  lowest total cost of ownership for analytical applications.  Unlike traditional databases designed from the start for analytics and not transactions  Column-based structure and patented indexing make it the leader in price/performance when it comes to data warehousing.
    7. 7. 7 Sybase IQ is Designed for Analytics – What’s Different?  Data is Stored Vertically  Each column is stored separately Bit-Mapped Index Index on every column  Optimized Storage  Input data is typically compressed Usually = 30-40%  Database smaller than input data Even with all the indexes  Query Engine Retrieves Only Columns Used in the Query  Reduces system I/O dramatically Average 90% Less than competition  Permits better data manipulation  Schema Design Not Restricted  Design based on application use Flat, Star, Relational, Snowflake Any Schema
    8. 8. 8 SPEED  Faster Answers • Lightning fast query response • High-performance data access LOWER TCO  Economical • Data compression saves storage • Low maintenance cost Sybase IQ Delivers … SCALABILITY  BI for the Many • 100’s to 1000’s of simultaneous users • Gigabytes to Terabytes of data • Low maintenance cost FLEXIBILITY  Open Standards • Any query, • Any schema, • Any configuration
    9. 9. 9 IQ CPU CPU Multiplexing for Scalability and Flexibility Mem Mem Mem Mem Can start with 1 server and add CPUs and memory as needed Multiplexing enables you to add servers and CPUs with little or no loss in scalability Terabytes of disk can be added to the SAN and IQ-M will manage it efficiently IQ CPU CPU CPU CPU Mem Mem IQ CPU Mem CPU Mem CPU Mem IQ CPU CPU CPU Mem CPU Mem IQ CPU CPU Mem CPU CPU Mem Fiber Channel •Max DB size: 192 Petabyte •Max row per table: 286 trillion rows •Max nodes:12,000 nodes •Max CPUs: 1.2 million CPUs (+12,000*106) 64-bit Enables
    10. 10. 10 Sybase IQ Key Business Benefits Enable your business to build applications with powerful access to valuable databases:  Larger amounts of data – greater detail in data  Faster access – quicker answers  Cost effective:  Low entry costs (initial system)  Minimize storage costs (critical in multi-Terabyte systems)  Maximize computing power effectiveness (throughput per CPU)  Flexible scaling – the right power to meet the specific need
    11. 11. 11 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 160 180 Query Resolution Time (min) Sybase ASIQ-M Other DBMS 50 Sequential Queries 50 Concurrent Queries Sybase IQ Proof Points: Performance TPC/H results show that Sybase IQ owns price/performance and TCO leadership results in DW: – 100GB – 300GB – 1TB IBM DB2 Sybase IQ Ratio Minutes Minutes Query 1 1.5 0.4 4 Query 3_5 1.2 0.4 3 Query 5 0.3 0.01 30 Query 6 70 0.2 350 Query 7 34 0.1 340 Query 8 (Never ended) 345 6 61 Query 3_1 (Never ended) 513 35 15 Query 3_2 (Never ended) 513 45 11 Query 3_3 (Never ended) 513 67 8 Query 3_4 (Never ended) 513 14 37 2,504 168 15 ORACLE Sybase IQ Ratio Minutes Minutes Query 1 0.7 0.1 7 Query 2 2.0 0.1 20 Query 3 1.3 0.5 3 Query 4 2.2 0.7 3 Query 5 1.3 0.2 7 BO Usu_reg 36 3 12 BO Acc Nuevos 27 8 3 BO Usu_evolucion 34 14 2 104.5 26.6 4 Oracle WITH AGGREGATIONS (materialized vievs)
    12. 12. Traditional vs IQ-M COMPETITIVE DATABASE EXPLOSION FACTORS (From TPC-D Tests) Hardware Database Raw Data Total Disk Ratio Digital 8400 Oracle 100 GB 361GB 3.61 HP 9000 Oracle 100 GB 643 GB 6.43 IBM SP2 DB2/6000 PE 100 GB 377 GB 3.77 NCR 5100 Teradata 100 GB 880 GB 8.80 Sun UE Oracle 100 GB 594 GB 5.94 Tandem K1K Non-stop SQL 100 GB 286 GB 2.86 IBM SP2 Oracle 300 GB 1,977 GB 6.59 Pyramid Oracle 300 GB 1,535 GB 5.12 NCR 5100 Teradata 300 GB 880 GB 2.93 NCR 5100 Teradata 1,000 GB 3,280 GB 3.28 HP EPS Informix XPS 300 GB 3,532 GB 11.6 Sun Sybase IQ 100 GB < 100 GB HP 9000 Oracle 100 GB 643 GB 6.43 P 9000 Sybase IQ 100 GB ~70 GB ~ .70
    13. 13. 13 Sybase IQ Proof Points: Data Compression SYBASE IQ DATA COMPRESSION EXAMPLES Raw Data Loaded Sybase IQ Compressed Competitor’s Data Explosion VLDW Ref. Architecture 48 TB 22 TB 144 TB to 336 TB ComScore 40 TB 16 TB 120 TB to 280 TB Health Insurance Review Agency 27 TB 12 TB 81 TB to 189 TB Samsung Card 15 TB 7 TB 45 TB to 105 TB Nielsen Media Research 12 TB 12 TB 36 TB to 84 TB Internal Revenue Service 10+ TB < 10 TB 30 TB to 70 TB “Popular” Credit Card Company 10 TB 4 TB 30 TB to 70 TB • IQ Data Compression: Save money, save time – 4 to 10x less storage – Save your customer USD$1 million per TB and keep Hardware Costs Down
    14. 14. 14 Telco POC (8 CPU): Indexes & compression Table Name # ROWS FP HG LF HNG # Indexes Input Data (GB) compr. data (GB) IQ Index (GB) Total IQ (GB) compr. data GB 9 Idx Size GB Total Size GB Size Ratio ORD 42,181,777 36 11 23 10 44 6.6 1.8 0.6 2.4 5.5 2.6 8.0 3.3 TRD 15,472,637 36 17 18 8 43 4.8 0.9 0.2 1.1 3.9 1.2 5.0 4.6 57,654,414 72 87 11.4 2.7 0.8 3.5 9.3 3.8 13.1 4.0 IQ Indexes IQ sizes DB_1 sizes Query 1 3 988 319 Query 2 3 1,286 429 Query 3 1 9 11 Query 4 11 24 2 Query 5 20 244 12 Query 6 7 3,128 447 Query 7 21 3,706 176 Query 8 29 294 10 Query 9 4 46 12 158AVG Ratio: Queries IQ (sec) DB_1 (sec) Query Speed Ratio RatioIQ data load DB_1 data load Loading speed (M_rows/hour) 11.4 381 1,824Total Load time (sec) 4.8 Loading speed ( GB/hour ) 545 114 108 23 IQ loading: -concurrent load and query -batch load into IQ: - 12.5 : up to 1M rows/sec - near Real-Time: load every 10 sec -Real-Time data replication into IQ: -12.5 : 1-2 rows/sec -12.6 : +500 rows/sec -more to come
    15. 15. 15 Sybase IQ Proof Points: Scalability and Complexity with Ease NUMBER OF CONCURRENT USERS Number of Users “Popular” Credit Card Company 1400 North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services 1200 Nielsen Media Research 200 + COMPLEXITY OF DATA MODEL Number of Tables “Popular” Credit Card Company 700 + U.S. DOT – Bureau of Transportation Statistics 1,300 QUERY COMPLEXITY Number of Joins Korean Customs 32-way U.S. DOT – Bureau of Transportation Statistics 18-way Internal Revenue Service 14-way Bank of Montreal 10-way BizRate.com Dynamic tables and columns
    16. 16. 16 Sybase IQ Dominates Top Ten Awards  Sybase IQ won Grand Prize in Windows category  comScore #1, #2, #3 largest data warehouses  Sybase IQ won 22 out of 80 awards in Decision Support Systems (DSS) categories – on UNIX & Windows  More wins than Teradata, DB2, Oracle & Microsoft
    17. 17. 17 “We are able to deliver one data warehouse for all our applications, at one- third the storage of conventional technologies, while seeing performance gains as advertised with Sybase IQ.” Kim Ross CIO Nielsen Media Research Business Issues • Huge data volume – 10 years of TV viewer history  Goal – one central data source for multiple applications  Requires extreme flexibility – many unique queries and reports  Each television station wants to slice and dice differently • Need to reduce TCO & increase flexibility Results • 12 TB detailed input data in production – plans to grow to 30 TB • Sybase IQ: 12 TB => 12 TB (equiv: 36 TB – 84 TB) • Fast access and data load • Full disaster recovery of 12 TB: 60 seconds Customer Example: Nielsen Media Research
    18. 18. 18 Together, Sun and Sybase have created a solution that packs an extraordinary amount of data processing and analytical power into a small footprint that represents a realistic investment for small and mid-sized firms. Sybase’s tight architectural integration with Sun technology provides us with the assurance we need that the technology foundation of our data warehouse will scale to meet our growing needs in the future. Henri Asseily, Chief Technology Officer and Founder of BizRate.com Business Issues • Delivers analysis of internet utilization • Leading online customer survey producer • Cost and logistics becoming unwieldy • Microsoft SQL Server could not scale • Simplify data deliver and analysis for sellers Business Results • Manage 15 million customer data sets • Tight integration through Reference Architecture • Scaleable solution that will grow • Delivered on Sun Fire V880 Customer Example: BizRate.com
    19. 19. 19 Business Issues • Congressional legislation required consolidated, single-point of access to all transportation statistics • Needed to deliver over the Web • Over 250+ databases of source data Results • 2.5TB of detailed input data compressed to 1 TB • Query complexity with 18-way joins • Reduced data gathering time • Easy linkages across many data sets allows new insights on transportation safety • The new website is aimed at transportation researchers and analysts • Website gets 15,000 hits per day Sybase IQ reduced loading and indexing from 30 minutes to 2.5 to 3 minutes. Query speeds were 20 – 50 times faster than Oracle. Time to add a column was reduced from 4 hours with Oracle to 15 minutes with Sybase IQ. Jeff Butler Assistant Director, Office of Statistical Computing Department of Transportation Bureau of Transportation Statistics www.transtats.bts.gov Customer Example: TranStats
    20. 20. 20 Global Credit Card Company Business Issues • Unable to perform advanced analysis of fraud patterns for credit card transactions with competing solutions due to performance issues, query complexity limitations • Needed solutions to handle 700-column table to describe every transaction, at least one year of transactions online Results • Advanced fraud analysis possible for last 4 years • Over 1,600 users worldwide • 10TB of input data; (Sybase IQ 7TB) • equiv. 30TB – 70TB • 10 billion records (last 13 months) of credit card transactions online • All fraud managers worldwide use Sybase IQ system • Over 90% of database is fraud detection information Customer Example: Global Credit Card Company 000 000 000 000 0000 Global Credit Card Company
    21. 21. 21 The primary technology challenge was to build a system that could manage such large volumes of data and yet was sufficiently open to facilitate queries from various off-the-shelf products. We selected Sybase IQ as the data-management server, based on its strength with decision support type queries.” Jeff Kmonk Manager, Office of Research Compliance Research Division Internal Revenue Service Business Issues • Analysis virtually impossible • Lost productivity • Loss of potential billions in revenue • VLDB management Results • 10+ TB detailed input data (2 yrs of taxpayer records) fits in 5TB of storage • Query complexity with 14-way joins • Average 120 ad-hoc analysis users • Modeled entire population of commercial tax returns • Supports advanced analysis like data mining • Revenue protection & fraud detection • ROI of $250 Million • Portal-enabled Customer Example: Internal Revenue Service
    22. 22. 22 “We felt you should develop the data warehouse component by component because that allows you to apply what you learn.” “Sybase was truly committed to ensuring that we used technology in a way that really impacted the business.” Carl A. Touchie Sr. Manager Electronic Financial Services Bank of Montreal Business Issues • Identify and retain most profitable customers • Increase effectiveness of marketing programs • Attract new customers • Access to multiple information systems and “touch points” • Cutting edge technology and architecture Results • 1 Terabyte data warehouse • Avg. query complexity with 18-way joins • IRR over 100% • Average credit card volume up 59% • Average credit card balances up 129% • Market share up 60 basis points • System up in 4 months • Component architecture enables flexibility Customer Example: Bank of Montreal
    23. 23. Dynamic Operational Data Stores A Road Map to Real Time Analysis
    24. 24. 24 • Strong competition demanding better business analysis: More users needing ‘near real-time’ data access to data, for longer periods of time Users demanding more analytical flexibility What our Customers are saying
    25. 25. 25 Business Issues Strong competition demands better business analysis More users needing ‘real’ time data Users demanding more analytical flexibility New operational systems need more precise business analysis Financial - Fraud Telco - billing, provisioning, sales, support Insurance/Healthcare – billing, claims Ballooning costs of managing data Maintenance Storage People Processes Large capital and political investment in existing systems
    26. 26. 26 The Driving Events Compliance Demand for ‘near real-time’ access to data over a longer period of time Basel II, Sarbanes-Oxley, Patriot Act Data warehouses today only address limited data/populations The data explosion usually requires costly infrastructure upgrades Dramatic rise in business users BAM needs New Data Center Challenges 3000 systems potentially need upgrades Managing the business through transition Unprecedented data explosion and user population growth Sybase has experience in mainframe co-existence
    27. 27. 27 Possible Solution Options  Traditional Enterprise Data Warehouse / Data mart  Data Offload  Report Servers  Dynamic Operational Data Stores  Traditional Archiving  The Sybase Solution  single layer of data shared for all systems DODS (Dynamic Operational Data Stores)  Users could directly access the data  Single source of data to “feed” the Data Warehouse  Data Synchronization through a common architecture  Information nearly on-line (near real time)
    28. 28. 28 Technical Architecture DODS Operational Data Store (ODS) Sybase Replication Server & ASE Reporting Environment DB2,VSAM & IMS Operational Systems Heterogeneous Environment Informix Dynamic Operational Data Store (DODS) Server Storage Harvesting & Staging Environment Oracle Microsoft SQL Server Application Application Application Application ASEApplication . . . etc.
    29. 29. 29 Operational Data Store: Components Operational Data Store Component Minimum Configuration Server 2-12 CPUs Storage 100s of GB to 100s of Terabytes Software Sybase IQ Value Proposition • Non intrusive, risk free • No interference with operational systems • Provide significant data compression (up to 60%) • both structured and un-structured data • Optimized for fast read access • column based not row based • Database and analytics agnostic • standards-based SQL access to data Server Storage
    30. 30. 30 Results  Single Adaptable Dynamic ODS  Existing Operational Data Systems in a single data layer  Data synchronization every 5-15 minutes  Build ‘right-time’ based on your business need  ‘Near real time’ loading  Hundreds of GB per hour.  Manage hundreds of Terabytes storage  Start small and scale  Users accessing information through any SQL Reporting Application  i.e.. Business Objects, Cognos, SPSS, MicroStrategy and ACCESS…..
    31. 31. 31 Case Study Business Challenge: The Finance Division needed to: collect data from disparate sources and create a financial management system efficiently provide information to state government citizens of Utah state agencies with accurate accounting, payroll, and personnel data Provide analysis tools so agencies could maximize the use of tax revenue Avoid the ballooning costs of data management on the mainframe Solution: Sybase Adaptive Server IQ Multiplex Results: Eliminated dozens of hard copy reports User self service model with access to data they never had before/generate own reports. Reduced data storage on the mainframe - savings of approximately $100,000 per month $5 million savings in report development costs
    32. 32. 32 Case Study Brent Sanderson (IT Manager – State of Utah): "In many ways it has changed the culture of financial and personnel reporting in the state," “The old system generated over 900 hardcopy reports each month. The new system generates less than 90. This saved the state over $5 million in development costs." "As we store more data in the Sybase data warehouse, we use the mainframe less and less. This has led to the state saving $100,000 per month in mainframe disk storage costs."
    33. 33. 33 Case Study – Yapi Credit Business Challenge: The Turkish Bank needs to service 6 million customers: Oracle the incumbent outside the mainframe Data on IBM DB2 Analysis of customer profiles profiles transactions history logs Provide analysis tools to maximize customer service Avoid the ballooning costs of data management Solution: Sybase Adaptive Server IQ Multiplex Results: 10x improvement in service compared to DB2 Dramatic reduction in storage costs (over 1TB of raw data) Savings of approximately $1.05 million 154% ROI (10 month payback) No additional staff training required from Oracle to Sybase Competition : Oracle (cost of infrastructure too high) IBM (poor DB2 performance)
    34. 34. 34 Case Study – HIRA (Health Insurance) Business Challenge: The Korean Agency has to consolidate data across 46 million customers: Oracle the incumbent outside the mainframe Analysis of customer profiles single data view expand from 6 months of data to 5 years of data Avoid the ballooning costs of data management Solution: Sybase Adaptive Server IQ Multiplex Results: Analysis reduced from 3 – 4 days to 30 seconds Rapid implementation for country-wide system Reduced raw data storage by 60-80% (saving of over $2 million) Increased data store from 5-6 months to 5 years Reduced manually intensive data management tasks Competition : Oracle (25TB vs Sybase 5TB) NCR Teradata (hardware scalability, poor integration, cost)
    35. 35. 35 Case Study - HIRA Han Beom su, General Manager, HIRA‑ "According to published benchmark results, performance of NCR Teradata was also excellent. But the weak point with NCR Teradata was that it was hardware dependent. That would cause a great deal of difficulty in linking with other hardware and expanding its capacity.”
    36. 36. 36 Successful Analytic Applications Require An Enterprise Analytics Architecture CRM Analytics Some Examples: • Campaign Analysis • Customer Profiling • Customer Care • Loyalty Analysis • Sales Analysis BPM Analytics Some Examples: • Profitability Analysis • Persistency Analysis • Fraud Detection • Call Detail Analysis • Network Analysis • Distributor Inventory • Channel Management SourcesofCustomerData LOB APPS Flat Files Other Data Marts External Data DataAcqu Analytic Applications Customer Finance Products Supplier Industry Event Data Enriched Data Legac y APPS EDI ETL Present Results Analytics Data Warehous e Analytics Data Architecture Integrate Organize Analyze Present
    37. 37. 37 Sybase Industry Warehouse Studio  Physical Data Model for an Enterprise Data Warehouse  Proven Methodology and Tools Necessary to Implement and Manage the IWS  CRM Analytics for all Industries  BPM Analytics for Specific Industries  IWS is Database Agnostic (use any database)
    38. 38. 38 Sybase Industry Warehouse Studio Experience Provides Solid Foundation  Built on experience  Comprehensive industry data models  Common physical database design for each industry optimized for decision support  Common treatments of workflow, measures, reporting, terminology and data types  Incorporating the “best practices and domain knowledge” of industry experts as well as the best practices from the fields of data design and architecture  Leveraging the lessons learned from “hands on” experience gained over many years and numerous implementations of large scale data warehouse in vertical industries The Underlying Philosophy Behind IWS
    39. 39. 39 Sybase Industry Warehouse Studio Accelerates Development  Pre-defined business models – Enterprise Scope  Pre-determined database structures  Open Architecture – Database Agnostic  Sample Data + Sample Report Templates  Enterprise Analytic Data Modeling and Metadata Management Tools  Pre-developed Metadata Definitions  Integration with Leading ETL Tools  Integration with Leading BI Visualization Tools  1st Application Implemented and Running in 60-120 days
    40. 40. 40 Sybase Industry Warehouse Studio The Enterprise Blueprint IWS Core Analytics Blueprint Summary Events Base Views Cross Industry Tables + Views Core Tables Insurance Life Property & Casualty Financial ServicesRetail Banking Credit Card Capital Markets Healthcare Insurance Treatment Media Telco Telco Utility
    41. 41. 41 Sybase Industry Warehouse Studio Captures the 360° View Of the Customer Sales Analytics  Evaluate Sales by products and channels  Identify relationships between customer categories & product preferences  Perform customer latency analysis to improve sales Marketing Analytics  Analyze positive and negative responses to refine subsequent Campaigns  Measure and manage media effectiveness for products or regions  Perform cost-benefit analysis of your campaign Care Analytics  Analyze complaints, suggestions, defect reports and inquiries  Identify organizational units with high contact incidences or slow response  Identify your most satisfied & dissatisfied customers Loyalty Analytics.  Analyze customer value by purchase volume, frequency and revenue  Analyze attrition by a variety of measures – product, region and demographics  Proactively contain and avoid customer attrition Customer Profiling (Segmentation)  Provides customer base categorization  Qualitatively groups similar customers by demographics  Quantitatively groups similar customer by behavior Marketing Effectiveness Sales Effectiveness Customer Loyalty Customer Care CUSTOMER
    42. 42. 42 Sybase Industry Warehouse Studio Supports Telco Analytics! What if you could…  Identify and respond to changes in traffic patterns?  Determine your most profitable customers and channels?  Anticipate customer churn by customer attributes?  Discover trends in network repair?  Identify your most successful marketing campaigns? – Product Profitability – Customer Profitability – Channel Profitability – Residential Traffic – Business Traffic – High Volume Analysis – Rated & Unrated Calls – Customer Loyalty – Sales Analysis – Marketing Campaign Analysis – Customer Care – Customer Profiling – Financials – HR Analysis – Generic Call Facts – Seasonal Analysis Key Subject Areas
    43. 43. 43 Sybase Industry Warehouse Studio Supports Media Analytics! What If You Could ... – Target marketing requirements for your customers as well as your advertisers? – Integrate existing products such as ROP, preprints, direct mail, telemarketing, Internet, etc into customer focused messages? – Understand the attributes of your customers as to both demographic and lifestyle data? – Understand your target audience for circulation and advertising? – Product Profitability – Customer Profitability – Channel Profitability – Subscriber Analysis – Advertiser Analysis – Advertisement Analysis – Advertising Sales Analysis – Customer Loyalty – Sales Analysis – Marketing Campaign Analysis – Customer Care – Customer Profiling – Financials – HR Analysis – Customer Complaints – Home Delivery Analysis Key Subject Areas
    44. 44. 44 Sybase Industry Warehouse Studio Supports Financial Services Analytics! What If You Could ... – Analyze and Profile customers based on their product holdings? – Determine geographic usage patterns of products? – Identify characteristics of profitable responders to recent marketing campaigns? – Rank customers by profitability and risk? – Cross-sell financial products to their checking customers? – Analyze the purchasing habits of profitable credit card holders? – Product Profitability – Customer Profitability – Channel Profitability – Account Analysis • Profitability • Types – Investment Analysis – Customer Loyalty – Sales Analysis – Marketing Campaign Analysis – Customer Care – Customer Profiling – Financials – HR Analysis – Customer Complaints Key Subject Areas
    45. 45. 45 Sybase Industry Warehouse Studio Supports Insurance Analytics! What If You Could ... – Identify customers likely to increment their policies within a year? – Identify the total claims liability after a natural disaster? – Analyze the demographics and psychographics of your customers? – Identify customers who will be experiencing a major life event such as marriage, birth or retirement? – Develop an up-to-date view of the total relationship with your customers? for Insurance – Product Profitability – Customer Profitability – Channel Profitability – Underwriting & Policy Analysis – Reinsurance – Payments – Claims Analysis – Agent KPIs – Customer Loyalty – Sales Analysis – Marketing Campaign Analysis – Customer Care – Customer Profiling – Financials – HR Analysis – Customer Complaints Key Subject Areas
    46. 46. 46 Sybase Industry Warehouse Studio Supports Healthcare Analytics! What If You Could ... – Enhance customer (member) relationship management? – Analyze claims-based experience and service utilization data in detail? – Improve provider management? – Respond to government adherence reporting requirements? – Address HEDIS and HIPAA reporting requirements? – Perform disease management? – Reduce fraud? – Provider Anlaysis – Group Analysis – Charges – Drugs – Laboratory tests – Encounters – Facilities • Usage • Payment Details – Ailment – Recovery – Customer Loyalty – Sales Analysis – Marketing Campaign Analysis – Customer Care – Customer Profiling – Financials – HR Analysis – Customer Complaints Key Subject Areas
    47. 47. 47 Sybase Industry Warehouse Studio Value Proposition BusinessBusiness ValueValue  Minimize Risk  Reduce Cost  Enterprise Scope  Clear ROI TimeTime ValueValue  First Application Running 60-120 days  Dramatically Reduce the Effort  Provides Unlimited Expandability TechnicalTechnical ValueValue  Database Independent [Oracle, DB2, Informix, Microsoft, ASE, Sybase IQ]  Based on Proven Deployment  Commoditized Application  Integrated Environment
    48. 48. 48 Sybase Industry Warehouse Studio Packaged Data Warehouse Infrastructure Warehouse Control Center Meta Data Management TABLE TABLE TABLE TABLE TABLE Industry-specific Data Models Sybase Power Designer Multi-Dimensional Design Tool DataData WarehouseWarehouse ““Open RDBMS*”Open RDBMS*” DataData WarehouseWarehouse ““Open RDBMS*”Open RDBMS*” ORACLE, IBM, MICROSOFT, NCR, SYBASE, etc. (i.e.: Informatica) ETL Tool Sample Data General - Representative Systems Integrators Guide Project Plan Implementation Protocol NOTE: YELLOW box items are NOT included in the IWS BI Partners IWS Analytic Applications Customer Analytics • Campaign Analysis • Sales Analysis • Customer Profiling • Customer Care • Loyalty Business Analytics • Telco EBA • Telco BDA • Media Circulation • Media Advertising Industry Analytics Infrastructure • Telco/ Utilities • Media • Banking • Credit Card • Capital Markets • Insurance • Healthcare
    49. 49. 49 Sybase Solutions in End-to-end BI Platform Integrate Organize Analyze Present DecisionsSources LOB APPS Flat Files Other Data Marts External Data Legacy APPS Sybase ASE Others: GROUP 1 Others: SAS Others: IBI Focus
    50. 50. 50 Select List of Global Business Intelligence Client and Partners ERICSSON Scottish Widows Insurance Guardian Life InsuranceGuardian Life Insurance
    51. 51. 51 A Look Under The Covers  A look at an Industry Model  The Project Plan  Sample Deliverable Templates  The Implementation Guide  Model Customization Process  The Warehouse Control Center Metadata Manager  Model Import  The Information Cube  Completing the Metadata Management Cycle  Achieving Information Liquidity