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Syllabus Syllabus Document Transcript

  • BUSINESS ANALYSIS FOR MARKET-BASED MANAGEMENT (MBA 623) PROFESSOR: Dr. Douglas W. Vorhies, Ph.D. OFFICE ADDRESS: North Holman 327 PHONE: (662) 915-1351 – Office E-MAIL: (preferred) CLASS HOURS: 6:00 pm Monday (Conner 110). OFFICE HOURS: 3:00-4:00 pm Monday and Wednesday. Other times by appointment. TEXT: Best, Roger (2008), Market-Based Management 5th Ed, Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson-Prentice Hall. CASES: Available through Harvard Business School Publishing (HBSP) READINGS: Available through Harvard Business School Publishing (HBSP) COURSE DESCRIPTION: Market Based Management investigates the development of the market-driven strategies and processes needed to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage in an increasingly competitive business environment. Students will develop an understanding of product-market selection, investment decisions and implications, functional strategies needed to compete in selected product-markets, and strategic assets, skills, knowledge, and capabilities needed to provide a sustainable competitive advantage. COURSE OBJECTIVES: 1. Students will develop an in-depth understanding of the vital role strategic market management plays in developing a sustainable competitive advantage for today’s businesses. The focus for students in the class will be on developing and understanding of the conceptual domain of strategic market management which includes relevant aspects of business strategy and functional marketing strategy. 2. Students will develop an in-depth understanding of strategic marketing’s guiding theories through their preparation of the course texts, assigned readings, cases and through preparation for the final exam. 3. Students will develop and enhance analytical skills and business communication skills through analysis, written preparation and discussion of text, cases and assigned readings. SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION STATEMENT OF ACADEMIC INTEGRITY: The School of Business Administration upholds honor and academic integrity in all of its teaching, research, and service activities. All business faculty, staff, and students are charged with the responsibility to behave with personal and professional integrity and to refrain from dishonorable conduct.
  • ASSIGNMENTS AND ACTIVITIES: 1. TEXT AND READINGS: The Roger Best text and all assigned readings from various sources are an important part of your preparation for the cases and the exams. Each student should read the material assigned with an eye toward understanding the theory and how these theories relate to the case analyses. 2. MID TERM EXAM: Exam covering text material exclusively. 3. FINAL EXAM: The comprehensive final exam will cover theory developed in the course and will include the assigned articles and cases. 4. CASES: A major focus for this class are the case assignments (see the handout on Case Reports). These are team assignments. You will choose your team and you should have 5 students per team. Each team is responsible for completing three team case reports using the assigned format for the dates they are assigned in the class schedule. Each team case report is limited to 15 pages (double spaced with a 12 point Roman font and 1 inch-page margins) including exhibits such as pro-forma financial statements, organizational charts, etc. Cases are available from Harvard Business School Publishing at this link: To get the Harvard Online Course materials you need to register as a new user (unless you already have registered). The Harvard Online Course may ask you for a "Reference ID" That number is “c24832”. Then just click "Add to my Courses" and you'll be able to purchase the class materials with your credit card. 5. MARKETING PLAN REPORT AND PRESENTATION: Students will perform an industry, competitor and market analysis and prepare a marketing plan project for an opportunity of the student’s choosing. To perform this project, students will work in small groups and will be required to perform a complete industry, competitor and market analysis for an opportunity approved by the instructor. Following the industry, competitor and market analysis, students will develop a marketing plan for the opportunity. Development of the industry, competitor market analysis and market plan report is worth 100 points. In addition, a presentation of your findings will be made in the final two weeks of the semester. The presentation is worth 50 points. GRADING: Grades will be determined by your performance in the following areas: Class Activities and Assignments: Points Marketing Plan Project and Presentation 150 Team Case Reports (3 at 50 pts each) 150 Mid Term 150 Final Exam 150 Class Participation and Peer Evaluation 100 ------- Total Points (these may change) 700 Final letter grades will be given according to the following point schedule: A = 92 % C+ = 79 % A- = 90 % C = 70 % B+ = 89 % D = 60 % B = 82 % F = Below 59 % B- = 80 % Grades will be determined based on the criteria listed above. To be fair to other students, individual concerns cannot be taken into consideration in determining grades. Your performance on the above class elements is the sole determining factor of your grade in the class. The best route to success in this class is to attend every class, participate in the discussions and complete all assigned work.
  • TENTATIVE COURSE OUTLINE Date Topic Text Cases and Readings 8-25 Introduction to Course Marketing plan assignment Traditional Views of Strategy Select Teams (8) 5 Students each. and Competitive Advantage. 9-1 Labor Day See assignments for 9-8 9-8 Customer Focus and Managing Chp 1 Case Discussion: Matching Dell (HBSP) Customer Loyalty Leaders: All teams. Marketing Performance and Chp 2 Marketing Profitability Article: “Marketing Strategy: How it Fits with Business Strategy” This article is available as a download from Harvard Business School Publishing (HBSP). 9-15 Market Potential, Market Chp 3 Case Discussion: Nortel – Customer Value Demand, and Market Share Measurement (HBSP) The Customer Experience and Chp 4 Leaders: Teams 1 & 2 Value Creation 9-22 Market Segmentation and Chp 5 Case Discussion: Hewlett Packard’s Home Segmentation Strategies Products Division in Europe (HBSP) Competitor Analysis and Chp 6 Leaders: Teams 3 & 4 Sources of Advantage 9-29 Product Positioning, Branding Chp 7 Case Discussion: Kingsford Charcoal and Product Line Strategies (HBSP) Value Based Pricing and Pricing Chp 8 Leaders: Teams 5 & 6 Strategies Article: Customer Centered Brand Management (HBSP) Article: Brand Report Card (HBSP) 10-6 Marketing Channels and Chp 9 Case Discussion: TIVO 2007 DVRs and Channel Mapping Beyond (HBSP) Chp 10 Marketing Communications and Leaders: Teams 7 & 8 Customer Response
  • 10-13 Portfolio Analysis and Strategic Chp 11 Case Discussion: Product Portfolio Market Planning Planning at Estonia’s Saku Brewery (HBSP) Offensive Strategies Chp 12 Defensive Strategies Chp 13 Leaders: Teams 1 & 2 Building a Marketing Plan Chp 14 10-20 Mid Term 10-27 Performance Metrics and Chp 15 Case Discussion: (HBSP) Strategy Implementation Leaders: Teams 3 & 4 Market-Based Management and Chp 16 Financial Performance 11-3 Developing Strategic Marketing Case Discussion: Rolm and Hass (A): New Plans Product Marketing Strategy (HBSP) Leaders: Teams 5 & 6 11-10 Strategic Marketing Plan Case Discussion: Matrix Semiconductor Inc Implementation (A): Tackling Challenges of Strategic Dimensions (HBSP) Article: Making your Marketing Strategy Work (HBSP) Leaders: Teams 7 & 8 11-17 Presentation of Marketing Plan * Group 1: Group 2: Group 3: Group 4: 11-24 Thanksgiving 12-1 Presentations of Marketing Plan Group 5: * Group 6: Group 7: Group 8: 12-8 Finals Week - Final Exam is on Wed 12-10 at 7:30. * Papers are due when you present.