Slava Kokaev
                                                                                         Norwood, MA 02762
       Providing business process analysis, optimization and reengineering using Lean, Toyota Production
   Designed and developed UI and Business logic components such as user and custom controls for
         managing and ret...
Participated in complex consulting projects (focused on Oil and Gas production, Metal Manufacturing)
Participated in enter...
     plan and execute a program of process redesign
            develop an enterprise process model
            designe...
 2008 - 2009 American International College, Major: Enterprise Solution Developer,
Degree: Master Certificate Pr...
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  1. 1. Slava Kokaev Norwood, MA 02762 SUMMARY My name is Slava Kokaev I am a Technology analyst at Envisa Inc. and Group Leader at Boston Business Intelligence User and Study Group specializing in programming and business system analysis technologies. My professional experience includes both sides the Business Process Analysis and Automation as well as Web Application Design and Development. I've been heavily involved over five years in the Scientist Community and Researches since early 2000. I was selected to join Youth Scientific Council of The Government Service Academies accredited to President of Russian Federation and started working on working on various R&D projects explorer and analyzing problems related to the system analysis and modeling of management systems, synergy in theory of social organizations and formations. A short while later I moved into the Business Process Driven Design and Business Analysis Systems Development and Automation area trying to accomplish my experience in Business Process Analysis and Modeling with new at those time programming technologies such as C# 2.0, ASP.NET 2.0 and MS BI Platform. In 2005 I joined to Central Invest Consulting Group (CIG) as Business System Consultant and continue my career as Professional Consultant, I worked on designing and developing custom analytics solutions through complete project life cycle, for Large Oil & Gas and Metal steel Manufacturing Companies using Business Frameworks such as Lean Production, TPS, TQM and Kaizen to help them improve business process performance and optimize operations to reduce the cost of key business process, automate analysis systems and workflows. Early in the summer of 2007 I left Moscow, and moved up to The US and joined Envisa Inc. I have been evolved in a broad array of projects as a BI developer and implementer, focused on the effective use of business intelligence and Data Warehouses to drive critical decision-making, and optimize business performance. And as web developer helping online retailers design and re-launches competitive ecommerce applications. In the same time I become an active member of Boston DotNet Community and regular speaker. I join the INETA Speakers Bureau and started traveling the country, speaking at user groups and Code Camps. I am running Boston Business Intelligence User and Study Group at Microsoft office in Waltham, MA. My area of focus is:  Business Intelligence Systems  Enterprise Data Warehousing  Intelligent Web Applications  Business Analysis Systems  Business System Analysis and Design  Predictive Modeling and Analysis My areas of professional interest include: Programming technology: C# 3.0/4.0, LINQ, Domain Specific Language (DSL), Web technology: ASP.NET 3.5, XHTML 1.1, CSS, XML, MS AJAX, jQuery Database Technology: T-SQL, PL-SQL, MDX, DMX Analysis Technology: MS SQL Reporting Services, Analysis Services, Data Mining, Integration Services Business Frameworks (Methodology): Lean, Toyota Production System, TPM, BPR, Kaizen, Six Sigma Modeling Technology: UML, SADT, IDEFO, IDEF3 Qualifications & Experience Summary Participated in Business Process automation and develop web based analysis application through complete project life cycle, including:  Creating process analysis metrics and surveys for collecting and gathering complex data  Providing Predictive and System Analysis using OLAP technology  Modeling business process architecture and workflows
  2. 2.  Providing business process analysis, optimization and reengineering using Lean, Toyota Production System, TPM, 5S, BPR, Kaizen methodologies  Wrote Business Process Analysis Standards and Technical Design specifications  Designing Data Warehouse architecture, ETL model, business domain model, information flow using UML  Designed and developed User Interface Web Controls and Components for E-commerce applications  Developed fully customizable and pesonalizable BI web application based on ASP.NET 3.5 and SRSS, SSAS to be used by all levels of management to monitor and reports and company related information including:  Design and drill-through and drill-down enterprise reports  Designed and Developed interactive executive dashboards  Designed and Developed real-time enterprise dashboards for business performance monitor and control based on KPI.  Designed and develop application for simulation production process and operation analysis. WORK EXPERIENCE 02. 2008 – Present Technology Analyst Envisa Inc. Framingham, MA Participated in Design and Development of E-commerce web application for Merida Meridian Company.  Designed and developed jQuery Ajax UI and Business logic components and user controls  Developed Ajax Web Services and data access components Implemented using e-commerce AspDotNetStorfront Platform 8.0, .NET, C# 3.0, WCF, ASP.NET 3.5, JQuery 1.3.2, AJAX, and SQL Server 2008. Designed, Developed and Implemented Marketing Data Warehouse/BI System for A.T. Cross  designed and developed custom ETL tools for retrieving binary data from Commerce Server  developed analysis Framework for e-Marketing Analysis  designed Relational (Star Schema) Database  modeled Dimensions and Measures for Ad-Hock analysis  designed and developed OLAP Database (Cube)  provided database migration from SQL Server 2000 to 2005 Implemented using .NET, C# 3.0, Ling to SQL, SQL Server 2005 Integration Services, Analysis Services, Visual Studio Team Systems 2008. Design, development, and maintenance of BI applications for SoundBite  designed and develop reports for integrated BI application for SoundBite Communications  designed enterprise level finance reports for SB clients Bank of America, Capital One Implemented using Java 2EE, Oracle Database Server 10g, BIRT Reporting 2.3.2 Participated in Design and development of e-commerce web application for a CRI company.  Designed and developed customer profile administration module for manage of clients, resellers and customers account data.
  3. 3.  Designed and developed UI and Business logic components such as user and custom controls for managing and retrieving data, user input validation and navigation through the application.  Participated in the Design & development of business objects, custom providers, data access tier, stored procedures and web services. Implemented using .NET, C# 3.0, ASP.NET 3.5, Microsoft Enterprise Library, and SQL Server 2005, MVP design pattern and provider model. Member of team developing an online tenant screening application, including background checks, for RentGrow Inc. ( The application consists of a Web Forms application allowing landlords to screen potential customers,  Participated in developing external and internal Web application for administering and managing clients data.  Designed and developed web user interface for creating and editing user data.  Created java Classes and Servlets for Business layer and Data Access layer Implemented using J2EE, JSP, MVC design pattern and SQL Postgres Server. Participated in Design, development, and maintenance of BI web application for Work'NGear and their clients.  Designed and drill-through and drill-down enterprise finance, sales and warehouses stock reports  Designed and develop BI report solutions to meet the needs of the business users  Defined processes to move BI services into development, test, and production environments  Implemented using VBScript, MS SQL Server 2000, MS SQL Server Reporting Services, MS SQL Server Analysis Services, Designed and Develop Internal fully customizable and pesonalizable reporting application  Designed and Develop Business Intelligence Web Applications  Designed and Developed interactive executive digital, enterprise dashboards for business performance monitor and control based on KPI and BSC  Designed and created reporting cubes, dimensions, measures for ad hoc analysis Implemented using: SQL Server 2005, SSRS 2005, SSAS 2005, ASP.NET 2.0 Web parts, AJAX Toolkit, Dundas Data visualization tools, 10. 2007- 01. 2008 .NET/Web developer WIS (Wellesley Information Services) Dedham, MA Built new web applications prototype for migrating from ColdFusion 7 to ASP.NET 3.5  Included product download and electronic licensing functionality, and on-line credit card processing.  Built website information architecture and requirements for ASP.Net applications and MS SQL Server using UML 2.0 (Use Case, Class Diagram, …) Developed ASP.Net application for generating Google Site MAP for SEO (XML file) from MS SQL Server database Designed and developed reporting website that allows WIS sales reps and managers to view sales and marketing campaigns reports. (ASP.NET, C#, SQL Server) Research and Analysis existing Information technology and architecture, creating new requirements for migrating to .NET Platform 02.2005 - 07.2007 Business System Consultant. CIG (Center Consulting Group) - Moscow, Russia Business Process Automation:
  4. 4. Participated in complex consulting projects (focused on Oil and Gas production, Metal Manufacturing) Participated in enterprise level project for North Expedition Inc providing Business process: identification, analysis, reengineering and design and develop Process Control system  built information architecture requirements for applications analytical and reporting tools to work in conjunction with the database for control and automation Oil and Gas drilling operation and procedure  provided business process identification, structural analysis and technical design in order to optimize business and technology processes  participated in BP metrics and dimensions modeling for predictive analytical tools based on business process model and BP KPI  applied various system analysis methods to discover and interpret information from multiple data sources  participated in business process analysis, modeling, optimization and re-engineering (supply chain system, operations system, quality control and materials management system)  participated in analysis and optimization of cross-functional company departments collaborations and information dataflow (in the context of keys business processes)  participated in the design of the databas  assisted in the architectural overhaul of existing business tier and data access framework  developed new drilling process simulation application using ASP.NET, C# Implemented using C#, ASP.NET, SQL Server, Lean Production, TPM, 5S, SATD, UML Participated in the enterprise level project for Interpipe Concern included Business Process Analysis, Design and Re-engineering:  designed and developed application for production process analysis  developed metrics for end-to-end processes analysis  participated in linking processes to enterprise business strategy  determined the best practices across an enterprise (across 7 factories)  provided in standardization of the key business processes  participated in linking process standards to ERP capabilities  participated in moving from vertical structure to shared services Technologies included: Lean Production, TPM, 5S, SATD, IDEF0 and UML 10.2003 - 02.2005 Application developments and Business Process Manager. Anex - Moscow, Russia Application Development:  managed IT (2) and web development projects (5)  monitoring project budget, trends, burn rates, commitments, actual cost, performance measurement  translated business requirements into interface designs and contribute to creating the best possible user experience  developed in enterprise IT strategy, included Business Process Modeling, Reporting and Analysis systems, Information Architecture and Web-application design  configured and optimized information dataflow between business objects  completed object-oriented, structural analysis and design for company's activity in order to provide business process re-engineering and control sales operations, logistics operations, warehouse operations, transportations, customer services  identified opportunities for the standardization of business processes and technologies across the enterprise, and drive those opportunities to implementation Business Process Analysis, Design and Re-engineering:
  5. 5.  plan and execute a program of process redesign  develop an enterprise process model  designed and implemented a communication model  analyzed and optimized the role of the Process Owner based on Process Architecture  created process metrics to drive improvement  linked enterprise KPIs with process measures Technologies included C#, SQL Server 2000, HTML, PHP5, CSS, SATD, IDEF0, UML 08.2002 - 10.2003 Lead Business Process Analyst. EastLine Group (Airport Development) - Moscow, Russia  Lead Business Process team to finalize(to establish BP and) software specification requirements and perform corporate web based business applications  participated in teams working with users to develop specifications for new web applications  optimized and performed application logic based on business model (finance document flow module, management decision module, document security procedure, project control module)  translated business requirements into technical requirements  analyzed the impact of adding new functionality to existing application  participate in the testing and implementation of new applications  supported current workflow application systems under the Lotus Note 6.0 platform  supported business development project operations  developed business process models including: technical requirements documents, used UML 2.0 case diagrams, class diagrams, sequence diagrams, activity diagrams, package diagrams, and project estimates(identify BPM Data attributes, user roles, etc)  created the security scheme, object model and data access model for Enterprise workflow application Technologies included: Java, Lotus Notes 5, ARIS, SATD, IDEF0, UML 11.2001 - 08.2002 Web/BP developers. Medical Center "Medprofi" - Moscow, Russia Member of project developing physician’s office automation suite for the Medical Center. Assigned to team developing the portion of the application for capturing data during the clinical diagnostics process  Work and data flow analysis for Health & Safety Group, including Occupational Health, lab safety, compound classification, etc. Used for management strategy and audit validation.  Modeled and guided re-engineering of all medical care processes for Employee Health Services. (Similar to walk-in clinic healthcare provider.)  Developed processes, controls and record keeping for data collection and analysis.  Developed ranking process and analysis metrics, reports for equipment, focusing efforts on areas of highest need and reducing total cost to achieve compliance. 04.1999 - 11.2001 Specialist (Analyst). Youth Business-Chamber of Republic of North Ossetia-Alania, Russia • Ensured that tasks are completed on time and be able to assist in monitoring the budgets of the projects and resource utilization • Recommend tools to enhance website development, efficiency and performance • Prepare detailed reports for Ministry of Economy. SERTIFICATIONS Certified Enterprise Solution Developer /School Name: American International College
  6. 6. EDUCATION 2008 - 2009 American International College, Major: Enterprise Solution Developer, Degree: Master Certificate Program 2001-2004 The Government Service Academies accredited to President of Russian Federation, Sociology of Management, Master’s degree program (None graduate). Russia, Moscow 1997-2001 State University of North Ossetia-Alania, Master’s degree, specialized in a combination of Commodities Science and business technologies (Statement of evaluation - advisory interpretation EDUCATION INTERNATIONAL INC. US ) Russia, Vladikavkaz 1994-1997 Technical school of economics and trade. BS in Economics. Russia, Vladikavkaz. SOFTWARE SKILLS Development tools: MS Visual Studio Team System 2008 (for Developers and Database Professionals), Expression Studio, CodeRash, Refactor Pro Graphics design and visualization tools: Adobe Photoshop CS System design and modeling tools: CA AllFusion Process Modeler 7, (ERwin), MS Visio Database Servers: MS SQL Server 2000/2005/2008 R2, Oracle Database Server 10g, Postgres SQL Business Intelligence: SQL Server 2000/2005/2008 R2 (Integration Services, Reporting Services, Analysis Services, Data Mining), BIRT Reports 2.3.2 (Eclipse) TECHNICAL SKILLS Web-applications development: ASP.NET, jQuery, MS AJAX, XSLT, XML, HTML, CSS, Programming Languages: C#, Java Database Languages: T-SQL, PL-SQL Business process optimization and development methodology: BPR, Kaizen, Lean Production, TPM, TQM, Object-oriented Modeling and Design: UML; ARIS System analysis and technical design: SATD, IDEF0, IDEF3, DFD; IDEF1X BUSINESS ANALYSIS SKILLS Business process optimization and development methodology: BPR, Kaizen, Lean Production, TPM, TQM Object-oriented Modeling and Design: UML; ARIS System analysis and technical design: SATD, IDEF0, IDEF3, DFD; IDEF1X