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Position Description

  1. 1. Position Description Ministry of Forests and Range Position Title: Senior Business Analyst Position Number: 03633 Division: Tenure & Revenue Division Branch: Revenue Branch Location: Victoria Supervisor’s Title: Assistant Manager, Harvest Revenue Position Number: 04677 Systems Supervisor’s IS-27 Phone Number: Classif: For Agency Use NOC Code: Only Approved Classif: Class Code: Entered By: Phone number: PROGRAM The Revenue Branch's mandate is derived from the Ministry of Forests Act, Section 4(e), which states that, under the direction of the Minister, the Ministry is to: assert the financial interest of the Crown in its forest and range resources in a systematic and equitable manner. All Branch activities -- pricing, scaling, invoicing, and revenue control -- serve to fulfill the ministry's revenue mandate. The key objectives of the Revenue Branch are: (1) determine revenue in a systematic and equitable manner, (2) identify and claim revenue completely, accurately and promptly, (3) record revenue promptly and accurately, and (4) treat licensees fairly and equitable. PURPOSE OF THE POSITION The Senior Business Analyst plans, develops and implements enhancements to the suite of systems under the responsibility of the Harvest Revenue Systems Section. The primary role of the position, as a Branch systems specialist, is to integrate and manage the business and technology needs to support the current and future objectives of the Revenue Branch. NATURE OF WORK AND POSITION LINKS The Senior Business Analyst plans, develops and implements enhancements to the various Harvest Revenue systems as required by changes to business, technology and legislative requirements. Application Custodians and Branch management are the position’s primary clients. The Senior Business Analyst works with these individuals to assess the effectiveness of systems solutions; to ensure that planning and implementation processes meet the business objectives of the Ministry and are within the Ministry’s information technology direction; and to provide contract administration, project management, business re-engineering and systems change support services. The position works in conjunction with the Ministry Information Management Group to ensure business technology solutions are properly designed and implemented. The position also deals with external clients and stakeholders to provide critical advice on the application and use of the suite of systems. Objectives are achieved through strategic and operational planning, and through direction and supervision of Business Analysts and contractors. Position links include the following: • Ministry Management and Staff: to determine business processes, analyses and systems needs/ requirements; to provide advice and recommendations on new systems development and enhancements in support of business processes and objectives, and to prepare and evaluate RFP’s. • Ministry Information Management Group Staff: to identify, discuss and resolve business, technology and systems issues; to receive advice and direction on corporate IT/IM policies, issues and initiatives. • External Clients and Stakeholders (e.g. forest industry): to liaise with industry representatives, consultants and other stakeholders to confirm business requirements, system, and design components that may impact the suite of applications. • Contractors: to liaise with contractors regarding application, business process, and data capturing issues and proposed resolutions; ensure contract terms and deliverables are met; and to direct and review the work of systems contracting teams. Senior Business Analyst – 2006-June-13 1
  2. 2. SPECIFIC ACCOUNTABILITIES/DELIVERABLES 50% Technical consultation and advice focused on technology solutions to business needs 1. Provides leadership and technical expertise to Branch clients in the development, enhancement and implementation of systems projects for Harvest Revenue Systems (HRS). 2. Identifies and documents business requirements and technological solutions; reviews and approves business cases including technology alternatives, cost benefit analysis, revenue implications, and policy/procedural change for Branch systems projects. 3. Translates business processes into technical specifications; prepares project proposals ensuring government, Ministry and industry IT standards are adhered to; obtains commitment from all user/client groups and recommends a project plan to Branch management. 4. Prepares flow/process models, diagrams, layouts, definitions and specifications to show processes; identifies, estimates and schedules project activities; assesses risk and resource contingencies; and prioritizes activities. 5. Assigns work to staff and contracting personnel. 30% Client-focused support and problem resolution 6. Provides advice to clients regarding problem resolution and support issues; ensures availability, accessibility and usability of client support services/technology training information. 7. Oversees integration of new systems with existing system and business processes; manages and responds to operational changes and emergency maintenance of Harvest Revenue systems to ensure continuity of Branch business services and processes. 8. Diagnoses, prioritizes and resolves systems problems escalated from staff and others. 9. Identifies, analyzes and advises clients of opportunities to utilize technology to achieve business objectives; supports clients with preparation and content of submissions to Branch/Ministry Executive concerning program-related technology. 10% Branch planning, policy and standards 10. Contributes to the annual HRS business and budgetary planning processes. 11. Participates in business continuity and disaster recovery procedures. 12. Develops standards for work management processes and deliverables (e.g. business requirement documentation, acceptance testing) and communicates established standards. 10% Project Participation and Contract Administration 13. Reviews contracts for systems support needs and deliverables; ensures compliance with project management and systems development standards; reports on project progress and resource usage. 14. Prepares and approves work order requests for IMG or contract based systems teams. 15. Functions as a key member of the HRS team in the development of new business processes and systems applications; provides direction to project teams; works in collaboration with Branch staff, IMG teams and contractors to ensure systems development requirements are prepared, documented and implemented; ensures branch systems/business priorities, FOIPP requirements, project scheduling resource allocations and other issues are identified and resolved. FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITIES • Directs and advises on operational matters for the Branch’s billing systems (for example one system invoices approximately $1.2 billion annually). • Conducts cost benefit analysis for new systems, maintenance or enhancements. • Provides time and resource estimates for the production of new or existing business processes and systems changes. • Develops contract specifications, RFPs and ITQs for new systems or enhancements; selects contractors; and verifies satisfactory performance for one to three simultaneous projects. DIRECT SUPERVISION (i.e. responsibility for signing the employee appraisal form/EPDP) Role # of Regular FTE’s # of Auxiliary FTE’s Directly supervises staff 1-2 0 Supervises Staff through subordinate supervisors 0 0 Senior Business Analyst – 2006-June-13 2
  3. 3. PROJECT/TEAM LEADERSHIP OR TRAINING Role # of Role # of FTE’s FTE’s Supervises students or volunteers Provides formal training to other staff Leads Project Teams 2-5 Assigns, monitors & examines work of staff 2 SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS N/A TOOLS/EQUIPMENT • Standard office software, plus special purpose software including sql plus, TOAD, Automate, XMLSpy, SnagIt. • Standard office equipment (scanner, printer, photocopier, fax) • Personal or laptop computer WORKING CONDITIONS • Works in a typical office environment, where there are frequent project deadlines. The position must also have strong interpersonal skills to persuade others of best practices, business interests, etc. WORK EXAMPLES SCS 4 Character scale site enhancement SCS (Scale Control System) is used to process and store data pertaining to scalers and scale sites across BC. The system is web based using tables in a corporate Oracle database. There are about 300 users in Victoria and in the districts. Scope: This upgrade affected numerous screens and reports within SCS and other systems, plus considered special devices involved in the upgrade. Role: Developed and documented requirements, tested revised application in conjunction with other systems; developed the implementation plan planning a 12 month period and involving SCS and all affected systems. Coordinated and monitored implementation and followed up on user feedback. COMMENTS PREPARED BY Name Date Phone #: EXCLUDED MANAGER AUTHORIZATION I confirm that: 1. The accountabilities/deliverables were assigned to this position effective XXXXX. 2. The information in this position description reflects the actual work performed. 3. A copy has/will be provided to the incumbent(s). Name Signature: Date: Senior Business Analyst – 2006-June-13 3
  4. 4. ORGANIZATION CHART o Director, Revenue Branch (ML8)(00416) Manager, Revenue Systems (ML5, U/R)(00374) • Assistant Manager, Projects and Planning (IS Grid 27)(02674) o Client Analyst; Clerk (Grid 14)(51181) o Web Administrator; (Grid 9)(04679) o HBS Project Analyst (Grid 14)(67855) o Business Information Administrator; (IS Grid 24)(04624) 1. Reporting Analyst; (IS Grid 14)(04626) 2. Projects Support Analyst; (IS Grid 18)(00306) • Assistant Manager, Harvest Revenue Systems (IS Grid 27)(04677) o Senior Business Analyst (IS Grid 24)(04676) 1. Support Analyst; (IS Grid 18)(00316) o Senior Business Analyst (IS Grid 24)(03633) 1. Business Analyst; (IS Grid 18)(02504) 2. Business Analyst; (IS Grid 18)(02987) SELECTION CRITERIA Education: • University Degree in Computer Science, Information Systems or other related discipline, with course work in business analysis, project management and systems planning and 2 years related work experience; or • Related diploma with course work in business analysis, project management and systems planning, plus 3 years related work experience; or • An equivalent combination of education, training and a minimum of 5 years related work experience with courses in business analysis, project management and systems planning. Experience: • Experience reviewing and evaluating program mandates, methods of service delivery, operational needs, and critical linkages, processes and services in the interest of supporting business functions and operations • Experience coordinating business impact studies, and developing information system solutions that are aligned to business needs • Experience working with clients (e.g., business managers and staff); providing technical advice and guidance around the implications of policy, procedure and corporate practices; defining user needs; assessing options and alternatives and developing technical solutions for business requirements • Experience leading application development projects from either an information technology or an operational business process perspective • Experience supervising staff • Experience administering contracts; and monitoring progress and expenditures Knowledge of: • and understanding of the application of information technology to the effective delivery of business programs and services • approaches to systems development, integration, tools, techniques, application planning and implementation and data modeling tools • the principles of business process re-engineering and structured design techniques • application development life cycle and release management strategies • change management practices • Quality Assurance practices and risk management • cost-benefit analysis methodology, techniques and processes • client/server infrastructure software and hardware configurations • project management methodologies, techniques and processes Skills and Abilities: Ability to: • conduct business process analysis including feasibility studies, business designs, data models, system plans, and risk management • articulate business functions in terms of technical specifications and service requirements Senior Business Analyst – 2006-June-13 4
  5. 5. • research, analyze and investigate various options to achieve the client’s objectives • develop RFP’s, negotiate/manage contracts for service outside of government and to quality assure systems development and implementation performed by contractors • work with all levels of staff and establish effective working relationships • resolve systems software/hardware and related technology issues economically, efficiently and effectively • develop financial and budget analysis reports in relation to technology projects and contracts • provide direction and supervision to staff Skills: • Excellent verbal and interpersonal communications skills required to understand and communicate business or systems information of a complex nature • Written communication skills required to develop business cases, decision and briefing notes, project status reports, and other documentation • Project management skills, including project estimating, monitoring and tracking. • Skill in managing a heavy workload and numerous projects with competing deadlines. Senior Business Analyst – 2006-June-13 5