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  1. 1. PARTICULARS OF OFFICE FOR POST OF BUSINESS ANALYST _________________________________________________________________ CLOSING DATE FOR RECEIPT OF COMPLETED APPLICATION FORMS IS 4.00PM ON FRIDAY 22nd FEBRUARY 2008. COMPLETED APPLICATION FORMS SHOULD BE ADDRESSED TO:- The Chief Executive Officer, Kilkenny County Enterprise Board 42 Parliament Street, Kilkenny. Email: Personal Profile: Candidates for the Post of Business Analyst will ideally:  Be highly motivated, committed and be a good team player;  Be innovative, adaptable and creative;  Be of good character, integrity and in a good state of personal health. Education and Experience: Candidates for the Post of Business Analyst should: 1. Have a good educational background. A third level and/or professional qualification in a business or financial discipline while not essential are highly desirable. 2. Have at least 4 years relevant work experience. 3. Have a satisfactory knowledge of the small and micro business environment in Ireland and the needs and requirements of owner-managers of small business. 4. Have a satisfactory knowledge of the range of public and private supports available to small enterprise in Ireland. Post of Business Analyst – Kilkenny County Enterprise Board 1 January 2008
  2. 2. 5. Have sound commercial awareness and strong business planning, evaluation & research skills. 6. Be familiar with the preparation of accounts and interpretation of financial statements. 7. Have strong interpersonal, report writing, presentation and communication skills. 8. Be proficient in the use of IT applications, in particular the packages within Microsoft Office. 9. Have a full clean driving licence and have access to his / her own car. Duties and Responsibilities: The Business Analyst will be an integral member of the Kilkenny County Enterprise Board staff, facilitating the establishment, development and growth of the small and micro enterprise sector and in helping to develop the local economy of County Kilkenny. The Business Analyst will also be the Assistant Chief Executive and as such will report directly to the Chief Executive Officer. S/he will attend meetings of the Evaluation Committee and the Board as required. Specific duties will include the following:-  Provide business information and advice to small business promoters, and advise them upon business planning and management capability, as well as of the incentives and support services available to small and micro business;  Evaluation and assessment of project proposals for Board Assistance, including carrying out due diligence and ensuring that applications are up to the standard required by the Board;  Preparation and presentation of reports to the Chief Executive Officer, Evaluation Committee, Board and the Department of Enterprise, Trade & Employment as required;  Pivotal role in Management, Budgeting and Policy Formulation;  Assist in attainment of the annual targets set against the performance indicators in the annual action plan (currently under review);  Design and delivery of relevant training and management development programmes for owner-managers of micro-enterprises, to include the organising and overseeing of enterprise training courses, seminars and the Board’s mentoring and technical assistance programmes;  Input into promotional activities including the preparation of promotional material (e.g. press releases, brochures, newsletters, etc.);  Proactively encourage owner-managers of small business and intending entrepreneurs to avail of supports provided by the Board (as appropriate);  Liaise with clients of the Board and provide a range of aftercare services, in particular to small business operators receiving financial support from the Board;  Assist in the preparation of the final accounts of the Board for audit purposes; Post of Business Analyst – Kilkenny County Enterprise Board 2 January 2008
  3. 3.  Deputise for and carry out such other duties as may be assigned by the Chief Executive Officer and / or the Board from time to time. Terms of Appointment:  The appointment will be subject to an initial probationary period of 12-months. Upon successful completion of the probationary period, a fixed term contract of employment of three years will be offered, following expiry of which a contract of indefinite duration may be offered at the absolute discretion of the Board.  The salary scale for the Post is €45,224 - €59,305 per annum. The salary scale is commensurate with Grade VII Administrative Officer Scale in the Local Authority Services, and will be subject to any general revision of remuneration for the said Scale, and/or any increases that may take place as a result of national agreements on Public Service Pay.  The minimum point of the salary scale is the normal starting pay for new appointees and only in very exceptional and restricted circumstances will appointment be made at a point above the minimum.  The introduction of a new superannuation scheme, modeled upon the superannuation scheme for State- sponsored Bodies, is currently in the process of being introduced for all staff of County & City Enterprise Boards. The model scheme can be viewed at:  Salary will be paid fortnightly in arrears by means of a credit transfer to a financial institution of the appointee’s choice. Statutory deductions will be made in respect of PAYE and PRSI at the appropriate prevailing rates;  Basic hours of work will be 40 hours per week 9.00am to 5.00pm, Monday to Friday (inclusive of a 1-hour lunch break each day). The appointee will from time to time be required to work beyond these hours, and flexibility in attending meetings outside of normal hours will be required, in order to efficiently perform the duties of Business Analyst. No additional remuneration will be paid in respect of such activities. All hours worked will be subject to the provisions of the Organisation of Working Time Act, 1997 as amended;  Annual Leave will be 25 working days on the basis of a 5-day working week and is exclusive of the usual public holidays. The granting of annual leave at any particular time is always subject to the requirements of the Board and all annual leave is liable to suspension during periods of exceptional pressure. Permission and prior authorisation are essential before annual leave is taken. The final decision in allocating leave rests with the Chief Executive. Granting of annual leave, payment for annual leave and arrangements for public holidays will be governed by the provisions of the Organisation of Working Time Act, 1997 as amended;  In the event of absence from work through illness, the appointee will be required to inform the Board immediately. A certificate from a qualified Medical Practitioner must be submitted on the third day of a continuous absence, and on a weekly basis thereafter. Arrangements for payment during illness will be commensurate with and made in accordance with the sick leave scheme for the Local Authority Services. Post of Business Analyst – Kilkenny County Enterprise Board 3 January 2008
  4. 4.  The amount of any benefits under the Social Welfare Acts will be deducted from these payments during illness;  The post of Business Analyst will be based at the office determined by the Board (currently 42 Parliament Street, Kilkenny);  Travel and subsistence necessarily incurred in the course of official duties will be refunded at the relevant rates and subject to the regulations applicable in the Local Authority Service and upon the approval of the Chief Executive;  The Post is whole time and the appointee will be prohibited from engaging in or having any connection whatsoever with any outside business or activity, which would interfere with the performance of the duties of the post and / or lead to conflict of interest. To ensure compliance with Section 33 of the Organisation of Working Time Act, 1997, in respect of double employment, the Board insists that the appointee should not engage in other occupations including part-time work without written permission;  Employment will not carry any claim to established status by limited competition or otherwise later on.  A Public Servant, if successful, will be obliged to arrange terms of secondment with their Parent Department or other Public Body.  Details of unsuccessful applicants will be kept on file by the Board, and such applicants may at the absolute discretion of the Board, be considered for any suitable future vacancies that may arise within the Kilkenny County Enterprise Board for a period of 12 months from the date of this competition.  The successful candidate will have a full clean driving licence and have his / her own car.  The successful candidate shall reside in, or within a reasonable commuting distance (as determined by the Board) of County Kilkenny. Recruitment & Selection Process: Applications for the Post must be made on the official application form and all sections of the form must be fully completed, regardless of whether or not you wish to also submit a Curriculum Vitae along with your application form. The closing date for receipt of completed application forms is 4.00PM on Friday 22nd February 2008. The Board may decide to shortlist candidates for the Post. Shortlisting will be based upon pre-determined criteria of the key requirements of the Post. The Boards decision to include candidates on the shortlist going forward to the interview stage of the process will be determined based solely on the information supplied on the application form. Post of Business Analyst – Kilkenny County Enterprise Board 4 January 2008
  5. 5. Following shortlisting, the Board may decide to hold a preliminary interview to help further reduce the number of candidates for final competitive interview. Any information supplied may be probed and/or discussed in more depth at interview(s). Candidates should make themselves available on the date(s) specified by the Board for interview(s) and ensure that the contact details specified on their application form are correct. The invitation to attend interview(s), is not to be taken as implying that the Board is satisfied that the candidate fulfils all of the requirements for the Post. The Board will not be responsible for refunding any expenses incurred by candidates in making an application for the Post and / or attending for interview(s). Shortlisted Candidates who do not attend for interview(s) will have no further claim to be considered for the Post. Should the person recommended for appointment not accept the appointment, or, having accepted it, relinquish it, the Board may at its absolute discretion, select and recommend another person for appointment based upon the results of this selection process. Disqualification: Any attempt, direct or indirect, by any candidate to influence or interfere in the recruitment and selection process will automatically disqualify the candidate from the competition for the Post. Time Limit on Taking Up Duty: The Board shall require the person to whom the Post is offered to take up appointment within a period of one month and if s/he fails to take up the appointment within such period, or such longer period as the Board, at its absolute discretion may determine, the Board shall not appoint that person, and may at its absolute discretion recommend another person for appointment based upon the results of the selection process. Equal Opportunity: Post of Business Analyst – Kilkenny County Enterprise Board 5 January 2008
  6. 6. The Board is committed to a policy of Equality Opportunity in its employment practices. The Board will not tolerate discrimination or harassment on the grounds of gender, marital status, family status, age, religion, sexual orientation, race or nationality, disability or membership of the traveller community. Post of Business Analyst – Kilkenny County Enterprise Board 6 January 2008