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    Mr Gerard Albert Zwart
    Address: 59 Dunalban Ave.               WOY WOY, N....
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Project Manager / Consultant - Black Dog Business Services – Own Company ...
Hired as Senior Project Manager for core product development and deployment. Involved managing BA team and
2 development t...
Senior Consultant - Tooher Gale & Assoc. - Project & Business Management Oct 1996 – Feb 1998

    Duties & Responsibilitie...
•     Developed strategic plans, operational scope for the units Institute (campus) operations. The scope of ...
1995              Advanced Powerhouse & NT Server Systems Management

 1994              Bachelor of Business Degree (UTS)...
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Mr Gerard Albert Zwart


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Mr Gerard Albert Zwart

  1. 1. RESUME - SUMMARY Personal Details Mr Gerard Albert Zwart Address: 59 Dunalban Ave. WOY WOY, N.S.W. 2256 Telephone: 0401688628 (M) Email : Nationality: Australian Qualifications • MBA – focus on International Management, ADR (dispute Resolution) and e-commerce. • Master of Project Management (MPM). + PMP from PMI • B. Business (Management & Marketing) with coverage of BPRE and Knowledge Management. • Ass. Dip. Business (Commercial Data Processing) – Business Systems & Software development. Experience Summary • Consulting – Provision of Business & IT project services for both government and non-government organizations. Development of feasibility reports, project auditing and reviews. IT / Infrastructure & Software projects with high levels of business process development (Change Management), improvement & integration to implement technologies. Cultural change projects - work flow assessment / auditing. • Project management of software products, system implementations requiring software / hardware / systems development and integration. Often requiring concept development or business / systems or technology analysis. Projects include web based systems / services, financial mission critical systems, product development and implementation. All projects involved some degree of Change Management/BPR, requiring development and implementation of supporting operational processes and tools, as appropriate, and training. • Full project life cycle exposure – Project Plans, status audits, requirements & business case development, budgeting, resourcing, issue & risk management including risk workshops etc, management and stakeholder reporting, vendor management, contract management, Change Management etc. Most projects involved a high level of consulting / BA work to ensure scope and project were viable. • Full SDLC exposure: Feasibility, requirements gathering - RAD, software / hardware development / integration, testing, training development and implementation, release & change management, code maintenance. Programming exp. in 3and 4GL’s, some object prog. and IDE’s. • Business Systems (IT) development and integration with business operations (process / work flow). Business Process and IT systems re- engineering, systems auditing, integration, testing, development of training material, provision of training to staff and system rollout. Ensuring alignment with customer’s requirements (through a variety of techniques: workshops, use cases, proto-typing), adhering to design intent & ensuring alignment with corporate strategy. Implemented through change programs or project specific change effort. • Auditing of “systems” for ISO certification purposes, implementation of process improvements, developing systems to meet ISO requirements. • Business Analysis, software design and development (Including Database development). • Marketing – inclusion of marketing strategies / Campaigns in product development, Marketing systems development. Projects have involved working with Executive management, analysts and developers / architects to design, develop, test and implement or update a range of products or services. Key elements: ensuring teams clearly understood the requirements and build objectives, followed best practices and built to recognised standards covering coding / design / test practices. Consulting work involved strategy formulation, feasibility development for IT systems, process development, systems support and ensuring alignment with business strategies and processes. Government consulting work on tender and contract management. Extensive qualifications support this experience. Strong ability to integrate business / operational needs with appropriate business process and IT based solutions. Full project and SDLC exposure. Strong consulting skills. Industry Exposure Consulting Experience –Consulting services to State Rail – Process re-engineering across departments. Health Technology Park feasibility, NSW Govt. special contracts management, P&O MIS concept development, Westpac systems audit and improvements implemented. ISP & Communications – Telstra product feasibility, design, development and Implementation Operational and product projects. Products include Help Desks; Web Hosting Services and remote access products and infrastructure improvements. Key aim – Improve efficiencies, adhere to strategy. Optus: Review of stalled project and re-start. IT Start-up / Software Developer – “Cards Etc” - a software developer of a Smart Card Management solution. E-commerce technologies [using XML, Java, Unix]. BA Team Leader, Tester, Client Manager, Project Manager, Internal Systems Manager (Developing IT/ISO systems to support business operations and product). Development of Strategy / Tech roadmaps and Implementation plans. Process Improvement. CRM implemented. Software Developer “Meridian”: Developer of a Corporate Treasury management system. Included IT systems management covering Novell & SCO (Unix). Language’s: Delphi, Cognos toolsets, MS SQL etc. BA & Software Developer role. TAFE: Sydney Institute of Technology (TAFE) – Systems Management and IT / Systems Support Management. Range of systems: NT, Unix, Vax (Digital) and large range of applications (Office, industrial eg CAD) across multiple campuses. – Systems Admin, Developer, Project Manager, Support Manager. Installation of networks, Servers etc. Insurance – Capita & ACC Life: Actuarial applications development, medical, super and life claims processing. Programming in Fortran 1
  2. 2. RESUME - DETAILED Detailed Professional History Project Manager / Consultant - Black Dog Business Services – Own Company May 2004 – Now. • NSW Ambulance Service – Project Office implementation and project audit / review. Consulting with another consulting company on this tender / project. • Telstra. (14 month project – started whilst still with TerraFirma) Feasibility and delivery of phase 1 & 2 of a complex technology / integration project. Project involved productising an existing limited backup solution. Complexity involved proto-typing solution to support Win2K, Unix – Solaris, Linux and HP platforms, with backups of mail servers (with indexing) and databases (eg MySQL, MS SQL, DB2, Oracle & Notes). Testing vendor solutions, upgrading current infrastructure (backup data centre) and process re-engineering. The service was unique and required software development to integrate the solution components and build interfaces to current systems (eg billing, management etc). Operations support required up-skilling and new processes. High visibility project. Team of around 15 people + with Budget $2.5 M+. • State Rail – Process re-engineering across multiple departments, part of a change management program. • Optus: Review and re-start an infrastructure upgrade project in jeopardy. The project involved the upgrade of IVR technology and the backend mainframe. Small Team consisting of two programmers, implementation manager and myself. The project progressed to the point were it could be handed over to permanent staff. • Allworth Homes Sales Management System Feasibility – Scoping and costing of a sales work-flow system using a web based solution for a large homebuilding company for all 7 NSW offices. Developed basic design and initial prototype. Senior Project Manager – Terrafirma TF (Project Management consultancy). – Sept 2002 – May 2004 TerraFirma provides project management and business consultancy services to corporations. Placed with Telstra in Senior PjM Role. Managed projects (often 3 at a time) with local and remote teams across the country. Tools used include MS Project, Primavera (later dropped due to corporate decision). Telstra methodology (Similar to PMBOK ) on product projects normally take 8 – 9 months. Process projects: 3 – 6 months. Methodology included systems engineering approach for quality reasons and 6 Sigma projects introduced. Projects included: • New Product development (software development involved in each project): Corporate Remote access product, WIFI Access project, Telstra Dedicated Hosting Re-positioning Project (TDH) - Develop a new software solution to manage hosting customers + server software. Telstra could still manage the servers and provide relevant support. Projects budgets of $250K - $1M. Involved integration into Billing systems, Management systems & Portals, process evaluation and updating, training of staff, vendor negotiations and management. • Infrastructure (product) development projects: Remote Hosting: develop appropriate data centre facilities to support server hosting outside of the major metropolitan areas. involved remote accesses, monitoring and facility environmental development. Complex project due to the number of parties involved across the country. Projects budget approx. $1.5 M. Involved hardware / software integration, BPR, training, facility fit-outs. • Services projects – Help desk implementations (ITIL based), fault management process re-engineering, ADSL Services re-engineering and a rescue of a professional services project that had used the Six Sigma methodology and floundered. Project budgets from $150K – 300K. Teams from 8 –15 people. • Assistance on a number of other projects running Risk management workshops, requirement and project implementation reviews. Solutions impacting across multiple business units requiring strong client / stakeholder management, high levels of change management and business impact assessment. • Projects required: feasibility review / development, requirements gathering (use cases, business and system requirements), scheduling (project / Primavera), business case development with product manager, resource management, budgeting, risk management (using workshops and other tools), issue management. Vendor management, contract reviews, training needs identification / development, marketing (with marketing manager), implementation, post project reviews, funds re-allocation and document consolidation. • TerraFirma Projects – Presentations to project groups in Canberra on project management issues, project failures and minimisation of risk, start to implement internal reference library + database. Internal Systems Manager - Cards Etc Pty Ltd April 1999 – Dec 2001 Prior - BA Team Leader, Senior Project Manager (Please refer to Cards Etc CEO Reference) Duties & Responsibilities: Joined Cards Etc when requirements still in development. Core focus - develop an e-business portal / transaction solution to manage the life cycle (issuance, field updates and termination) of smart-cards and card and terminal applications. Firm grew from 25 to 120 staff. Sixty percent of staff were retrenchment in Dec 2001 due to loss of capital funding. Role required flexibility, assist where your skills enabled you to, to get the product developed. 2
  3. 3. Hired as Senior Project Manager for core product development and deployment. Involved managing BA team and 2 development teams (later 5 teams of 6-8 staff each, a release manager, test team of around 10 and implementation team). Used rational tools in BA team. I managed the development of comprehensive system requirements and oversaw initial design approach developed by architects, assisted test and implementation team. Project initially used C / C++ client server architecture. Once the pilot was built the technology was changed to a web centric model utilising Java, Jbeans, XML, weblogic and various databases. The system hooked into banks card “systems” and funds approval systems. I also managed the Beta testing with two banking customers, including managing beta and patch releases, defects and the assembly/install of their test hardware. Secondary role involved the development and deployment of business support / work-flow systems for the organisation. Focused on developing and rolling out Policies, Procedures and work instructions and the supporting work-flow systems (Notes / Web based) – the design & builds managed in house. I managed a small team, however projects involved staff from different departments as appropriate, including the CEO. The role also involved systems auditing for ISO accreditation, Disaster Recovery planning, technology strategy development (technology roadmap project) apart from work-flow and other internally developed systems as detailed below. During this time a junior PjM was hired to assist in product development, though I still continuing to support that area as well. Role involved requirements development, proto-typing, design doco, testing (test cases, test plans etc), change management, continuous improvement, training identification and development, auditing & integration activities. There was a enormous amount of work-flow systems development and systems improvement (new features requested continuously as staff outgrew the initial system functionality). Achievements: • As Project manager and BA team leader, development of initial systems requirements for e-commerce project, documented BA processes & undertook initial product testing and code release related activities. • Management of initial development efforts, later with the assistance of a junior project manager, including acting as test and release manager till roles filled on a permanent basis. • Managed initial Beta product delivery, testing and client management activities with banking customer. • Development and improvement of product development efforts through implementation of SDLC and PjM methodologies and tools and supporting business systems. This required implementation of work practices for PjM’s, analysts, designers, coders, testers, release management, implementation and field staff. Change management critical to minimising operational impacts and product development efforts. The site was a green field site hence every “system” (ie software or hardware / software implementation) was new and underwent enhancements as new features were requested and added. I worked closely with all technical and BA teams to develop appropriate software tools / systems for their area’s. • Design and implementation of work-flow solutions using Notes / Web Portals. This included, but not limited to: requirements management (rational was too problematic and replaced), Test management, release management, design / code management, Defect Management and a customer facing systems to support defect rectifications. All staff were trained in systems implemented. • Implementation of business systems for marketing and sales (pre & post), CRM and corporate operations (HR, Finance, Legal – contract management) utilising Lotus Notes and web based technologies or other vendor products as appropriate. • Implement field support systems (on-line product demo, training, web support) with networks team using VPN’s, secure portals etc. • Start of ISO accreditation through auditing, training and BPR activities across organisation. • Implementation of trial Knowledge Management process and supporting database system. Process Implementation Consultant - Telstra Multimedia P/L (TMPL)* Feb 1998 - March 1999 *TMPL subsidiary subsequently re-integrated into Telstra. Duties & Responsibilities: Design and implement process for various Internet / Hosting products. Improved product delivery, service and support of the products. Review of systems ability (IT and process) to meet customer requirements and forecast growth. Achievements • Developed product rollout and support processes for Web Hosting covering – marketing, sales, support, billing, IT systems. These processes did not either exist or were inadequate. Close work with Client Managers, Big Pond IT architects, Big Pond Management (Security, Development and Customer) to improve product performance. • Audited and undertook BP Re-engineering on Big Pond related products – focus on customer facing and numerous internal systems. Role required working with Technical (Architects, Security etc) to improve product. • QA / audit processes, product and system changes to Big Pond platform – worked with rapid response team. 3
  4. 4. Senior Consultant - Tooher Gale & Assoc. - Project & Business Management Oct 1996 – Feb 1998 Duties & Responsibilities: Provided project, business development or I.T. consulting services to a range of clients and senior management within those organisations. In addition, provided systems support to TGA IT systems. Achievements • Review and recommendations on department IT systems maintained by Westpac business units. • Tender and Contract Management for the NSW Government, eg. State Power Contract (value $40M), DOCS (Various), NSW Rural Fire Services ($5 M) and Juvenile Justice ($2M). Introduced ADR concepts to one-off tender process and contracts. High degree of consulting work to develop tender specifications. • Strategy concept & site development - Health Innovation Technology Park - NSW Health Dept. Full strategy/IT and implementation plan prepared. Park to utilise latest web technologies and undertake tele-medicine research. Minister for Health rejected project on political grounds. • Y2K upgrade strategies implemented. Maintenance of Computers, Accounting and Database systems. Consultant - Meridian Information Services / Management Consulting Services Dec 94 – Oct 96 Duties & Responsibilities: Undertake business analysis and programming work on CSR Treasury System. Later, assist in management consulting activities. Achievements • Review for Commonwealth Bank of their Internet and on-line banking products. Report detailed the systems impacts of newer web based account query and transaction systems on current processes / systems. • Implementation and auditing of processes and procedures for of ISO 9000 certification. • Management of Unix and NT based servers and workstations. Informal network management. • Development of new modules for CSR Treasury System (coding, design etc). Introduced systems documentation processes, as the software developed had not previously been documented. Developed proof of concept of a MIS System for P&O. High degree of internal consulting work with staff and management. Business and IT Consultant - Sydney Institute of Technology (S.I.TU) 1993 - 1994 Holiday Work as I was attending the University of Technology on full-time bases completing a B. Bus. • Assisting with hardware and software installations, Tenders for equipment and software acquisitions for various departments at the Sydney Institute of Technology. Network/Server design and implementation. • Assisting with Campus Executives Policy formulation for the Institutes support group – the E.C.S.U. Institute Manager Educational Computer Support (E.C.S.U.) - S.I.T.U June 1992 - March 1993 Management of six campuses educational computer networks, systems and projects. Covered IT systems support for the Sydney campus, developing and managing a number of strategic projects in line with institute’s CEO’s requirements. Introduced a project, IT consulting and support service to the additional 5 campuses, requiring extensive internal consulting with campus management and operational / educational staff. Achievements • Managed the expansion of single campus support and consulting services to a multi-campus environment. The Sydney campus included more than 50 separate networks (eg CAD, Robotic, graphics, general and science labs). Overall – 70 networks. • Assessment and implementation of IT related technologies including training, installation and maintenance. Undertook IT tenders, systems evaluations and managed installations by DEC, IBM and my own teams. • Strategic planning including policy development for Institute in relation to IT use and procurement. Manager, Educational Computer Support Unit S.I.T. - Ultimo Campus Jan 1991 – June 1992 Duties & Responsibilities: Creation of a support group (two teams) for the campuses educational PC. Networks. Required retraining and redirecting redundant VAX operators into new role. Developed units operating scope and service offerings (IT support, project management, IT planning, software / hardware evaluation, vendor project reviews and integration). Role involved extensive customer services management and internal / external consulting activities. Fore-runner of Institute ECSU role. 4
  5. 5. Achievements • Developed strategic plans, operational scope for the units Institute (campus) operations. The scope of the service was unknown when the unit was created as this service had not been offered before. No proper records of networks and systems installed or of the technologies / software used through-out the campus. • Development of a management structure, scope of operations and implementation of reporting systems to managers and college executive. Developed operational environment for the help desk team and IT Strategy for Executive. • Development of staff – Changed skills from Vax operators to PC Support specialists and implementation of a customer service culture. Staff recruitment guidelines and QA measures introduced or the unit. Key element – Customer Service culture. • Department and executive management kept current on new technologies and impacts on current services. • Manage, evaluate, recommend and coordinate computer systems tenders or direct purchases. • Management of design, tender, and subsequent installation of PC, Unix and Vax networks for educational and administrative use across Institute and other campuses. This included web-enabling technologies. Computer Support Officer - Computing School Sydney Tech. May 1990 – Jan 1991 Duties & Responsibilities: Co-management of Vax, Unix, and P.C. computer network including new network installations and upgrades. Then progressed to role detailed above. Achievements • Consulting services to departments within the college on IT matters, leading to reduced spending on inappropriate IT purchases. Introduced a project based and strategy driven approach to purchases. • Project management of tendering and evaluating replacement options for hardware & software (For S.I.T and other TAFE colleges) – contracts worth $5 M+ with IBM and DEC. Australian Bicentennial Project - International Friendship Ride 1987 - 1988 Bicentennial project, where a group of cyclists visited sister cities etc and represented Australia. The trip included the U.K, parts of Europe, India, Asia and Australia. Superannuation Clerk - ACC Life Ltd. 1987 Duties & Responsibilities: • Clerical duties, verification and alteration of health related policies + Creation of new procedures for department operations Actuarial Operations Officer - Capita Financial Group 1985 - 1986 Duties & Responsibilities: • Recalculating of policies, assisting Actuaries in their research. • Redesigning of office operations, to suit introduction of new computer systems and products. • Assistance with software development for Actuarial research (using Fortran). Educational Background 2003 6 Sigma training – Yellow Belt, Systems Engineering (Telstra) = Operations Management Theory 2001 Auditing Course (Process) & Introduction to Java 2000 Master Project Management (University Of Technology, Sydney – UTS) 1998 MBA. - University Of Technology, Sydney Covering Int. Management & Strategy (Asian focus), HR, Finance & e-commerce. 1996 Powerplay Administrators Course - Cognos 1995 Training in Novell Netware & NT Server Administration 5
  6. 6. 1995 Advanced Powerhouse & NT Server Systems Management 1994 Bachelor of Business Degree (UTS) Credit Majoring in Management & Marketing. 1991 Ultrix Systems Management 1 - Digital Equipment Corporation. 1990 Introduction to Unix & C University Of Technology, Sydney 1988 - 89 Associate Diploma in Business (Commercial Data Processing) - Credit Sydney Technical College. Hobby P/T Electronics courses at Sydney Tech. For Amateur Radio Licence, Courses Marine Science course at Sydney Uni. Professional Associations Australian Computer Society – Member, Australian Institute Of Project Managers – Member Project Management Institute – Member (USA), PMP. Held Associate status with the Australian Marketing Institute Held Member status with the Aust. Inst. Management for 10 yrs +. Extracurricular Activities Scuba diving (Dive Master), Bush walking, Astronomy (+ Astrobiology), PC Gaming and Golf. Previously held limited Amateur radio licence. 6