Edinburgh is a leading international
centre for business and finance. It’s also
a beautiful, inspirational city. And, here...
A CITY OF CULTURE                              Edinburgh is a major European                historic streets. People from ...

                                                                                      ‘EDINBURGH IS A T...
                                                          ‘INDUSTRY, KNOWLEDGE AND
THE BUSINESS SCHOOL                         Who we are                                 Our research clusters, staffed     ...

In times of economic uncertainty and     The MSc in Marketing offers an in-        contemporary issue...

                                              Increasingly marketing profession...
PROGRAMME STRUCTURE                                                                                                       ...
MSc IN MARKETING                            CASE STUDIES FROM MSc STUDENTS                                  DEBATE
MSc IN ...

                  Want to find out more?                   MSc in Marketing and Business      ...
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  1. 1. BEYOND THE NUMBERS HOW CAN BUSINESS ANALYSIS HELP YOU UNDERSTAND YOUR CUSTOMERS BETTER? HOW WE CAN STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD HOW CAN BUSINESSES BUILD AND MANAGE SUCCESSFUL BRANDS? THE BIGGER PICTURE DO MARKETERS HAVE A RESPONSIBILITY TO CREATE A BETTER ENVIRONMENT FOR EVERYONE? JOIN THE NETWORK University of Edinburgh Business School 7 Bristo Square, Edinburgh, EH8 9AL, UK t +44 (0)131 650 9663 f +44 (0)131 650 8077 MSc in Marketing e MSc in Marketing and Business Analysis The University of Edinburgh is a charitable body, registered in Scotland, with registration number SC005336. Putting you at the heart of business
  2. 2. Edinburgh is a leading international centre for business and finance. It’s also a beautiful, inspirational city. And, here in the University of Edinburgh Business School, you have a School that is right at the heart of the city, at the heart of business. It’s a compelling prospect for any prospective MSc student. I’d like to thank you for your interest in the MSc in Marketing and MSc in 02 A CITY OF CULTURE Marketing and Business Analysis. As one of 07 A CITY OF BUSINESS the leading business schools in Europe, at 08 THE UNIVERSITY OF EDINBURGH 02 one of the world’s leading universities, we A CITY OF CULTURE 11 THE BUSINESS SCHOOL have achieved an enviably high quality of 12 MSc IN MARKETING teaching and research, as well as a natural 15 MSc IN MARKETING AND connection to business. What really sets us BUSINESS ANALYSIS apart however, is a willingness to look 16 PROGRAMME STRUCTURE beyond accepted business thinking, to 20 MAKING YOUR APPLICATION create debate and spark new ideas. 08 THE UNIVERSITY If you’d like to find out more about the School or our programmes, please do get in touch with our programme directors. Or, better still, come and visit us yourself. I think you’ll be suitably inspired. 11 THE BUSINESS SCHOOL Nick Oliver Head of School CONTENTS BE PART OF THE DEBATE >>>> 13 14 19 HOW CAN BUSINESS HOW CAN BUSINESSES DO MARKETERS HAVE A ANALYSIS HELP YOU BUILD AND MANAGE RESPONSIBILITY TO CREATE UNDERSTAND YOUR SUCCESSFUL BRANDS? A BETTER ENVIRONMENT CUSTOMERS BETTER? FOR EVERYONE? 01
  3. 3. A CITY OF CULTURE Edinburgh is a major European historic streets. People from all capital, a place where history can over the world have settled here, be felt in every beautiful cobbled with a strong ethnic flavour to the street and elegant crescent. A World bars, cafés and restaurants. It has all Heritage site, it is a city of hospitality the advantages of a major European and creativity. For generations, the capital, yet is small in scale – only gifted and the inspired; the artist and half a million people – and safe. the scientist have made Edinburgh their home. Beyond the city boundaries, Scotland is a land of rugged beauty, one of Named the ‘Best Place to Live Europe’s last great wildernesses with and Work in the UK’, Edinburgh mountains, lochs and seven thousand is an attractive city, notable for fine miles of stunning coastline. Within Georgian and Victorian architecture, only a few miles of the School lies striking parks and gardens. Here, the gently rolling countryside of East you’ll find a royal palace, a clifftop Lothian, with beaches, villages and castle and an extinct volcano – all in famous golf courses just waiting to the heart of the city.You’ll also find be discovered. Scotland is, of course, the Scottish Parliament, housed in the home of golf and its birthplace, an iconic piece of modern design. the ancient town of St Andrews, is less than a couple of hours from The city is both ancient and full here. The landscape of this striking, of vigour. With four universities, diverse land could have been made EDINBURGH major international arts festivals, for the outdoor sporting life. Skiing, world class galleries, theatres and surfing, hiking, mountain biking concert halls, Edinburgh has a and kayaking are just some of the modern dynamism within its exhilarating activities on offer. DUBLIN LONDON Did you know? The city of Edinburgh is well-connected, Edinburgh is a year-round festival city with events dedicated to theatre, film, books, offering a range of direct international art and science. It’s home to The Edinburgh International Festival Fringe, the world’s flights and extensive rail links, with largest arts festival. An offshoot of the International Festival itself, established in frequent flights from London taking 1947, the Fringe staged over 31,000 performances across 250 venues in 2008. only 70 minutes. Edinburgh’s Hogmanay is the world’s biggest new year celebration, with more than 100,000 taking to its streets for a party that lasts a whole week. A CITY OF CULTURE HOW DID A CITY SO STEEPED IN HISTORY BECOME AN ICON OF CONTEMPORARY ARTS? 02 MSc IN MARKETING MSc IN MARKETING AND BUSINESS ANALYSIS
  5. 5. A CITY OF BUSINESS ‘EDINBURGH IS A TRULY AMAZING CITY WITH SUCH INCREDIBLE BEAUTY THAT IT WAS A JOY TO STUDY THERE’ Yoni Titi, Postgraduate student A city of culture, a city for business, Edinburgh. In a city that brought Edinburgh has a real sense of the world Dolly the Sheep, the dynamism. A compelling blend of world’s first cloned mammal, a city history and cutting-edge modernity, that is home to the most powerful it is the second largest financial computer in the UK (here in the centre in the UK with a thriving, University), a city that has developed diverse economy and a highly the country’s most vibrant bio- educated, motivated workforce. sciences sector, the School is right at home in this atmosphere of The University of Edinburgh innovation and collaboration. Business School embodies this potent mix. The University offers This focus on cutting-edge learning a stimulating learning environment, attracts the world’s leading thinkers nurtured over more than 400 years. and business people to the city. The School itself is one of the most Edinburgh is a major conference Did you know? respected, most progressive in destination, a venue for international Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital has the Europe, with alumni drawn from symposia and research meetings. strongest economy of any UK city all corners of the globe. In a country at the leading edge of outside London. Education, health, finance, retailing and tourism are the research into renewable energy, a main industries. The centre of the city Here at the heart of Edinburgh, city at the heart of Europe’s financial is divided into the Old Town and the the School is perfectly placed to system, we have a notable pool of New Town, both of which are World Heritage sites and are steeped in engage with the local, national and talent to draw on. And we do. Every atmosphere and are endlessly international business community. week, guest speakers will present fascinating to wander around. Built on Several major global financial to students, engage in debate with seven hills like Rome, it also boasts a majestic skyline of spires and cupolas institutions – banks, insurance faculty and encourage our potential that has been painted and companies, investment houses, entrepreneurs. We’re connected photographed countless times in all brokers – have their HQs in to business in real, practical ways. its changing lights. It’s a city that’s hard to tire of, which explains maybe why many of its natives are loathe to leave it for too long. A CITY OF BUSINESS WHAT ATTRACTS THE WORLD’S LEADING BUSINESS THINKERS TO EDINBURGH? 06 MSc IN MARKETING 07 MSc IN MARKETING AND BUSINESS ANALYSIS
  6. 6. THE UNIVERSITY OF EDINBURGH ‘INDUSTRY, KNOWLEDGE AND HUMANITY ARE LINKED TOGETHER BY AN INDISSOLUBLE CHAIN’ David Hume, Scottish philosopher, economist and historian The University of which we are a Joseph Lister’s development key part is one of the oldest in the of antisepsis; Sir James Young United Kingdom. Granted its Royal Simpson’s revolutionary work Charter in 1582, the University of with anaesthesia; Sophia Jex-Blake’s Edinburgh has been the home for pioneering work in advancing some of the country’s most medical education for women; distinguished thinkers. Peter Higgs’ prediction of new subatomic particles; and the first During the 18th century, the cloning of a mammal by Sir Ian University lay at the heart of a Wilmut and his team. Today, the truly remarkable period in European University is breaking new ground history. The Scottish Enlightenment in renewable energy research, fused art, science, politics, law and in medicine and in informatics. sociology to create a new, reason- based approach to the human The University of Edinburgh has condition. The Enlightenment played a key role in the development nurtured many great thinkers, of science, arts and business for more a great number of whom studied than 400 years. Scholars, poets, or taught here. politicians, scientists, humanists, entrepreneurs and dreamers alike The extraordinary level of creativity have all found inspiration here. shown by the faculty, students and alumni of Edinburgh is evident, for example, in the naturalistic Did you know? philosophy of David Hume; James The University of Edinburgh is one Hutton’s founding of modern of the largest in the world. With more geology; Charles Darwin’s Theory than 25,000 students and 600 different of Evolution; James Clerk Maxwell’s degree programmes, it attracts students from around the globe. Almost every unified model of electromagnetism; place on every course could be filled several times over; little wonder our alumni have gone on to achieve great things over the centuries. THE UNIVERSITY OF EDINBURGH 08 MSc IN MARKETING MSc IN MARKETING AND BUSINESS ANALYSIS
  7. 7. THE BUSINESS SCHOOL Who we are Our research clusters, staffed The University of Edinburgh We are a catalyst. A place where by teams whose work has real Business School faculty numbers ideas are born, theories debated influence in business, in government some 63, with at least 1,200 and business done. Much more than and the public sector, place original students studying here at any one a source of knowledge, we can make research, original thought at the core time. Our faculty has substantial a crucial difference to the career and of the MSc curricula. The latest commercial experience and an personal progression of our students. research to come out of the School impressive track record in the Our MSc programmes have a strong includes some truly groundbreaking publication of original research and foundation in academic research, yet work in carbon management, our professors are some of the most all are designed to tackle the very real finance, credit scoring and public respected in business academia. A history of innovation issues that face today’s international management. In 1916, the Edinburgh Chamber business community. Impressive resources of Commerce encouraged the University to consider instituting International impact The Business School is located on the a degree in commerce. And so, This indivisible link between School Business is global. So are we. Our lively University campus right in the in 1918, the Bachelor of Commerce and business can be found right across MSc programmes get to the core heart of the city. MSc students have (BCom) was born, one of the first two to be offered in the UK. A year our work. It’s there in our sponsored of international business and finance 24 hour access to dedicated computer later, the Chair of Accounting and research, in our executive education to address key issues of the day. Our labs, study and social spaces. Business Method was founded, the programmes, in our guest speaker students, like many of our teaching first such Chair in Scotland. series, in our Entrepreneurship Club faculty, have an international The centre of the School’s knowledge The Edinburgh MBA programmes were and our student projects. It’s there background in terms of nationality base is the Management Information first offered in 1980 and since then, the in the lecture theatre, the classroom and career. Research Access Centre and Learning School’s postgraduate degree portfolio has grown significantly and now lies at and the coffee bar. Environment (MIRACLE). This the forefront of business development This strong sense of internationalism provides students and faculty with in areas such as finance and risk, Cutting edge research creates a lively theatre of debate comprehensive study facilities and international business, carbon management, accounting and Research is the lifeblood of any among students and between electronic access to a vast array of marketing. Over 4,000 postgraduate major business school, creating students and faculty. We always look specialist research databases, online students from a variety of leading-edge thinking that will to create a mix of nationalities and journals and many of the leading backgrounds and nationalities have successfully graduated from these inform and sometimes revolutionise backgrounds so that we are able to financial information services. programmes. future business strategy. Be it learn from each other, sharing ideas methodological, applied or blue sky, and insights into different cultures. the research conducted at Edinburgh Our MSc portfolio typically attracts seeks to set the agenda across a wide students from over 50 different range of business disciplines. countries. THE BUSINESS SCHOOL Did you know? The University of Edinburgh Business School and its programmes feature highly in global rankings produced by both the Financial Times and the Economist. The School also holds both EQUIS and AMBA accreditations. These features are testimony to the quality of our programmes, students, research, staff and alumni. 10 MSc IN MARKETING 11 MSc IN MARKETING AND BUSINESS ANALYSIS
  8. 8. MSc IN MARKETING In times of economic uncertainty and The MSc in Marketing offers an in- contemporary issues and future rapid change, organisations need to depth study of the marketing trends in marketing. Typical careers respond quickly and deliver marketing discipline through a comprehensive for graduates would include roles in strategies that meet customers’ needs range of academically grounded marketing, sales or public relations. and impact on the bottom line. courses. Students are provided with a Marketers are involved in decisions thorough understanding of the The school regularly hosts guest about a product or service during its theoretical foundations of marketing speakers who present to students. DEBATE lifecycle from development through alongside current and emerging The School also maintains good DO MARKETERS HAVE production, pricing, distribution and applications. Core courses in the first relationships with industry promotion. To make these strategic semester cover marketing professionals who are happy to advise A RESPONSIBILITY TO business decisions marketers need to management, the analysis of our students. It is connections like CREATE A BETTER be firmly schooled in the marketing decisions, consumer these that characterise the dynamic ENVIRONMENT FOR fundamentals of marketing. behaviour, and marketing research nature of this strongly vocational EVERYONE? methods. This will provide students programme. The University of Edinburgh Business with key marketing concepts and We understand that marketing has a role School is pleased to introduce a frameworks as well as developing Most of the faculty delivering the in society, an obligation to its customers comprehensive MSc in Marketing. tools to apply to marketing problems. programme are drawn from the and the public and has become an essential part of delivering customer This one year full-time programme School's vibrant and growing value and satisfaction. It is no longer offers specific marketing expertise In addition, the programme structure marketing group. Research interests enough to have the marketing tools at tailored to graduates from a general allows students to study aspects of of the Marketing group address your disposal – you have to know how and when to use them. Increasingly business or management-related marketing related to their interests consumption practices in marketing is being applied to the non- discipline who are looking to develop thus supporting their intended career contemporary culture spanning a profit sector and issues like sustainability a career in marketing. The paths. In Semester two students range of industry sectors, including and green marketing are appearing on companies’ and academics’ agendas. programme aims to produce critical, choose four option courses. These food, financial services, non-profit With the growth of fair-trade and other reflective marketers and emphasises courses focus in on specifics such as and international retailing. With ethically sourced products, businesses the integration of theory and practice marketing communications, brand extensive research collaborations have sought to adopt socially responsible practices in response to with the skills and knowledge management, international marketing both at national and international consumers’ environmental concerns. required by employers. and societal aspects of marketing. In levels students will benefit from the addition, through marketing latest research debates and findings Looking at marketing in society broadens our perceptions of the nature applications, students explore throughout their time on the and scope of marketing and aspires to programme. develop brand managers with a social conscience as well as an eye on the bottom line and profitability. MSc IN MARKETING BE PART OF THE DEBATE >>>> Join the MSc in Marketing or the MSc in Marketing and Business Analysis ARE YOU MARKET READY? 12 MSc IN MARKETING MSc IN MARKETING AND BUSINESS ANALYSIS
  9. 9. MSc IN MARKETING AND BUSINESS ANALYSIS Increasingly marketing professionals foundations of marketing and the consider current and emerging are utilising data analysis and range of business modelling applications of marketing and the use predictive modelling in decision approaches relevant to marketing and application of business modelling DEBATE making in a variety of applications decisions. The programme structure in a variety of marketing and business HOW CAN BUSINESS such as customer profiling, data reflects this as core and elective contexts. mining and forecasting. For an added courses are shared equally between ANALYSIS HELP YOU appreciation of the skills involved in marketing and management science With a dynamic guest speaker UNDERSTAND YOUR solving practical, analytical business giving students an expertise in both programme and links to industry the CUSTOMERS? problems, students can study the MSc areas. School leverages connections to the in Marketing and Business Analysis. benefit of students. This programme Organisations now have more information This one year full-time programme Core courses in the first semester prepares students for positions such as about their customers than ever before. provides graduates from a general cover marketing management, the marketing managers, product The increasing use of customer loyalty cards, electronic channels and customer business or management-related analysis of marketing decisions, managers, market analysts, business relationship management systems discipline with a more quantitative business statistics and forecasting and consultants, database managers and provides a wealth of information on the approach to marketing and marketing research methods. This will marketing researchers. demographics and behaviour of customers. However, does this mean that furthermore the knowledge and provide students with an organisations have greater knowledge of practical skills required for a career in understanding of key marketing As well as drawing on the expertise their customers? Converting this marketing and business analysis. theories and frameworks as well as an of the School's marketing faculty the information into practical insights to support marketing decisions is a appreciation of the skills required in programme benefits from faculty significant challenge. The MSc in Marketing and Business business analysis. drawn from the Management Using business analysis techniques, an Analysis offers an in-depth study of Science group. Members of the organisation can gain an understanding of the marketing and management In the second semester the structure group have gained world-wide the decision making processes of its science disciplines through a range of of the programme encourages recognition in the area of business customers and of consumers more generally. Techniques including statistical academically grounded courses. This students to tailor the programme to modelling particularly in the area of modelling, decision analysis and Monte- programme is unique in that it allows their own interests and career managing credit risk. Major projects Carlo simulation are widely used in students to explore the interface aspirations. Students select four with corporate clients have marketing applications. These techniques are applied to address issues such as the between the marketing and option courses: two from marketing examined issues such as customer customisation of product offerings for management science disciplines as and two from management science. retention and profitability. This individual customers, the propensity of they learn about the theoretical Through the options, students will expertise will inform the specialist customers to make repeat purchases and the affect of peer-to-peer communication options on the programme. on brand choice. Business analysis models not only help an organisation to predict the likely future behaviour of customers in the existing business environment, but also help it to analyse how customers are likely respond to a series of marketing decisions. Using the insights generated, organisations are able to identify new marketing strategies to create customer value. MSc IN MARKETING & BE PART OF THE DEBATE >>>> Join the MSc in Marketing or the MSc in Marketing and Business Analysis BUSINESS ANALYSIS READY TO ADD A LITTLE SCIENCE TO MARKETING? 15
  10. 10. PROGRAMME STRUCTURE Recent speakers at the Business School Induction Options will be reviewed for each - Accenture At the beginning of the programme new intake ensuring that each Global Head of Strategy there is a comprehensive induction option is of direct relevance to the MSc in MARKETING - AEGON week that provides an introduction needs of today’s businesses. - Head of Strategy Egon Zehnder International to the School, the programme and Semester 1 Semester 2 Summer Former Senior Director the University. Designed to be both Assessment Induction Option Course** Dissertation - First ScotRail informative and fun, it enables you Each course component uses a Marketing Management Option Course** - Managing Director Glenmorangie to get acquainted with your fellow combination of formal examination, Operations Director students with whom you will be individual/group assessment and Marketing Decision Analysis Option Course** - Llloyds TSB studying with for the duration of presentations. The nature of the Consumer Behaviour Option Course** - Chief Economist Roche Group the programme. component will dictate which Marketing Research CEO form(s) of assessment are used. - Royal Bank of Scotland Core courses - Head of HR and Shared Services Scottish & Newcastle Both MSc programmes feature four Dissertation Mid-September December April Mid-June End-August Chairman of International Beer Division core courses. These are the The conclusion of the MSc brings - Scottish Development International foundation upon which the whole all of the year’s learning together Key Core course - Operations Director Shell MSc is built. All core courses are in a piece of work unique to each ** Students choose four option courses General Manager of Oil Market Analysis studied in Semester 1. Learning is student. Taking inspiration from the - Siemens achieved through lectures, case information and insights you have The proposed option courses for - Chief Financial Officer Tesco study and computer-based tutorials, gained, each student devises the 2010/11 are:* Chairman set readings and group work. subject matter, in discussion with - Marketing Communications - Visit Scotland faculty, and sets the research agenda. - Product and Brand Management Head of International Marketing Option courses The subject chosen should be - International Marketing and Strategy - Weber Shandwick - Marketing and Society Managing Director This is your MSc. And this is where viewed in light of your own future - Marketing Applications - Wolfson Microelectronics you can tailor your studies towards career plans. Co-Founder and Non-Executive Director your career interests. From a choice * correct at time of going to press of option courses you have the opportunity to select four in Indicative graduate roles Semester 2. - Marketing manager/director in private/ public sector MSc in MARKETING AND BUSINESS ANALYSIS - Advertising manager in private/public sector - Product manager Semester 1 Semester 2 Summer - Product development manager Indicative dissertation topics - Brand manager / brand development Induction Option Course** Dissertation manager MSc in Marketing MSc in Marketing and Business Analysis Marketing Management Option Course** - Media manager - Case study of McDonald’s - Sales forecasting in the fast-moving - Sales director, sales account standardisation/localisation of consumer goods industry Marketing Decision Analysis Option Course** manager marketing mix elements in Taiwan - Good debt – Bad debt: an - Digital marketing manager - Developments in new media and investigation into the use of credit Business Statistics and Forecasting Option Course** - Public relations manager marketing methods: a study of scoring techniques in assessing - Market researcher marketing to children in China default of customers Marketing Research Market analyst, data analyst - Dedicated followers of compassion: - The use of simulation in business - Consumer researcher a qualitative study into young decision making: insights from - Social researcher people’s consumption experiences of manufacturers and retailers Mid-September December April Mid-June End-August - Marketing fundraiser, community charity fashion products - Does measurement matter? fundraiser, digital fundraising manager - A cross-cultural study into the An examination of the use of - Account manager relationship between brand marketing metrics in small and Key Core course - Marketing campaign analyst personality and brand equity medium sized businesses - Research director – trend analyst amongst young consumers - Data mining in the clothes industry: ** Students choose four option courses, two from marketing stream and two from management science stream - Data insight analyst - To what extent do loyalty schemes a case study on the harvesting of - Innovation marketing manager generate brand loyalty for retailers? customer data in a national clothing - Trade marketing manager - Advertising during an economic retailer recession - To what extent can performance The proposed option courses for 2010/11 are:* - Consumer scepticism towards green measures improve marketing marketing effectiveness in multinational Marketing: (choose two) Management Science: (choose two) NATIONALITIES OF MSc PORTFOLIO - An analysis of the international companies? - Marketing Communications - Credit Risk Management marketing strategies of car - Distribution decisions: how can COHORT 2009-10 - Product and Brand Management - Problem Solving and Spreadsheet Modelling Skills manufacturers decision tress and resource - International Marketing and Strategy - Data Mining - Viral marketing: an examination of allocation models assist managers? - Marketing and Society the successes and failures in the - Marketing Applications movie industry * correct at time of going to press 16 MSc IN MARKETING 17 MSc IN MARKETING AND BUSINESS ANALYSIS
  11. 11. MSc IN MARKETING CASE STUDIES FROM MSc STUDENTS DEBATE MSc IN MARKETING AND BUSINESS ANALYSIS Carl Goetz Graduate - MSc in International Business and Emerging Markets HOW CAN WE STAND Rolls Royce, Purchasing OUT FROM THE CROWD? Careers Support The MSc has had a direct impact on my career as my The MSc has one overarching aim – position (working in global purchasing for a large Branding has always been about differentiation, but creating a unique to help you determine your career goals and realise your ambitions. It is multinational) involves low-cost country sourcing. offering becomes increasingly difficult in a crowded marketplace where consumers a concept that runs at the very heart of the programme. Gaining new Additionally, knowledge of the strategic decisions are actively involved in the construction of brand meaning. A brand is more than just knowledge and skills,working with necessary for entering emerging markets has helped a logo or a strapline, successful brands engage in a two way dialogue with their multi-cultural groups and developing me to understand the broader picture. The best thing customers and are rooted in the customer a personal network that will provide about the MSc is the variety of courses covered, experience. But consumers are talking about brands, rather than to brands, lifelong connections will all which allows you to tailor the programme to your through new digital media and Web 2.0. contribute to achieving your goals. Given this new dynamic, brands need to specific interests. be clear about what they stand for but be realistic about what they mean to the We work in close collaboration with consumer. Building brands has become a the University’s Careers Service in collaboration between the companies and consumers. Successful companies providing extensive support that Pavle Sabic recognise that there are multiple provides access to: Graduate - MSc in Finance and Investment touchpoints where the customer interacts - One-to-one careers advice State Street Bank and Trust, Quantitative Risk Analyst with the brand and this contributes to brand meaning and brand equity. The role - Two on-campus recruitment of the marketing team is to work with the fairs plus an extensive series I applied to Edinburgh because of its great reputation whole business to ensure a consistent of employer presentations throughout the world and because it is one of the approach to customers, and to work with customers to ensure that they are - Extensive online job vacancy most intensive finance programmes in the UK. It was delivering on all aspects of marketing. sources - Practical skills training on making also encouraging to know that many of the lecturers applications, selection techniques are experienced practitioners within the field. Finally and assessment centres after applying and being granted a scholarship for the - Access to comprehensive guides course, my choice was made. and videos covering all aspects BE PART OF THE DEBATE >>>> of career development Join the MSc in Marketing or the MSc in Marketing and Business Analysis Sunattha Weerasakwattana Alumni services 2009 Graduate - MSc in Management When you graduate, you will automatically become a member of the Business School’s alumni network I decided on Edinburgh for a number of reasons. as well as that of the University. In Firstly, it is part of a famous university with a long addition to the benefits and services history and distinguished former students. provided to alumni by the University, It also has an excellent reputation. the Business School alumni network provides you with: - Dedicated online alumni resources which offer access to a wide range of services including job posting platforms and listings of events and activities - The Business School alumni magazine – Aluminate - Access to an alumni version of the MIRACLE electronic resources - A growing number of alumni groups and events worldwide - Access to the LinkedIn MSc alumni network 18 MSc IN MARKETING MSc IN MARKETING AND BUSINESS ANALYSIS
  12. 12. MAKING YOUR APPLICATION Want to find out more? MSc in Marketing and Business - Computer based TOEFL – Overall Applicant information We would encourage you to come Analysis score of 250 or above We request that students select to the School to attend one of our The entry requirement is normally (with a score of at least 21 in either the MSc in Marketing or the Open Days to truly experience the an Honours degree from a good each section); MSc in Marketing and Business MSc in Marketing and MSc in university with an ‘excellent’ or - Internet based TOEFL – Overall Analysis and ask that you do not Marketing and Business Analysis. ‘very good’ classification in a score of 100 or above (with a score submit applications for both Details of forthcoming events are business or management-related of at least 20 in each section) courses. posted on our website. We can also subject. Candidates with a very • International English Language arrange informal one-to-one good honours degree in a numerate Testing System (IELTS) Fees sessions with the Programme or quantitative subject area or - Overall score of 7.0 or above Both the MSc in Marketing and the Director. relevant business experience will be (with a score of at least 6.0 in MSc in Marketing and Business considered on an individual basis. each section) Analysis are priced identically. Entry Requirements (Our website clarifies international • Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency The fees for entry in September MSc in Marketing equivalents to the desired UK in English (CPE) 2010 are £8,600 for home/EU The entry requirement is normally 2:1/1st honours degree). Grade A students and £14,250 for overseas an Honours degree from a good If your first language is not English, students. university with an ‘excellent’ or Work experience is not required. but your previous degree includes at ‘very good’ classification in a However, relevant work experience least three years’ study at an English- Application deadlines business or management-related may increase your chances of speaking university or your previous Demand for places on both subject. Candidates with a very acceptance. Conditional offers can degree education was conducted in programmes will be high and places good honours degree in other be made whilst a final degree result/ English, please visit our website for are allocated to suitably qualified disciplinary areas will be considered language score result is awaited. further details of language persons on a first-come, first-served for entry into the programme proficiency assessment. basis. There is, therefore, a clear t +44 (0)131 650 9663 provided that they have studied a English language advantage in an early online e degree with some marketing There is an English language How to apply application to the programme, content. Applications from mature requirement for applicants whose We ask all candidates to complete uploading full documentation. students with significant marketing first language is not English. an online application and a personal We recommend that you submit management experience or One of the following is required: statement which should indicate your application by 30 June 2010. acceptable professional • Test of English as a Foreign your reasons for applying to the A limited number of applications qualifications will be considered on Language (TOEFL) programme. The statement should be received after this date may be an individual basis. (Our website - Paper based TOEFL – Overall approximately 500 words in length considered, if there is no visa clarifies international equivalents to score of 600 or above (with scores and answer the following questions: requirement. If the programme the desired UK 2:1/1st honours of at least 55 in each section and why have you selected this particular is full before this date we will degree). a score of 4.0 in essay writing); programme; what contributions indicate this on our website. Once do you feel you can make to the an offer is made, you have 28 days programme; and how do you see the to accept this offer online. programme affecting your career plans? To apply online and for details of deposit payments, visit the specific MSc Marketing and MSc Marketing and Business Analysis pages on MAKING YOUR APPLICATION Designed and produced by Tayburn Photographic credits Robert Brady Scottish Viewpoint WE'RE READY. ARE YOU? Edinburgh Inspiring Capital 20 MSc IN MARKETING MSc IN MARKETING AND BUSINESS ANALYSIS
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