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Employment History.doc

  1. 1. cv of Vance Lister CURRICULUM VITAE Vance Lister is a Financial Systems Professional who has worked in the International Banking software and services industry for twenty three years: • With strong Business Analysis, Project Management and Systems Development skills. • In an operational role, installing, modifying and maintaining Banking Software Products. • Advising and educating customers in the set up and use of systems. • Constructing systems, within tight time scales and budgetary constraints, from analysis through to implementation. • Creating and implementing procedures, standards and quality controls. • With experience in Retail, Commercial, Wholesale, Treasury and Investment Banking covering Foreign Exchange, Cash Markets, Settlements (SWIFT), Securities/Equities, Lending, Accounting, Swaps, Futures, Options, FRA and Retail Products. • Strong data modelling background, specialising in methods for Integration, including integration of legacy systems with messaging, web technology and data warehouse. • Developing repositories for metadata with both prototyping and code generation functions. • As an Application Architect, co-ordinating technical teams to deliver large-scale systems. • Having used the most up to date system definition tools and OO methodologies such as UML (Rational Rose 98 i), IBM Visual Age, Forte and XML/DTD; and developed three web sites. • Author of ‘Financial Exchange Theory’ for structured interoperability in International Banking. • Creator of the Semantic Web Ontology ‘Financial Exchange Framework’. Employment History International Financial Information Publishing Ltd (Ifip) June 2003 – To Date DoubleHelix Software & Services Consultant May 2001 – May 2003 Interoperability Toolkit Oct 2001 – To Date Murex Integration at WestLb May 2001 – Sep 2001 The Enablers Limited (TEL) Data Integration Consultant Nov 1994 – April 2001 Financial Meta Language Development for TEL May 00 – April 2001 Contract For TEL At Deutsche Bank (London) Aug 99 – May 2000 Contract For TEL At ING Barings(Amsterdam)May 97 – July 99 Contract For TEL At Rabo Bank (Utrecht) Feb 97 – Apr 97 Contract For TEL At Deutsche Bank Mar 96 - Jan 97 Business Model Development for TEL Nov 1994 – Feb 1996 Internet Systems Limited (Now aleri) Jan 1991 - Oct 1994 'New Technology' Consultant Sep 1991 - Oct 1994 Product Development Consultant Jan 1991 - Sep 1991 BIS Banking Systems (Now part of Misys) Aug 1978-Dec 1990 Product Release Consultant Sep 1990 - Dec 1990 Strategic Development, Applications Manager Mar 1988 - Sep 1990 Midas 1978 - 1988 Education University: 1975 - 1978 Professional Courses: Software Environments and Tools Page: 1
  2. 2. cv of Vance Lister Employment History International Financial Information Publishing Ltd (Ifip) June 2003 – To Date Sales and marketing support for I-Format and the creation of Financial Exchange Framework, a Semantic Web ontology for international financial markets. Developed ‘I-Trade’ universal trading front end in conjunction with ePulse (www.epulse.ltd.uk) ; I-Trade utilised I-Format XML messages for orders and trading in any financial product in conjunction with Instant Messaging. DoubleHelix Software & Services Consultant May 2001 – May 2003 Employed as interoperability and financial data modelling consultant, contracting to international banks in London. Interoperability Toolkit Oct 2001 – May 2003 Establishing the Financial Meta Language in XML authoring, reporting and development tools for structured application interoperability. Also, agreed with IBM a method for updating IBM Information Framework and IBM MQ using the Financial Meta Language. During this period, also designed and built the current version of the DoubleHelix website. Murex Integration at WestLb May 2001 – Sep 2001 Analysis, prototyping and specification of Murex to head office interface. The Enablers Limited (TEL) Application Integration Architect Nov 1994 – April 2001 Working on key contracts in Amsterdam and London and devising a complete ‘Business Model Approach’ to provide a framework for delivery of TEL’s consultancy services. Financial Meta Language Development for TEL May 00 – Apr 01 Designed and produced a Web-site to support ‘The Financial Meta Language’ (The-FML) as a basis for B2B Trading/Settlement, EAI and e-trading in financial institutions. Verifying the-FML compatibility with other industry standards, such as DCOM, Corba Financial and FinXML. The site includes a repository for The-FML elements, which provide a framework for the creation of integrated XML definitions to support both system integration and middleware. Contract For TEL At Deutsche Bank (London) Aug 99 – May 2000 Defining and prototyping, in Visual Basic within COM/DCOM, common data elements for cross system integration in respect of the TEL ‘Simple’ product used by the Foreign Exchange Settlements department for Straight Through Processing (STP). Working with two other TEL consultants to provide a solution for on-line control and reconciliation of trades and confirmation matching over ATLAS and Wallstreet systems. Contract For TEL At ING Barings(Amsterdam)May 97 – July 99 Prototyping and defining the Data Marts (views) for a Data Warehouse covering Static Data, Customers, Foreign Exchange, Settlements (SWIFT), Lending, Capital Markets, Derivatives, Facilities, Accounts and Global Credit Risk Management. Filling a key role, both defining and building the initial repository, reviewing departmental requirements and defining the development flow from logical definition to implementation by the technical team. The initial repository contained all meta data, as well as access to live branch data for viewing the accuracy of the definitions. Also, defining the transfer of meta data from the initial repository to the production repository. Contract For TEL At Rabo Bank (Utrecht) Feb 97 – Apr 97 Assisted in the setup of outsourcing of release management for the Bank’s ATLAS Branch Model. Contract For TEL At Deutsche Bank Mar 96 - Jan 97 Both onward development of the Business Model for TEL and development of a transaction and positions reconciliation suite for Money Market systems. Business Model Development for TEL Nov 1994 – Feb 1996 Developed the TEL Business Model in a repository with both prototyping and code generation functions; prototyping in Object Oriented environments including NextStep, Visual Works, Forte and IBM Visual Age. Page: 2
  3. 3. cv of Vance Lister Internet Systems Limited (Now aleri) Jan 1991 - Oct 1994 Employed to reverse engineer the ATLAS system into an Object Oriented definition and produce an SQL database for integrated reporting and future systems development. ‘New Technology’ Consultant Sep 1991 – Oct 1994 • Formulated a combined Object Oriented and Relational Data Analysis methodology, based on the Coad/Yourdon Object Oriented Analysis methodology, to reverse engineer the existing Banking Software Products as a basis for ‘New Technology’ developments. • Personally devised the framework for a fully integrated Object Oriented Business Model covering all Internet’s Banking Product application areas including Foreign Exchange, Cash Markets, Settlements (SWIFT), Securities, Lending, Accounting, , Futures, Options, FRA and Swaps. • As part of a small team, reverse engineered the Internet Foreign Exchange, Money Market and Accounting data definitions into the Business Model. The Model was then successfully Beta Tested at a Customer site, in the form of an SQL database used to ‘Shadow’ the corresponding Internet products. • Evaluated the use of Object Oriented tools for prototyping and education. Product Development Consultant Jan 1991 – Sep 1991 • Employed in this Department to gain familiarity with Internet’s existing Banking Products, prior to assignment to ‘New Technology’. BIS Banking Systems (Now part of Misys) Aug 1978-Dec 1990 Working entirely with the, then world leading, Midas banking system in roles covering analysis, development, implementation, client management, maintenance, project management, sales support, departmental management, strategic development and standards introduction. Product Release Consultant Sep 1990 - Dec 1990 • Reviewing all aspects of product release, including test site selection criteria, demonstration deliverables, product localisation and implementation procedures. • Formulated the procedures for creation, distribution and maintenance of demonstration systems. Strategic Development, Applications Manager Mar 1988 - Sep 1990 • Managing the planning and analysis phases of a £20 Million project aimed at producing flexible and integrated systems, using new technology and structured techniques. • Devised and implemented quality checks for analysis. • Formulated an Application Architecture and integrated data structures covering a wide range of Banking Products. • Achieved phase targets and budgets. Midas 1978 - 1988 Systems Development Manager 1986 - 1988 • Managing a department of over 40 people producing custom enhancements and new systems on IBM Mid range computers. • Managing the consistent delivery of quality developments on time and to budget. • Formulating career paths and developing staff. • Personally engaged in the analysis of complex Portfolio Management requirements for the London Branch of a Swiss Bank. • Departmental contribution, in Fiscal 1988, £2.3 Million revenue within cost constraints. Modifications Development Manager 1985 - 1986 • Formed this new department, devising and implementing working and reporting standards. • Managing the evaluation, development and implementation of small to medium scale custom modifications for all BIS' Clients in the Europe, Middle East and Africa region (over 250 sites). • Signing, on behalf of BIS, contracts committing to over £1 Million of fixed price work. • Devised standards for the evaluation, definition and costing of custom modifications that were adopted throughout the BIS London Branch. • Completed work on time, profitably and to a high level of quality. BIS Banking Systems (cont.) Page: 3
  4. 4. cv of Vance Lister Banking Products Implementation, Consultant 1982 - 1985 • Supervising the implementation and running of systems for designated Clients in London. • Point of contact for Clients, advising them and marshalling resources within BIS to meet with their requirements. • Several timely and successful implementations of systems. • Experience in a wide range of Banking Products and Markets. Securities Trading Systems Implementation, Technician 1978 - 1982 • As a Programmer and Senior Programmer, enhanced and implemented a stand alone Securities Trading System at 10 London Sites. • Developing a Bond Lending System and implementing and modifying settlement interfaces to Euroclear and Cedel. • Worked on site, with little supervision, modifying and testing systems to the Client's satisfaction. Education University: 1975 - 1978 BSc Joint Honours in Computer Studies and Mathematics at the University of East Anglia. Professional Courses: Project Management, Principals of Management, Company Finance, Marketing, Sales Awareness, Presentation Giving, structured Systems Analysis/Design, Managing for Change and Data Analysis. Software Environments and Tools Data Base. O/S and Middleware: Microsoft Access, Sybase SQL, ODBC to Oracle, IBM DB2 and IBM 36/38/400. NT, AIX. IBM MQ and MQ Integrator Broker Methods/Architectures Data Analysis, SQL Design, Coad Yourdon OOA/OOD, UML, Relational, Tandem Client/Server, TANDEM Messaging/Queuing, data warehouse, Website, TEL Business Model Architecture, Semantic Web Ontology Banking Murex, Midas, Wallstreet Systems, Kondor +, ATLAS; at ING Barings, Deutsche Bank, Bank Julius Baer, BEPW ltd, LCB, UBS Securities, Nomura Securities, Daiwa NV, MHL, Den Danske, Rabo, Lloyds, NatWest, The Northern Trust (TNT) and many more. Programming Languages and Definition Standards: RPG II/III, Smalltalk, Visual Basic, VB Script/ASP, SQL, UML, Corba Financial, FinXML, DCOM, DTD/XML, NTM Software Tools: Microsoft Word For Windows, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Powerpoint, ParcPlace VisualWorks 2.0, IBM Visual Age, Forte, Project Manager Workbench (PMW), DataArchitect PowerDesigner, Cognos Impromptu, Rational Rose 98i , X-Metal, Near and Far Designer, XML Spy, BizTalk, Protégé 2000 Ontology, Construct Ontology and Microsoft Frontpage. Personal Male; British; born 4th May 1956; Married; one child. Interests Home Computer, Science Fiction. Page: 4