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  • 1. Business Intelligence Key Data Course Name Developing, Implementing & Administering Business Intelligence solutions with SQL Server 2008 Analysis Services – Deep Dive with Hands-On Course Title Developing, Implementing & Administering Business Intelligence solutions with SQL Server 2008 Analysis Services – Deep Dive with Hands-On Also covers Advance Data warehousing concepts & techniques, Integration with Excel 2007, MDX Highlight Creating Digital Dashboards in Excel 2007 Course Code Pi0621 Course duration 4 days (32 hrs) Certification SQL Server 2008 BI certifications Course start date NA Course timings NA Course Description This course provides participants with deep technical & practical understanding of SQL Server Analysis Services, Advance Data warehousing techniques & deep integration with Excel 2007. The workshop is equipped with complete hands-on. Remember, this is a deep dive with in-depth sessions. Trainer Amit Bansal ( Note: This course can be delivered in SQL Server 2005 as well The course can be customized as per client’s requirement The duration of the course can be increased or decreased as per requirement Overview With this course, participants will get deep technical & practical understanding of SQL Server Analysis Services, Advance Data warehousing techniques, MDX scripting & deep integration with Excel 2007. The workshop is equipped with complete hands-on. Remember, this is a deep dive with in-depth sessions. Upon course completion, students will be able to create high performing cubes, query them using MDX and visualize the results in Excel 2007.This course has been delivered by Amit Bansal for Microsoft in India and US (Redmond) with customizations. Other key clients include HCL, Intel, Adobe, Accenture, Siemens, Infosys, Wipro and many other IT companies. Course Description This five-day instructor-led course teaches participants how to develop, implement & administer an Analysis Services solution for a given requirement. The course begins with a solid understanding of the need of Business Intelligence solutions in fast growing organizations. The course then covers basic and advance concepts of Data warehousing and how a DW is the most important foundation at the root of a BI solution. Many practical techniques of DW architect & design are discussed. DW concepts are followed by a series of in-depth sessions on developing SSAS solution using Business Intelligence Development Studio. Many intricacies, tips and tricks are discussed related to Unified Dimensional Modeling, Measures, Partitioning, Aggregations, Security, Deployment, etc to give the students real life experience (please see the TOC for more details). At the conclusion of SSAS development modules, students get deep dive with MDX scripting and dashboard creation with Excel 2007. Students are taught cube formulas extensively to create scorecards and graphical reports in Excel 2007. The course concludes with Performance tuning tips and how to apply them in your BI solution. All in all, this course provides very deep and A unit of eDominer Systems Pvt. Ltd. (An ISO 9001:2000 Company) | 2006
  • 2. comprehensive coverage of SQL Server Analysis Services 2008 including MDX scripting & EXCEL 2007 integration. Course Benefits & Objectives After completing this course, the participants will be able to: • Explain the need of BI solutions • Use SQL Server Analysis Services to implement analytical solutions. • Create multidimensional analysis solutions with SQL Server Analysis Services. • Implement dimensions and cubes in an Analysis Services solution. • Implement measures and measure groups in an Analysis Services solution. • Query a multidimensional Analysis Services solution. • Customize an Analysis Services cube using features like KPIs, Actions, Perspectives & Translations. • Deploy and secure an Analysis Services database. • Maintain a multidimensional Analysis Services solution. • Implement advance Data warehousing techniques • Write simple and advance MDX scripts • Create Scorecards and Dashboards in Excel 2007 • Implement performance tuning techniques Please see course outline for more details. Target Audience The primary audience for this course is individuals who design and maintain business intelligence solutions. These individuals work in environments where databases play a key role in their primary job and may perform database administration and maintenance as part of their primary job responsibilities. The secondary audience for this course is individuals who develop applications that deliver content from SQL Server Analysis Services to the organization. Prerequisites This course requires that participants have at least 6 months of working experience in SQL Server 2000/2005 or SQL Server 2008. Course Outline Introduction to Business Intelligence • Business Intelligence – What, Why & How • History of Business Intelligence • The need of Business Intelligence in today’s businesses (The need for Data Analysis) • Microsoft BI stack & timeline Introduction to Data warehousing • What is a data warehouse and why do you need it? • Data warehouse definitions & terminology • Data warehouse concepts – Basic Dimensional Modeling details o Facts, Dimensions, Measures, etc o Fact tables, Dimension tables, etc • The approach of building a data warehouse A unit of eDominer Systems Pvt. Ltd. (An ISO 9001:2000 Company) | 2006
  • 3. Advance Data warehousing concepts • Data warehouse life cycle • Advance Dimensional Modeling o Star schema o Snowflake schema o Granularity o Types of Dimensions o Types of Facts o Surrogate Keys o Slowly changing dimensions Introduction to Analysis Services • Fundamental OLAP concepts • OLTP vs OLAP • Analysis Services Architecture • Installing Analysis Services • Analysis Services Tools • Key features of Analysis Services Creating Multidimensional Analysis Solutions • Introduction to Business Intelligence Development Studio • Online Mode vs Project Mode • Source Control versioning • Working with Data Source • Working with Data Source View • Modifying Data Source & Data Source View o Creating & Modifying Named Calculations o Creating & Modifying Named Queries o Creating & Modifying Logical Primary Keys o Creating & Modifying Relationships o Creating New Diagrams • Creating a simple cube o Cube Wizard o Dimensions Wizard o Considerations for Time Dimension • Knowing the cube designer & relevant tabs • Browsing the cube o Pivoting o Filtering Working with Dimensions • Revisiting Dimension Concepts • All about hierarchies o Concepts & different types of hierarchies o Defining, configuring & implementing hierarchies • Implementing different types of dimensions • Exploring the Dimensions Editor and important properties / attributes • Understanding & Configuring Dimensions storage • Understanding and Configuring Attribute column bindings • Understanding and Configuring Attribute relationships o Attribute Relationship designer o AMO Warnings • Sorting & Grouping Attributes A unit of eDominer Systems Pvt. Ltd. (An ISO 9001:2000 Company) | 2006
  • 4. Working with Measures and Measure Groups • Configuring Measures & Display • Creating & Configuring Measure Groups • Understanding how measures are aggregated • Relationship between measure groups and dimensions • Working with the Dimensions Usage tab • Measure group storage • Understanding Proactive caching • Understanding & configuring Partitions • Understanding and configuring aggregations o Aggregation Designer o Simplified and enhanced Aggregation Design and Usage-Based Optimization Wizards o AMO Warnings Advance Cube Functionality • Understanding & Implementing Key Performance Indicators o KPI elements o Defining a KPI o Browsing KPIs o Integration with Excel o Integration with SharePoint o Retrieving KPIs with MDX • Implementing Actions o Elements of Actions o Types of Actions o Integration with Excel • Implementing Perspectives • Implementing Translations o Implementing Cube Translations o Implementing Dimension Translations Deploying & Securing an Analysis Services Database • Deploying an Analysis Services o Deployment Techniques o Deploying a BI project o Deploying using Deployment Wizard o Generating a Deployment Script o Using Synchronize Database wizard o Deployment Best Practices with Real-Life scenario • Securing an Analysis Services database o Analysis Services Security Model o Server Role o Database Role o Data Source & Cube permissions o Cell permissions o Dimensions & Dimension Data permission o Security Best Practices Administering and Maintaining an Analysis Services Solution • Understanding and configuring Processing Settings o Processing – Behind the scenes o Processing Options o Implementing Batch Processing o Using SSIS for processing A unit of eDominer Systems Pvt. Ltd. (An ISO 9001:2000 Company) | 2006
  • 5. o Processing Tips, Tricks & Best Practices • Logging & Monitoring an Analysis Services Solution o Configuring Logging o Using SQL Server Profiler for Monitoring o Using Dynamic Management Views o Using System Monitor • Backups & Restores o Considerations for Backup and Restore o Back up techniques and options o Restoring SSAS database MDX Scripting • MDX fundamentals • Understanding querying architecture • Intermediate MDX scripting • Advance MDX scripting Advance Business Intelligence functionality • Excel Integration o Pivoting o Charting o Drill-through • Understanding and writing cube formulas • Creating dashboards in Excel 2007 • Integration with SharePoint • Integration with SSRS Performance Tuning • Optimizing Dimension Design • Optimizing Aggregations • Using Partitions to enhance query performance • Advance Processing techniques • Optimizing Special Design Scenarios • Tuning Server Resources • Writing efficient MDX scripts Note: The above outline can be customized. Topics can be added/removed to suit customer’s need. Course Fee For course fee, please email or For bookings and course updates visit or call: +91 9903800266 or mail: Notes: A unit of eDominer Systems Pvt. Ltd. (An ISO 9001:2000 Company) | 2006
  • 6. 1. Download Amit Bansal’s profile: 2. All advance courses at Peopleware India are delivered by leading corporate trainers like Mr. Bansal. His profile can be viewed at 3. We are offering a number of advance courses delivered by leading corporate trainers. Please visit to know more. 4. Peopleware India is considered to be the only institute offering cutting edge courses on Microsoft Products & Technologies. Consultant Trainer: Amit Bansal – Key highlights Amit is a professional consultant, trainer, speaker & writer on SQL Server (Database Platform & Business Intelligence). He speaks at major summits and conferences of Microsoft worldwide including TechED, MCT Summits, MSDN & TechNet conferences. Over the last 7 years, he has consulted & trained more than 3000 IT professionals on SQL Server & Business Intelligence and worked with top notch blue chip companies worldwide including Microsoft, Accenture, IBM, Intel, HCL, Bosch, Siemens, Infosys, Wipro, Hexaware, HCL, Adobe, US Technology, etc. Apart from holding many Microsoft credentials, he is also a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) awardee on SQL Server. Amit has worked with Microsoft in India and US as a Subject Matter Expert in various capacities participating in OD sessions, technical reviewing, etc. He is also a very active community lead in Asia Pacific. Amit is also a member of the Microsoft Certified Trainer Advisory Council representing Asia Pacific. Visit and to know more. Peopleware India (corporate training unit of eDominer Systems) is spearheaded by him. Apart from training and consulting, his organization does extensive content & course development for Microsoft in various capacities. You can download his profile by clicking the following link: You can see all the Microsoft Official courses and custom outlines designed by him on Know more about Amit at,, He blogs at Note: Customized course outlines are developed for clients upon request. About Amit in short: Top-rated speaker at Microsoft worldwide conferences including TechED, TechNet & MSDN sessions & MCT Summits Delivered 3 sessions at TechED North America (held in Orlando, Florida) in June 2008 Delivered 3 sessions at TechED EMEA in Nov 2008 (held in Barcelona, Spain) Delivered 3 sessions at TechED India 2009 (Hyderabad) Has about 10 years of experience on SQL Server starting from version 7.0 Microsoft Certified Trainer for the last 6 years. (one of the first in India) Microsoft certifications since 1996 and continuing. Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) on SQL Server by Microsoft. Proctored 27 Hands-on-labs on SQL Server 2005 and Business Intelligence at TechED conference in Orlando (US) in June 2007. Subject Matter Expert for Microsoft (US) for SQL Server & Database/Business Intelligence related certifications. Technical Reviewer for Microsoft (US) for SQL Server courses and workshops Executive member of the Microsoft Certified Trainer council. I represent APAC region. I have been a speaker at MCT summits worldwide. Conducted more than 100 workshops and trained more than 3000 IT professionals on SQL Server for many CMM Level 5 customers of mine. (My profile has my clientele) Conduct exclusive MSDN & TechNet sessions for Microsoft India Conduct Train-The-Trainer programs for Microsoft in Asia Pacific region. You can know more about him and his company on and Community activities are on Conferences and events are on Blog at Join Amit Bansal’s network: A unit of eDominer Systems Pvt. Ltd. (An ISO 9001:2000 Company) | 2006
  • 7. Personal Site – Blog – Forum – Twitter – FaceBook – LinkedIn – A unit of eDominer Systems Pvt. Ltd. (An ISO 9001:2000 Company) | 2006