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    Eligibility Eligibility Document Transcript

    • Center For Career Development UG Management Consulting Field Experience Spring 2008 UG MCFE PROJECT CATALOGUE Rosemary Casey Manager, Consulting Programs
    • Hollister 235 Email: rcasey@babson.edu Phone: (781) 239-4003 Table of Contents Organization/Company Name Project Discipline(s) Page(s) Application and Interviewing Process 3 aMENity – Project 1 Product/Business Development 4-5 aMENity – Project 2 Business/Marketing Strategy 5 Asian Community Development Corp.* Marketing/Technology 6 Building Shelter, Inc. Business Development/Marketing 7 Centive Systems Consumer Branding/Technology 8 International Business/Product Cross Country Healthcare, Inc. Development 9 International Business/ Earthwatch Institute* (**) Product and Price Strategy 10 Emerson Umbrella Center for the Arts* Marketing 11 Fay School* Marketing 12 Habitat for Humanity of Cape Cod* Non-Profit/Business Development 12-13 Hayward S. Blackledge Qtet Business Development/Marketing 14 Insource Services, Inc. Business Development/Finance 15 KoMarketing Associates Marketing/Research 16 KoMarketing Associates Marketing 16 Musicminders Marketing 17 Newtron Inc Marketing 18 Puma International Marketing 19 Somerville Chamber of Commerce* Non-Profit/Financial Strategy 20 Somerville Chamber of Commerce* Non-Profit/Marketing 21 Sovereign Bank Business Development/Finance 22 The Little Pearl Marketing 23 Top Floor Learning* Marketing 24 Velcro USA, Inc.** Global Marketing 24 Velcro USA, Inc. Marketing Analysis 25 Wilbraham & Monson Academy Marketing 26 YMCA of Greater Boston* Marketing 26 Young Entrepreneurs Alliance* Entrepreneurial Business Plan 27-28 Page | 2
    • NOTE: All MCFE Projects Count Towards Leadership Concentration **Indicates projects count toward The Global Business Management Concentration *Projects eligible to be nominated for Davis Award Prize presented on Founder’s Day. Page | 3
    • Management Consulting Field Experience (MCFE) Program Overview The MCFE Program provides an opportunity for students to implement business practices learned in the classroom to challenging, real-world consulting projects for a sponsor company or non-profit organization. MCFE projects involve teams of three to five students who examine and make recommendations for actual companies and organizations. Students receive academic credit equivalent to one course (4 credits). Eligibility Students are eligible to participate in the MCFE program after completing the first semester of their junior year. Students must have completed IMC/IME I, II, and III, and must have a GPA of 2.7 or higher. Course Credit A MCFE project can be applied as a management elective. Students should check with the Office of Class Deans if there is a concern about their credit needs or if you wish to apply for a variance to enrich or overload (Rosemary Casey must also be notified). Application Process An information session will be held Wednesday, October 24, 5-6 p.m. in Malloy 101. Project Catalogs with Company/Project Descriptions will be distributed. Interested students must complete the online MCFE Program Application and schedule an interview by calling the MCFE office at X4003. The Application will be accepted between October 25 and November 8. Students are evaluated on the basis of academic performance, faculty recommendations, leadership, character traits, and experience in the functional area of the project. We encourage candidates to form their own groups and apply as a team, but it is also acceptable to apply as an individual or as a team of two (and will be placed with other students). Team assignments will announced by November 12, 2007. Our office will handle your registration into the MCFE Program. Details will be provided if you are accepted. Apply Online Interested students must follow these steps to complete the application process. Please note that you must have an electronic copy of your resume available before you begin the process. Undergrad MCFE Application Form can be accessed via link below: http://portal.babson.edu 1. Logon Portal Smart Tools MCFE App 2. Fill out the UG MCFE Application 3. Identify Project Preferences (see catalog) 4. Attach Resume Call (781) 239-4003 to schedule an interview ASAP to take place between November 1-8 from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Page | 4
    • Company Name aMENity New York, NY Website www.getamenity.com Industry Consumer Products Industry Sector Men’s Products Project Discipline (s) MCFE-Business Development and Marketing Strategy Company Description Amenity, LLC develops, manufactures and markets unique grooming products, including foot sprays, moisturizers, anti- aging and acne treatment products. The company uses unique, proprietary formulations and continues to develop and introduce new and original products, which it manufactures in its New Jersey facility. Products are formulated using 90% plant derived ingredients and all are alcohol, fragrance, and oil free. The a|MEN|ity product line has a limited distribution of around 100 of the best shops worldwide. We can be found at high-end retail stores, such as Space N.K. in London, men’s barber spas, such State Street Barbers in Boston, and spas around the world. Our success depends 100% on the success of our retailers, many of which felt that they were not fully capitalizing on the revenue opportunity of new product categories. For these retailers, we have been successful at establishing significant and scalable incremental revenue. Through the addition of a brand like a|MEN|ity, retailers avoid cannibalizing sales of other brands because the products are unique (ex., our balm for knuckles & elbows… in other words, we’re not just another skincare brand). Project 1 Description Amenity would like a MCFE team to develop recommendations for three new products for the Company to launch in 2008. It is highly likely that at least one of the three products that are conceptualized by the MCFE team will be launched by Amenity. Amenity’s primary point of differentiation in the premium men’s skincare industry is our ability to develop, manufacture, and market unique products that solve men’s most frustrating problem. In 2007, the Company will launch three products: (1) a foot spray that offers anti-sweat, anti-odor, callus-softening, and anti-athlete foot benefits to athletes and men who work out frequently, (2) an eye cream that is clinically-proven to slow the development of wrinkle in men who begin using the product in their 20’s, and (3) a hair styling pomade that is clinically proven to prevent/slow hair loss. These products are in line with the Company’s mission to only introduce innovative, effective, and Page | 5
    • unique products that men demand and that will garner media attention simply by their novelty. Suggested means for addressing the problem (questionnaire, interviews, etc.): Conduct research to determine the leading unmet grooming problems that afflict men in their late teens and 20’s. Prioritize the findings and develop not more than 6 product concepts. The Company will provide standardized formats for this step which will, upon completion, be submitted to the Company’s chemists and management for review. The Company intends to launch 2 of the 3 products in Fall 2008. Project 2 Description Amenity would like a MCFE team to conduct brand management research and develop a business strategy to distribute Amenity's Clinical Grooming™ products through a new and fast-growing retail segment. It is estimated that more than 30% of Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons now retail cosmetics products in their clinics. Roughly 40% of patients of these doctors are men seeking solution to unsightly problems. Amenity management believes that this trend will continue to accelerate, much like the trend of optometrists opening eye- glasses stores in their offices to up-sell customers. Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons are a large, fragmented, and under-served distribution channel. The MCFE team will be tasked with developing a marketing strategy for Amenity to enter and quickly become the leading premium grooming brand in this channel. The key components of this strategy should include a launch strategy (i.e., announce at an industry trade show, direct mailer), an advertising strategy (ex., professional trade publications, event sponsorship), an incentive plan for the Doctor’s (ex., what are best practices employed by the pharmaceutical companies), a realistic plan on ‘selling-in’ (ex., phone conversations with office managers, visits with Doctors), in-office marketing tactics (ex., samples, shelf-talkers, repackaging of products into a ‘clear skin system’. Page | 6
    • Company Name Asian Community Development Corporation * Boston, MA Website www.asiancdc.org Industry Not-For-Profit Industry Sector Community Development Project Discipline (s) MCFE-Marketing/Technology Company Description We are a non profit, community-based organization committed to serving the Asian American community of Greater Boston with an emphasis on preserving and revitalizing Boston's Chinatown. We develop physical community assets, including affordable housing for rental and ownership; promote economic development; foster leadership development; and build capacity within the community and advocates on the behalf of the community. Project Description This NFP organization would like a MCFE team to explore online media marketing strategies and make recommendations on how they can be applied to various new for-profit initiatives and ACDC programs. They would like this team to research new ways to reach the ever growing online enabled markets of supporters, funders, clients, and customers. This includes strategies such as facebook, myspace, linked in, and other virtual vehicles. The end result should be recommendations on how to best use different virtual tools for various programs which will include a new for-profit arm that sells a cell phone based translation service, a for-profit first time home buyer education course, a youth led virtual walking tour, and a strategy for the organization as a whole with focus on how to best reach supporters and funders. Suggested means for addressing the problem include: • Market study of existing virtual tools • Best practice analysis of other non-profits using them • Developing marketing materials (myspace page, facebook page) for new target markets. Page | 7
    • Company Name Building Shelter, Inc. Vineyard Haven, MA Website www.buildingshelter.com Industry Building/Construction Industry Sector Green Construction Project Discipline (s) MCFE-Business Development Strategy Company Description Building Shelter is a residential building company that articulates the belief that fine home building is about creating a home, something more than simply assembling a house. As the setting where some of the most important events in our lives occur, the investment in a home is of great significance. As a building company, they believe a home is a haven, a safe and comfortable environment to share with friends and loved ones. Through the use of up-to-date technology, quality materials and a commitment to craftsmanship they take pride in their ability to provide these qualities in their client’s home. In doing so they focus on environmentally sensitive building products. It is their intention to contribute to a healthy world for future generations when there is opportunity to do so. At Building Shelter, they invest energy, time and talent in creating a home of quality, comfort and security-while being earth friendly. Project Description Building Shelter, Inc. would like a MCFE team to work on an Expansion Plan which would include a construction company with a national presence building luxury homes, communities, commercial projects all of which utilize green building techniques and materials with the purpose of 1) providing shelter that nurtures its occupants physically and emotionally; 2) reduces our reliance on foreign oil, fossil fuel and our natural resources. They would like the team to research and provide examples and strategies by other companies that have risen from small operations to large companies. Page | 8
    • Company Name Centive Systems Website www.centive.com Industry Software Industry Sector Sales Incentives Project Discipline (s) Consumer Branding/Technology Company Description Founded in 1997, Centive has focused exclusively on delivering technology solutions for automating incentive compensation management. Centive’s vision from the outset has been to help companies transform sales compensation management from a tactical commission calculation exercise into a strategic management tool for driving sales performance. That vision, combined with Centive’s innovative approach to meeting market requirements, has resulted in the success Centive enjoys today in terms of customer satisfaction and retention as well as financial stability. Based in Burlington, MA, Centive is recognized by customers, partners and industry analysts as a leader in the sales incentive compensation management industry. Centive's recently launched their flagship on-demand strategic sales compensation solution, Centive Compel®, widely recognized as the leading software solution for small and mid-market companies. Project Description Centive is looking for a Babson consulting team to research innovative customer service programs in the technology industry. As a company, our goal is to differentiate ourselves based on great service and a commitment to customer success. We’re doing a number of things now to reinforce this positioning. It would be fantastic to learn what other companies are doing and get some recommendations from a Babson consulting team. Page | 9
    • Company Name Cross Country Healthcare, Inc. Malden, MA Website http://www.crosscountry.com Industry Health Care,Human Resources Industry Sector Business Development/Sales,Project Management Project Discipline (s) MCFE-International Business/Product Development Company Description We are one of the largest providers of healthcare staffing services in the United States. Our Healthcare Staffing business segment is comprised of travel and per diem nurse staffing, travel allied health staffing and clinical research trials staffing – travel staffing is our core business. Our other Human Capital Management Services business segment consists of education and training as well as retained search services related to physicians and healthcare executives. Project Description Cross Country Healthcare would like a MCFE team to strategize about a new product line within their existing corporate business as a new division utilizing international resources in India. Identify a business need in our society that relates to health care. This need should utilize our company's existing business clients and others to create a new product and a new division that may or may not be incorporated into a cost center of our Human Resources Department. Means of conducting research might include meetings and interviews with the HR team as well as brainstorming sessions and creative thinking. Questionnaires and any other fact finding method that allows for confidentially gathering facts about our company and identifying needs in the market place that does not exist today or there is a need to improve an existing product and produce a new or improved entity. Page | 10
    • Company Name Earthwatch Institute * (**) Maynard, MA Website www.earthwatch.org Industry Environment,Non-Profit - Other,Travel and Tourism Industry Sector Product/Brand Management, Product Management Project Discipline (s) International Business and Product / Price Strategy Company Description Earthwatch Institute is an international non-profit organization that brings science to life for people concerned about the Earth's future. Founded in 1971, Earthwatch supports scientific field research by offering volunteers the opportunity to join research teams around the world. This unique model is creating a systematic change in how the public views science and its role in environmental sustainability. Today, Earthwatch recruits close to 4,000 volunteers every year to collect field data in the areas of rainforest ecology, wildlife conservation, marine science, archaeology, and more. Through this process, we educate, inspire, and involve a diversity of people, who actively contribute to conserving our planet. Currently raising approximately $15 million a year from the generosity of institutions, individuals, governments and corporations, Earthwatch has a global reach. Earthwatch is supported by more than 150 staff, located in our headquarters in Maynard, Massachusetts, as well as in offices in Oxford, England, Melbourne, Australia, and Tokyo, Japan. Project Description Earthwatch Institute would like a MCFE consulting team to focus on strategic pricing project across some segmented audiences/product lines. Historically Earthwatch has relied on a “one size fits all approach” to pricing and product that is often driven by budget requirements rather than a robust strategic pricing model. This project would also incorporate an understanding of our inventory model / inventory management. As an international organization Earthwatch Institute would like this team to analyze pricing structures in the UK and US that present both problems and opportunities. Page | 11
    • Company Name Emerson Umbrella Center for the Arts * Concord, MA Website http://www.emersonumbrella.org Industry Arts & Entertainment,Non-Profit - Other Industry Sector Marketing Project Discipline (s) MCFE-Marketing-S085 Company Description Emerson Umbrella Center for the Arts (celebrating their 25th Anniversary in 2008) is a thriving community arts center that offers classes for adults and children, a concert and film series and several community initiatives. EUCA is also home to dozens of resident artists and encourages the enjoyment and practice of performing arts in Concord and surrounding region by: offering quality arts education programs for all ages and abilities; providing space for local nonprofits and artists to offer performances, events, and classes; nurturing a community of artists with affordable studio rentals; fostering the Musketaquid Arts and Environment program; and presenting entertaining and inspiring performances under the banner Emerson Umbrella Presents. Project Description The EUCA would like a MCFE team to further increase participation and visibility of Emerson Umbrella Programs beyond the town of Concord and publicize EUCA’s mission. In doing so the team will investigate audience building strategies for new performing arts program. Our project goal is to assess the needs of our community while informing our existing and potential constituents of the opportunities already available at EUCA. We hope to increase participation among the citizens of Concord and the surrounding towns, particularly the less affluent neighboring towns of Maynard and Bedford. Our clarified mission and expanded reach will help as we embark on a capital campaign. Suggested means for addressing the problem include marketing assessment in Concord and surrounding towns via surveys and interviews. Evaluation of marketing materials, including graphic identity and sales message. Creation of comprehensive marketing strategy and suggestions for implementation. Page | 12
    • Company Name Fay School * Southborough, MA Website http://www.fayschool.org Industry Education Industry Sector Marketing Project Discipline (s) MCFE-Marketing Company Description Fay School celebrates its 142nd year as the oldest junior boarding school in the USA! Fay School educates grades 1-9 and provides boarding option for grades 6-9. Fay School has a unique population with more than 50% of its boarding students comprised of international students. Project Description Fay School would like a MCFE team to evaluate the effectiveness of the various marketing efforts of the school and to make recommend, and implement if time permits, a market focused marketing plan. Suggested means for addressing the problem might include In- depth interviews with members of senior management team at Fay. Interviews with Admission and Public Affairs staff. Possibility of telephone interviews (or a questionnaire) with former and prospective students and parents of students. Company Name Habitat for Humanity of Cape Cod * West Yarmouth, Massachusetts Website www.habitatcapecod.org Industry Not –For-Profit Industry Sector Non Profit,Research,Business Development Project Discipline (s) MCFE-Non Profit,Business Development-S0818 Company Description Habitat for Humanity of Cape Cod is a 501 (c) 3, organized in 1988 as a recognized affiliate of Habitat for Humanity International, Inc. and has a long and distinguished history as a non-profit affordable housing developer. HHCC serves all 15 towns of Barnstable County. This affiliate has, to date, constructed 50 homes in 15 towns and has provided safe, decent affordable shelter to Cape Cod families. HHCC was the first Habitat affiliate in the state of Massachusetts to utilize the Local Initiative Program so that Habitat homes can be counted as part of the town’s affordable housing inventory. Our leadership on this issue has provided a roadmap for other Habitat affiliates to follow. We have also successfully used 40B to develop single family homes on undersized lots that would otherwise be unbuildable. Project Description Habitat for Humanity is considering opening a new business Page | 13
    • venture, called "ReStore" - a store that will sell new, unused construction products. This concept has proven successful at many HfH organizations (raising $200K - $500K a year) and they would like a MCFE team to investigate whether it will be successful for our location. What is needed is development of a business plan and a go / no-go decision. The business plan could include analysis of: product availability, market analysis / customer profiles, operations costs, etc. There is a quite a bit of information available on the concept and the Board is quite interested in this opportunity. The overall goal is to provide a funding source, other than our traditional sources, to provide more affordable housing for working families than we currently can provide. The faces of families that obtain a Habitat house are priceless and the output of this analysis could directly provide houses for 3-5 families a year. The value of this project to students, in addition to the personal value of providing housing to families in need, is that the project is development of an entire new business venture similar to what students would do when they want to create a business plan for their own business. The participants would be working with the Chair of the Finance Committee, as well as Treasurer, the President, other key Board members, and members of this new business committee. The Babson team can drive the process but suggestions are: • Review the current Habitat information on ReStore – sample business plans, learnings from other geographics, market analyses, etc. • Review the similar Babson project done for Habitat for Humanity-Boston • Discuss the project with Board members and other interested Habitat for Humanity-Cape Cod parties • Create a draft approach and business plan (final project deliverable) template • Perform research to identify project feasibility on Cape Cod. This may include: o Market research – Cape Cod demographics, potential customer profiles, etc. o In person customer research – ask potential customers whether they would us the ReStore o Supplier research – Contact potential suppliers to see if they would be interested in working with a ReStore o Real Estate – identify top locations based on customer demographics Page | 14
    • Company Name Hayward S Blackledge Qtet Newton, Massachusetts Website N/A Industry Entertainment Industry Sector Business Development/Sales,Marketing Project Discipline (s) MCFE-Business Development,Marketing-S0812 Company Description The Hayward S Blackledge Qtet is a jazz ensemble consisting of drums, percussion, saxophones, keyboards, electric and acoustic basses. We play music from the 1930’s to the present, including jazz standards, blues, r&b, and Latin interpretation. Our members are conservatory trained. Four are Berklee College of Music alums, all have extensive performing and teaching experience. We feel that jazz music, a uniquely American art is over played and undersold . One can hear snippets of the music and its derivatives all day long on television and radio around the world, but you would be hard pressed to find a show or station dedicated to jazz that promotes it’s music for sale, like the country and western, rock and roll or gospel genres. Our short term goal is to promote this band. The greater objective is to create a business model for this segment of the arts and entertainment universe that can be duplicated and utilized by the larger community. Project 1 Description They Hayward Blackledge Qtet would like a MCFE team to develop a 3-year plan to market authentic American music, using print, Internet, and other media strategies that would allow us to package, promote and sell jazz music in the person of this band. An interdisciplinary approach with a focus on marketing would be best for this company. To be successful in the music industry, being a good musician is not enough. The skills needed to define a market and then sell into it are not taught in music school . Therefore, we need to develop a model that will contain the tools, both strategic and tactical, to teach us how to sell jazz. Fine art , classical music, ballet, niche sports like field hockey and lacrosse (the latter being uniquely American also), while not massively consumed, somehow thrive next to their more popular soccer sisters and baseball brothers. If we seek out the best practices used by these arts and sports, the same can be said of jazz. We would like a team to interview successful players in other music and entertainment/sports segments and analyze their processes and procedures for taking a product to market. Identify and cost out tasks (i.e. web design, CD production/duplication, collateral materials printing, etc). Present findings with proposed timelines. Page | 15
    • Company Name Insource Services, Inc. Wellesley, MA Website www.insourceservices.com Industry Consulting Services Industry Sector Business Development Project Discipline (s) MCFE-Marketing/Finance Company Description Founded in 1993, Insource Services is a professional services practice that provides expert Finance, Human Resources and Technology counsel and implementation on an outsourced basis. Today the company includes over 30 professionals currently serving a diverse roster of clients in high technology, education, legal, biotechnology, philanthropy, franchise management and other professional service firms. Working either on-site at a client location or remotely from an Insource office, our highly educated, objective and performance-driven professionals become seamlessly integrated into an organization. In fact, Insource consultants commonly emerge as vital team leaders integral to a client’s success. Multi-year engagements, unsolicited referrals, and repeated requests for additional services are proof positive of our impact. Project 1 Description Insource Services seeks a MCFE team to research and identify 2-3 current and/or emerging market segments in which their outsourced financial services model would be a highly viable option and identify strategies for the company to successfully enter or expand within each. Insource services are currently used by small business and non-profit organizations in a variety of industries. We know that the model works well for most if not all of these. Our business development occurs via referral from current clients and we have never really marketed our services. What we would like to do is to identify 2-3 of the most viable industries or industry segments for us to target so that we can understand them in depth and become an expert provider of financial services within that particular sector. Suggested means for addressing the problem might include interviews with Insource staff, review of current industry sectors served, research of accounting, bookkeeping and financial outsourcing markets. Page | 16
    • Company Name KoMarketing Associates Waltham, Massachusetts Website www.komarketingassociates.com Industry Communications/Media Industry Sector Marketing/Research Project Discipline (s) MCFE-Marketing/Research Company Description KoMarketing Associates, LLC is an online marketing firm, specializing in the field of search engine marketing. We help clients improve their business results through obtaining natural search engine rankings and managing search engine advertising campaigns. Project 1 Description KoMarketing Associates seeks a MCFE consulting team to help launch a market research product that can be sold independently and that will enhance the company’s reputation in the marketplace. As an online marketing agency with expertise in search engine marketing and social media marketing, KoMarketing is creating a series of online marketing guides. We are looking to get these guides ready to sell online, and need help with the following: • Providing suggestions for improving the guides • Analyze the market opportunity for selling the guides • Identify potential distribution channels and methods for promoting the guides • Recommending additional guides The first drafts of the guides are available on our website now: http://www.komarketingassociates.com/resources.php Primary Research Might Include: Interview current customers; Interview prospective customers. Secondary: Analyze database information; Research the competitive landscape. Project 2 Description KoMareting would like a MCFE team to help them improve KoMarketing’s service offering and pricing model to attract profitable, long-term clients. In doing so they would like a MCFE team to use a combination of competitive analysis, secondary market research, and primary research to determine the optimal service and pricing model for clients and prospects. We need to understand the primary needs of clients, what they are looking to outsource to companies like ours, and how to package & price the service offering. In addition, we need to know what we are missing in service delivery to existing clients. Page | 17
    • Company Name Musicminders Donegal, IRELAND Website Industry Music Industry Sector Marketing Project Discipline (s) MCFE-Marketing-S0820 Company Description Musicminders began as a community project to support and promote music and musicians living in rural Ireland. The aim of Musicminders was to collect and evaluate music and musicians, showcase what we felt was best, promote this music to the music industry, radio, publishing etc, provide help in areas such as internet promotion, podcasting etc. There was enormous interest in all of the above services, and now the five founder members would like to launch Musicminders as a record label and music service company. Project 1 Description Musicminders would like a MCFE team to research the most effective ways to promote music and musicians to the US music industry. In doing so, this team will explore the most effective ways of modern music marketing including: - Use of internet promotion - Elements of a successful label - How distribution works in the www era - How to connect with the labels - How to publish and place music. Suggested means for addressing the problem might include: Interviews with personnel in the music industry: A&R executives, Radio, Podcast DJ’s, Computer experts, Promoters, Agents. Page | 18
    • Company Name Newtron, Inc Newton, MA Website www.newtron.com Industry Manufacturing Industry Sector Business Development/Marketing Strategies Project Discipline (s) MCFE-Marketing Company Description Newtron, Inc. is the source for quality machined parts. For over forty years, we have manufactured radar, microwave, and waveguide components. We helped put the first Americans on the moon and in future missions, aided in manufacturing a means of transport while on the lunar surface. More recently, we have helped bring a higher degree of safety to the generation of nuclear energy and helped pioneer the introduction of laser scanning and the HD T.V. broadcast signal. Since 1957, the Newtron Family has grown and prospered because of our commitment to projects like these, our customers, and to operating our business with integrity. We practice an honest fair and communicative climate in our business dealings with our customers, vendors, and employees. Our consistent success is due primarily to our skilled and dedicated team offering many years of quality expertise. We are proud of our ability to produce exactly what you need and want, within your deadlines and at a fair market price. With state-of-the-art machines, tooling, precision and care, we are capable of carrying any machined part from prototype into high volume production. This combination makes our family the best employees you have outside of your facility and Newtron the best partner for your production needs. Project 1 Description Newtron’s main goal is to realign its marketing efforts to insure greater exposure in the local manufacturing marketplace. In doing so we would like a MCFE consulting team to make strategic recommendations on approaches to developing alliances with OEM’s who are also seeking long term partnerships to meet their manufacturing requirements. We seek a MCFE team to assist Newtron in developing a marketing strategy enabling us to identify, contact, and most of all follow up with potential customers with the goal of developing good mutually beneficial partnerships within the manufacturing community first and possibly on the university level where many innovations are initially developed and applied in the potential development of future products. Page | 19
    • Company Name PUMA International Newton, MA Website www.newtron.com Industry Consumer Products Manufacturing Industry Sector Sports Brands Project Discipline (s) MCFE-Marketing Company Description PUMA has the long-term mission of becoming the most desirable Sportlifestyle company. The aim of Phase IV of PUMA’s long-term oriented business plan, which was launched in 2006, is to reinforce its position as one of the leading multi-category Sportlifestyle brands. We will achieve our goals by continuing to do what we have always done – harnessing our resources and experiences to provide our consumers with innovative products that successfully fuse the creative influences from the world of sport, lifestyle and fashion. Project 1 Description The running product line division seeks a Babson MCFE team to research and make strategic recommendations that address questions related to Women’s Running Footwear Market: - How can PUMA Women’s Running (Lifestyle and Performance) enter the top 5 in market share? As of 2006, Women’s Running footwear is lead by Nike (43.77%), Asics (16.44%), New Balance (15.59%), Adidas (11.10%), and Saucony (3.09%). How do we enter into the top 5? - What women should PUMA be targeting? Demographic, Psychographic, Behavioristic, Socio-Culture etc. - What are the positives/negatives in offering women’s specific running products (women’s specific uppers/women’s specific styles). What are specific areas of focus (Impact, TT, Trail, Cushioning, etc) for women’s specific running products? Nike is showing a clear investment in women’s specific uppers and styles, Adidas is investing in women’s color packs and a few women’s specific uppers…..are women responding better to products targeted/built for them? Or are they content with unisex patterns in women’s colorways? - How should PUMA market to our women’s running audience in order to stand out from the competition? Nike has a women’s site that offers both performance and lifestyle products. How can PUMA women’s running take advantage of the pumawomen.com website? What other methods will help grow the PUMA Women’s Running business? - What is the competition doing? How is the competition growing their women’s running business? How do we attack for market share? - Constraints for our brand that might prevent us from achieving our top 5 goal? What limitations does PUMA face in order to achieve being in the top 5 for women’s running? Page | 20
    • Company Name Somerville Chamber of Commerce Somerville, Massachusetts Website http://www.somervillechamber.org Industry Non-Profit - Other Industry Sector Financial Strategy Project Discipline (s) MCFE-Analyst,Finance,Financial Planning Company Description The Chamber’s New Group is a team of local economic and business leaders whose mission is to help sustain and expand the Chamber and to envision and advance Somerville in the world class milieu of Boston and Cambridge. Members include: Ames Safety Envelope Company, Inc.; Arrowstreet, Inc.; Bonney Automotive; Central Bank; Federal Realty Investment Trust; Hamlen & Company; Tufts University; and Winter Hill Bank. To learn more about the New Group and the Chamber’s Board, please visit the Chamber introduction, our 21st Century Achievements, and the biographies of our Board members at http://www.somervillechamber.org/about_us.htm You will be working in the Chamber office alongside Stephen Mackey, a Somerville High School and Harvard College graduate with 25 years of experience in non-profits, business, government, and politics. Project 1 Description FISCAL SUSTAINABILITY PROJECT The Somerville Chamber of Commerce seeks talented student consulting team for a dynamic learning and career building experience to work with a small staff and a wide array of business professionals consulting on Fiscal Sustainability. The most densely populated city in New England is well- disciplined in managing annual municipal budgets, but does not have a set of fiscal principles to guide plans for future zoning, growth and development. Twenty-four-month election cycles discourage long-term planning. Now, with the prospect of seven new urban rapid transit stations within the next decade, the city’s fiscal foundation could be improved and the fabric of city life enhanced through a well balanced plan for urban economic development. In this project we would a team to address the following:: 1) complete benchmark assessments of the fiscal conditions of Cambridge and Somerville; 2) survey local fiscal impact analysis approaches used by the Federal Reserve Bank, academia, think tanks, and municipalities elsewhere; 3) project future impacts on Somerville city services under no-commercial development and transit-driven commercial development scenarios; and 4) recommend fiscal principles to help guide the municipality Page | 21
    • toward a more enhanced and sustainable urban quality of life. Project 2 Description MARKETING PROJECT The Somerville Chamber of Commerce seeks “Brainpower TriangleSM Marketing Team” to consult with the city on marketing potential. Somerville, the city in the middle of MIT, Harvard and Tufts has earned regional acclaim, but, without a plan, fails to capture its market share of the world’s 21st Century economy. On the heels of several years of growing regional popularity and on the cusp of new metropolitan transit service, Somerville is poised to deliver a compelling message to a wide audience of business site selectors. Between Boston and Cambridge, Somerville is at the center of the Brainpower Triangle – MIT, Harvard and Tufts -- and is closer to downtown Boston than most of the City of Boston. Somerville has been pioneered by a highly-regarded artist community, leading architectural firms, several university spin-off companies, and dining and nightlife establishment that have won international attention. Citing its downtown caliber telecommunications infrastructure, The Boston Globe called Somerville “the new power address.” Already, one part of the city (Davis Square) has been dubbed one of the “hippest places in North America” another (Union Square) has been called “the most genuine international place in New England.” Still, the city has yet to establish a critical mass of small to mid-sized, new economy businesses. Somerville needs to establish itself as a new employment center to create jobs, generate commercial tax revenue, and infuse its local streetlife and storefront economy with the multiplier effects of a working skyline. The Chamber would like a MCFE team to develop a Brainpower Triangle marketing strategy and begin testing a plan across selected geographic and industry targets. Testing shall focus on small and mid-sized prospects that could be readily accommodated in today’s Somerville. Based on its strategic initiative and findings, the team will produce a set of final marketing recommendations. Page | 22
    • Company Name Sovereign Bank Wellesley, MA Website www.sovereignbank.com Industry Finance/Banking - Commercial Banking Industry Sector Business Development Project Discipline (s) MCFE-Business Development,Marketing Company Description Founded in 1902 as a small building and loan association, today Sovereign is the 18th largest financial services institution in the United States and a world-class financial services company. Through both financial commitment and team member participation, we are dedicated to serving the needs of the communities in which we live and work. We are committed to the success of minority- and women-owned businesses. Register today to become a preferred vendor. Project 1 Description Sovereign Bank would like a MCFE consulting team to identify customer loyalty trends between local banks. More specifically, what is causing the shifts in consumer choice between each financial institution? What does a bank need to do to fulfill the needs of their client base in order to retain business and continue to grow? What is the best way to market our programs and services to drive traffic into the branch and as a result increase profitability? How do we remain competitive in the current market landscape? What is the best way to rejuvenate the Sovereign brand within the local community? Page | 23
    • Company Name The Little Pearl Somerville, MA Website www.littlepearl.com Industry Consumer Products Industry Sector Marketing Project Discipline (s) MCFE-Marketing Company Description The Little Pearl is a delectable break from the ordinary that creates an extraordinary, trendsetting experience. Our caviar is considered the worlds finest because of its exceptional pureness, sophisticated character, and above all, consistently great taste. Our people have demonstrated exceptional performance in the hospitality, restaurant, luxury sales and marketing and public relations industries. We offer a variety of high quality products and services which can be view on our website at www.littleperal.com. The Little Pearl began in Babson's MBA program in 2003, building on a decade of aquaculture research to develop distribution solutions for some of the world's largest seafood organizations. Project 1 Description The Little Pearl would like a MCFE team review our marketing strategy, distribution, and product attributes for one of our product lines and make recommendations. Some areas the students might address in this project could include: 1. Who is the target customer, then market size, share, growth 2. Which product attributes matter to customers –i.e. fresh, trendsetting, healthy, sustainable (possibly a survey/ focus group to identify priorities) 3. 4 P's (where do we sell it - which grocery/specialty, catalog, etc // price - planogram for the category and competitor price matrix // - etc..) 4. How to build awareness using PR, which kinds of PR, email campaigns, online class and blog. 5. Map customers and distributors by territory: interview some top customers in top markets, see who their distributors are that are honest and high quality, use Hoover's to identify the large ones. Page | 24
    • Company Name Top Floor Learning Palmer, Massachusetts Website http://www.topfloorlearning.org Industry Education,Not-For-Profit Industry Sector Marketing Project Discipline (s) MCFE-Marketing Company Description Top Floor Learning is a provider of adult literacy services, including GED preparation and testing, ESL and citizenship. TFL also offers a wide range of affordable lifelong learning classes to adult residents of the Palmer, MA and the Quaboag Hills region. Project 1 Description TLF would like a MCFE team to consult with them on developing a publicity and marketing campaign to raise the profile of TFL in Western Massachusetts, and to target a wider customer base. Company Name Velcro USA, Inc. ** Manchester, NH Website http://www.velcro.com Industry Consumer Product Industry Sector Marketing Project Discipline MCFE-Marketing (s) Company Velcro USA Inc. is an international manufacturer of hook and loop Description fasteners. The company is divided into 4 divisions: Industrial, Consumer, Automotive, and Personal Care. Most of our customers are OEM. Besides hook and loop products, we also offer laminated material and fabricated items to customers specifications. Project 1 Velcro USA Inc. would like a MCFE team to engage in global Description market research working with their Personal Care Division to help them better understand global macro trends and how they are impacting project development in a key Personal Care target market. Skin care will be the focused market to research and the scope will include researching global trends broken down by regions including Asia Pacific; Eastern Europe; Latin America, etc. The team will research the type of trends that impact product development including economic, demographic and lifestyle. Suggested sources of data might include (not limited to) primary survey data wherever possible; Euro Monitor, Data Monitor, Happi Magazine (Household and Personal Products) and WSJ On-Line. Page | 25
    • Project 2 Velcro would also like a MCFE team to work with their VP and Description Division Managers to identify and confirm top competitors across their hook and loop product categories: Woven; Molded plastic; and Knit. For this competitive set, they would like a team to gather competitive information on: Pricing (standard products only) and Products (What hook and loop fastener products do they market? What other related companion products do they market i.e. zippers, adhesives, etc.?) Some suggested area to review will include: • Promotion – How do they market their products? • Advertising • Trade shows • Direct mail • Co-op programs? – How is their sales force organized • By geography? By industry segment? • Distribution – Where are their manufacturing and distribution centers located? – Do they utilize third-party distributors to sell their product? • Services – Quality of customer service support? – Quality of R&D technical support? – Other services? • Planning and Strategy – What new products are in development? – Are they exploring new businesses? – Any new geographic focus? The desired outcome for this project would include sourcebook or database of competitive information including S.W.O.T. Analysis and recommended actions for short-term tactical and longer-term strategic initiatives. Page | 26
    • Company Name Wilbraham & Monson Academy Wilbraham, MA Website www.WMAcademy.org Industry Education Industry Sector Marketing Project Discipline (s) MCFE-Marketing Company Description Wilbraham & Monson Academy (WMA) was established by the merger of two early-nineteenth-century academies: Monson Academy, founded in 1804, and Wesleyan (Wilbraham) Academy, founded in 1817. The two academies merged in 1971. The Academy is in the center of the town of Wilbraham, located in south-central Massachusetts, 7 miles east of Springfield. It occupies 300 acres of what was formerly rich farmland and wooded hillsides. The town itself, incorporated in 1763, is essentially suburban, and many residents commute to nearby Springfield and to Hartford, Connecticut. Wilbraham & Monson Academy is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. The 2006-2007 student body is composed of 168 boys, 100 girls in grades 9 through 12 and a postgraduate year. There are 47 day students in grades 6-8 at Blake Middle School. Eleven states and sixteen countries are represented in the enrollment. Project 1 Description Over the last five years the Academy has been embarked on a good to great mission to identify itself as "The Global School". This has meant developing a niche program, The Center for Entrepreneurial and Global Studies. We now want to capitalize on this program and become the best in the world at offering this kind of emphasis. No other independent prep school has a focus on economics, business and entrepreneurship and we'd like to be that school. As one example of a concrete project we have tackled, we have recently completed the first step in an entrepreneurial venture, the development and initial marketing of a children's game, Blocks Rock. We had 500 units of this game manufactured in Hong Kong, tested for lead paint, and they have arrived ready for use. Our long range dream would be to market this game to vendor catalog sales merchants such as Lillian Vernon, or other stores such as Toys- R-Us. We think there is potential for large scale manufacture and sales. This would be ground breaking for a school. Page | 27
    • Company Name YMCA of Greater Boston Boston, MA Website www.Ymcaboston.org Industry Not-For-Profit Industry Sector Health Project Discipline (s) Marketing/Business Strategy Company Description The YMCA is at the heart of strong communities in metro Boston. We provide affordable and accessible programs to more than 100,000 children, teens, adults and seniors every year, thanks to nearly 1,500 employees, 400 summer teen employees and 1,500 dedicated volunteers. We are building a strong future for young people and teens. We serve more youths than any other non-profit in Boston with an array of diversion, leadership development, skill building and healthy lifestyle programs. Project 1 Description The YMCA is looking for a consulting team to help design an association wide marketing strategy to increase enrollments in all of their aquatic programs. The population served includes ages 6 months to adults….there are lots of options! Company Name Young Entrepreneurs Alliance Concord, Massachusetts Website www.yeaworks.org Industry Not-For-Profit Industry Sector Marketing Project Discipline (s) MCFE-Marketing Company Description The Young Entrepreneurs Alliance (YEA) was founded on the belief that teens from all walks of life have innate talents, waiting to be discovered. YEA helps low-income teens realize their economic potential and take steps toward financial independence by owning and running viable businesses. YEA empowers these teens through business ownership, job training, financial education and academic support. In addition, YEA opens doors to higher education and meaningful employment, enabling teens to envision and create a brighter future for themselves, their families, and their communities. Today, YEA works with teens at four regional vocational-technical schools (Horace Mann School for the Deaf in Brighton, Madison Park Vocational in Roxbury, Assabet Valley Tech in Marlboro, Keefe Tech in Framingham, and Framingham Middle Schools) to create bona fide income-generating businesses in which the teens are owners. These businesses include a graphic design firm, a scanning business, a remote secretarial services company, and a Page | 28
    • retail store. Within the framework of these businesses, YEA teens build the skills they need to turn their lives around and attain long- term economic independence. YEA also provides a range of other support services. In the last year, we have helped our teens with college preparation (tours, applications, and general counseling), MCAS tutoring, identifying learning disabilities, and receiving proper medical care. Project 1 Description YEA seeks a MCFE team to conduct market research on behalf of YEA in preparation for the rollout of our Stairway to Success program. The team will also be responsible for making recommendations to YEA staff and the Board of Directors on the most effective way to conduct marketing efforts. YEA is in the process of planning and creating the Stairway to Success (StS) program, which is a replication initiative that will allow us to franchise our innovative entrepreneurship coaching to schools beyond Eastern Massachusetts. The StS product will be filled with interactive tools and teaching guides that reflect the nature of how we teach, and how our students learn. This social enterprise will allow us to reach more teens, to diversify our income stream and to reduce our dependency on charitable dollars. Before launching Stairway to Success, we must have a solid understanding of the competitive landscape and a roll-out plan that meets the market needs. We are currently working with a MCFE team to formulate a distribution plan will allow us to quickly and efficiently deliver products to our constituents. Additionally, a MCFE team in 2006 conducted a competitive analysis for YEA. The Spring '08 MCFE team will build on previous teams' progress to formulate an effective marketing strategy to ensure the Stairway to Success program reach as many schools and teens as possible. The MCFE team will have direct contact with full time YEA Program Associates, as well as contact with Julie Nessen, Executive Director. The YEA staff will provide necessary research materials, participate in interviews, and guide the direction of the MCFE project. Overall activities will include: * Gaining an understanding of YEA's mission, the Stairway to Success program, and the previous work completed by YEA staff and consultants. * Reviewing YEA's current marketing collateral. * Benchmarking marketing efforts of similar organizations. * Review for-profit marketing methodologies and how they may apply to a non-profit setting. * Reviewing the scope of our current market and identifying target markets. Page | 29