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  • 1. Madam/Sir, I would like to inquire about possible career opportunities with your organization. I am a PhD Candidate (currently ABD) in Economics w/ specializations in i)Financial Economics, ii)International Economics, and iii)Econometrics at Fordham University in New York city. I have completed up to date the following 6000+ and 7000+ level graduate courses, and passed all the comprehensive exams from PhD program, Fordham University. Currently I am working on my dissertation proposal development. i.Economic Theories: Macroeconomics II, Comprehensive Exam in Macroeconomics; Price Theory II, Comprehensive Exam in Microeconomics ; ii.Financial Economics: Domestic Financial Market, Financial Theory, Corporate Finance, Comprehensive Exam in Financial Economics; iii.International Economics: International Finance, International Trade, Comprehensive Exam in International Economics; iv.Econometrics: Econometrics I, Econometrics II, Econometric Modeling of the Financial Market, Applied Econometrics ; v.Mathematical Economics: Math for Economists II; vi.Monetary Economics: Monetary Theory, Macro-Monetary Seminar. From MA International Studies from University of Denver(‘94) with specialization in International Economics and concentration in Technology Analysis and Management, I have completed the following 4000+ level graduate courses and submitted a Master’s thesis. i.Economics: Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Int'l Trade, Int'l Monetary Relations, Advanced Issues in Int'l Economics, Global Political Economy; ii.Research Methodology: Statistics I, Methods of Policy Analysis, Systems of Policy Analysis; iii.Technology Analysis and Management: Planning & Management of Technology, Technology Policy - Theory & Practice, Technology & Int'l Affairs; iv.Political Science: Int'l Politics Theory, Intro-Comparative Politics, U.S. Foreign Policy. I also have an extensive educational background in liberal arts with MA French Linguistics, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies(‘88), Seoul, Korea; BA French, HUFS(‘84). With years of work experiences in the three major fields of economic activities-i.e. int'l trade, int'l finance and technology management-as my strengths, I have directed my efforts to top off my advanced educational goal w/ PhD in Economics. This would complete the sequence of integrating these experiences w/ academic training. Therefore, my desired career goal is a niche in consulting and research - strategy, business process management, investment & financial analysis/management and forecasting - where my academic background and professional experiences can contribute to. Attached please find a copy of my curriculum vitae and also visit my web page at for further details. Thank you. Hong, Seung-Mo J.
  • 2. SM Jeff Hong’s Curriculum Vitae PhD Candidate (ABD) Economics, MA International Studies, MA French Linguistics, BA French Member of i)American Economics Society, ii)New York Academy of Science, iii)Ο∆Ε I. Personal Data Address : 2535 Cambreleng Ave. #2F, Bronx , New York , NY 10458 Tel : 718) 220 2610/ eFax: 978) 359-0217 E-mail : i)hong@, ii) Nationality: South Korea II. Education ( in reverse chronological order ) 08/’96~Present: Ph.D. Candidate(ABD) in Economics with specialization in i)Financial Economics, ii)International Economics, and iii)Econometrics at Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Fordham University, New York, New York 01/’93~12/’94: MA International Studies with specialization in International Economics and Technology Analysis and Management at Graduate School of International Studies, University of Denver, Denver, Colorado 03/’86~08/’88: MA French Linguistics, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Seoul, Korea 03/’80~02/’84: BA French, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Seoul, Korea III. Professional Skills and/or Experiences Field of Expertise i) Finance: Capital Budgeting, Term Structure and Bond Valuation, Yield Spread & Interest Rate Forecasting, Measuring Portfolio Risk & Return, CAPM(Sharpe-Lintner, Black), Multifactor Asset Pricing(APT), Derivative Pricing Models(Brownian Motion & Stochastic Differential Equation Models), OPM(Binomial, Black-Scholes), Futures Pricing, Hedging Strategy(Synthetic Futures & Options), Capital Structure, Firm Valuation, Dividend Policy, Mergers, Restructuring, OLS, MLE, Intertemporal Equilibrium Pricing Models (VAR, GARCH, ARMA, GMM), Random Walk Modeling, Martingale, Stochastic Volatility Modeling; ii) Int'l Economics: Alternative Trade Theories(PCM, Linder, Product Differentiation, IIT) , Analysis of Effects of Technological Change, Analysis of Effects of Factor Growth, International Capital Movement(FDI & MNC), Trade Policies(Tariff, Quotas, VER, Protection), TOT Effect, Strategic Trade Policy, Economic Integration, Foreign Exchange Market(Spot & Forward), Simultaneous Adjustment btn Forex Market and Financial Market , UIP, CIP and Financial Market Eqm, Monetary & Portfolio Balance Approach to External Balance, Exchange Rate Overshooting, Exchange Rate Forecasting, General Eqm in Open Economy under Fixed & Flexible Exchange Rate(IS/LM/BP Model), Exchange
  • 3. Control, Interdependent Monetray Policy under Fixed Exchange Rate, Economic Policy in Open Economy under Flexible Exchange Rate, IS/LM/BP under Imperfect Capital Mobility, Prices and Output in Open Ecomy, Exogeous Shock on AD under Fixed and Flexible Exchange Rate, Hybrid System; iii) Macro & Micro: Economic Growth, Ramsey-Cass-Koopmans Model, Balanced Growth Path, Diamod OLG & Dynamic Inefficiency, Real Business Cycle Model, Lucas Imperfect Information Model, Staggered Price Adjustment, New Keynesian Model, Permanent Income Hypothesis, Modeling Investment w/ Adjustment Cost, Inflation, Money Growth & Interest Rate, Monetary Policy & Term Structure of Interest Rates, Dynamic Inconsistency of Low Inflation Monetary Policy, Utility Maximization, Demand Function, Subsitution Effect & Income Effect(Slutsky Eqm), Production Function(CD, CES, VES, Translog), Constrained Output Optimization, Constrained Profitmaximization/Cost Minimization, Input Demand Function, Cost Function, Linear Programming, Monetary Policy, Monopolistic Competition, Duopoly, Oligopoly, Game Theory, Welfare Economics(Pareto Optimality, External Effects, Social Welfare Function); iv)R&D Management(Refer to Work Experience) Computer Skills i) Econometric/ Statistical/ Math S/W's: Eviews, Splus, ET3,PC-GIVE, SYSTAT, MAPLEIV; ii) Languages: Gauss, SAS; iii) Other S/W's: M/S Office Package(Word, Excel, etc.), Word Perfect, Lotus, D-Base, Utility S/W's (Norton, PCShell) etc. IV. Work Experiences ( in reverse chronological order ) 09/'98~Present: Graduate Assistant, CIMS Computer Lab., Fordham University 07/’98~08/'98: TA, Pre-freshmen Tutorials in Math & Economics, Fordham University, 09/’96~05/’98: Graduate assistant, Controller’s Office, Fordham University 01/’95~07/’96: GRE Instructor, Pagoda Institute, Seoul, Korea 06/’95~07/’96: Investment Consultant, Daehae Corporation, Seoul, Korea provided fundamental and technical analyses and information support to foreign exchange market investors.
  • 4. 09/’90~05/’95: International Joint R&D Projects Coordinator, Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, Daedok Science Park, Korea (This period includes the leave of absence for Master’s work in DU.) conducted research in science & technology policies of industrialized countries as policy benchmark for government-funded R&D institute; planned and coordinated technology cooperation programs with internationally renowned Engineering Research Centers (SRI, MIT, CTR, Bell Lab.,…etc.); conducted general R&D management: identifying and evaluating project proposals; developing and executing budgets; obtaining government approvals; maintaining technical and administrative contact with R&D partners; following up the progress; reviewing progress reports; collecting and managing the R&D results - findings, reports, prototypes...etc. 05/'89~08/'90: French teacher, Yushin High School, Suwon, Korea 06/'88~10/'88: Editing Staff of THE SEOUL OLYMPIAN, the Official English/French edition Olympic Daily News published jointly by the Seoul Olympics Organizing Committee and THE KOREA TIMES, Seoul, Korea 12/’83~08/’85: Administration staff, Special Supplies and Heavy Machinery Export sectors Daewoo Corp. Seoul, Korea planned and implemented marketing strategies; sourced suppliers; developed offers; negotiated export contracts; sold out L/C's to commercial banks; obtained E/L, E/P from gov't; arranged vessels for shipment; managed follow-up procedures and follow-on orders. developed proposals and prepared commercial and technical documents for entering int’l infrastructure procurement (involving plants and heavy equipment) or construction tenders; organized production and delivery schedule; managed follow-up procedures. V. Publications: N/A VI. Languages: Korean(Native), English(Near-Native), French(Fluent) VII. Other A. Unpublished Seminal Research Works 1. NEER vs. FAR, Comparative Analysis of Asset Pricing Model 2. A Survey on Strategic Trade Policy 3. Random Walk Test of the Foreign Exchange Market 4. Comparison of the Out of Sample Forecasting Power between Random Walk Model and Structural Model 5. Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis of the U.S. Telecommunications Industry Deregulation (Also MA Thesis) 6. Analysis of the Criticism on Permanent Fiscal Policy 7. Deregulation Business Community and the Decision-Making Process of the Denver Int’l Airport Project 8. Cost/Benefit Analysis of AT&T Divestiture in the Light of U.S. Telecommunications Industry Deregulation 9. Devaluation, Balance of Trade, and Balance of Payments
  • 5. 10. Evaluation of the Balance of Payments of South Korea for 1992 11. Int’l Economic Factors Affecting Technological Development of the Developing and Less Developed Countries 12. Macroeconomic Effects of Devaluation and Postponed Adjustment 13. Review of Keynesianism vs. Monetarism 14. Int’l Economy and Costs of Technology Transfer 15. Origin of the U.S. National Debt 16. Market Failure and Deregulation in the U.S. Telecommunications Industry 17. Transnational Efforts to Regulate Multinational Corporations 18. Critical Assessment of the "Hegemonic Stability" 19. Role of the Business Elites in Public Policy Decision Making 20. State Intervention and Industrial Policy in South Korea 21. Role of the Federal Government in Telecommunications R&D Policy 22. Technology Transfer - Expedience or Impediment to Development? 23. Factor Analysis of the U.S. Foreign Policy 24. Weberian Themes - History of Social Development 25. The System of Modern Linguistics - an Issue Paper B. Career Objective: Having years of working experiences in the three major fields of economic activities-i.e. int'l trade, int'l finance and technology management-as my strengths, I have directed my efforts to top off my advanced educational goal w/ PhD in Economics. This would complete the sequence of integrating these experiences w/ academic training. Therefore, my desired career goal is a niche in consulting and research - strategy, business process management, investment & financial analysis/management and forecasting - where my academic background and professional experiences can contribute to. C. Honors and Awards (in reverse chronological order) 01/'97~Present: Presidential Scholar, Fordham University 03/'86~'02/'87: Departmental Scholar, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies 03/'80~02/'81: Departmental Scholar, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies D. Restrictions: None I CERTIFY THAT ALL INFORMATION STATED IN THIS RESUME IS TRUE AND COMPLETE TO THE BEST OF MY KNOWLEDGE. Hong, Seung-Mo J.