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CV - EZB.doc

  1. 1. EZRA Z. BAR, PhD AREAS OF EXPERTISE CAREER OBJECTIVES  Business Architecture To analyse and suggest ways to improve firm’s critical business processes as  Business Process Reengineering part of organisational structure and infrastructure, aiming at increasing  Business Systems Analysis performance and better satisfying its key stakeholders.  IT Project Management  Organisational Change To successfully integrate software, hardware, processes and procedures, with respect to the organisational culture and policies, and aiming at an  IT Strategy optimally working system.  Business Modeling  Business Case CAREER SUMMARY  Feasibility Studies  Software Requirements 25 years of professional experience that includes Leadership and Management, Business Architecture, Business and Systems Analysis and IS/  Multidiscipline Teams IT Development.  Governments & Municipalities  User Training Addresses business and technical points of view and concerns; these hybrid  JAD/ JRP Workshop Facilitation skills and competencies include in-depth and in-breadth experience in the information technology as well as in the business environment. Multi-platform  Walkthrough Presentation experience that includes IBM-Mainframe applications, Client/ Server systems  RFP/ RFQ/ RFI Development and web-based n-tier J2EE environment.  SDLC Systems Dev. Life Cycle  International Assignments Has an organizational view for Business Architecture and IT strategy development, utilizing Zachman Enterprise Framework Rows 1-3, and SPECIAL SKILLS developing Business Case and Feasibility Analysis documents. Diversified projects that have spanned across industries and businesses, including: all Methods and techniques levels of Governments, Education, Banking, Insurance, Clinical Research,  Zachman Enterprise Framework Manufacturing, and Information Technology. Application systems include Logistics, Budget, HR, Payroll, MRP and ERP. Possessing the knowledge of  RUP Rational Unified Process Floor-Shop, Supply-Chain, ITIL Service Management, and CRM applications  UML Unified Modeling Language and concepts.  Use Cases  Functional Requirements Key personal traits: effectively communicate at all levels within an organisation; outstanding writing skills, professional and academic;  Non-functional Requirements exceptional analytical thinking and problem solving; strong planning and  Software Specifications organisational skills coupled with a strategic view; outstanding research and  Data Modeling self-learning skills. These traits have enabled challenging the ambiguity and  DFD Data Flow Diagrams to cope with the fast-pace changing environment.  IDEF Process Mapping  Agile Development EDUCATION  Iterational Lifecycle  Ph.D. in Management of Engineering and Technology. Northcentral  Time Boxing University, Prescott Valley, Arizona, USA, 2008.  Activity, Swim-lane Diagrams  MBA (with Distinction) in Information Technology Management Minor:  Sequence, State-transition Diagrams Business Process Re-engineering, Leicester University, England, UK,  Class Diagrams 2002.  Test Cases  B.Sc. in Industrial and Management Engineering, Technion - Israel Software engineering tools Institute of Technology, 1979.  Rational Requisite Pro CREDENTIALS  Enterprise Architect CASE  Professional Engineer – Israel Ledger of Engineers and Architects, 1980.  MS-Visio  Certified Business Systems Analyst – Israel Chamber of Business  MS-Project Systems Analysts, 1981.  iRise Studio  PMI – Project Management Institute, 2003. Software SECURITY CLEARANCE  IBM Mainframe  Secret (Level II) – Government of Canada, effective until 2017.  Client/ Server  Web-based J2EE  Object Modeling  Oracle Curriculum Vitae, Ezra Z. Bar Page 1 of 4
  2. 2. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE City of Toronto June 2007 – Present Nº 9 Senior Business Analyst. Contract. 2 Years Projects 1. Vital Statistics Registration Services (Birth, Marriage, Death), 2. Toronto Gaming Services (Charitable Lottery), 3. Council Expense Proactive Reporting (Internet posting), 4. Council Services (including Automation and Process Improvement), 5. Toronto’s Corporate Access and Privacy Systems, 6. Multimedia, Production and Workflow System (including Digital Assets Management), Activities A. Eliciting requirements through workshops, requirements verifications, and walkthroughs, as well as by one-on-one interviews, B. Planning and Running those Meetings, and keeping the IT Manager informed, C. Developing the User Requirements for each system (including Use cases, Swim-lane Activity Diagrams, Class Diagrams), D. Developing the System Specifications for each system (including non-functional requirements, user interface conceptual screens, reports, and database), E. Developing system’s Simulation for User Interface and flow of screens (by Visio & iRise), F. Preparing Business Cases for all Capital Budget IT Projects, G. Preparing RFP/RFQ, disseminating them, and evaluating proposals, H. Preparing Test-cases and conducting system units’ tests during development. Methodologie UML (Unified Modeling Language), RUP (Rational Unified Process), MS-Visio, Requisite- s & Tools Pro: Business Process modeling and Conceptual Data modeling, Use-cases, Swim-lane Activity diagrams, and Class diagrams. iRise Studio & Visio: generating system’s simulation and prototype. Test-cases for Gaming Services System. Clinical Research Company, Toronto & Boston June 2005 – Nov 2006 Nº 8 Senior Business Analyst. Contract. 18 months Activities Preparing and disseminating RFP (Request for Proposals), and proposals evaluating. Prior to that, User Requirements, Systems Specifications Requirements, and Business Case were developed and approved. Assisting with implementation of improved processes and new system. Methodologie Enterprise Architecture CASE tool was utilized for depicting UML - Process, Use-case s and Class Diagrams. Ontario Ministry of Transportation, Toronto Feb 2005 – May 2005 Nº 7 Business Analyst, Materials Engineering & Research Office. 3 months Contract. Activities Preparing pre-implementation requirements document (phase 2) for a web-based Engineering Materials Management System. Evaluating LIMS (Laboratory Information Management Systems) implementations in the US. Methodologie UML (Unified Modeling Language), RUP (Rational Unified Process), MS-Visio, Business s Process modeling and Conceptual Data modeling: Use-cases, Activity diagrams, Sequence diagrams, and Class-diagrams. Syneron, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada July 2004– Dec 2004 Nº 6 Senior Business Analyst. Contract. 6 months Activities Computerising the company’s clinical trial process (for a medial device). Developing RFP, disseminating, and evaluating proposals. Methodologie UML, RUP, Use-Case, Data modelling. s Curriculum Vitae, Ezra Z. Bar, PhD Page 2 of 4
  3. 3. Environment Internet-based standard system, J2EE, MS-Office, Visio, MS-Excel. Israel Ministry of Environment, Business Registration Department. Oct 2003– July 2004 Nº 5 Business Architect, Acting Project Manager. Contract. 9 months Activities Project management, Enterprise business architecture, Business process analysis/ Re- engineering; Business systems analysis; planning and performing unit, system, and integration tests, System and processes implementation, developing the Business Case, preparing RFP and proposals evaluation. Achievements • The Israel Ministry of the Environment, Business Registration Department, is more efficient and effective in its supervision and control activities, which includes all three levels of the department – national, regional and local/municipal, • The department’s clients, businesses as well as individuals, receive better services, • Planning of hazardous materials’ transportation through the country is improved, and a central emergency control has been attained, equipped with the latest information technology. Methodologie Utilizing Agile Development principles with Reuse, Iterations and Time-boxing. Following s Zachman Enterprise Development Framework rows 1 (scope), 2 (enterprise model), and 3 (system model) artefacts; UML, RUP, Use-Case, Object modeling and Oracle Object Database Designer. Environment Oracle, Client/ Server, n-Tier J2EE, PL/SQL, MS-Office, MS-Project, Visio, MS-Access, MS- Excel, Power-Point. Israel Ministry of Defence, Procurement Branch, New York. Jan 2000– Dec 2002 Nº 4 Business Architect, Senior Business Analyst. Contract. 3 years Activities Leading and participating in teams and projects of business process analysis; Enterprise business architecture, business systems analysis; evaluation of responses to RFPs. Achievements Provided the office with solutions for systems, processes and policies, and carried out their implementation. Methodologie DFD (Data Flow Diagrams), RUP (Rational Unified Process), Use-Case and Object s modeling, UML (Unified Modeling Language), IDEF process mapping, Zachman Enterprise Development Framework row 1 (context and scope), row 2 (conceptual enterprise model), and row 3 (logical system model), ISO-9000, TQM, Six-Sigma, PLC Project Life Cycle, SDLC Systems Development Life Cycle, RAD Rapid Applications Development, DSDM Dynamic Systems Development Method, PRIDE Projects in Dynamic Environment Environment IBM-MF, Oracle, Client/ Server, n-Tier J2EE, PL/SQL, DB2, Sapiens, Visio 2000, and SPSS/ PC. Bank of Montreal & Canada-Life Assurance, Toronto. Apr 1998 – Oct 1999 Nº 3 Systems Analyst, Group Life and Health & Computer Aided 18 months Collection System. Activities Supported users and business analysts; Monitored the system’s activity and integrity; Gathered users’ requirements for changes, interpreted and prioritised them, tested and promoted the changes into the production mode. Methodologie SDLC Systems Development Life Cycle, Structured Systems Analysis & Design Method. s Curriculum Vitae, Ezra Z. Bar, PhD Page 3 of 4
  4. 4. DFD Systems Ltd., Israel Oct 1986 – Feb 1998 Nº 2 General Manager and Senior Business Systems 11 years Analyst. Activities Carried out all business activities of the consulting company (including marketing and responding to RFP/ RFR, cash-flow control, employee recruiting and leading, and projects co- ordinating); Managed a number of diversified IS/IT and business analysis projects and teams at a time; Acted as a liaison to projects’ steering committees (more details in “Use of Time”). Achievements • Established and successfully managed a prosperous open-minded consultancy (with more than ten professionals employed, and more than sixty projects in USA, Israel, Germany and Argentina). • Provided excellent project’s time, budget, and quality management, multi-tasking and team leading. • Developed a close, long relationship with customers, based on integrity. • Saved more than US$2 million a year in direct expenses for a US$5 million project, for a government ministry. Also, provided the organization with improved business processes (which have become organization’s Standard Operating Procedures) and a customized smart computerized system. Methodologie DFD Data Flow Diagrams, UML Unified Modeling Language, IDEF process mapping, s ISO-9000, TQM, Project Life Cycle, SDLC Systems Development Life Cycle, Structured Systems Analysis & Design Method, PRINCE2 Projects in Controlled Environment. Use of Time 40%: Business systems analysis, Business Process Re-engineering, Change management, Requirements management, Strategic planning, Gap/ SWOT analysis, Feasibility study and Cost-Benefit analysis, Activity Based Costing, Data and Statistical analyses, RFP/ RFI preparation and proposals evaluation, Workshop facilitation and participation, MRP systems and processes Implementation. 30%: General management, marketing, bidding and responding to RFP/ RFR, project management and administration. 30%: Systems analysis and design, prototyping, systems testing, training and presentations. Israel Air force Computer Centre. Mar 1981 – Oct 1986 Nº 1 Head of Department, Logistics and Budget I.S. 6 Years Activities • Managed and led a department of twelve professionals who reported directly to me, teamed into four functional groups: procurement, inventory, maintenance and budget systems; • Managed projects of IBM-Mainframe-Based applications development and enhancement, while carefully maintaining and sustaining existing systems; • Planned and monitored resources for development and maintenance projects. • Completed two terms of service with distinction and a military rank of Major. Curriculum Vitae, Ezra Z. Bar, PhD Page 4 of 4