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[ ] CodeVPresentation.ppt

  1. 1. Strategic Alliances Directorate (Proposed) Strategic Alliances Directorate (Proposed) Gary Martin, Director of Strategic Management and Advanced Planning NASA Ames ResearchDirector of Strategic Management and Gary Martin, Center Advanced Planning January 18, 2008 NASA Ames Research Center In Silicon Valley January 18, 2008 Strategic Alliances Directorate (Proposed)
  2. 2. Objectives • Integrate the Key Components of Strategic Management for Ames – Strategic Planning – Partnerships – R&D Collaborations – Strategic Communications – Education – New Business Support – Ames Management Processes • Create Strategic Alliances with Industry, Academia, and other Government Agencies • Integrate Business Development Functions across the Center Strategic Alliances Directorate (Proposed)
  3. 3. Strategic Alliances Directorate(Code V) Proposed Gary L. Martin - Director Deborah L. Feng – Deputy Director Strategic Communications and Management Lisa L. Lockyer – Deputy Director Partnerships Jan Aikins Associate Director SBIR/STTR Level 2 Strategic Communication Entrepreneurial Initiatives Division Strategic Management and Program Office (Code VB) Division (Code VC) (Code VP) Analysis Division (Code VS) Chief Chief Chief Chief Deputy Chief Deputy Chief Deputy Chief New Business Services Education Branch (Code VPT) Strategic Analysis and (Code VCE) Branch Chief Implementation Branch Branch Chief (Code VSA) Innovative Partnerships Branch Chief Government Relations Branch (Code VPP) Branch (Code VCG) Branch Chief Management Readiness Branch Chief - Business Development Branch (Code VSM) - SBIR/STTR Level 3 Branch Chief Public Affairs Branch Intellectual Property (Code VCP) Management Branch Branch Chief (Code VPI) Branch Chief Version January 18, 2008 Strategic Alliances Directorate (Proposed)
  4. 4. Components of Strategic Alliances Directorate • SBIR/STTR Level 2 Program Office – Responsible for Agency-wide Management of SBIR and STTR Programs • Strategic Communication Division – Responsible for Timely, Accurate, and Strategic Transmission of NASA Information to both NASA and Public • Entrepreneurial Initiatives Division – Responsible for the Creation of Strategic Collaborations with Industry, Academia, and other Government Agencies for both Infusion of Technology to Support the Mission Directorates and the Transfer of NASA Technology to Industry • Strategic Management and Analysis Division – Responsible for the Execution and Management of an Integrated Strategic Business Analysis, Planning, and Management Capability for Ames Strategic Alliances Directorate (Proposed)
  5. 5. Strategic Communication Division • Education Branch – Agency-level Education Programs – Grants – Ames-specific Education Projects – Managing 10-state Region Network of Educators • Government Relations Branch – Establishing and maintaining Relationships with City, County, State, and National Officials – Primarily for 10-state region • Public Affairs Branch – Communication of NASA content and activities to the media – Communication Vehicle for the Center › Communication Plan Development › Freedom of Information Act Office › Public Affairs Offices/Media Relations › Web publishing › Photo and Video Documentation Strategic Alliances Directorate (Proposed)
  6. 6. Strategic Management and Analysis Division • Management Readiness Branch – Improvement of Processes - Assess Operational Readiness • Strategic Planning Branch – Advanced Planning and Strategy Development for Expansion of Ames’ Business – Management of Agency and/or Center Sponsored Studies and Assessments Strategic Alliances Directorate (Proposed)
  7. 7. Entrepreneurial Initiatives Division • New Business Services Branch – Proposal Development and Support – Awards Program – Space Act Agreement Maker (SAAM) – Salesforce – TechTracs – Pursuits Registry • Innovative Partnerships Branch – Innovative Partnerships Program › IPP Seed Fund › SBIR/STTR Level 3 › Outreach Products: Spinoff Magazine, NASA Tech Briefs, Innovative Technology Magazine, Hallmark Videos – Partnership Development › Commercial Space Initiatives › Manage External Business Relationships • Intellectual Property Management Branch – Management of Ames’ Intellectual Property Assets (patents, copyrights, etc.) – New Technology Reporting – Licensing – Software Release/Open Source Strategic Alliances Directorate (Proposed)
  8. 8. Schedule for Code V Formation Event Date Union Preliminary Decision 1/15/2008 Proposed Code V All-hands 1/18/2008 Meeting Code V Organization Start Date 2/2008 Strategic Alliances Directorate (Proposed)
  9. 9. Next Steps 1. Conduct Series of Discussions with each Group that will be part of the Reorganization 2. Circulate Proposed Code V Formation Documentation to all ARC Codes for Review and Comments 3. Submit the Code V Formation Proposal to NASA Headquarters Copy of slides available on the Technology Partnership Office web site later today http://technology.arc.nasa.gov Strategic Alliances Directorate (Proposed)