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Five unit tests will be administered and will cover the following chapters:
            Test #1 From Sept 6 throug...

There will be a comprehensive final examination also administered online. More detailed information
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  1. 1. COURSE SYLLABUS Fall 2008 BUSINESS MATHEMATICS (Online) Bus 110--Section 71625 T. R. Humphrey, Instructor Class Online/email/TV/Video TELEPHONE: (760) 744-1150 ext. 5292 Email: MATERIALS REQUIRED Text: PRACTICAL BUSINESS MATH PROCEDURES, Ninth Edition By Jeffrey Slater, Irwin McGraw Publishing Co., 2008. including, Student Solutions Manual & Study Guide (Approximately $186.75 new or $140 used if available). Homework Manager is $33.25 at the bookstore and is also required. HM is $20 if purchased on line at the text website. An ebook is also available on the text website: Calculator: It is strongly recommended that you purchase use a small inexpensive pocket electronic calculator. This calculator may be used to complete homework assignments as well as the tests. You can get one in the $5-$10 range. No financial Calculators. Please note that calculators don’t guarantee correct answers. They do, however, allow you to make mistakes quicker and more efficiently. Be careful! CHAPTERS TO BE COVERED The course covers a wide range of topics relating to the world of Business Mathematics. If you expect to get anything out of the class, I recommend doing at least every other odd problem. Some will want to do all odd problems and some will want to all problems. At minimum, I expect you to do the homework assigned through Homework Manager ( All chapters will be included in this course in the following order. Chapter 1 Whole Numbers; How to Dissect and solve Word Problems Chapter 2 Fractions Chapter 3 Decimals Chapter 5 Solving for the Unknown: A How-to Approach for Solving Equations Chapter 6 Percents and their Applications Chapter 7 Discounts: Trade & Cash Chapter 8 Markups & Markdowns: Insight into perishables and break even analysis Chapter 9 Payroll Chapter 4 Banking Chapter 10 Simple Interest Chapter 11 Promissory notes, simple discount notes, and the discount process Chapter 12 Compound Interest & Present Value Chapter 13 Annuities and Sinking Funds Chapter 14 Installment Buying, Rule of 78, and Revolving Charge/Credit Cards Chapter 15 The Cost of Home Ownership Chapter 16 How to Read, Analyze, and Interpret Financial Reports Chapter 17 Depreciation Chapter 18 Inventory and Overhead Chapter 19 Sales, Excise, & Property Tax Chapter 20 Fire, Life & Auto Insurance Chapter 21 Stocks, Bonds, and Mutual Funds Chapter 22 Business Statistics 1
  2. 2. TESTING Five unit tests will be administered and will cover the following chapters: Test #1 From Sept 6 through Sept 13 Chapters 1 – 3, 5 & 6 Test #2 From Sept 20 through Sep 27 Chapters 4, & 7 -- 9 Test #3 From Oct 11 through Oct 18 Chapters 10 – 13 Test #4 From Oct 25 through Nov 1 Chapters– 14 -- 17 Test #5 From Nov 15 through Nov 22 Chapters 18 -- 22 Final Exam From Dec 6 through Dec 13 Chapters 1 -- 22 All tests will be done online and will be timed and must be completed in the required time limit, usually 1 ½ hours. CLASS MEETINGS There are no assigned class meetings on campus for this course, except for the course orientation from 8:00 to 9:30 a.m. on Saturday August 30, 2008 in Room B-21 on the main Palomar College Campus. All work will be done on your own using your textbook, Blackboard discussion board, Homework Manager, the CD provided with the text, the videos via TV or the library. All testing will be done on line from the Blackboard class site GRADING The average of your Unit Test scores will make up 65% of your semester grade, homework 15%, and 20% for the final examination. All test papers will be scored numerically. At the conclusion of the semester numerical averages will be converted to a letter grade on the following basis: 90 + = A 80 - 89 = B 70 - 79 = C 60 - 69 = D 00 - 59 = F All students may drop one Unit Test from the computations for grading purposes. This means that only four unit test scores will be counted for the 65% portion of your grade. Please note that there are no make-up tests in this course (except in extreme circumstances--you let me know if you think you have one, I’ll listen). If you fail to take a Unit test, then that is the test that will be dropped unless you have extenuating circumstances. Your attention is called to the Important Dates & Deadlines timetable on inside the back cover and the Add/Drop Timetable on page 167 of the current class schedule. This timetable is particularly important if you change your registration status during the semester. Note the dates for dropping classes and withdrawal from college. Failure to adhere to these dates could result in "F" grades. Also see attendance below. ATTENDANCE Since there are no formal class sessions, there is no attendance requirement, but there is a definite timeframe for taking the examinations. Make up examinations can only been taken if there are extenuating circumstances. 2
  3. 3. FINAL EXAMINATION There will be a comprehensive final examination also administered online. More detailed information will be announced later in the semester. OFFICE HOURS I have no regularly assigned office hours for this course but will be available by appointment at mutually convenient times, probably in the lower floor in the library on the main campus. The discussion board in Blackboard is the first place to ask questions. You may also leave a message--24 hours a day @ (760) 744-1150 ext. 5292--if you need help in any way. I will return your call if it is appropriate. I really prefer email contact though. TELEPHONE: (760) 744-1150 Ext. 5292 email: Besides buying your textbook, reading your textbook, using the CD provided with the text, watching the TV presentations, and doing your assignments, there are nine things (in order of my preference) you can do to assist yourself in successfully finishing this class: 1. Read and follow the author’s suggestions in the NOTE TO STUDENTS on pages vii & viii and follow his ROADMAP TO SUCCESS and check out the FEATURES including his website: 2. Ask questions using Blackboard’s discussion board. 3. Study with the DVD available with your text. 4. See your instructor about your class problems at a mutually convenient time 5. Go to the Accounting/Business Math Lab in B25 and get help from the Lab Assistant. Someone there MAY be able to help you 6. Go the Tutorial Center in the Learning Resources area of the Library (Bottom Floor), and get help from a tutor, sometimes they can help. 7. Get help from a friend. But make sure that friend can help. 8. Hire a tutor on your own. BROADCAST SCHEDULE The schedule can be found at: There options to viewing the programs including taping them at home for viewing later and checking them out at the college library at the main campus or at the Escondido campus or viewing them through Blackboard, which for most students is the preferred method of viewing. ANOTHER IMPORTANT NOTE ALSO please go to eservices and enter the email address you prefer for college business. That is the email address that will be used with Blackboard, which will be used by me to communicate with you. This is very important. bus110/b110OF2008oneline/w2000 Revised August 9, 2008 3