Business Continuity Planning


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Business Continuity Planning

  1. 1. Business Continuity Planning How long would your business survive an interruption? IT Enabled Services industry thrive on the need for a high standard of services that is provided on a continuous basis. Any interruption ranging from day to day glitches, unexpected customer traffic, denial of service attacks, security breaches, failure of equipment, power outage to a catastrophe could severely impact the operations. Failure to meet business needs and Service Level Agreement (SLAs) could lead to loss of business revenue, market share, stock valuation, damage to company's image and reputation. Survey statistics show that only 6% of companies recover from a catastrophic loss, 43% never re-open, and 51% close within two years.
  2. 2. If your business relies on IT, you must be prepared for any risks ranging from day to day minor interruption, recurring application problems, and denial of service attack to a complete catastrophe loss. An effective and comprehensive continuity plan could help you survive a disaster and meet your business needs and SLAs. Business Continuity management is about managing risks to ensure that you can continue to operate atleast to a predetermined minimum level at all times. The business continuity process involves reducing risk to an acceptable level and planning for the recovery of business processes in case a disruption occurs. Cholamandalam MS Risk Services (CMSRSL) pioneered this concept in India / offers this specialized services to develop effective recovery strategies and plans for continuity so that your critical business processes are continuously available irrespective of what happens. The business continuity plan service comprises of the following phases:
  3. 3. Risk Assessment CMSRSL would conduct an assessment of your current environment, business needs, and identify the risks that could impact adversely your capability to perform your operations in line with SLAs. The assessment would result in risk mitigating recommendations, and to enhance your response to a disaster.
  4. 4. Business Impact Analysis CMSRSL would perform a Business Impact Analysis using a structured methodology to identify your most critical business processes and their impact on you if they suffer disruption. This could be due to sudden failure of equipment, telecommunication link, denial of service attack. Impacts will be measured against the specific scenarios and will typically fall into one or more of the following categories: • Failure to achieve agreed service levels with the customer(s) Financial loss • Immediate and long-term loss of your market share • Breach of law, regulations or standards • Risk to personal safety • Political, corporate, or personal embarrassment • Loss of operational capability, for example in a command and control environment Business Continuity Plan development CMSRSL uses a proven approach to develop a plan suiting your business requirements. The plan consists of processes and well-defined procedures to recover the predefined critical business processes of your company. CMSRSL would provide the necessary training and transfer of requisite skills, to ensure that the plan is comprehensive and complete, tested and well maintained. Plan Review and testing CMSRSL shall provide the expertise in helping in reviewing the plan after the mock drill. The recommendations and guidelines would be provided for future maintenance of the plan. "You don't have to do any of these things. Survival is not compulsory…" -WE Deming CMSRSL is a joint venture between AXA (the France based financial services group) and the Murugappa group. CMSRSL draws on its team of experienced consultants, a proven methodology to reduce your business risks, and help you prepare for a disaster. CMSRSL has been providing risk management services to organizations in India and south east Asia. We understand our customers' need and their concern to remain competitive and provide services to their clients on a continuous basis. CMSRSL has been promoting the need for an effective continuity plan, and emphasizing that being prepared is a way of doing business in this fiercely competitive world. Contact us: Cholamandalam MS Risk Services Ltd TIAM House 28 Rajaji Salai Chennai: 600 001 Phone: +91 44-524 2563, 524 2560/61/62 Fax: 522 3592 e-mail: