Business Analysis Certificate Programs


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Business Analysis Certificate Programs

  1. 1. ExECutivE ProgrAms Business Analysis Certificate Programs and Executive Forum: identifying and sponsoring Enterprise transformation initiatives
  2. 2. Combine the best of both worlds... . . . the community and prestige of the UGA’s Terry College of Business and the Executive Education Center in Atlanta with the practical, demonstrable skill set you’ll learn as a result of Advanced Strategies’ more than twenty years of business analysis experience.
  3. 3. Overview The ability to analyze a business, identify opportunities for improve- ment, and lead a group to consensus on the future state of the business is essential for executives, consultants, and analysts. The University of Georgia’s Terry College of Business, in partnership with Advanced Strategies, now offers comprehensive certificate programs in Business Analysis, which go beyond definitions and theory to provide practical, in-depth methods necessary to succeed on business analysis, innova- tion and transformation projects. Additionally, we are pleased to offer an Executive Forum on Identify- ing and Sponsoring Enterprise Transformation Initiatives where senior executives will meet for three days to address the key, critical issues involved in selecting and ensuring the success of these initiatives. Analysts working on small, low-risk projects will de- Business Analysis for velop the capability to work with a business customer, everyday Projects understand and clarify a problem, and specify a po- tential solution. We are delighted with the service Business Process Analysis Business Analysts will learn to apply process model- ing and facilitation skills within a framework of other that we receive from the team at and Facilitation for Major, methods necessary to implement successful process Complex Projects improvement on major, complex projects. UGA. From a client point of view, Experienced Business Analysts will be equipped to the major concern is that our work effectively with stakeholders and direct the activi- Business Analysis Leadership ties of an analysis team to ensure the objectives for an effort are realized and requirements are met. students receive a valuable and Senior Business Analysts will be prepared to identify memorable experience. Having enterprise and guide analysis efforts for enterprise-wide and mission-critical transformation initiatives. Includes Transformation Analysis facilitating resolution of significant conflict, and ad- the confidence that this will be dressing critical underlying change issues. delivered from an operation 4000 Executives will step out of their current roles and into the role of ‘Executive Sponsor’ of major business transformation efforts. These are often make-or-break miles away is key. The UGA team executive Forum on identifying career opportunities. This forum will focus on select- and Sponsoring enterprise Transformation initiatives ing the right projects and then sponsoring these criti- really gives us that confidence. cal enterprise efforts to a successful outcome. This is a unique opportunity to learn from business innovation experts as well as peers facing similar challenges. – Christopher H. Head, Lead Tutor for Leading the ICT Function Business Analysis Cer tificate Programs | 1
  4. 4. Business Process Analysis and Facilitation for Major, Complex Projects PrOGrAM Overview • Multiply the power of Business Process Modeling through effective facilitation, a highly-efficient Well-crafted processes are essential for the success of approach which makes the best use of stakeholders’ every business function, serving as the basis for: time and attention. • Reengineering • Communicate project requirements and transi- • Creating workflows tion work from analysis to design by applying • Automation business use cases. • Organizational design • Recognize and implement a variety of appropriate • Training applications for Business Process Models. • Defining metrics This program goes beyond theory and definitions to • Quality management provide participants with actual practitioner experience, including live modeling and facilitation practice. Early To be successful in major, complex process improve- registration is encouraged. ment efforts, process design must be applied within a complete framework of other skills and techniques which combine to put each effort on the right track: whO ShOuLd ATTend? • Set the foundation for a successful analysis effort • Business professionals working on process by gaining commitment from sponsors and stake- improvement efforts holders. • Analysts assigned to projects to partially or fully • Apply the powerful technique of Business Process automate business workflows and processes Modeling to discover and assess current business • Internal and external consultants processes, and optimize future business processes. • Business analysts who need to define process requirements for RFPs • Operational analysts • Those who are, or aspire to become, lead analysts, business architects, en- terprise portfolio managers, enterprise architects, or change agents A Business Analyst is a business problem solver, capable of analyzing the business to identify problems and/or opportunities and to define solution characteristics. They pro- vide the process, questions, and techniques to efficiently extract the information needed for successful projects of all types, includ- ing strategic planning, business innovation, reengineering or application development. 2 | Business Analysis Cer tificate Programs
  5. 5. hOw wiLL ThiS BeneFiT yOu And yOur OrGAnizATiOn? Graduates will be prepared to: • Deliver processes that work effectively across the enterprise. The techniques taught in this • Design processes that: Leverage what has worked well at the program have led to the successful organization in the past. Capitalize on new opportunities implementation of many critical Are optimized to reduce duplicate work projects at large organizations. and wasted effort. Can be measured and contribute to achieving For example: quality goals. • Select proposed solutions that best meet • State of New York: Reengineering requirements and fulfill business intentions. the State’s Central Accounting • Receive a Certificate in Business Process Analysis. System • Proceed to the next level of the curriculum: Business Analysis Leadership. • National Cancer Institute: Defining the requirements for the whAT TOPiCS Are COvered? National Cancer Surveillance This curriculum equips analysts to: Registry (SEER) • Work on business projects that have a process focus (approximately 90% of all projects). • Work on projects which may or may not use To view actual deliverables for automation as part of the solution. these and other major projects, • Apply a structured, intellectually manageable ap- proach to their work in process modeling and access the links through our website other areas. • Facilitate sessions to create optimized solutions at through the use of process models. • Communicate effectively with clients about needs businessanalysis/process/. and requirements. • Define metrics and quality measurements. • Develop business use cases and transition to design. • Understand a variety of uses for process models. Cost: $3250 per week. This 3-week course can be completed over a 15-month period. A 10% discount is offered for purchasing all three weeks in advance. discounts are also available for organizations that send multiple participants. For additional information contact Program Coordinator at 404-842-4853. Business Analysis Cer tificate Programs | 3
  6. 6. Business Analysis Leadership PrOGrAM Overview whO ShOuLd ATTend? Major analysis efforts require planning, leadership, and • Graduates of the Business Process Analysis guidance in order to deliver success despite constrained and Facilitation for Major, Complex Projects resources and restricted access to business practitioners certificate program and management. • Leaders of major business analysis efforts This program equips business analysts with the leader- • Internal or external consultants ship skills needed to successfully lead the analysis por- • Analysts who need to lead, but do not have tions of major efforts. explicit authority • Those who want to insure that all the affected stakeholders are fully committed to the project and its successful outcome • Those who are, or aspire to become, lead analysts, business architects, enterprise portfolio managers, enterprise architects, or change agents reCOMMended Pre-requiSiTe: • Certificate in Business Process Analysis and Facilitation for Major, Complex Projects or extensive experience in facilitating process modeling sessions 4 | Business Analysis Cer tificate Programs
  7. 7. hOw wiLL ThiS BeneFiT yOu And The positive energy and excite- yOur OrGAnizATiOn? Graduates will be prepared to: ment this training generated • Organize and lead business analysts and other stakeholders in successful efforts. can’t be bought and was, in large • Maximize the benefit to the organization of the time and resources committed to discovering, part, due to you and how the assessing and specifying functional business needs. classes were taught. I’m looking • Interview and interact with stakeholders effectively. • Provide leadership to other analysts and to the forward to having a methodology project, even without the designated authority. • Receive a Certificate in Business Analysis and everyone on the same page by Leadership. • Proceed to Enterprise Transformation Analysis. the end of the year. – Senior Manager, whAT TOPiCS Are COvered? State of Minnesota Supreme Court This program equips analysts with the necessary process, knowledge and skills to: • Direct the activities of a team of business analysts. • Work with potentially challenging business part- ners and project managers. • Plan and lead the analysis portion of projects, while applying interpersonal and interviewing skills, among others. • Translate models to a format that can be used to evaluate and score proposed solution alternatives. • Learn the business and key drivers of their internal and external customers. • Ensure business analysis objectives for the project are realized and requirements are met. Business Analysis Cer tificate Programs | 5
  8. 8. Enterprise Transformation Analysis PrOGrAM Overview the complexity of major initiatives. It also equips the participants to lead successful change by addressing Enterprise transformation goes beyond process analysis the underlying organizational and individual behavior and considers all aspects of the business, such as: changes that inevitably must be made to ensure a suc- • Business information cessful enterprise transformation. • Business events • Socio-political considerations whO ShOuLd ATTend? • Business locations • Graduates of the Business Process Analysis and • Business motivation Facilitation for Major, Complex Projects and In most instances, business transformation also requires Business Analysis Leadership certificate programs resolving significant conflict in priorities, perspectives, and • Analysts who lead, and are responsible for, the personal interests. Further, successful business transforma- outcome of enterprise analysis/transformation tion requires: projects • Identifying initiatives that can be • Analysts and others who must handle politi- reasonably managed as projects. cal issues and diverse perspectives to arrive at a solution that is supported by all stakeholders and • An architecture that assures initiatives will optimal for the business ultimately integrate into a whole. • Internal and external consultants • Governance mechanisms to prioritize, select and oversee the various initiatives. • Those who are, or aspire to become, Enterprise Transformation Analysts This program equips those leading cross-enterprise • Business and Enterprise Architects or single-function mission-critical efforts with the • Enterprise Portfolio Managers process, knowledge, and skills necessary to deal with • Change Agents PrerequiSiTe(S): • Certificate in Business Process Analysis and Facilitation for Major, Complex Projects • Certificate in Business Analysis Leadership hOw wiLL ThiS BeneFiT yOu And yOur OrGAnizATiOn? Graduates will be prepared to: • Facilitate the development of a business strategy model to guide the organiza- tion toward its vision. • Apply the process, knowledge and skills they have learned throughout the complete set of certificate programs and bring value to the business as they navigate complex, high-profile projects. 6 | Business Analysis Cer tificate Programs
  9. 9. Advanced Strategies’ instructors take an extremely personalized approach. . . They also provide insightful, intelligent and practical information to help executives excel in their professional and personal lives. I am certain that I have become a much more effective and successful person because of my executive coaching sessions and forums with the Advanced Strategies team. – Vice-President, HCA Healthcare, 2006 • Use models to elicit, document, and verify require- whAT TOPiCS Are COvered? ments in real time with business customers. This program equips attendees to: • Lead stakeholders to consensus on potentially conflicting issues. • Develop business architectures, identify the portfo- lio of initiatives necessary to deliver the functional • Create organizational readiness for change. needs and establish the mechanisms necessary to • Create a business case to support the organiza- govern and manage the initiatives. tion's executives in making critical decisions on • Work on projects that require an enterprise view of transformational efforts. the business. • Innovate to help the business reach its full • Facilitate the development of a business strategy potential by aligning work units with the higher model to serve as the basis for alignment and inte- levels of the organization, integrating work units gration of future initiatives. across the organization, and optimizing indi- • Facilitate the determination of functional needs (infor- vidual work units. mation, process, location, event, and socio-political) • Receive a Master Certificate in Enterprise necessary to realize the overall business strategy. Transformation Analysis. • Define the strategy necessary to change the culture, organizational practices and behavior in order to make way for successful transformation. Business Analysis Cer tificate Programs | 7
  10. 10. Business Analysis for Everyday Projects PrOGrAM Overview The majority of projects are small, low-risk efforts that are repeated again and again. Even though they are lim- ited in scope and generally do not attract a lot of atten- tion, collectively they are critical to the effectiveness of the business. This program enables attendees to successfully collect, confirm and manage requirements while minimally im- pacting the business customer. At the same time, it introduces them to underlying hOw wiLL ThiS BeneFiT yOu And principles they can build on as they move to the next, yOur OrGAnizATiOn? more complex level of business analysis. Graduates will be prepared to: • Elicit and document accurate, complete require- whO ShOuLd ATTend? ments for everyday projects such as reports, • Professionals who typically work on small, low-risk spreadsheets and application fixes. efforts, including: • Use the results of their analysis to develop and Producing reports, spreadsheets or charts deliver solutions for individual or team-oriented for a manager. projects. Producing a PowerPoint presentation. • Apply the basic framework and a subset of the skills more experienced analysts use on larger, complex Researching and acquiring an inexpensive projects. This program provides a strong base to product. build on as analysts advance in their careers. Specifying small changes to computer • Receive a Certificate in Business Analysis for applications. Everyday Projects. • Analysts who typically perform all the work of the project, including design and development. whAT TOPiCS Are COvered? This curriculum equips analysts to: • Apply the methods, knowledge and skills necessary to successfully work with their business customer, understand and clarify the problem and specify a potential solution. • Avoid re-work due to incomplete or inadequate requirements. • Minimize impact on business managers and practitioners due to mistakes. • Use small, structured and instrumented meetings to understand needs and elicit requirements. • Plan, estimate and manage their own work as well as interactions with stakeholders. • Adjust to political and resource realities. 8 | Business Analysis Cer tificate Programs
  11. 11. Executive Forum on Identifying and Sponsoring Enterprise Transformation Initiatives Three-dAy FOruM Overview • Strategic Opportunities — balanc- ing resources between old direc- tions and new possibilities. Moving into a new position charged with making major transformational change. Contemplating a large business transformation initiative or who have been assigned the responsibil- ity of being the executive sponsor for a portfolio of transformation projects. Beginning a large, critical and/ or challenging project and need to know how to maximize the poten- Enterprise Transformation initiatives present make-or- tial for success and benefit to the break career opportunities. This forum equips the ex- company. ecutive with the process, knowledge and skills necessary to look across an enterprise and properly identify and • Having two or more participants will allow you to continue the discussion and application of concepts guide critical business transformation efforts. at work, providing support for each other and This forum is a “think tank” for executives who can sig- maximizing the benefits to your organization. nificantly impact their business, and an opportunity to interact with peers across industries and geography. The Forum provides both a learning opportunity and an in- hOw wiLL ThiS BeneFiT yOu teractive experience where participants have the chance And yOur OrGAnizATiOn? to brainstorm strategies for resolving the real issues and Participants will develop the tools to: challenges encountered throughout transformation ef- • Determine the desirability of specific business forts. Knowledge exchange will be captured and distrib- transformation efforts. uted so participants can focus on topics and interaction. • Ensure projects are aligned to create maximum benefit to the enterprise. whO ShOuLd ATTend? • Provide the appropriate level of executive support • CEOs, COOs, CIOs, CFOs, CTOs, Directors, for business transformation efforts. General Managers or any Senior Executives who are: • Perform external marketing and internal Seeking to transform their organization to promotion. obtain the greatest ROI. • Judge whether a business transformation effort Needing to shift strategy as a result of: is going well. • Crisis — facing a challenge the business must • Assess strategies and plans prepared by those confront head-on. performing the work on the effort. • Mergers — creating a new organization that • Assure all business aspects are addressed for optimizes performance. complete transformations. Business Analysis Cer tificate Programs | 9
  12. 12. Duration and Costs – B u s i n e s s A n A l y s i s C e r T i f i C AT e P r o G r A m s There is a 10% discount offered to any company sending two or more participants. BuSineSS PrOCeSS AnALySiS And FACiLiTATiOn BuSineSS AnALySiS LeAderShiP – $3,500 FOr MAjOr, COMPLex PrOjeCTS – $3,250 per week or $9,000 for purchasing all three weeks in advance. 2009 2008 May 11–15, 2009 week 1 Oct 6–10, 2008 Sept 14–18, 2009 week 2 nov 3–7, 2008 2010 week 3 dec 1–5, 2008 May 10–14, 2010 2009 Sept 13–17, 2010 week 1 jan 26–30, 2009 week 2 Feb 23–27, 2009 enTerPriSe TrAnSFOrMATiOn AnALySiS – $7,500 week 3 March 23–27, 2009 2009 week 1 Oct 12–16, 2009 week 1 Oct 5–9, 2009 week 2 nov 9–13, 2009 week 2 nov 2–5, 2009 week 3 dec 7–11, 2009 2010 2010 week 1 Feb 1–5, 2010 week 1 Oct 18–22, 2010 week 2 Feb 22–26, 2010 week 2 nov 15–19, 2010 week 3 Mar 22–26, 2010 exeCuTive FOruM On idenTiFyinG And SPOnSOrinG week 1 Oct 4–8, 2010 enTerPriSe TrAnSFOrMATiOn iniTiATiveS — $3,750 week 2 nov 8–12, 2010 week 3 dec 6–10, 2010 2009 March 3–5, 2009 BuSineSS AnALySiS FOr everydAy PrOjeCTS – $3,000 2010 2008 March 2–4, 2010 nov 3–7, 2008 2009 CerTiFiCATe COurSe PMi PduS iiBA TrAininG hOurS Ceu CrediTS Feb 23–27, 2009 Business Process Analysis and Facilitation for Major, Complex Projects 105 105 10.5 nov 9–13, 2009 Business Analysis Leadership 35 35 3.5 2010 enterprise Transformation Analysis 70 70 7 Feb 22–26, 2010 nov 8–12, 2010 Business Analysis for everyday Projects 35 35 3.5 Terry College of Business For further information, please contact: Program Coordinator at 404-842-4853 or Courses will be held at the Terry executive education Center in the Buckhead district of Atlanta, GA One Live Oak Center 3475 Lenox Road Atlanta, GA 30326 For more detailed course descriptions, real work samples and registration go to: