Board, Directors


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Board, Directors

  1. 1. New Zealand Food Safety Authority Chief Executive Andrew McKenzie Director Communications & Infrastructure Sandra Daly (29 staff) Director Standards Carol Barnao ( 52 staff) Director Market Access Tony Zohrab (9 staff) Director Science Steve Hathaway (11 staff) Director Policy and Food Standards Carole Inkster ( 36 staff) Director Compliance & Investigation Geoff Allen (25 Staff) Director Approvals & Agricultural Compounds and Veterinary Medicines (ACVM) Debbie Morris (42 staff) Director Verification Agency Steve Gilbert (306 staff) Executive Assistant Melissa Tamanui Deputy Chief Executive Sandra Daly Director Finance Gary Lewis ( 2 staff )
  2. 2. COMMUNICATIONS & INFRASTRUCTURE GROUP Chief Information Officer Ashley Mudford Programme Manager (IM Service Delivery) Suzanne Jones Senior Advisor (Business Analysis) Beth Burn Sue Hill Anne Weinbrenner Rob Scott Advisor (Web) Jocelyn Baldwin Laurence Clear Coordinator (IM) Yvonne Hautapu Assistant (IM) x 2 Sheryl Robertson Semesa Manulevu Director (Communications & Infrastructure) Sandra Daly Executive Assistant Melissa Tamanui Finance Manager (Finance) Paul Barns Advisor (Finance) Vacant Business Services Manager (Business Services) Lilli Ficko Administration Assistant (Business Services) Kelly McKenzie ** Melanie Kerr * Receptionist Betty Agenbag Communications Manager (Communications) Gary Bowering Programme Manager (Communications) Philippa Ross-James Wendy Harding Advisor (Communications) x 3 Kate Hutchison Megan Clarkin ( Research) Miriam Meister ( Media ) Advisor (Science Communications) Lisa Sinclair Advisor (Consumer Enquiries) Niamh Murphy Human Resources Manager (Human Resources) Rob Calder Senior Advisor (Human Resources) Christine Newson Kim Jones Advisor (Human Resources) Gill Wilson * Maternity Leave ** Contractor
  3. 3. Director (Export Standards) Carol Barnao Assistant Director (Certification) Gill Rodley Deputy Director (Export Standards) Bill Jolly Assistant Director (Export Standards & Systems - Animal Products) Mary Western Assistant Director (Export Standards & Systems - Plant Products and Processed Food) Kay Shapland Director (Market Access) Tony Zohrab Market Access Team Executive Managers* & Support teams EXPORT STANDARDS GROUP
  4. 4. Programme Manager (Export Standards & Systems - Residues) Mike Clear Senior Programme Manager (Export Standards & Systems - Primary Production) Tony Rumney Assistant Director (Export Standards & Systems - Animal Products) Mary Western EXPORT STANDARDS GROUP Programme Manager (Export Standards & Systems - Laboratory Systems) Gail Mustor Senior Programme Manager (Export Standards & Systems -Dairy) Ann Hayman Senior Programme Manager (Export Standards & Systems - Animal Products) Greg Zemke-Smith NB. Plus one contractor Co-ordinator (Administration) Kirsty Tait * Shared with plants group Advisor (Export Standards & Systems – Animal Products) Damien Cleland
  5. 5. Programme Manager (Export Standards & Systems -Residues - Plants) David Lunn Advisor (Export Standards & Systems - Organics & Plants) Afreen Rahman Assistant Director (Export Standards & Systems – Plant Products & Processed Foods) Kay Shapland EXPORT STANDARDS GROUP Advisor ( Plant Products & Processed Foods) Kate Smith Senior Programme Manager (International Standards) Phil Fawcet
  6. 6. MARKET ACCESS Director (Market Access) Tony Zohrab Deputy Director (Export Standards)* Bill Jolly Director (Export Standards) Carol Barnao Market Access Counsellor (Brussels) Brian Astridge Market Access Team * Line report to Director (Export Standards)
  7. 7. EXPORT STANDARDS GROUP MARKET ACCESS Senior Programme Manager (Market Access) John Lee Senior Programme Manager (Market Access) Vacancy Senior Advisor (Market Access) Helen Eyles Deputy Director (Export Standards) Bill Jolly Programme Manager (Market Access) Antonia Aloe Senior Programme Manager (Market Access) Neil McLeod Senior Advisor (Market Access) Sandra Greenall Palmerston North Market Access Counsellor* *contracted Phil Ward Executive Assistant (Market Access ) Dee Swanerton Programme Manager (Market Access) Chris Kebbell Programme Manager (Market Access) Vacant
  8. 8. Assistant Director (Certification) Gill Rodley EXPORT STANDARDS GROUP AUCKLAND CERTIFICATION UNIT Advisor (Certification) Vacant Programme Manager (Verification) Diane Burchell Programme Manager (E-Cert) Drasko Pavlovic Programme Manager (Certification) Vaughan Porter Senior Advisor – Business Analyst Sue Hill Senior Advisor (Systems) Advisor Senior Advisor (Client Services) Kate Slinn Senior Coordinator Lois McPherson Coordinators Vivienne Knipe Senior Advisor (Operation) Kym Harper Advisors Phillipa Robertson Anu Ravi Alison Norrie Jasmin Terpstra Olinda Domingo
  9. 9. APPROVALS & ACVM GROUP Change Manager Chris Boland Programme Manager (Performance Systems) Trish Whitaker Advisor (MRLs / Approval Systems) Andrew Pearson Advisor (ACVM Standards – Animals) Paulina Rodriguez Advisor (ACVM Standards – Animals) Lucy Johnston Programme Manager (Approvals & ACVM Standards) Warren Hughes Director (Approvals & ACVM) Debbie Morris Executive Manager & Support* Assistant Director (Approvals) John Bongiovanni * Shared with Export Standards and New Zealand Standards Groups Standards & Systems Team
  10. 10. APPROVALS & ACVM GROUP Assistant Director (Approvals) John Bongiovanni Approvals Implementation Team Programme Manager (Operations) Maree Zinzley Advisors Simon Ellery Linley Thorburn Chris Scott Alice Palmer Coordinator Mary Alexander Programme Manager (Production & Processing) Peter Fairless Advisors Glen Bradbury Charlotte Treffers Coordinators Hugh Meek Erin O’Brien Programme Manager ( Food Service, Sale & Imports) Stephen Bell Advisors ( FCPs) Natalie Watson Ben Leen Vacancy Advisor (Process & Performance Systems) Craig Brady Senior Advisor (Chemicals) Warren Tully Advisors (Plants) Bruce Nalder Rebecca Fisher Advisor (Animals) Ana Zdravkovich Programme Manager (ACVM & Non-Food Assessment) Neil Kennington
  11. 11. APPROVALS & ACVM GROUP Executive Assistants Emma Miles-Buckler Executive Manager Jodie Trubshoe Halina Smolski Advisor (Business Services) Wayne Dalton Vacancy Vacancy Coordinator (Business Services) Jane Chuang Larry Mao <ul><li>Provides support to Approvals & ACVM, Export Standards and NZ Standards Groups </li></ul>
  12. 12. COMPLIANCE AND INVESTIGATION GROUP Director Geoff Allen Deputy Director Neil Kiddey Programme Manager Domestic & Imported Food Vacancy Programme Manager Animal Products & ACVM Neil Kiddey Programme Manager Dairy & Plant Products Ian Cardno Programme Manager Investigations John Schouten Assessors Carolyn Stone Assessors John Cahill Ziggy Bojarski Wayne Freeman Dudley Morrison Lindsay Nicholls Donn Olsson Jack Pociecha Assessors Stephen Higgs Bill Talboys David Wallace Investigators Ron Fredericksen John Gibson Brian Leonard Graeme Skeet Vacancy Solicitor and Senior Advisor Prosecutions Vacancy Solicitors and Advisors Prosecutions Rebecca Easterbrook Margaret Brooker Blair Piper Executive Manager Susanna Barris Co-ordinator Steven Pask
  13. 13. SCIENCE GROUP Principal Adviser (Public Health) Dr Donald Campbell Director Steve Hathaway Principal Adviser (Toxicology) John Reeve Executive Assistant Audrey Taulalo Manager (Science) Andrew Pavitt Principal Adviser (Microbiology) Dr Roger Cook Principal Adviser (Chemicals) Dr Paul Dansted Senior Adviser (Foodborne Zoonoses) Dr Terry Ryan Senior Advisor (Natural Toxins & Viruses) Vacant Post-Graduate Programme Petra Mullner Senior Adviser (Meat Hygiene) Bob Jackman Risk Analyst Dr Lisa Oakley Risk Analyst Peter van der Logt
  14. 14. Director (Policy) Carole Inkster Executive Manager* Mariana van Niekerk Administration Assistant * Cathy Corbett Jess Corbett (part time) * Shared with Joint Food Standards Groups Deputy Director (Policy) Bruce Burdon POLICY GROUP Chief Legal Advisor (Legal) Adrienne Meikle Snr Programme Manager (Codex) Raj Rajasekar Policy Analyst Melissa Quarrie Snr Solicitors Gina de Graaff Sue Minot Solicitors Matthew Green Katie Fairbrother Temp Ass Legal Marina Waterhouse Ministerial Servicing Programme Manager Louise Dooley Policy Analyst & Minister’s Advisor Howard Stavely Ministerials Assistant Ann Taylor Primary Production & Processing Snr Programme Manager Cherie Flynn Snr Policy Analyst Jennie Kennerley Policy Analyst Sonia Scott Domestic Food/ Retail (and SPS) Programme Manager Jo Pohatur Snr Policy Analyst Maria Gracie Policy Analyst Simon Olsen Snr Policy Analysts Lisa Ralph Jackie Lay Policy Analyst Will Murray vacancy
  15. 15. JOINT FOOD STANDARDS GROUP Director (Joint Food Standards) Carole Inkster Executive Manager Mariana van Niekerk Assistant (Administration) Cathy Corbett Jess Corbett (part time) Assistant Director (Joint Food Standards) Jenny Reid Senior Advisors (Food Standards/ Nutrition/Food Technology) Clare Chandler Ursula Egan Janet Goodman Charlotte Channer Phillippa Hawthorne Advisor (Food Standards/ Nutrition/Food Technology) Julia Clark Programme Manager (Labelling) Angela O’Sullivan Programme Manager (Composition) John van den Beuken Programme Manager (Nutrition) David Roberts
  16. 16. * Positions shared with ACVM, Approvals & New Zealand Standards & Export Standards Groups Principal Advisor (Risk Management) Judi Lee Director (New Zealand Standards) Vacant Assistant Director (Production & Processing) Judy Barker Assistant Director (Technical Standards & Systems) Scott Crerar NEW ZEALAND STANDARDS GROUP Executive Manager* Halina Smolski Support Teams* Assistant Director (Food Service, Sale & Import) Glen Neal Assistant Director (Event & Emergency Response) Trish Pearce
  17. 17. NEW ZEALAND STANDARDS GROUP Programme Manager (Technical Standards – General Food) Nicky Niclaus Programme Manager (Technical Systems & Programmes) Antonia Aloe Assistant Director (Technical Standards & Systems) Scott Crerar Programme Manager (Technical Standards - Imports) Hilary Eade Senior Programme Manager (Technical Standards Systems – Animal Products) Dianne Schumacher Programme Manager (Technical Systems & Programmes) Sally Johnston Advisor (Technical Standards Systems) (Vacant) Advisor (Technical Standards & Systems) Melina Takau Contractor (Technical Standards & Systems) Victor Walker Senior Advisor (Technical Standards & Systems) (Vacant)
  18. 18. NEW ZEALAND STANDARDS GROUP Programme Manager (Animal Products – Meat & By-products) Janine Collier Senior Programme Manager (Animal Products - Dairy) Shona Scott Assistant Director (Production & Processing) Judy Barker Programme Manager (Animal Products) Lennox Vellekoop Senior Programme Manager (Animal Products - Seafood) Phil Busby Senior Programme Manager (Animal Products) Jim Sim Programme Manager (Wine & Plant Products) Lisa Winthrop Coordinator (Administration) Sian Reynolds Shared with TS&S Team Advisor / Senior Advisor (Animal Products within Production & P rocessing) (Vacant) Programme Manager ( Animal Product & Food Processing ) Lisa Olsen Senior Advisor (Production & Processing) Janet Young Programme Manager ( Animal Product & Food Processing ) Imogen Claridge (Senior) Programme Manager (Production & Processing) Sharon Wagener
  19. 19. NEW ZEALAND STANDARDS GROUP Programme Manager (Food Service) Mike Orchard Programme Manager (Retail Sale) Chris Hewins Assistant Director (Food Service, Sale & Import) Glen Neal Programme Manager (Community Extension) Raniera Bassett Programme Manager (Import Systems) Clare Miller Programme Manager (Food Standards Integration) Carla Hutchinson Advisor/Senior Advisor (Import Systems) (Vacant) Programme Manager (Local Government) (Vacant) Coordinator (Administration) Shared with E&ER Team Robyn Scully Senior Advisor (Food Service, Sale & Import) Helen Graham Advisor (Food Service, Sale & Import) Stephen Bokkerink Advisor (Food Service, Sale & Import) Cristina van Dam
  20. 20. Assistant Director (Event & Emergency Response) Trish Pearce Response Preparedness Development & Review Team ( Expertise drawn from across NZFSA) NEW ZEALAND STANDARDS GROUP Advisor / Senior Advisor (Event & Emergency Response) Janice Attrill
  21. 21. NZFSA VERIFICATION AGENCY New Zealand Food Safety Authority Executive Director Andrew McKenzie NZFSA–VERIFICATION AGENCY (Director) Steve Gilbert Business Services Agency Techincal Manager Chris Mawson Technical Co-ordinators Technical Team Structure Auckland Bay of Plenty Hawkes Bay Waikato Taranaki/ Manawatu/ Wanganui Wgtn/ Marlborough/ Nelson/ W.Cost Cabterbury South Canterbury/ Otago Southland Training Team IT / VA Online Finance Resource Deployment