Bachelor of Business (International Business)


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Bachelor of Business (International Business)

  1. 1. Bachelor of Business (International Business) Bachelor Business (Int. Business)/Bachelor of Arts (Int. Studies) Presenter: Dr Tony Cavoli Your gateway to the global world of business!
  2. 2. The International Business program provides graduates with the skills for understanding the global business environment and the markets in which business activities takes place What is International Business?
  3. 3. The single and double IB degrees: Innovative programs which provide students with a unique combination of business skills, global focus and international experience International Business Program
  4. 4. International Business - Overview International Business degree – DBIB 8 Division Core Courses 8 International Business core courses 8 Electives Total 24 courses Option to study overseas for one semester
  5. 5. International Business - Overview International Business Core Courses: Macroeconomics International Economics International Business Law International Currency and Banking Markets Governance and Regulation in the Global Market Competitive Strategy Forecasting and Business Analysis Applied Business Econometrics (International Markets Institutions and Policies) (International Relations and World Politics)
  6. 6. Flexibility in Career Direction There is flexibility in the program to allow students to pursue a sequence of study in: International Marketing International Human Resource Management Or, subject to approval from the program director: Finance Accounting Business Law Tourism and Hospitality
  7. 7. Overseas Study Specific Provision in Program designed to allow students to study one semester overseas One of most generous exchange scholarships in Australia ($2000-$5000) Well established exchange linkages with leading Business Schools in many countries Provide first-hand international experience in a professional setting. Rave reviews – check out student exchange website
  8. 8. International Business - Overview Program provides students with an array of skills: High level of business analytical skills Conceptual thinking skills Strategic business decision-making Strong understanding of global business environment Overseas study component Develop skills in core business functions (marketing; HR; tourism; finance etc) Work experience placements and work practicum
  9. 9. Career Outcomes Any industry sector requiring business graduates with solid analytical, conceptual and problem-solving skills. Any Business Organisation – multinational or domestic organisations with international focus: Economics; banking and finance; insurance; logistics; management; marketing; business analysis Government – Treasury; Health Dept; foreign affairs
  10. 10. International Studies – Focus on language and international relations Bachelor of Business (Int. Bus)/ Bachelor of Arts (Int. Studies)
  11. 11. Comprises: A core of business principles courses A core set of specific international business courses A core set of international relations courses Language component Option to study one semester overseas Bachelor of Business (Int. Bus)/ Bachelor of Arts (Int. Studies)
  12. 12. Overseas Study In addition to one of Australia’s most generous scholarships – DBIL students able to participate: Hawke ambassadorship One semester working for an overseas NGO Hands-on experience working with an organisation – counts as one semester study
  13. 13. And More The program will also be offering limited work practicum positions for select students. Developing work experience placement program from 2007
  14. 14. Career Outcomes Any industry sector requiring business graduates with solid analytical, conceptual and problem-solving skills. Any Business Organisation – multinational or domestic organisations with international focus: Economics; banking and finance; insurance; logistics; management; marketing; business analysis Government – Treasury; Health Dept; foreign affairs
  15. 15. Contact Details For further information please contact Ron Donato Program Director Phone: (08) 8302 0319; Email:
  16. 16. Contact Details FURTHER INFORMATION School of Commerce Telephone: 08 8302 9047 Email: Website: Location: City West Campus, Level 3, Way Lee Building, North Terrace, Adelaide.
  17. 17. Bachelor of Business Administration (Specialisation) Presenter: Mr Wayne Marano for Mr Stan Astachnowicz (Program Director)
  18. 18. Are you interested in a business career, but not sure which area? Are you interested in a business career that will definitely require you to have broad knowledge and skills? If either of the above applies to you, this program may be what you need. IS the BBA for you?
  19. 19. 2008 TER = 67.60 Usually 70 No prerequisites or assumed knowledge Accept Special entry TAFE, SAIBT, other universities - credit available Tertiary transfer available – course for course credit Entry Requirements
  20. 20. What is Business Administration? Aims to provide students with a internationally credible broad based business & management education enabling graduates to work as a professional in the global business environment Provides a basic business background e.g. economics, computing, accounting, law, IT, marketing etc in 1st year
  21. 21. What is Business Administration? Specialisms may be studied – many choices, combine generalist and specialist courses Practical knowledge combined with theoretical understanding Develop skills (communication, problem solving etc) as well as knowledge – UniSA’s graduate qualities
  22. 22. What Will I Study? Division core (8 courses) Three ‘set’ courses – Introduction to e-business, Finance and Investment, Strategic Management BUGE Three minors – 12 remaining courses Accounting (1) – 4 courses Marketing (2) – 4 courses Management (3) – 4 courses
  23. 23. What Will I Study? Other minors can be substituted for 3 minors with PD approval: Finance Information Systems International Business Etc – 13 to choose from Individual courses can be substituted – up to 4 as long as PD approval and prerequisites are met Overseas study option instead of one minor
  24. 24. What are My Career Options? Business management – employed in private sector Government – employed in public sector Self employed in small business Specialism allows employment as para professional in areas such as administration, banking, marketing, human resource management, business (export/import) etc No specific employment path, but the broadness likely has the advantage of being more immune to downturns and trends e.g. computing in dot-com bust
  25. 25. Experience. The Difference Provides a unique combination of generalist courses and specialisations Flexible options – content, specialisations, majors & minors, time & place to study, part & full-time modes, internal & external International exchange can be arranged instead of one specialisation
  26. 26. Experience. The Difference. Credit for previous post secondary study applied e.g. TAFE Diploma in Business Management gets 6 courses, Diploma in Business (Real Estate) gets 8 courses Contact time = 3 hours per course (approx.) Can be combined with other degrees to form a second degree (obtain 2 parchments) in 4 years
  27. 27. Contact Details For further information please contact Mr Stan Astachnowicz Program Director Phone: (08) 8302 0522; Email:
  28. 28. Bachelor of Business (Property) Program Presenter: Mr Wayne Marano – Program Director
  29. 29. Property is the study of Real Estate – i.e. land and buildings and its: Evaluation (Valuation) Management (Leasing) Sales (Agency) Development (Feasibility) Administration Property includes all types of Real Estate e.g. Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Rural. What is Property About?
  30. 30. Valuation Asset, portfolio and corporate real estate management Property investment and development analysis Property marketing , sales and leasing What are My Career Options?
  31. 31. What are My Career Options? cont. Work in Australia and overseas in: Government, Corporate sector (Coles Myer, Wendies, Woolworths Banks etc) Real estate and consultancy firms (KPMG, Jones Lang LaSalle, Colliers etc)
  32. 32. What are My Career Options? Development Companies (Mirvac, Lend Lease etc) Portfolio Property Managers, Asset manager, Strategic asset manager, Commercial Property manager, Leasing Negotiator, Valuer, Salesperson, Marketing Agent, Investment analyst, Property Consultant
  33. 33. Experience. The Difference. Program accredited by: Australian Property Institute, Singapore Institute of Valuers, Malaysian Institute of Valuers, Mentoring scheme with API certified practicing valuers Valuable double degree options (marketing, finance, etc) External study is an option.
  34. 34. Contact Details For further information please contact Wayne Marano Program Director Phone: (08) 8302 0523; Email:
  35. 35. Bachelor of Business (Commercial Law) Presenter: Michael Pembroke (Program Director)
  36. 36. Bachelor of Business (Commercial Law) Presenter: Krystyna Sawon
  37. 37. Introduction Do you want to study law, but don’t want to be a lawyer? You’ve come to the right place!
  38. 38. What is Commercial Law? Commercial Law is designed as an alternative for those students who do not wish to practise as lawyers, but still desire a commercial legal or paralegal focus in their future business careers
  39. 39. How is Commercial Law taught? Flexibility Full time [3 years] Part time On campus [City West] Off campus Online Combination
  40. 40. Double Degree Options Commerce B Computer & Information Science Design your own = combine 2 degrees in 4 yrs!
  41. 41. What Will I Study? Division Core of 8 courses Commercial Law Major of 7 courses 9 electives from Division
  42. 42. Division Core Courses Introduction to Law Business Information Systems Introduction to Management Managing Communication in Business Accounting, Decisions and Accountability Marketing Principles: Trading and Exchange Microeconomics Quantitative Methods for Business
  43. 43. Commercial Law Major Business and Marketing Law Legal Aspects of Employment Corporations and Partnership Law Intellectual Property Law Taxation Law Law of Property Environmental Law and Policy
  44. 44. Commercial Law Electives International Business Law Leisure and Sport Law (Magill) Issues in Criminal Justice (Magill) Companies and Securities Law
  45. 45. Minors [4 courses] Human Resource Management Marketing Tourism & Hospitality Finance Commerce International Business
  46. 46. Our Graduate Qualities What employers want: Body of knowledge Life-long learning Problem solving Work alone & as a member of a team Communication skills International perspective Ethical & social responsibility
  47. 47. Careers in Commercial Law Commercial law graduates work on the legal side of accounting or other business firms and liaise with the law profession in organisation’s legal dealings
  48. 48. Job Opportunities Paralegal workers [law firms / corporate legal departments/ government] Conveyancers Litigation support staff Management consultants Marketing managers
  49. 49. Work Experience Commercial Law students have the opportunity to participate in formal work experience as part of their degree
  50. 50. Work Experience Examples of work experience placements: Government departments Law firms Multinational organisations
  51. 51. Contact details For further information please contact: Michael Pembroke Program Director Phone: (08) 8302 0993 Email: