3. Week of April 26 th


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3. Week of April 26 th

  1. 1. SCHOOL OF BUSINESS & MANAGEMENT SCIENCES COURSE SYLLABUS Statistical Analysis Tools & Internet for Business - K213 9:00 AM - 11:50 AM SAT. Neff B39 Fall 2005 INSTRUCTOR: Jacques Chansavang Office: Neff Room 361 Email: chansavj@ipfw.edu OFFICE HOURS: By appointment. Use email above. COURSE PREREQUISITE: Spreadsheets for Business (K211) TEXTS: Shelly, Cashman & Mick, Microsoft Front Page 2002, Course Technology Parson & Oja, Computer Concepts, 4th edition, 2002 Online Resources – see the course Web Page . COURSE OBJECTIVES: 1. To provide the foundation for using the Internet (WWW) Access & data analysis. 2. To offer an initial exposure to creating Business web pages using a web authoring tool. COURSE TOPICS: This course will provide an introduction to statistical analysis tools and Internet using a PC. Excel 2000 will be used to demonstrate analysis of contemporary business problems Netscape and MS Word will be used to demonstrate accessing Internet using a personal computer. GRADING: The components of the final grade include: Lab assignment 40 Class attendance 10 Comprehensive Final 50 Total Points 100
  2. 2. A is 90% and above, B is 80% to < 90%, C is 70% to < 80%, D is 60% to < 70% etc. This schedule may be altered at the discretion of the professor. TOPICAL OUTLINE: Tentative Schedule Class Meeting Topic Assignment 1. Week of April 5th History of Internet and Internet Parson & Oja: Ch. 8 and Online Technology. Browsers: Netscape resources. & Explore Chapter 1 2. Week of April 12th Web page creation – HTML Chapter 1 & 2 of Shelby, NO CLASS ON APRIL 19th. Creating a Front Page Web Cashman & Mick 3. Week of April 26th Creating a New Front Page Web Chapter 2 -3 of Shelby, Cashman & Mick 4. Week of May 3rd Using Images, Hotspots, Chapter 4? 5 of Shelby, Cashman Bookmarks and Excel to create & Mick Web Pages. 5. Week of May 10th Using Frames in the Web Pages Chapter 5 of Shelby, Cashman & Mick Week of May 10th Comprehensive Final Exam Bring new Zip 100 disk with Hands-on (70% + Written your name and semester info 30%) parts. The entire exam is written on it. a closed book exam EXAM: Exam includes both hands-on (70%) and multiple choice short answer questions (30%). The multiple choice/short answer questions cover both concepts and hands-on material covered in the class. Bring at least one blank, formatted 3 1/2 disks with your name, social security number, course number and semester written on the label. Both the parts are closed book. ATTENDANCE POLICY: I take roll in every class. You are expected to attend every class unless you have a legitimate reason. There will not be any points deducted for skipping class. Attending the class benefits you in terms of higher grades and learning experience. Class lectures and the text are to be viewed as complements, not substitutes. GRADING PROCEDURES & POLICIES: The exercises will offer the student the opportunity to integrate many of the concepts presented in class. The exercises will be assigned as the appropriate material is completed in
  3. 3. the delivery, of the course. Each assignment must reflect a student's own work. If it is determined that a student's assignment is not the result of his/her own work, the assignment/project will be given a grade of zero (0). The student is referred to the Indiana University Student Handbook for further clarification of academic dishonesty as it pertains to examinations and assignments. All assignments must be submitted before the final exam in order to receive a passing, grade in the course. The usual turn around time for assignments is about 3-4 days. Students must consult about their assignment grade within one wee from the day they are returned to them. Similarly, students must consult the professor within the next mini-session if they have any questions regarding their course grade from the earlier mini-session. If you decide to withdraw from the course, please do so by officially dropping through the registrar's office, missing the classes does not imply a withdrawal from the course. It means a course grade of F. If you would like to withdraw, please check, with your academic advisor for the last day to withdraw from the mini-course. LATE ASSIGNMENTS: Unless you have an extremely good excuse (acceptable documentation is required, for example, doctor's certificate, letter from parents with their Phone numbers etc), the following policy on turning in homework assignments will be used. A late assignment will loose 20% of the assignment grade per day late. Assignments turned in after the start of the lecture (on the day they are due) will be considered one day late. This is to discourage students doing their homework during the lecture. Try to get your work done early and avoid the rush the night before an assignment is due! EXAMINATION POLICY: If you miss the exam because of an emergency (such as illness, close relative's death), a university-approved absence, or an absence approved in advance by the instructor, you will be given an opportunity to take a makeup during the following week. For all emergencies, you are required to produce an acceptable proof to be considered for a makeup exam. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS. It will be your responsibility to schedule the makeup with the instructor as soon as possible. If you do not take an exam within the following week of the scheduled exam, you will receive a Grade of F for the course. All the special cases will be handled according to the discretion of the professor. MICROLABPOLICIES: IPFW provides networked labs of PC's in Kettler, Neff71,ET 305 and Library. The network provides access to numerous software packages. Ms is an "open lab" concept where you go at your convenience, outside of class, to perform computer "experiments." Your professor normally will NOT be present in the lab. The lab supervisor MAY NOT be able to help you with the assignment. You are expected to work on your own from the detailed notes taken in class. Should problems arise regarding assignments, you should seek clarification from the professor during posted office hours, or schedule an appointment. Clearly, this means you should begin major lab assignments well in advance of their announced due dates.
  4. 4. This schedule is tentative and students are responsible for any changes announced in the class. ASSIGNMENTS No Lab Title Text Due Date Weight Notes 1 Ch1. Creating a FP1.04 April 12th 3 points Must turn in your assignment Frontpage Web Using a FP1.68 Do in class. before class time. Template DO NOT PRINT ANY ------------------------- -------- ------------- -------- ASSIGNMENT IN CLASS UNLESS YOU WERE TOLD (2) Creating and FP 1.73 Home Work 7 points Modifying a Personal Web 2 Ch2. Adding a New Web FP.2.04 April 26th 3 points Must turn in your assignment Page to a Web FP.2.64 Do in class before class time. ------------------------ -------- ------------- -------- (2) Modifying a Personal Web FP 2.68 Home Work 7 points 3 Ch3. Customize and FP3.04 May 3rd 3 points Must turn in your assignment Managing Web Pages FP3.70 Do in class before class time. ------------------------- -------- -------------- -------- 3 Creating an Image Map FP 3.78 Home Work 7 points 4 Ch5. Using Frames to FP.5.04 May 10th 3 points Must turn in your assignment Do in class Display Database Results FP.5.54 before class time. in Web Pages ------------------ -------- ------------- -------- FINAL EXAM AT 10:AM 2 Adding a Database YOU NEED TO BRING A Results Page to a Web FP 5.59 Home Work 7 points NEW BLANK DISKETTE NOTES. 1. If required, professor may announce additional instructions for completing the assignments in the class. 2. Assemble all the pages IN ORDER, STAPLE and turn in. Not doing this will result in a penalty of 20% of assignment grade. Also, you MUST turn in the assignment before the beginning of the class. Assignments turned in after will be considered
  5. 5. late and appropriate points will be deducted from your assignment grade.