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Talk with me: Social Media for the Red Cross Red Crescent


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A slightly abbreviated version of a presentation given for Red Cross Red Crescent communicators on the basics of social media.

A slightly abbreviated version of a presentation given for Red Cross Red Crescent communicators on the basics of social media.

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  • Many are in only a very few networks
  • Text, particularly headlines have to be written so that they can be understood in a different context.
  • Obviously you don‘t want to have to that all by yourself.
  • Not only at HQ but also on branch-level.
  • Pending permission to use
  • Transcript

    • 1. Talk with me
      Reaching audiences with the help of social media
      Timo Luege1 September 2009 Communications Managers Meeting
    • 2. 1.4 billion
      people are using the internet
    • 3. 1/4
      of the world‘s
      populationover the age of 16
    • 4. 630 million
      are using
      social media
    • 5. If Facebook gave out passports
    • 6. Globally
      1 out of 11 online minutes
      is spent in an online community
    • 7. In highly developed countries it is up to
      1 out of 6 online minutes
    • 8. This means:
      People are increasingly more likely to hear about news for the first time here ...
    • 9.
    • 10.
    • 11. Many of today’s users don’t look for news, they
      expect news to find them!
    • 12. It also means:
      • Content appears in completely unexpected contexts.
      • 13. This is a challenge, particularly for headlines.
    • “CRRP boost living standards in <name of country>”
      Does this headline make sense on
    • 14. Since many people get their
      information from their online community we need to be a
      part of that community.
    • 15. For us – that should be easy
    • 16. We have to
      add valueto the conversation - not just noise.
    • 17. Listening is key!
      Source: slimmer_jimmer
    • 18. As a Movement we need to be atrusted resource, a subject matterexpert, afriendand ahelpful neighbourto the people we want to reach.
    • 19. Source: programwitch
    • 20. That’s where they come in again
    • 21. Build social media competence
      Source: Matt Hamm
    • 22. Social media forces us to do what we claim to be doing all the time:Give volunteers and beneficiaries a voice and make them key element of our communication by listening to what they have to say.
    • 23. We need to experiment
      Source: Status Frustration
    • 24. Source: CRASH:Candy:
      We need to take risks
    • 25. But we’ll get there
    • 26. Thank you
      Source: Matt loves kicks