Harava by dimenteq june 2013

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  • 1. Public© Dimenteq Oy 2012www.dimenteq.fiwww.eharava.fiwww.facebook.com/Dimenteq-Dimension-For-Your-Business- LISTEN TO YOUR CITIZENS -HARAVADimenteq, Finland
  • 2. Public© Dimenteq Oy 2012www.dimenteq.fiwww.eharava.fiwww.facebook.com/Dimenteq-Dimension-For-Your-BusinessPRESENTATION CONTENT What is Harava? Map Makes a Difference Harava – More Benefits Innovative Technology – Easy to Use Min. Investment - Max. Benefit Future of Harava Additional Information
  • 3. Public© Dimenteq Oy 2012www.dimenteq.fiwww.eharava.fiwww.facebook.com/Dimenteq-Dimension-For-Your-BusinessWHAT IS HARAVA?
  • 4. Public© Dimenteq Oy 2012www.dimenteq.fiwww.eharava.fiwww.facebook.com/Dimenteq-Dimension-For-Your-BusinessHARAVA IS… Harava is aninteractive map-based enquiry andfeedback system(PPGIS) for collectingcitizens’ experiencesand opinions tocreate a better livingenvironment.
  • 5. Public© Dimenteq Oy 2012www.dimenteq.fiwww.eharava.fiwww.facebook.com/Dimenteq-Dimension-For-Your-BusinessHARAVA HAS… Traditional form enquiries Map based enquiries Interactive discussion overchat or location Location based inventorymaking Data bank of Ready-madequestionnaires Cross-sector and cross-areadata on a single view
  • 6. Public© Dimenteq Oy 2012www.dimenteq.fiwww.eharava.fiwww.facebook.com/Dimenteq-Dimension-For-Your-BusinessHARAVA-BACKGROUND EU 2020 Strategy - to enhance Smart Growth andDigital Society In Finland Dimenteq has developed a map basedservice for Ministry of Finance and Environment To improve communication between citizens,authorities and companies To enhance citizens’ participation in planning of LivingEnvironment Map based Enquiry service ”Harava” waslaunched in June 2013!
  • 7. Public© Dimenteq Oy 2012www.dimenteq.fiwww.eharava.fiwww.facebook.com/Dimenteq-Dimension-For-Your-BusinessMAP – MAKES A DIFFERENCE
  • 8. Public© Dimenteq Oy 2012www.dimenteq.fiwww.eharava.fiwww.facebook.com/Dimenteq-Dimension-For-Your-BusinessMAP – MAKES A DIFFERENCEBenefits to enquiry publisher:Map turns questionnaires simple and visual!Location / route related questions become very easy tocommunicate (e.g. simply mark on map the unsafe routeto school)Higher quality questionnaires – likelihood formisunderstandings is minimisedEnables map based interactive discussionOption to use media in questionnairesTo have all cross-area and cross-sector enquiry feedbackon a single map view
  • 9. Public© Dimenteq Oy 2012www.dimenteq.fiwww.eharava.fiwww.facebook.com/Dimenteq-Dimension-For-Your-BusinessMAP – MAKES A DIFFERENCEBenefits to respondents: Easy to respond and influence Map based questions are visual and easy to understand Opportunity to present opinions visually on map Option to add media into response Mobile response over internet – no need to go anywhere Easy access to share and discuss interactively about opinions By chatting By drawing on map Combination of chatting, drawing on map and added media
  • 10. Public© Dimenteq Oy 2012www.dimenteq.fiwww.eharava.fiwww.facebook.com/Dimenteq-Dimension-For-Your-BusinessHARAVA – MORE BENEFITSMore Benefits to enquiry publisher: Generates savings vs. traditional enquiry Very userfriendly (no need for consultants) Data bank of ready made enquiries (no need to create enquiries from scratch) Reduced amount of overlapping work between different sectors One service – several functionalities Traditional questionnaires Map / location based enquiries Inventory making Option to discuss with respondents either traditionally or location based on map Cross-sector or cross-area data collection on a single map view
  • 11. Public© Dimenteq Oy 2012www.dimenteq.fiwww.eharava.fiwww.facebook.com/Dimenteq-Dimension-For-Your-BusinessHARAVA – MORE BENEFITSMore Benefits to enquiry publisher: Total service including data maintenance and back-up Real-time monitoring of response flow Consolidation of response flow into single channel Increases response rate and speed vs. traditional enquiry A real chance to influence the future development of theservice
  • 12. Public© Dimenteq Oy 2012www.dimenteq.fiwww.eharava.fiwww.facebook.com/Dimenteq-Dimension-For-Your-BusinessMIN. INVESTMENT - MAX. BENEFIT SaaS based service Low Activation cost Low cost for only published enquiries No hardware investments needed – web based !! Service activation in ONLY five (5) working days
  • 13. Public© Dimenteq Oy 2012www.dimenteq.fiwww.eharava.fiwww.facebook.com/Dimenteq-Dimension-For-Your-BusinessINNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGYEASY TO USE
  • 14. Public© Dimenteq Oy 2012www.dimenteq.fiwww.eharava.fiwww.facebook.com/Dimenteq-Dimension-For-Your-BusinessHARAVA – USER INTERFACEDRAG-AND-DROP YOUR QUESTION ON MAP
  • 15. Public© Dimenteq Oy 2012www.dimenteq.fiwww.eharava.fiwww.facebook.com/Dimenteq-Dimension-For-Your-BusinessHARAVA – RESPONDENT VIEWCLICK A POINT, LINE OR AREA ON MAP AND TELL YOUR OPINION!
  • 16. Public© Dimenteq Oy 2012www.dimenteq.fiwww.eharava.fiwww.facebook.com/Dimenteq-Dimension-For-Your-BusinessFUTURE OF HARAVA Harava has already proven its worth in city planningin Finland. Through agile and longterm development HARAVAaims to be the best communication platformbetween citizens, authorities and companies. Harava Development Model: Version release every 6 months as minimum Version content is built based on customer preferences and/or newtechnology Version releases are free for existing customers
  • 17. Public© Dimenteq Oy 2012www.dimenteq.fiwww.eharava.fiwww.facebook.com/Dimenteq-Dimension-For-Your-BusinessADDITIONAL INFORMATION In case of any further questions or additional information isneeded regarding Harava service Dimenteq as a company and our other servicesPls. contact us directly and we are glad to tell you more! Dimenteq is searching for a sales partner for Harava in centraleuropean area – contact us to talk about co-operation!Timo Rannikko Teemu VirtanenSales Manager, Dimenteq Ltd CEO, Dimenteq Ltdtimo.rannikko@dimenteq.fi teemu.virtanen@dimenteq.fiTel. +358 40 579 5218 Tel. + 358 50 404 6622
  • 18. Public© Dimenteq Oy 2012www.dimenteq.fiwww.eharava.fiwww.facebook.com/Dimenteq-Dimension-For-Your-BusinessTOGETHER WE MAKE A BETTER LIVING !