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Tech n computing Tech n computing Presentation Transcript

  • Introduction to NComputingSiam Network & Computer Co., Ltd.Dell Corporation (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
  • Agenda Agenda NComputing & SNC Company background What is “Multi User Computing”?Product Overview L Series X Series Management Software Basic Setting L-Series & NCT-2000 XP Console Basic Setting X-Series & NCX-2000 XP Console Advance Setting X&L-Series Setting NControl FAQ Q&A
  • NComputing Background Our Vision: Expand Access & Dramatically Lower Computing Costs Through Multi-User Computing Our Solution: Enables a single PC to be used by multiple users at once:  It is simple to create, low cost, easy to maintain, eco friendly and will dramatically lower computing costs Our Success: We are the fastest growing “Multi-User Computing” company in the world with over three hundred thousand units deployed in over 80 countries View slide
  • SNC Background Siam Network and Computer founded in 1999 with professional team for network implement in corporate and government 2004 SNC was a partnershipwith Ncomputing to distribute terminalunit computing in NComputing brand SNC Best Performance Award2005 from NComputing View slide
  • What is “Multi User Computing”?NComputing is a terminal unit that does not require CPU , hard- drive, or CD-Rom. With the exclusive UTMA (Ultra Thin Multi- Access) technology, User have the ability to expand PC up to 10 computer terminals costs less than a traditional PC.
  • The Idea Share excess computing resource and redistributeCapacity of the average CPU isunder-utilized (using less than 10%!) Turn 1 PC to 30 Virtual PCs < CPU meter >
  • NComputing Solution All-inclusive Multi-User Computing technologyNComputing NComputing uniqueTerminal Server SoC basedS/W on Access TerminalHost Computer • Lowest cost and slim• Proprietary Terminal Service Software • Faster and silent• Runs on ordinary PC Desktop Streaming Protocol • Easy to expand, install• Supports any Operating System • Less Power (< 5W) Including Windows XP, Linux OS • NComputing’s UXP (User eXtension Protocol) • Various form factors not only Server OS. • Secure and faster than RDP • No embedded OS • Optimized for fast screen refresh • Smart Boot loader built-in • Flexible to customize
  • Product Overview X-Series:  Up to 7 users can share one PC  Direct connection via UTP cable (10 m / 33 ft)  X300 kit includes:  1 PCI card with 3 ports  3 access terminals PCI-based  Terminal services software L-Series:  Up to 30 users can share one PC  Ethernet connection over any distance  Each L Series access terminal includes:Ethernet-Based  1 access terminal  Terminal services software Management Software:  NControl: monitor/remote control 128 sessions
  • NComputing X Series Most popular solution for schools Just less than ฿4,000 per seat to add users to PC Hardwired connection up to 33 feet  Up to 3 users per PCI card  Max of 7 users per PC Terminal services software on host PC enables simultaneous sharing and management of student sessions Access terminal connections:  VGA (up to 1024x768 resolution)  Keyboard  Mouse  Speaker output  No separate power input required (supplied by PC through CAT 5 cable) USB ports on host PC can be assigned to individual users
  • NComputing X SeriesNote: Four users can share a PC running with one X300 kit. Seven users can share with two X300 kits.
  • NComputing L Series Flexible Ethernet connection enables any distance between host PC and users Terminal services software on host PC enables simultaneous sharing and management of sessions  Up to 10 users on desktop OS  Up to 30 users on server OS (Windows 2003 Server or Linux) Access terminal connections:  VGA (up to 1440x900 resolution)  MIC Port (L230 only)  USB Flash Drive Port (L230 only)  PS/2 keyboard  PS/2 mouse  Speaker output  DC Power input (~5 Watts)
  • Setting L Series “Full” Windows XP or Linux Desktop user experience Up to 10 users can share a PC running a desktop OS and up 30 users can share if the host hardware is running Windows 2003 Server or Linux Cost INCLUDING terminal services software Deploy within 1 hour. Can use existing imaging tools, policies, etc. Integrates within existing PC management process Stateless Design: No data at desktop, no embedded OS High Security – Flash memory ports are optional and can be turned off
  • NComputing L Series New Model L130 L230 USB Memory* Speaker PS/2 KeyboardRJ-45 VGA Power On/Off and Mouse Microphone* (Common to both the L130 & L230) (*L230 Only)
  • NComputing L Series L130 L230 USB port No Yes^ Microphone No Yes Widescreen 1440 x 900* 1440 x 900 Color Support 16-bit 24-bit VESA mount Yes Yes OS Support Win/Linux Win/LinuxNotes:• *16-bit Only in the L130 (24-bit in the L230)• ^ NComputing Linux terminal services currently does not support USB• LTS 2.0 Linux support for SUSE 10.2, Fedora 6 and Ubuntu 7.04 for the L130/L230 only• Additional software licenses may be required by the software licensors. Please check your software user license agreements to ensure your continued compliance with such agreements.
  • NControl Enables Remote Control and Administration Control Mode  Remotely monitor and control the keyboard, mouse and screen of any student to collaborate  Block a student from access to ensure attention (screen is blanked and keyboard/mouse are disabled)  Remote logoff, restart, or shutdown  Remote updates and installation of software  Students can be in multiple locations/tele-learning Presentation Mode  Broadcast the teacher’s screen activities to one or more students  Broadcast one student’s screen to a group of students FTP Mode  Distribute to and collect files from student computers
  • Setting X Series Step 1: Install PCI card Step 2: Connect access terminal to into the Host PC the employee’s monitor and peripheralsStep 4: InstallNComputing softwareon Host PC directly orvia imaging software(like Ghost) Step 3: Connect access terminal to the PCI card via standard cable
  • Device Manager X300 0n Windows
  • NCX-ConsoleShow session log on this host
  • NCX-ConsoleClick Insert message
  • NCX-ConsoleClick Click “Yes” want stop session Click ”No” want cancel stop session
  • NCX-Console
  • NCX-Console
  • NCX-Console
  • NCX-ConsoleInsert delay time whenshutdown (seconds)
  • NCX-ConsoleSelect allow or not everysession can shutdown
  • NCX-ConsoleSelect resolution on x300 box
  • L Series Installs in Just 3 Easy StepsStep 1: Connect L Series Step 3: Installaccess terminal to the NComputing softwareemployee on Host PC directly ormonitor/mouse/keyboard via imaging software (like Ghost) Step 2: Connect terminal to the network
  • Recommended Host Configuration
  • Setting L-Series Boxselect whether to use a dynamic IPaddress or a static IP address.
  • Setting L-Series Box Autodetection : No specified server network address. TS 2,TS 3:field where you set a host PC IP address.User name : insert user for Windows log inPrograms :You can make the desktop comeup, or a program that is specifiedDesktop size: You can set the resolution, colordepth, and frequency.
  • Setting L-Series Box"Password" : protecting the access terminal options with a password.
  • Using the management console Show user log on
  • Using the management consoleSelect for view screen or control client Click right bottom on mouse
  • Using the management consoleClick
  • Using the management console Version of NCT-2000-XP
  • Using the management console
  • Using the management console
  • Using the management console Insert delay time when shutdown (seconds)
  • Using the management consoleClear session auto whendisconnect (minutes)
  • Using the management console Select clientDisable for select master orclient use USB on Host-PC
  • Using the management consoleSettingHardware Click for setting client Select client
  • Using the management consoleEdit MAC Address
  • Using the management consoleInsert data of user Enable for auto logon
  • Using the management console
  • Using the management console
  • Master Console Main window containing all other windows List of helpObserved PCs/ Workplaces messages and finallyList of not observed just Ncontrol Groupsactive PCs/Workplace
  • NControl : Create Group Insert group name
  • NControl : Add Client to Group Select group Add client to group
  • NControl : Show client in Group
  • NControl :Action on client
  • NControl : Control all client
  • Thank You