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  • 1. How to GetSeth Godin’sYour Ideas to Spread Evaluated by Alan Herberger
  • 2. Seth Godinis an entrepreneur, blogger and award winning author with a passion for marketing in the digital age.
  • 3. In his talk How to Get Your Ideas to Spread, Godin’s thesis is two-fold:
  • 4. 1. Successful ideas are ideas that spread through niche markets.
  • 5. 2. In order to spread, an idea must be remarkable (in that it is literally remarked about).
  • 6. To illustrate this point, Godin uses theexample of a purple cow, explaining that to bespreadable, an idea must be notably different.
  • 7. The 4th of theTED Commandments(“Thou Shalt Tell aStory”)was used effectivelythroughout the talk.
  • 8. The talk starts byhooking the audiencewith a story aboutthe successful (andunsuccessful) uses ofidea spreading in theinitial marketing ofsliced bread.
  • 9. The 8th of theTED Commandments(“Thou ShaltRemember All theWhile: Laughter isGood ”) was alsoused well, humorplaying a major rolein maintainingaudience interest.
  • 10. Godin made good use of Duarte’s rule of “Design, not Decoration”. All of his slides were very minimalist in nature, the vast majority containing only images. In this regard, the visuals were also an excellent display of Reynold’s concept of Restraint.
  • 11. Unfortunately, the talk itself was a bit less restrained.
  • 12. Though not as problematic as in some of Godin’s other talks, there was a tendency towards too many examples and too little discussion.
  • 13. As a result, some pointswere left under-explainedand some parts of the talk passed by in a blur.
  • 14. Seth Godin is byno means a dullspeaker, butbecause of hispacing issues, Ican only give hima 4/5on dynamism.
  • 15. In certain, technical ways, Godin’s talk was actually better than Sir Ken Robinson’s. Godin’s speech, for example, had a complete absence of “ums” and “uhs,” whereas Ken used them frequently.
  • 16. Despite this, however, I found Sir Ken Robinson’s speech to be more stimulating.I believe this to be for two reasons:
  • 17. 1. Godin’s pacing issues mentioned before
  • 18. 2. Godin’s tendency to make far-fetched comparisons
  • 19. Listening to this talk has confirmed to me the importance of restraint in public speaking. With more restraint, many of Godin’s mistakes would not have been a problem.
  • 20. My advice to the class would be to get as much mileage as possible from your examples. Saying a lot with only a few examples is better than having a lot ofexamples with no time to discuss them.
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