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  • Solavei is simple. Although Solavei will offer many products and services, Solavei's initial product offering is affordable, no-contract, unlimited voice, text, and data services throughout the United States for only $49 per month. Solavei operates as an MVNO through a strategic partnership with T-Mobile USA. And with a mission is to make commerce less expensive, Solavei has a complete social network that empowers individuals to earn income on the products and services they enjoy and use every day.
  • Founded by CEO, Ryan Wuerch,Solavei is led by Fortune 100 telecom executives and advisors that are historical icons in the mobile and telecom industries. He along with an unprecedented team of executives make up the leadership and board of Solavei.
  • Although Solavei is starting with Mobile because it is the #2 biggest expense on average in the American household, the future expansion could include similar model to share cable, insurance and other goods and services throughout the Solavei Social network. And imagine when the people you tell about Solavei go to stores they shop at everyday and just purchase items they would normally put on a Visa. Imagine, instead, they use their Solavei Purple Pay Card where a portion of those purchases become a part of the overall business model and volume moved through your network in Solavei for even more commissions and residual income.
  • The Solavei Social Commerce Network is not only a new way of commerce, but it is a new way of communication. Now you can have a social network that PAYS YOU! While you see the activity in your community feed, you can also watch as your earnings increase as well as advancing in rank, which means more income for you and your team.
  • And as you tell your friends about Solavei, we’ve made it even more simple than ever with our Outreach Manager that allows you to send emails, videos, post on your Facebook Wall, Twitter and even share direct links to those you like, love and trust so they, too, can join Solavei. Our Contact Tracker even allows you to monitor, follow-up with, and reconnect with those contacts as they move through the process of becoming a member too.
  • And because Solavei sees the value of rewarding its members for doing the sharing, you can even purchase packages of SIM cards so you can enroll members on the spot, activate them, and send them on their way just like a dealer or mobile operator like AT&T or Verizon. Solavei is removing the need for expensive stores and putting those dollars into the the people.
  • Solaveivisionpresentation2013 130212223721-phpapp01

    1. 1. 4 Trends Converging The Economy Social Media Mobile Service Direct SellingConfidential and Proprietary | Page 2
    2. 2. Did you know?WIRELESS is a $169 BILLION dollar industry.331 MILLION mobile connections in the US$71/mo is the average phone bill in US901 million people are on Facebook300 million people have YouTube Accounts150 million people are on Twitter Confidential and Proprietary | Page 3
    3. 3. $144 BILLION was spent on ADVERTISING In 2011• AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, and T-Mobile alone spent $12 BILLION in 2011.Confidential and Proprietary | Page 4
    4. 4. RevolutionA dramatic and wide-reaching change in the way somethingworks or in people’s ideas about it.Confidential and Proprietary | Page 5
    5. 5. The Solavei Mission To make commerce less expensiveConfidential and Proprietary | Page 6
    6. 6. The Social Commerce RevolutionSolavei combines C ommer ceMOBILE & SOCIALto redefineCOMMERCE S ocial Net wor k ingand put the advertisingdollars back into the handsof the people. M obile Confidential and Proprietary | Page 7 Oper at or
    7. 7. It’s Simple… =$$Confidential and Proprietary | Page 8
    8. 8. The Solavei Difference… Verizon AT&T Sprint Boost $49.00/month $80.00/month $89.99/month $99.00/month $50.00/month Unlimited voice, Unlimited voice, 450 min voice, Unlimited Unlimited voice, text and data text and 1 GB unlimited text voice, text and text and data data and 3 GB of data dataConfidential and Proprietary | Page 9
    9. 9. Executive Leadership Founder & CEO, Ryan WuerchConfidential and Proprietary | Page 10
    10. 10. 2013 Brings More… Cable Goods & Services Insurance Energy Financial Offers Page 11 ServicesConfidential and Proprietary | & Promotions
    11. 11. Solavei Social GraphConfidential and Proprietary | Page 12Earnings from Solavei depend on your own efforts and abilities. See for more information
    12. 12. Confidential and Proprietary | Page 13
    13. 13. Simple Enrollment Process…Confidential and Proprietary | Page 14
    14. 14. Member Benefits & ToolsConfidential and Proprietary | Page 15
    15. 15. How to Enroll 1 2 3 Check your Join the Enroll Coverage communityConfidential and Proprietary | Page 16
    16. 16. 6Solavei Mobile Service Enrollment Minutes to Enroll!e B r inging Y our Own Unlock ed P hone? Validat e your IM E I F ir stty is cleared  To see if your unlocked phone is compatible with Solavei service, check the IMEI of your device by entering *#06# Send(Call). Solavei Mobile of *#06# does not produce  If the short code Service Enrollment an IMEI number, your phone is not a GSM device and is not compatible with Solavei. Or P ur chase a S olavei Unlock ed P hone: R eview and C  Purchase a New Phone: To select a  Review and phone to purchase, click Buy a new proceeding. phone.  Select Confidential and Proprietary | Page 17  Click P  Disa
    17. 17. Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP) 1 TEST Press *#06# and SEND for IMEI 2 CHECK Go to: 3 UNLOCK Contact Carrier or Purchase CodeConfidential and Proprietary | Page 18
    18. 18. Can I use my iPhone? Yes! Coming soon *Taxes and other fees may apply. support.solavei.comConfidential and Proprietary | Page 19
    19. 19. Getting Started…Confidential and Proprietary | Page 20
    20. 20. Within Minutes Of Signing Up…Confidential and Proprietary | Page 21
    21. 21. Get Your Solavei Pay Card…Confidential and Proprietary | Page 22
    22. 22. Every 2 Weeks..Confidential and Proprietary | Page 23
    23. 23. How Many People Could YouSign Up In 60 Days? youConfidential and Proprietary | Page 24Earnings from Solavei depend on your own efforts and abilities. See for more information
    24. 24. Help 3 Enroll 3… youConfidential and Proprietary | Page 25Earnings from Solavei depend on your own efforts and abilities. See for more information
    25. 25. Help 6 Enroll 3… youConfidential and Proprietary | Page 26Earnings from Solavei depend on your own efforts and abilities. See for more information
    26. 26. Solavei keeps on giving…What would an extra $1,000 per month mean to you and your family? Pay for education Eliminate Debt Family Vacation Monthly Bills Take the 1K Challenge!Confidential and Proprietary | Page 27
    27. 27. Take Action 1 Become a Solavei Member 2 Share the vision & get your 1st trio 3 Get 3 trios and your service is free 4 Earn your full F.A.B. of $200 5 Take the 1K ChallengeConfidential and Proprietary | Page 28Earnings from Solavei depend on your own efforts and abilities. See for more information
    28. 28. Thank You This Solavei, LLC Presentation (this “Summary”) is the confidential information of Solavei, LLC, a Delaware corporation (“Solavei”). By accepting a copy of this Summary the recipient agrees (1) to hold this presentation and all information set forth in this Summary strictly confidential; (2) not to copy or disclose this Summary or any information set forth in this Summary to any third party without the prior written consent of Solavei; and (3) to return to Solavei this Summary and all copies, if any, in the recipient’s possession promptly upon the request of Solavei. The following are trademarks of Solavei: Solavei, the “Powered by Relationships” tagline, and the Solavei logo. All discussion of earnings potential is for illustrative purposes only and cannot be relied upon. Any ability to generate revenue is 100% based on your own skills, abilities, and efforts. Earnings from Solavei depend on your own efforts and abilities. Earnings from Solavei depend on your own efforts and abilities. See for more informationCopyright 2013 Solavei, LLC. All Rights Reserved
    29. 29. 2013 Webinar/Call Schedule 24/7 • Sizzle Call – (805) 399-1099 Access Code: 981461 Monday • Solavei Scoop Webinar – 6 pm (Pacific) 8 pm (CST) (909) 259-0026 Access Code: 850-565-924 Thursdays • E3 Mentality Webinar – 6pm (Pacific) 8pm (CST) Access Code: 274-366-733Confidential and Proprietary | Page 31