Workforce Management Essentials


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The various components of Workfr

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Workforce Management Essentials

  1. 1. Synerion™WORKFORCE MANAGEMENT (WFM) SOLUTIONS EMPOWER WFM ESSENTIALS Synerion Formerly TimeTech Comprehensive Workforce Management Solutions
  2. 2. GETTING THEFUNDAMENTALS RIGHTMore than ever, escalating costs, complex work practices, • Interface with a wide range of data collection systemslegislation and increasing competition are driving such as attendance clocks, Internet reporting and accessorganizations to seek effective workforce management (WFM) control With anywhere from 20-70% of operational costsgoing towards labour, ensuring that productivity is optimized SyNERION AbSENCE MANAGEMENTand costs are controlled is a critical success factor. Synerion Absence Management is a powerful planning toolAchieving the right balance between productivity, efficiency that provides managers with a complete picture of employeeand service requires attendance monitoring, along with absences. It enables planning and managing employeebudget supervision, cost analysis and regulation compliance. absenteeism in a way that balances employee requests,Organizations with access to comprehensive workforce data in accordance with their eligibility for time-off with yourare able to identify trends, budget implications, risks and other organization’s operational needs. Your benefits include:employee issues that may require intervention. • The ability to plan absences based on the organization’s operational needsWFM SOLUTIONS FOR IMPROvED PERFORMANCE • Minimal direct and indirect operational and financialEffectively managing your workforce requires planning, damage caused by absencesscheduling, time capture, absence and leave management, • Protection of employees’ rights and regulation complianceas well as time and task evaluation, all managed againstorganizational goals and budget requirements. Synerion’s • Effective communication between employees andWFM software solution not only supports these business supervisors regarding absence requests and their approvalprocesses, but also provides organizations with valuable or rejectiondata analysis through business intelligence with predefined • Alerts to prevent insufficient staff coverage due toKey Performance Indicators. This facilitates better planning, planned absences.improved workforce utilization, increased productivity andgreater regulatory compliance. SyNERION TIME COSTING Synerion Time Costing answers the critical question ofSyNERION WORKFORCE MANAGEMENT (WFM) “how much did the task, project or activity actually cost?”The Synerion WFM Suite is a comprehensive workforce The system calculates and analyzes the amount of workmanagement solution. Reinforced by self-service (ESS/MSS) hours spent on any specific task or project, to ensure thatand business intelligence tools, it forms an all-inclusive your company maintains its profitability objectives.solution that ensures a highly productive staff, while It enables you to:minimizing operational costs. From time and attendance, to • Cost track in real-time tasks and projects at employee,business performance management, to recruitment, Synerion’s department, and company levelsWFM solutions provide your organization with fully integratedand modular platforms to optimize your most valuable • Keep accurate records and bill based on actual hours spentresource: people. on a task • Compare planned vs. actual in accordance with Synerion’sSyNERION TIMEKEEPER - TIME AND ATTENDANCE time and attendance and scheduling systemsSynerion’s Time and Attendance system automates and tracks • Stay within budget by tracking the amount of overtime, andessential processes, such as work hours, overtime, tardiness take corrective action when neededand so on. It takes into account your organization’s specific • Automatically export data to payroll.requirements, including collective agreements, employeepay rules, labour legislation and more. Synerion TimeKeeper SyNERION SChEDULINGprovides a single unified view of your workforce, integratingand interfacing with most Payroll, HRIS and ERP systems. Synerion Scheduling facilitates the planning, setup, monitoringWith Synerion TimeKeeper you benefit from: and adjustment of multiple schedules to ensure adequate work coverage, meeting of staffing requirements, and• Cost savings through precise tracking of employee prevention of over- or under-staffing. It allows for scheduling, attendance to ensure accurate pay taking into account the workload, difference between shifts,• Support of employment agreements, including global pay, special events, labour laws, pay rules and more. overtime, part-time positions, shifts, and split schedules, With Synerion Scheduling you can: while ensuring regulatory compliance • Identify gaps between the budget forecast and planned• Reports and BI tools for efficient planning and comparisons schedules before deviations occur, to allow for proactive of planned vs. actual corrective action• Automated business processes for enhanced productivity • Reduce labour costs by assigning employees to shifts based and minimal errors on system recommendations
  3. 3. • Pay employees for scheduled hours or compare to actual COMPLEMENTARy SOLUTIONS hours worked • Data Collection• Reduce risks and prevent penalties through total compliance • Synerion iBrowse - Self-service with labour laws, regulations and agreements, as well as an alert engine that warns of deviations from work hours, • Synerion Analytics - Business Intelligence number of shifts, rest time between shifts, number of consecutive days worked, and so on. Data Collection Our data collection covers a wide range of choice solutionsSyNERION RECRUITMENT to meet your specific needs: from web-entry to an advanced biometric time clock, access control systems and landline orSynerion’s employee recruitment system captures resumes, mobile phones. All data collection options are completelycreates a pool of matches between applicants and job integrated with Synerion TimeKeeper and provide:requirements, and flags the best candidates to meet yourorganizational needs. It allows for continuous improvement • Automatic recording of comings and goings of employeesof the recruitment management processes by embedding for increased controlworkflow per job requirements, as well as by identifying • Assurance of accurate and reliable data for a person’sdeviations from timetables and bottlenecks, to help you cut identification and verificationcosts, shorten time to hire, and reduce employee turnover.Your benefits include: • Real time monitoring and reports from multiple locations, with predefined rules to increase security and prevent• Shorter time to hire by automatically capturing and sorting unauthorized access. resumes for quick identification of suitable applicants• Reduction in costs per hire by tracking, managing and evaluating the different recruitment sources• Ability to create a qualitative, reliable pool of applicants with smart filtering mechanisms and retrieval capabilities• Improved quality of hiring by using bi-directional matching between job requirements and candidate skills• Efficient management and monitoring of recruitment processes• Streamlined communication among the various functions involved. Synerion Analytics - Business Intelligence System
  4. 4. Synerion ibrowse - Self-Service Synerion Analytics - business IntelligenceOur Web interface system provides employees and managers Our business intelligence system for managers analyzeswith a self-service tool that allows for the updating and data accumulated in the Synerion systems according to Keyviewing of attendance, absence and time costing data based Performance Indicators (KPIs). Advanced analysis capabilities,on an authorization level mechanism. Synerion iBrowse reports and graphic displays of integrated data are availablesimplifies tasks, such as report distribution to employees, to support your managers in making decisions that affect theemployee data updates, supervisor approvals and more. cost, productivity, and management of your organization’sThus, managerial intervention is reduced drastically to save human resources. With the availability of both historical andtime and costs and improve productivity. current information, organizations can determine what worksWith Synerion iBrowse you have: best, identify gaps, view trends, compare productivity levels• Readily accessible data for direct and timely communication and more. With Synerion Analytics you benefit from: between employees and managers • In-depth information across all Synerion systems to support• An authorization mechanism for securely viewing and decision making updating data independently • Increased transparency through multi-dimensional graphic• Improved service to employees through transparency of displays with drill down capabilities personal data and savings in reporting time • Ability to track and monitor changes and trends that affect• The ability to submit, track, and approve absence requests, organizational performance as well as attach and save relevant documents, such as • Immediate response and instant corrective action by medical certificates. managers to issues identified as problematic • Using public folders to implement a single version of the truth within the organization. The Synerion WFM Suite provides your organization with lasting value to meet your short and long term needs.AbOUT SyNERIONSynerion, formerly TimeTECH, is a company specializingin delivering workforce management (WFM) softwaresolutions and services. Synerion provides organizations withcomprehensive solutions to effectively plan and manageemployee performance and optimize business processes. Synerion Formerly TimeTechWith over 25 years of workforce management experience,Synerion has more than 5,500 installations worldwide,tracking over 4,000,000 employees in a wide range of Comprehensive Workforce Management Solutionsindustries. Synerion has developed a fully integratedcustomizable WFM offering that supports organizations’ Synerion North America, 7420 Airport Road,unique requirements and maximizes business performance. Suite 101, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada L4T 4E5From time and attendance, to forecasting and planning, task Tel. +1-905-677-7009, Toll free +1-877-816-8463evaluation and recruitment, Synerion’s advanced modularWFM solutions grow with your organization to provide info@synerionwfm.comlasting value for the short and the long term.