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Synerion Company Profile

  1. 1. Creating Synergy betweenemployee produCtivity andorganizational StrategySynerion – Company Profile Synerion Formerly TimeTech Comprehensive Workforce Management Solutions
  2. 2. the Core of any buSineSS iSthe people who empower itToday, more and more companies recognize the importance and getting the fundaMentalS rightvalue of effective workforce planning and management and An organization’s most important resource is its employees,its impact on their strategic success and business performance. and very often they are also its biggest operating expense.As markets become more competitive, maximizing employee As we move into a knowledge-driven economy, employeepotential and performance as a proactive, driving force in the performance becomes a crucial success factor. Consequently,organization has become a must. Companies that wish to better having effective workforce management (WFM) solutions inmanage and leverage their employee performance efficiently place is an imperative, or should be, for all organizations.need to adopt new metrics, tools, and technologies. Synerion’s WFM Suite of solutions is a modularSynerion, formerly TimeTECH, provides comprehensive platform that enables organizations to track, monitor,workforce management software solutions and services that and optimize employee performance within theenable organizations to effectively optimize their most valuable organization.asset - human resources - in order to meet organizationalgoals and maximize business performance. Synerion offersorganizations integrated tools for the measurable management Our WFM Suite of solutions includes:of their workforce performance, utilizing cutting edge Synerion TimeKeeper – With its wide range of functionality,technology and industry best practice. Synerion TimeKeeper automates and tracks essentialFor over 25 years, Synerion has been helping organizations processes, such as work hours, overtime, absence, tardinessmanage and automate their workforce and operational and so on, taking into account your organization’s specificfunctions with advanced technological solutions and services. requirements, including collective and individual employmentThroughout this time, Synerion’s offering has continued to agreements, labor laws and regulations, shift patterns andevolve and grow. The insight we have gained from deploying more. Synerion TimeKeeper provides a single unified viewover 5,500 installations and tracking over 4 million employees of your workforce, integrating and interfacing with mostin locations throughout the world, has allowed us to develop a enterprise Payroll, HRIS and ERP systems.wide range of solutions that meet the needs of our customers.Across the globe, our solutions have been adopted by industries Synerion Time Costing – Our time costing solution calculatessuch as hospitality, manufacturing, healthcare, retail, finance, and analyzes the amount of work hours spent on any specifictelecommunications, education, public services and many more. task or project at the organization, department, or employee level, to ensure that your company maintains its profitabilityFrom time and attendance, to business performance objectives. It is fully integrated with Synerion TimeKeeper,management, to recruitment, Synerion’s solutions provide your and automatically exports data to the payroll system.organization with fully integrated and modular platforms tooptimize your most valuable resource: people.
  3. 3. Synerion Scheduling – Our scheduling solution facilitates Synerion Workforce ManageMent SolutionS BenefitSthe planning, setup, monitoring and adjustment ofmultiple schedules to ensure adequate work coverage, • Fast and efficient implementation and integration servicesmeeting of staffing requirements, and prevention of • Ability to customize the solution to meet your organization’sover- or under-staffing. The system allows for optimal unique internal and market requirementsscheduling, taking into account the workload, difference • “Accelerate” implementation methodology to reduce timebetween shifts, special events, labor laws, employment and costsagreements and more. • Flexible global solution with support for local, industry andSynerion iBrowse - An MSS (manager self-service) and customer requirementsESS (employee self-service) Web interface system that • Reduced corporate risk by ensuring legislative, union, andallows for the updating and viewing of attendance, contract complianceabsence and time costing data based on an authorizationlevel mechanism. It simplifies tasks such as distributing Synerion Workforce ManageMent SolutionS featureSreports to employees, updating missing employee data, • Integrated and highly compatible workforce managementgranting supervisor approvals and more. solutionsSynerion Analytics – Our business intelligence system • Analytics capabilities that contain both predefined and freefor managers analyzes the data accumulated in Synerion query toolssystems based on key performance indicators (KPIs). • Modularity that can be deployed gradually or as a completeAdvanced analysis and reporting capabilities, using suitereports and graphic displays of integrated data, supportyour managers in making decisions that affect the cost, • User-friendly self-service tools enable easy engagementproductivity, and management of your organization’s • Centralized database for a single source of informationhuman resources. • Seamless integration with other enterprise systemsData Collection - Our data collection covers a wide rangeof choice solutions to meet your specific needs: from a Synerion inSightweb-entry solution to an advanced biometric time clock, Insight is achieved from years of experience and accumulatedaccess control systems and landline or mobile phones. in-depth knowledge. It is with this kind of insight that SynerionAll data collection options are completely integrated with has developed, and continues to develop, its comprehensiveSynerion’s time and attendance management solutions. range of workforce management solutions and tools. Customer centric in its approach and with extensive coverage of industrySynerion Recruitment – Supporting the recruitment segments, Synerion has gained a deep understanding ofprocess, our system captures resumes, creates a pool customers needs. This enables us at Synerion to customizeof applicants matches between applicant and job our solutions to meet your specific requirements. Moreover,requirements, and flags candidates to meet your the modular design of our solutions gives you the flexibility toorganizational needs. It allows for the continuous deploy and implement at your own pace.improvement of recruitment management by embeddingworkflow per job requirements, as well as identification of Comprehensive in nature, yet easy to use, Synerion’s solutionsdeviations from timetables, to help you cut costs, shorten eliminate time consuming, manual work processes to increasetime to hire, and reduce employee turnover. productivity and enhance performance. By freeing up valuable time and resources, your organization is able to shift its attention from the tactical to the strategic.
  4. 4. Synerion Formerly TimeTech Comprehensive Workforce Management SolutionsSynerion, formerly TimeTECH, is a company specializing Synerion has developed a fully integrated customizablein delivering workforce management (WFM) software WFM offering that supports organizations’ uniquesolutions and services. Synerion provides organizations requirements and maximizes business performance. Fromwith comprehensive solutions to effectively plan and time and attendance, to forecasting and planning, taskmanage employee performance and optimize business evaluation and recruitment, Synerion’s advanced modularprocesses. With over 25 years of workforce management WFM solutions grow with your organization to provideexperience, Synerion has more than 5,500 installations lasting value for the short and the long term.worldwide, tracking over 4,000,000 employees in a widerange of industries.Synerion North America7420 Airport Road, Suite 101, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada L4T 4E5. Tel. +1-905-677-7009,