Importance of automation


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Understanding the need and benefits of workforce automation

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  • Automation allows for:Accurate records of employee punch in
  • Automation allows for:Accurate records of employee punch in
  • Importance of automation

    1. 1. The Importance ofAutomation
    2. 2. Time & AttendanceMonitoring• Accurate monitoring of employee time and attendance is becoming more and more important, across countries and industries• Automated systems: • Reduce errors and costs • Avoid common scenarios that lead to misunderstandings about employee hours Have you ever had an employee say to you…2
    3. 3. Mistakes in Pay“I don’t think I got paid enough for the hours I worked.”• You can… A) Give them the benefit of the doubt. • If the employee is being dishonest, it could wind up costing the company in wage expenses B) Cross reference old records • This would take up a whole lot of time and effort• Either way, organizational resources are being used up.3
    4. 4. Confusing and Overlapping AbsenceRequests“I’m going on vacation from the 3rd to the 7th, I have anappointment on the 12th, and can I leave early on the 21st?”• As a busy manager, it is near impossible to keep track of all the requests that employees make for time off• If someone told you something like this while passing by, it is likely that you will forget• This leads to… • Conflicts in terms of scheduling • Employees not showing up for work on days that they have technically spoken to you about4
    5. 5. Buddy PunchingOr, on the other side of things, have you ever had aco-worker say to you…5
    6. 6. Buddy Punching“Hey, I’m going to be a tiny bit late, can you punch in forme?”• The practice of “Buddy Punching” is a lot more common than managers think• It can lead to significant losses for companies, as it involves paying employees for time that they haven’t been on the job• It can account for up to 5% of payroll costs, which can add up to thousands or even millions of dollars annually6
    7. 7. Mistakes in Pay“Don’t tell anyone, but check it out – I got paid an extra $300this week!”• Many people won’t confess about being overpaid, attributing these blunders as a “corporate error”• Mistakes like this can end up costing companies a great deal• They don’t even have to be as significant as this – paying every employee an extra two or three dollars every pay cheque can add up quickly7
    8. 8. The Solution?An Automated System!• An automated system eliminates all of the previously mentioned scenarios• An automated system allows for: • Tracking of time and attendance through badge readers and biometrics • Creation of optimized schedules based on reoccurring patterns while taking into account labour laws, union agreements, etc. • Planning, approving and managing employee absences • And much more!!8
    9. 9. The Solution?• The benefits of an automated system include: • A reduction in payroll costs • Easy access to comprehensive statistical data on employees • Optimized level of staffing to meet customer requirements while avoiding the issue of overstaffing • Decrease in workload for HR professionals and management • Elimination of the possibility of human calculation and planning errors • Self service options for employees9
    10. 10. Find the perfect automated workforce management and time &attendance solution for your company at Thank You!