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Made Visual Portfolio

  1. 1. madevisual //Made Visual, Based in Fitzroy, MelBourne, Made Visual has extensiVe experienceis a Boutique Multi-disciplinary design working directly with Both clientsstudio under the creatiVe direction and industry proFessionalsoF tiM allan. tiM is a graphic designer including printers, photographerswith More than seVen years Full tiMe and weBsite deVelopers.experience in the creatiVe industry. the Following portFolio showcasesat Made Visual we specialise in print and the Breadth oF Made Visual’sdigital design and photography. we pride experience and capaBilities.ourselVes on Building strong clientrelationships and the deliVery oF high to see More or For a quotation, Visitquality unique design solutions. our weBsite or eMail inFo@MadeVisual.coM.auMade Visual’s Broad client Base rangesFroM sMall Businesses to largeorganisations, educational institutions,ngo’s and eVen soMe up and coMing Bands.
  2. 2. about //oVer the past seVen years tiM, an award FirM, ru adVertising. at ru adVertisingwinning designer and the director oF tiM’s clients included the VictorianMade Visual, has Built a reputation For goVernMent, the diocese oF Ballarat anddesign excellence. this has Been Built suMMerField wines.upon his Breadth oF industry experiencein Both europe and australia. again in europe tiM Based hiMselF in the eMerald isle’s capital duBlin whereat the coMpletion oF tiM’s tertiary he Joined Boutique Multi-disciplinedstudies he was awarded, Based upon graphic design studio Four5oneº creatiVehis Folio, two consecutiVe three Month (now aMp Visual). during this tiMe tiM’sinternships with internationally design won the ‘silVer agency award’ atrenowned design giant pentagraM at the 2010 air transport world adawards.their london and new york studios. aFter a year oF awe-inspiring landscapes,tiM worked as part oF John rushworth’s cities, culture, laughs and designteaM assisting with concepting and experience tiM returned to australia tolayout For pentagraM’s Blue chip clients, estaBlish Made Visual.including one & only resorts, suninternational and the dorchester hotel. Made Visual is Based in Fitzroy, the creatiVe huB oF MelBourne. tiM’saFter an extended tour oF europe, experience, industry connections andtiM returned to australia where he passion For excellence in graphic designworked with a consideraBly sMaller, and photography, will allow hiM to takeBut no less passionate graphic design your BrieF FroM concept to coMpletion.
  3. 3. design //corporate Brochure design Forthe city oF Ballarat highlightingBallarat’s history, education,econoMic and liFestyle strengthsand opportunities.production details: a4 landscape 20 pageBooklet, printed in Full colour with Mattand gloss spot Varnish on outer coVer.produced with ru adVertising.
  4. 4. design //design, layout and print ManageMentoF the new student inForMation guide(seMester 1 and 2, 2010) For the graduateschool oF Business and econoMics (gsBe),the uniVersity oF MelBourne.production details: 205 x 205MM 80 pageBooklets, printed Full colour coVer andMono inner with Matt Varnish on outer coVer.printed using Fsc certiFied printer and stock.
  5. 5. design //the Victorian organic Foodproducts directory 2007 proVideda coMprehensiVe list oF VictoriancertiFied organic Businesses, as wellas proFiles on organic exporters andorganic Food processors. puBlishedBy the Victorian goVernMent, regionaldeVelopMent Victoria (rdV).production details: the 76 page a4 Booklet wasprinted on cyclus 100% recycled paper usingVegetaBle Based inks. Full colour coVer and twocolour inner pages. produced with ru adVertising.
  6. 6. design //in 2007, two leading international Volunteeragencies, australian Volunteers international(aVi) and Voluntary serVices oVerseas (Vso),ForMed a partnership to create opportunitiesFor australians and new zealanders toundertake skilled Volunteering placeMents indeVeloping countries across the world.Made Visual was approached to reBrand andcreate a suite oF proMotional Materials toMarket the partnership and opportunities topotential Volunteers.proMotional Materials included an a5 inForMationBrochure and press adVertiseMents in a range oFindustry Magazines.
  7. 7. design //the proMotional calendars were designed andcraFted By Made Visual, the typographic designFeatured the naMe oF the Month in 15 diFFerentlanguages in Varying Fonts and type styles. theproMotional calendars were sold at Markets,giFt shops and online.the handMade calendars were aVailaBle in twosizes, one For your wall and one For your desk,and were printed locally on 100% recycled230gsM enViro Board and Bound with silVer wire.wall calendar diMensions: 297MM (w) x 385MM (hdesk calendar diMensions: 140MM (w) x 140MM (h)
  8. 8. design //alBuM, single and print proMotiondesign For MelBourne Band,the tiger and Me.production details: a4 landscape 20 page Booklet,printed in Full colour with Matt and gloss spotVarnish on outer coVer.
  9. 9. identity //the Bluestone is a new preMierentertainMent Venue located in astylishly reFurBished 19th centuryBluestone warehouse in the heartoF historic Ballarat.aFter researching the history oF the Building threealternate identities were created. the chosen ‘B’concept was Based upon the staMps originally usedto identiFy the Merchants goods in the Buildingsoriginal warehouse incarnation.
  10. 10. identity //101 is the BaseMent night cluBat the Bluestone.101 is the Buildings address in Mair street, Ballarat.the identity is Based upon the square ForM oF the 19thcentury Building, whilst keeping with the youthFuland Modern Feel oF the BaseMent night cluB.
  11. 11. identity //wordslice is a creatiVe editing consultancythat oFFers proFessional serVices in allaspects oF the written word.we wanted to create an identity with intrigue. thecoMBination oF the scalpel and the Fountain pengiVes an ‘old world’ Feel For the craFt oF writingrather than iMpersonal word processing.
  12. 12. identity //eVe salon & Beauty Bar is aBoutique hair and Beauty therapysalon in Ballarat. the identityneeded to exude class and style.the identity was applied to collateral includingsignage, Business cards, inForMation Brochuresand press adVertiseMents.
  13. 13. identities //a selection oF identities createdBy Made Visual.application oF logos include Business cards,letterheads, enVelopes, weBsites, pull-upBanners, teardrop Banners and signage.
  14. 14. photography //the BrieF was to capture theMelBourne FiVe-piece and the Big-topenergy oF their new BlossoMingsound in a series oF press photos.
  15. 15. photography //with the iMpending release oFyoung werther’s deBut soloalBuM, ‘knights oF the departMentstore’ in late 2009, Made Visual wasapproached to shoot a series oFpress photos.
  16. 16. photography //the Following pages showcase asMall selection oF photographscaptured the world oVer.
  17. 17. testimonial //“tiM FroM Made Visual has produced high quality puBlications For thegraduate school oF Business and econoMics.tiM is Very skilled at understanding our design needs and his attentionto detail is Fantastic. i haVe also appreciated the proFessionalisM andreliaBility that tiM has displayed while working with Me.”aManda haMiltonacadeMic prograMs ManageruniVersity oF Visual designed and print Managed the80 page 2010 seMester 1 and 2 new studentinForMation guides For the graduate schooloF Business and econoMics (gsBe), theuniVersity oF MelBourne.
  18. 18. testimonial //“we haVe Been using tiM’s serVices For approxiMately FiVe years(preViously at ru adVertising) and haVe always Found hiM to proVideexcellent, eFFicient serVice and is always easy to deal with.tiM was oF great assistance with the Marketing For the launch oFthe reBrand in septeMBer 2009 Making the changeoVer processrun More sMoothly.”tina keighreyexecutiVe assistantprdnationwide
  19. 19. testimonial //“tiM has worked closely with the Band the tiger and Me, conceptualizingand oVerseeing our entire aesthetic during the release oF the alBuMFroM a liar to a thieF, and in an ongoing capacity since then. this hasincluded taking and editing press photographs oF the Band, designing thealBuM artwork (in conJunction with artist laura stitzel), and designingall adVertising Material – posters, Fliers etc.we place a huge aMount oF iMportance on the Visual aspect oF the Band,and so tiM’s role in this has Been Vital.his work is oF outstanding quality. as a graphic designer he has the rareskill oF knowing exactly how Much and what needs to Be done to Makedisparate eleMents work as a whole. his photographs and Follow-upediting is excellent. the Band has enJoyed extra exposure due siMply tothe high quality press photos; For exaMple our photos haVe regularlyBeen chosen as the Front coVer or Feature photograph in FestiValprograMs and online adVertising.he is Very proFessional and easy to deal with and i haVe no hesitation inrecoMMending hiM.”adrian VincentManaging dictatorthe tiger and
  20. 20. testimonial //“i First Met tiM when i was updating recruitMent and prograM MarketingMaterial For an international Volunteering prograM. working within tightdeadlines, tiM reViVed the existing Branding to create a new look and Feel Forthe prograM, successFully Making it stand out FroM coMpetitors.when i set up My own Business, wordslice, he was the oBVious choice todeVelop the Brand and identity. tiM Made the process Very easy with hisproFessionalisM, responsiVeness and Fresh ideas. tiM’s exceptional aBility totranslate My Vague Musings into a Brand identity that Visually articulatesexactly what My Business is aBout, Means i constantly receiVe coMpliMents onthe design oF the weBsite and Business cards.i can’t recoMMend Made Visual highly enough.”Francesca aliceowner, writer & editorwordslicewww.wordlice.coM
  21. 21. thankyou //thanks For taking the tiMe to Viewour portFolio. Feel Free to contactus For any quotations.we look Forward to working withyou on your upcoMing proJects.Made Visualt // 0409 215 507e // inFo@MadeVisual.coM.auw //MadeVisual.coM.auskype // MadeVisual