Troubleshooting the Outlook Client UBCRM04 Microsoft Convergence DayONE 2011


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The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Outlook Client is a key feature, but can be challenging to troubleshoot. This session will discuss some of the common issues and solutions. Join Tim Thorpe & Leslie Guffey from Black & Veatch, and Sean Dieken from Microsoft Premier Support, to discuss error logs from the installation process, how to overcome configuration, login, and other issues. There will be plenty of time for sharing so bring your challenges and solutions to share with the group.

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  • Black & Veatch Corporation is a leading global engineering, consulting and construction company.Founded in 1915.A single integrated global workforce of approximately 8,100 allows Black & Veatch to deploy optimal multi-disciplinary teams from around the world. Those experienced, dedicated professionals are working in more than 100 offices worldwide.We have experience with projects in more than 100 countries on six continents.Revenues in 2009 were $2.7 billion.We are a privately held Employee Stock Ownership Program (ESOP).
  • Troubleshooting the Outlook Client UBCRM04 Microsoft Convergence DayONE 2011

    1. 1. Troubleshooting the Outlook Client
    2. 2. Welcome to DayONE • Who is CRMUG? – The largest, independent user group for users of Microsoft Dynamics CRM • Why should I be a Member? – 200+ educational events annually – Peer to peer networking – Regional Chapters – Regular Conduits with Microsoft – Annual User Conference – CRMUG Summit
    3. 3. Troubleshooting the Outlook Client Tim Thorpe Black & Veatch, Manager of Information Solutions Leslie Guffey Black & Veatch, Senior Information Solutions Analyst Shawn Dieken Microsoft, Premier Field Engineer
    4. 4. BLACK & VEATCH CORPORATION • Founded in 1915 • Global workforce of ~8,100 • More than 100 offices worldwide • Projects in more than 100 countries on 6 continents • $2.3 billion in annual revenues in 2010 • Employee-owned corporation A LEADING GLOBAL ENGINEERING, CONSULTING AND CONSTRUCTION COMPANY
    5. 5. BLACK & VEATCH CORPORATION B&V CRM 101 • 3.0 Implementation in 2007 • Upgrade to 4.0 in Summer 2010 • Miller Heiman Sales Process Integrated in 2010 • ~1100 Users Today • Original Implementation was Web Only • Currently Rolling Out CRM Client to All Users • CRM 2011 Upgrade Planned for Summer 2012
    6. 6. Troubleshooting the Outlook Client User Controlled – CRM Contact Syncing • Contact Syncing based on Owner value can be a challenge to manage • Modify Local Data Group value to sync based on creating relationship with specific contact
    7. 7. Troubleshooting the Outlook Client Local Data Group Console – Codeplex Solution • Managing Local Data Groups across the enterprise can be a challenge • B&V uses the LDG Console application to set LDG values across all professional’s profiles • • CRM 2011 – Sample code is available in the CRM SDK to build this functionality
    8. 8. Troubleshooting the Outlook Client Contact Sync Functions
    9. 9. Troubleshooting the Outlook Client Contact Audit Functions • When multiple users update unique contact records – data can be overwritten • Audit function can be added in CRM to snapshot original record before update • History can be reviewed as needed • Enhances User Adoption – reluctance to upload contact records to CRM • CRM 2011 – Contact Audit function is native
    10. 10. Troubleshooting the Outlook Client CRM Client for Outlook Settings via SDK/SQL Script • CRM Client configuration settings are stored in the database • May not be possible to set these through desktop package delivery tools • The CRM application SDK can be used to develop a solution to set these values • Can be a viable way to manage some desktop settings • CRM 2011 – Same SDK options are available
    11. 11. Troubleshooting the Outlook Client Outlook Contact File As – Last Name/First Name • The Full Name field in Outlook Contacts can be parsed incorrectly leading to incorrect data in the First/Last Name fields
    12. 12. Troubleshooting the Outlook Client Outlook Contact File As – Last Name/First Name • This can be an issue when synchronizing (tracking) Outlook Contacts into CRM • To ensure better data quality when synchronizing – always click the Full Name: button when creating contacts in Outlook • In Outlook ToolsOptionsPreferences set the Default “Full Name” order: to “First (Middle) Last” to improve data parsing
    13. 13. Troubleshooting the Outlook Client Field Mapping Issues • CRM Toolbar button for new Appointment, Task, Contact and E-mail displays the Outlook forms by default to create the record in CRM • This can be an issue if you have customized CRM forms for these functions that use custom fields • In CRMOptionsGeneral Tab set Appointment, Task, Contact and E-mail to use CRM forms • Educate staff to always use CRM forms when creating records that will ultimately reside in CRM • CRM 2011 – Similar function
    14. 14. Troubleshooting the Outlook Client Create Role for “Sync to Outlook” Permission • The Sync to Outlook permission can be granted or removed from any CRM Role • Creating a separate CRM Role that only has this permission specified will allow you more flexibility in providing synchronization functionality to users • CRM 2011 – Similar Role can be created
    15. 15. Troubleshooting the Outlook Client Colored Background for CRM Environments • B&V has Dev, Test, Train and Prod CRM environments • When connecting Outlook to different environments it can be easy to forget which area you are in • A system file tweak allows you to specify a different color background for non-Prod environments as a reminder • Being considered at B&V – not yet implemented • Not supported by Microsoft, has upgrade caveats
    16. 16. Premier Field Engineering Follow Us! Join Us! Check out our blog! Email Us! Find Us!
    17. 17. Troubleshooting the Outlook Client Thanks for joining us! • Be sure to fill out session evaluations online or at designated stations • For more information: – – – –