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Easy Money 092209


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10 high payback quick wins to improve marketing ROI

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Easy Money 092209

  1. 1. “The Idea” “How & Why” “The Benefit” 1) Reduce wasted ad impressions, 1) Use Relevance-X Display to concentrate online 1) 3-5X revenue / ad dollar at other clients concentrate spend on highest ad spend and then follow with Relevance-X TV. Existing customers respond 17X to value consumers prospects to digital TV ads 2) Recognize & connect with social 2) Use Relevance-X Social to recognize socially active 2) Match against 500M socially active media influencers customers & prospects and implement and track individuals (~60-70% of any email list) your direct social media marketing initiatives 3) Engage customers and prospects 3) Use Impact-X Mobile integrated with 3) Avg. mobile purchaser has higher income via mobile lifecycle messaging Impact-X Email for likely halo effect & spends 2X over Web-only. 4) Examine call center patterns, use 4) Identify high-volume drivers of calls proactively 4) $2M / year cost displacement & $200M / yr email to pre-empt expensive deliver relevant content to address needs that would influenced revenue at another client. personal support have solved the reason for those calls. 5) Connect Web analytics with 5) Impact-X allows you to follow the digital 5) 2X website conversions achieved at outbound messaging footprints to recalibrate your outbound another client. marketing initiatives 6) When chat available on site, offer 6) Email a branded transcript back to site 6) This is the highest performing email to send a branded transcript of the visitors. Include buttons to “buy” or to application at another client. chat. “subscribe” to other services. 7) Perform an organic search audit 7) Identify opportunities to improve organic 7) 72% of Google clicks are organic. A visibility, potentially reduce paid search. proper audit enables more free traffic 8) Implement lead scoring when 8) Build / implement predictive models to screen out low 8) The bottom three deciles can likely receiving third party leads value leads provided. Consider a test with Acxiom be eliminated without impacting CoReg services and / or e-list rental. conversions. 9) Improve the site experience 9) Target and test content with Impact-X Site. Implement 9) Personalized site experiences Relevance-X analytics tags to measure conversion drive 4–15X ROI. funnel progress by lifestage segment. 10) Retarget site visitors that do not 10) Relevance-X Display Retargeting : 53% of 10) Remarketing generates $4–10 revenue convert shopping carts abandon. Remarket based on per ad dollar. specific site behavior / lifestage.
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