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Some sample slides from the new Facilitation Guide

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Sdi Fg 4th Preview

  1. 1. SDI Facilitation Guide 4th Edition Sample Slides
  2. 2. Co-Branding Spaces are reserved to place a small image of a logo in slide masters. To access slide masters, choose View – Slide Master from the PowerPoint menu. L1
  3. 3. Motivation, Intention, & Behavior Your self-perception Their perception of is based on… you is based on… COMMENT: Animation reveals internal MOTIVATION MOTIVATION intentions and internal motivations …what you are trying to do. …what they are seeing you do.
  4. 4. Behavior vs. Motivation Behavior: the things that people do Motivation: the reasons for using behavior
  5. 5. Behavior Motivation COMMENT: Animation Motivational Value reveals anchor SystemTM (MVS) beneath (MVS) water.
  6. 6. Blue ALTRUISTIC–NURTURING MOTIVATIONAL VALUE SYSTEM Concern for the protection, growth and welfare of others VALUED RELATING STYLE: Being open and Trying to avoid being responsive to the needs a burden to others of others Ensuring others reach Seeking ways to bring their potential help to others Ensuring others are valued Trying to make life easier Defending the rights of for others others
  7. 7. The higher the number, the more frequent the motivation. Frequency of motivation is not an indicator of skill, competence or effectiveness.
  8. 8. Activity MVS Color How to Like Dislike 4 MVS Groups influence B COMMENT: Slides that prompt R chart creation for groups give a clear starting point for the G chart. H
  9. 9. The Dot vs. The Arrowhead Motivational Value Conflict SYSTEM SEQUENCE 3 types of motivation 3 types of motivation working TOGETHER working in ORDER
  10. 10. Red- Red-Blue Fair Fair Blue Red Hub Fair Blue- Blue-Green Red- Red-Green Green The connection between motivation Fair and behavior
  11. 11. COMMENT: Activity: “Where Do You Stand?” New activity documented in Facilitation Guide text. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 L1
  12. 12. COMMENT: Activity New activity documented in Facilitation To: (MVS Color) Guide text. Overdone Your (Strength) may appear (Overdone Strength). Mailbox Part 1 The cost or impact is… MVS Groups Writing Letters From: (MVS Color)
  13. 13. COMMENT: Activity New activity documented in MVS COLOR Facilitation Guide text. Not Interested Interested Overdone Mailbox Part 2 Sorting Mail
  14. 14. Activity Relationship Action Plan
  15. 15. Elias H. Porter, Ph.D. Prominent psychologist, peer of Carl Rogers Author of Introduction to Therapeutic Counseling and Manpower Development Developer of Relationship Awareness Theory Key Influences: Sigmund Freud, Erich Fromm Elias H. Porter Author of the SDI 1914 - 1987 BLUE (Altruistic-Nurturing)
  16. 16. Ethical Use of SDI SDI Does SDI Doesn’t Generate Diagnose conversations Predict Build Make selection relationships decisions Manage conflict Prescribe Create understanding
  17. 17. Our Vision We look into the future and see a world where: Effective relationships are viewed as essential to the success of individuals and organizations Preventable conflict is eliminated All conflict is managed to create positive results and restore the self-worth of the parties involved People's strengths are recognized and valued because their motives are understood – by themselves and by others People feel empowered to choose their behavior based on the intended result of the behavior We are approaching that future by creating a common language for relationships; making SDI a part of our clients’ culture.
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