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  • 1. Workforce Planning, Talent Management and What your CEOwishes HR would do…
  • 2. Workforce Planning and Talent Management WP – simply it’s the “Ability to put the right people, in the right place, at the right time.” So, what’s Talent Management?
  • 3. Or this…
  • 4. Or this…
  • 5. What Should it be?
  • 6. Real Simple…
  • 7. 5 Things Your CEO Wishes HRWOULD Do – Regarding Talent Management Back to what the CEO wants…
  • 8.  Metrics that show the alignment of the workforce plan to the major business objectives. Metrics that represent a plan of action.Really pretty charts…
  • 9. • Take off the HR Hat •Simple Collaboration •Understand your businessHR Pros that get It…
  • 10. Executives work at a much higher level of uncertainty. Traditional HR Forecasts are not effective. Forecasting is a static visions of the future…HR needs to add in “what-ifs” to create a qualitative piece that your executives are looking for.A GAP ANALYSIS…not really!
  • 11. Hire Sharper HR Pros
  • 12. Why don’t we do this in HR?Value over Efficiency…
  • 13. 1. Who in your industry is aggressively going after talent? 2. Who are the difference makers in your competitors? 3. Exactly, by name and position, are you going after from our competition to strength us and weaken them?Your Competition…on a platter
  • 14. Must-DoMoves… No Matter What!
  • 15. A Plan that doesn’t treat everyone equally…TalentManagement is not a Democracy
  • 16. So now what?
  • 17.  Connect business strategies to needed competencies Develop a Talent Mindset Integrate all Talent Initiatives ◦ Software does not equal talent management…but it sure does help!Where to go from here…
  • 18.  Becoming a trusted advisor instead of a fulfillment center Become a Work Therapist Be one of the tribe Stop being a school teacher Open w/ What do you think your CEO wants HR to do? Corporate Evangelist – not Corp Hoarder Be the Geek Squad for People Systems
  • 19.  Stop saying “No” and start saying “Yes” Step into the vacuum ◦ Find the space in your organization where something needs to get done, and make it happen. Give your “A” card away
  • 20. Your CEO will only care aboutBusiness Results.
  • 21. “HR discovers things about our business through the lens of talent…that is a competitive advantage. John Baudreau USC’s Center for Effective Organizations
  • 22. Let’s Connect:Sackett.tim@hru-tech.comwww.hru-tech.comTwitter: @TimSackettLinkedIn:www.linkedin.com/in/timsackett