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Jumping to Joomla - Barcamp Nashville 2010

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Wordpress is a bicycle, Joomla is a bus. Joomla is a flexible, industrial strength content management system for websites with 20 pages or 20,000 pages.

Wordpress is a bicycle, Joomla is a bus. Joomla is a flexible, industrial strength content management system for websites with 20 pages or 20,000 pages.

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  • 1. A Great Presentation Deck Contains Only 6 Slides
  • 2. This is me Tim Piazza VP/New Media Keller Crescent Advertising Evansville, Indiana timpiazza@me.com
  • 3. Damn, I’ve used 3 slides already
  • 4. I’m not that great.
  • 5. I have a hundred slides
  • 6. And only 30 minutes
  • 7. So I’m going to talk really fast.
  • 8. The Trajectory cms sites blog sites flash sites program-coded html hand-coded html
  • 9. What about Flash? When your only tool is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.
  • 10. = = = =
  • 11. How to Get Your Clients to Revamp • If your site is more than 3 years old, it’s hitting retirement age. • You can pay for web technology by replacing old ways of doing things with web apps. • Play the SEO card
  • 12. Wordpress is a Bicycle Nimble, inexpensive, flexible, human-powered, scaled to the individual Great for single-purpose websites
  • 13. Elegant Simplicity • Incredibly easy to implement • Easy to maintain • Easy to move, repair, change • With multisite, easy to create network What’s not to love?
  • 14. “Honey, I hate to tell you this, but you’re just not a CMS”.
  • 15. WORDPRESS BLOG PAGE PAGE PAGE Blog Entry PAGE WIDGET Blog Entry PAGE Blog Entry PAGE Blog Entry Blog Entry WIDGET Blog Entry Blog Entry Blog Entry WIDGET BLOG ARCHIVE
  • 16. Tim, you are a biased SOB.
  • 17. Geez, Tim, finally... ...this is what I came to hear about.
  • 18. Joomla is a Bus • Designed for capacity • Won’t go anywhere and everywhere • But where it does go, it gets you there in style
  • 19. Why Joomla? • It’s a CMS at its heart • For sites with 20 pages or more, up to maybe 125,000 pages (200x25x25) • Extremely flexible and customizable • Structured content, multi-lingual, multiple templates.
  • 20. Joomla in 5 Easy Steps
  • 21. #1 Install Joomla
  • 22. Mininum Requirements
  • 23. #2 Install a Template
  • 25. #3 Add Content (sections, categories, articles)
  • 27. “Tim likes to start his web site development projects by producing a taxonomy, determining section and category requirements, naming conventions, menu titles, hierarchy, article titles, all derived from competitive SEO analysis.” “What a frikin’ wuss.”
  • 28. Content Plan • Always start with your content. • What do you already have? (old website, catalogs, marketing materials, press releases) • What do you need? Determine who will create additional content • Organize content by assigning to groups
  • 29. #4 Build Menus
  • 30. Menu Structure • Use Multiple Menus • Group Menus by Content Function • Limit number of menu choices • Don’t require surgical precision or forensics
  • 31. #5 Add Modules
  • 32. MODULES
  • 33. Types of Modules • Banners • Media Players • Latest News • Polls • Custom HTML • Search • RSS Feeds • Who’s Online • Advertisements • iFrame Wrappers
  • 34. #6 Go Have a Beer, You’re Done. (Umm, Tim, what about the other extensions Joomla uses? What are they for?)
  • 35. How to Understand Joomla Extensions • Components are custom programs that add functional features accessed through the admin menus. • Plug-ins change the behavior of the system from its default behavior. • Modules are like Wordpress Widgets. They show up on the screen.
  • 36. Review • Runs on LAMP/WAMP • Create MySQL database and install Joomla • First Sections, then Categories, then Articles • Menus need to be assigned to content • Modules load into positions defined by template • Extensions let you do almost anything
  • 37. The Extra Stuff we probably don’t have time for.
  • 38. Let’s compare article managers
  • 39. The EXTRA Extra Stuff we really don’t have time for!
  • 40. Joomla Tips • Design pages to use <H1> tag • Don’t set global meta descriptions • Use a hidden menu to assign modules to articles accessed by html links • Remove extensions you don’t need • Swap out the default article editor
  • 41. Joomla Tricks • You can set a different template to any menu item. • Articles, modules, components can go anywhere. • You can map multiple menu items to the same content. • You can even map menu items to other menu items.
  • 42. Planning your CMS project • Convert existing content to plain text • Create a Site Map • Create a Content Map • Align available content to content map • Determine how you fill the holes
  • 43. Joomla talking points • Can easily handle thousands of articles • Multiple menus, each can have submenus • Any section or category can be a blog • Unlimited numbers of blogs • Different levels of access for those logged-in • Highly extensible • Multiple templates, multiple languages
  • 44. @TimPiazza http://ezzyl.com http://www.facebook.com/bzzmatters http://agencyoutsider.com http://marketingtechblog.com