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Tn jp morgan_presentation

  2. 2. BACKGROUNDAs a well established manager of Investment Trusts, JPMorgan AssetManagement (JPM) offers 19 different investment trust choices to meet a broadrange of investment needs, from core trusts ideal for starting a portfolio tospecialist funds investing overseas and in smaller companies.Sales of Investment Trusts had started to stagnate, with sales to existinginvestors slowing and limited new investment inflows.To counteract this trend a limited amount of qualitative and quantitive researchwas undertaken – to gain insights about existing investors and their motivations.A key insight was that many investors were saving for a child’s future –both parents and grandparents.
  3. 3. TARGET MARKET ANYONE CONNECTED WITH A CHILDIn an attempt to better define the broad target audience of“anyone connected with a child”, two main target profiles were identified ADVICE SEEKING NEW WAVE PARENTS GRANDPARENTS
  4. 4. OBJECTIVES• To increase average investment levels by existing JPMorgan Investment Trust investors – by 10%• To recruit new investors to the JPMorgan Investment Trust franchise – to attract new assets under management of £25,000,000.
  5. 5. STRATEGY• To present the JPMorgan Investment Trust range (Share Plan) as a ‘Saving for Children Plan’ to potential investors ‘connected with a child’• To send direct mail packs, statement stuffers and outbound emails to existing investors• To create a direct marketing campaign designed to acquire ‘look alike’ prospective investors.
  6. 6. DIRECT WRAPPERCLIENT SEGMENTATION AverageClient No. of % of AUM Cumulative AUM Definition holdingsegment clients clients £m % £Gold More than £30,000 in JPMF IT wrappers 2,523 5 234 92,747 57% More than £30,000 in projected liquid assets or moreSilver 21,898 46 180 8,220 88% than £30,000 in family income Less than £30,000 in projected liquid assets or lessBronze than £30,000 in family income and more than £3000 8,837 19 49 5,545 98% in JPMF IT wrappers Less than £30,000 in projected liquid assets or lessRed than £30,000 in family income and less than £3000 7,710 16 9 1,167 100% in JPMF IT wrappersTotal 40,968 472Cross Clients holding both JPMF investment trusts and OEICs 6,337 13 257 40,555holders
  7. 7. TARGETING – THIRD PARTYDATA AND MEDIA SELECTIONTarget CriteriaThree key criteria were applied to determine the suitability and likelihoodof a prospect investing:1. Are they affluent enough to invest?2. Do they understand what an Investment Trust is?3. Do they have (or are they connected to) children?
  8. 8. AFFLUENCE INDICATORSA number of variables that are easily accessible in the public domain wereused to help indicate how affluent an individual may be:• Investment Portfolio size – the value of current investments in stocks and shares• Property Value – the value of the properties they own• Household income• Age or life stage.
  9. 9. FINANCIAL SOPHISTICATIONSimilarly a number of variables that are easily accessible in the public domain,were used to help determine whether a prospect understands the benefits ofinvesting in an Investment Trust :• Investment Portfolio composition – the types of investments they hold• The literature requested from associations – trade body, industry sites• The publications they subscribe to – both online and offline• Age or life stage.
  10. 10. HOUSEHOLD COMPOSITIONAppropriate variables include:• Household composition – via census information, lifestyle and modeled data• Membership or subscriptions to relevant maternity-related stores and bodies• Age or life stage.
  11. 11. TARGET AUDIENCE PROFILING• New Wave Parents and Advice Seeking Grandparents – Proximity/relationship with child – Willingness to invest.WHO ARE THEY?• To better understand and target our audiences we created two TGI audiences based on JPMorgan’s client profiling• Audiences primarily defined by their attitudes• In this instance they are also defined by their life stage i.e. Parents and Grandparents.
  12. 12. PRIMARY AUDIENCES• New Wave Parents – Affluence (+£40,000 gross HH income) } – Age/Parents – Plan for future – Financially conscious – Value Family Similar – Seek Security. Audiences but• Advice Seeking Grandparents at different – Affluence life stages – Age/Grandchildren – Value Knowledge – Value (extended) Family – Financially Conscious – Seek Security.
  13. 13. CONSUMER INSIGHTNEW WAVE PARENTS• Value function over form – look for intrinsic value in their decisions/purchases• Rational/considered decisions based on evaluation above emotion (act on instinct rather than rational -20%)• Not necessarily inclined to save/invest – function of life stage/financial situation rather than desire? New Wave Parents may invest if they can be made to believe in the intrinsic value of an investment – need sufficient reason/motivation Rational and Emotional Investment – proposition must be valuable
  14. 14. CONSUMER INSIGHT ADVICESEEKING GRANDPARENTS• Financially conservative• Traditional values Willing to invest if – The family unit reason is compelling – Saving• Taking life easier – Need to be motivated to act but are responsive to advertising ‘Advertising helps me choose what I buy’ (129% more likely/definitely agree)• Consider decisions – Value judgements when making choices – need the facts (+153%). Value family, value saving – need to make process as transparent and simple as possible
  15. 15. STRATEGIC POSITIONINGHow do these learnings translate into a strategic position?
  16. 16. New Wave Rational, Considered, Advice Seeking Parents Willing to invest if Grandparents motivated/inspired but not necessarily looking for IT fundAppeal to rational instinct in emotional environmentStart investing now so that you can give the children in your life a helping hand when they grow up
  17. 17. EMOTIONALFULFILMENT PROCESS• Target both audiences in specific media environments that evoke emotion. Need to Evoke Emotion Magazines Supplements Radio Internet } Specific channels which can evoke emotions
  19. 19. Press advertisementsAimed at New Wave Parents– Prima Baby– Practical Parenting– Junior– Living– 25 Beautiful Homes– Easy Living– House and Garden
  20. 20. Keyword Sponsored AdvertisingAimed at New Wave Parents– Internet remains a key source of information for New Wave Parents (63% more likely top 2 quintiles)– Partner with Google using pay per click keyword sponsored advertising
  21. 21. Direct Marketing PackAimed at existing JPMorganInvestment Trust Investors andProspects with a similar profile
  22. 22. Press insertsAimed at Advice SeekingGrandparents– Readers Digest– Woman & Home
  23. 23. ScriptRadio Advertisement Client name: Job number: JPMorgan TBC Client project: Radio ad – FAIRYTALE PRINCESSAimed at Advice Seeking Draft: FinalGrandparents SFX Script Magical, medieval storytelling type music– Saga Radio in background MVO1: Steven Fry sound-alike narrator. Once upon a time there was beautiful princess…well at least that’s what her grandfather thought…and she lived in a wonderful castle, which was actually a rather nice detached house in Surrey. SFX: Sound of horses hooves, as if in fairytale MVO 1: He continues Every Sunday she took riding lessons at her local stables and although she was only four, she had already developed a taste for the finer things in life…like beautiful jewels, sumptuous furnishings, fast cars, nice holidays…not to mention the occasional cream bun, SFX: Sound of young girl munching buns MVO 1: Narrator continues Fortunately her wise old grandfather had invested in a children’s savings plan with JPMorgan, So when she grew up he could give her a helping hand. Professional voice of JPMorgan: We all want the best for the children in our lives but it’s not always easy to know how to give them the best start. With some careful planning now and by investing in a Share Plan with JPMorgan the chances are you’ll be able to really help when they come to buy their first home, get married, go to university, or buy their first car. To find out more about saving for your little Prince or Princess call us now for further information and a free investment guide on 0800 40 30 30, or visit Please note that telephone lines are recorded and may be monitored for security and training purposes. JPMorgan Asset Management Marketing Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. The value of investments may fall as well as rise and an investor may not get back the full amount invested.
  24. 24. Fulfilment PackAimed at all prospectsrequesting further information