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2009   seminar - tim m - vs 2010 developer edition
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2009 seminar - tim m - vs 2010 developer edition


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Public session given before release of VS2010

Public session given before release of VS2010

Published in: Technology
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  • CA1062: Validate arguments of public methods CA1303: Do not pass literals as localized parameters CA2000: Dispose objects before losing scope CA2100: Review SQL queries for security vulnerabilities CA2202: Do not dispose objects multiple times CA2204: Literals should be spelled correctly CA2215: Dispose methods should call base class dispose CA2241: Provide correct arguments to formatting methods
  • Transcript

    • 1. Team Developer VS 2010
    • 2. Team Developer• What was already in the box? – Static code analysis – Dynamic code analysis – Unit test coverage• What is new in 2010? – Test Impact Analysis – Historical Debugging – Multithreaded debugging – Code analysis improvements – Profiler improvements
    • 3. Test Impact analysis• Based on the changes you make get a list of suggested tests to run• Test check in policy works with only satisfying impacted tests• Team build generates the impact data – Used in Test Impact view Endeavour 5 Launch 3
    • 4. Test Impact analysis DEMO Endeavour 5 Launch 4
    • 5. Test Impact analysis : How It Worksvoid M() {} Test Impacted Tests->Method Resultsvoid M() { Tests mapping i++;} Visual Studio TFS Build Build Drop Site
    • 6. Historical Debugging• How do we debug today? – Break…Inspect…Step… – Restart the application multiple times – Little insight into reproduction environments – Lots of time spent pinpointing where the problem occurs Endeavour 5 Launch 6
    • 7. Historical Debugging DEMO Endeavour 5 Launch 7
    • 8. Historical Debugging : How it worksCollection Plan• Specifies the what and how of instrumentation Instrumentation & Hidden Trace Points • Inserted into user’s code and the .NET framework using ICorProfiling APIs Logger & Log • Data is recorded to a portable log file User Experience • Visualization of collected data integrated with the VS Debugger IDE Endeavour 5 Launch 8
    • 9. Multithreaded debugging• 2 new windows – Parallel Stacks Window – Parallel Tasks Window DEMO Endeavour 5 Launch 9
    • 10. Code analysis improvements• 8 New rules for 2010 • Filter rules for your application and situation• Create, save and distribute custom rule sets Endeavour 5 Launch 10
    • 11. Code analysis improvements DEMO Endeavour 5 Launch 11
    • 12. Profiler improvements• Just my code profiling• Three new profiling types • Memory Allocation • Contention Profiling • Concurrency Analysis • Comparison Reports (Excel) • New function details view Now Works under virtualization! Endeavour 5 Launch 12
    • 13. Profiler improvements DEMO Endeavour 5 Launch 13
    • 14. Some other new stuff• Load tests: – New Sequential Mix – Also run functional tests – Reporting to Excel – Extensible data collectors to support more platforms Endeavour 5 Launch 14