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  1. 1. Things that should be done and avoided in film production After completing the preliminary task I learnt and developed valuable skills to consider for the production. Here is a list of things that should be done, and should be avoided when film making: Make sure the colour correction isn’t obvious, it needs to look realistic, adding to many effects to a colour correction can make your production look a lot less professional. To make a realistic blood splatter it has to ‘fit’ in with its surroundings. A blood splatter may look to bright, and unrealistic, to solve this a hue and saturation tool should be used, it should always be considered how a blood splatter looks relative to its surroundings. Part of the muzzle flash of a gun should be blurred. To make a realistic looking muzzle flash a blur should be added, since the muzzle flash only lasts 1 – 2 frames it will not be noticed, and looks a lot more realistic than just the ordinary muzzle flash. Artificial light should be added around the subject who is firing a gun, this can be done by masking, and adding brightness to where you feel it is needed. It makes a gun shot look a lot more realistic.
  2. 2. Examples Here is the muzzle flash, part of it has been blurred. Here a gun shell has been added, and animated to come out of the gun when it has been shot, it also has motion blur, as it is moving fast.
  3. 3. Examples Here the blood splatter has been added, and it fits in with its surroundings, as hue andThere is also a bullet saturation has been added,wound, which has been originally the splatter was a lotanimated to disappear as brighter, and looked out ofthe subjects hand moves place.over it.
  4. 4. Here is anexample offocusing, inthe firstpicture I haveonly focusedon the gun,and in thesecondpicture I focuson the gun,and thenchange thefocus to thesubjects face.This shouldbe done infilmproduction, toshow theexpression ofa characters
  5. 5. How a title should lookThe title for a production should always give some connotations of what yourproduction is about. An example can be from my production, where the white onblack text connotes seriousness, the boldness of the text connotes that there will bethemes of power and violence, and the spinning spade in the middle can connotethat there will be themes of violence. Here is an example of text. Professional looking text makes your product look more professional. Here cinema 4d was used to create 3d text, and an animation.
  6. 6. Other things to consider If you are not using a tripod in the shot, make sure you have not left it where you will be filming, it may crop up in one of your shots during post production. The steadiness of a camera can effect how professional a product will look, make sure you have a steady arm, and if you need to move the camera for a shot, bending your knees and walking slowly can give some level of steadiness (this is if a tripod or dolly is not accessible). Make sure your actors do not mess up during filming, sometimes they will look at the camera, or smile, and it can be easily missed, on a small display screen for some cameras. To avoid this tell your actors at the start that if they do this, they should tell you immediately, so you can do a re-take.
  7. 7. Other things to consider: Planning Whilst shooting you should always have a storyboard and notes next to you. Although a production will never look exactly like what the storyboard says, it acts as a guideline for your production. The soundtrack or score is always important in a production, it sets the tone of the production. It can also be used as a less extensive sting, as if you sync a gun shot with the part of the song before a main chorus starts, or the beat drops. My final production can be an example of this, and I think that it adds a dramatic effect to a production.
  8. 8. The End This guide has been based on skills I have developed and learnt through my preliminary task to my production.