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  • Sponsored StoriesUser Content is advertismentHigher click through rateLower cost per click (CPC)Ads marked “Sponsored”BenefitsFirst Ads promoted in Newsfeed First Mobile Ads
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  • Social Advertising

    1. 1. The Power of Social Advertising @TimmyBosch Strategy Director @LikeableMedia @ottogrl Marketing Director @LikeableMedia #Likeable
    2. 2. What’s Inside• Meet Likeable•Twitter •Ad types and performance •Targeting best practices•Facebook • Why Facebook ads? • Best Practices • Sponsored stories•Questions/Feedback & Grand Prize #Likeable
    3. 3. Meet Likeable #Likeable
    4. 4. Clients We Work With #Likeable
    5. 5. Social Advertising: Twitter• Growing Market• Less mature Ad Platform• Freshness of content is important• Refresh and re-promote new tweets #Likeable
    6. 6. Social Advertising: Twitter Ads Types• Ad Type • Promoted Tweets • In the newsfeed • In search • Promoted Accounts #Likeable
    7. 7. Why Spend Money On Facebook Ads?• Facebook Ads can fuel engagement, growth and awareness• A good Facebook Strategy needs a balance paid and earned media (they feed of each other)• It’s the most powerful prospect targeting opportunity in history #Likeable
    8. 8. Facebook Ad Targeting #Likeable
    9. 9. Facebook Ad TargetingDon’t forget about B2B! #Likeable
    10. 10. Social Advertising: Facebook Ad Measurement• Measuring Results • Ad quality: CPC, CPF, CTR • Fan quality: Actions #Likeable
    11. 11. Likes Lead To Prospects• Facebook Ads that have the Like button are 50% cheaper than ads that link off site.• You get more than just a targeted fan. You get their Social Graph.• Like ads are putting prospects directly in the conversion funnel. #Likeable
    12. 12. Targeting: Facebook Ads vs. Google Ad Words• Target Through Key • Target through Words interests• Demographic • Accurate demographic Targeting Limited targeting #Likeable
    13. 13. Facebook Ads vs Google Ad WordsFacebook Can Do All 3 Awareness Demand Generation Conversion Google #Likeable
    14. 14. Facebook Advertising Process Analyze Optimize Target Create #Likeable
    15. 15. Facebook Page Post Ads • Reach Generator: pay to reach a higher % of fan base (now buy ad unit from timeline) • You can also target non- fans through the ad platform #Likeable
    16. 16. Facebook- Sponsored Stories• Page like sponsored stories do not require premium payment• They rely solely on friend recommendation• These work best for highly recognizable brands #Likeable
    17. 17. Facebook Ad Copy Tips• No brainer Facebook ad copy works!• The shorter the better• Call to action #Likeable
    18. 18. Facebook Ads- Image Tips• Landscape oriented• Smiling faces• Use colors that will contrast Facebook Blue & White  Orange is optimal because it is less alarming and less common than red, warmer and brighter than yellow, and not as gender- specific as pink. #Likeable
    19. 19. Social Ads #Likeable
    20. 20. Questions/Feedback? Grand Prize! @LikeableMedia @TimmyBosch