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PhoneGap - Now and the Future
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PhoneGap - Now and the Future


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PhoneGap presentation for the HTML5 Now conference in Korea.

PhoneGap presentation for the HTML5 Now conference in Korea.

Published in: Technology
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  • 1. PhoneGapNow and the Future
  • 2. About Me • Tim Kim • Dev at Adobe/Nitobi • @timkim • • <3 JS, SC2, and movies
  • 3. What is PhoneGap?A way to build cross platform native applications using web technologies
  • 4. What is PhoneGap?1) Write a web app using HTML5 technologies JS/HTML/CSS
  • 5. What is PhoneGap?2) Package your web app into PhoneGap Common device interface: PhoneGap API Extend: PhoneGap PlugIns
  • 6. What is PhoneGap? 3) Deploy to multiple devices iOS, Android, Blackberry, WP7, WebOS, …
  • 7. What is PhoneGap?PhoneGap API: • An interface to the most common set of device functionality • Contacts, GeoLocation, File, Camera, etc… • All accessible through JS •
  • 8. What is PhoneGap?PhoneGap API: Geolocation: var win = function(position) { console.log(position.coords) } , fail = console.log(‘I failed’); navigator.geolocation.getCurrentPostion(win, fail)
  • 9. What is PhoneGap?PhoneGap API: Vibration: navigator.vibrate(1000) navigator.vibrate([1000]) navigator.vibrate([1000, 500, 2000])
  • 10. What is PhoneGap?PhoneGap API: App life cycle events: document.addEventListener(deviceready, appInit, false) document.addEventListener(pause, appPause, false) document.addEventListener(resume, appResume, false) var appInit = function() { alert(app initd) } var appPause = function() { alert(paused) } var appResume = function() { alert(resume) }
  • 11. What is PhoneGap?PhoneGap PlugIns: • A way to extend your PhoneGap app if you want to access more than what the PhoneGap API provides • Process: Write a native implementation then use JS to call that native function (Cordova JS!) • Currently a work in progress but check out
  • 12. What is PhoneGap?PhoneGap PlugIns: Some examples: • Child Browser • In App Purchasing • Barcode scanner • Twitter
  • 13. Why PhoneGap?
  • 14. Why PhoneGap? • Need a dev who knows the platform • Multiple code bases • Longer turn around time to get releases out to all platforms
  • 15. Why PhoneGap?Write Once Debug Everywhere
  • 16. Why PhoneGap? PhoneGap Build
  • 17. Why PhoneGap? • Upload your app to PhoneGap then build and compile in the cloud • No need to download sdks • Free open beta right now
  • 18. Who Makes PhoneGap? • Nitobi/Adobe • IBM, RIM, Microsoft • Various individual contributors • Apache
  • 19. How to Use PhoneGap• Demo
  • 20. Where Are We Going? • PhoneGap donated to the apache foundation! • Now exists under the name Cordova • Contribute back today:
  • 21. Where Are We Going?The Adobe years: The original creators of PG – Nitobi aquired by Adobe • No more client work! Full time work on PhoneGap Integration with other Adobe products • DreamWeaver • And more…
  • 22. Where Are We Going?• Apache Licensed – free and open source• Our device api specs follow wc3 standards• If browsers ever decide to implement the wc3 specs, then your app is future proofed
  • 23. Where Are We Going?• Cordova JS/Unified JS: • Fragmentation started to creep into PhoneGap.js as more platforms added • Now we use a modular syntax to define PG components • Everything is a plugin now
  • 24. Where Are We Going?• Cordova JS/Unified JS: Easy to add new platforms or extend an existing platform Wishing for installable, discoverable, removable plugins • Similar to NPM • Command line tooling soon!
  • 25. Where Are We Going?Concerns: • Security • Privacy • Permissions • Capabilities • Performance
  • 26. Where Are We Going?More device support: • Ios • Android • BlackBerry 5+ • webOS • WP7 • Bada • …What’s next?
  • 27. Thank you!