Attraction March 2010
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Attraction March 2010



Half day interactive workshop for the hiring managers in a FTSE500 PLC based in the North West.

Half day interactive workshop for the hiring managers in a FTSE500 PLC based in the North West.



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    Attraction March 2010 Attraction March 2010 Presentation Transcript

    • Attracting the right quality and right quantity of people
      by Fluid
      March 2010
    • Page 2
      3-4 Introduction to Fluid
      5-6 New rules of attraction
      7-921st Century recruitment
      10-11Boomerang hires
      12-13 Exercise A
      16-17Assessment and selection
      18-19 Exercise B
      20-22 Finding the best
      23-24 Case studies
      25-26 Conclusion and questions
    • Page 3
    • Page 4
      Introduction to Fluid
      Fluid Consulting Limited (Fluid) is a specialist human resources consultancy headed by Tim Holden MCIPD
      10 years in banking
      10 years in Human Resources consultancy
      Fluid trading since 2006
      The core services provided by Fluid are:
      • Retention
      • Selection
      - Attraction
      - Remuneration & Reward
      - Outplacement
      - Training & HR consultancy
    • Page 5
      New rules of attraction
    • Page 6
      New rules of attraction
      • Go mobile
      • Use social media
      • Spread the word like a virus
    • Page 7
      21st Century recruitment
    • Page 8
      • Line manager creates vacancy
      • Authorisation process completed
      • Recruitment team is notified of vacancy; database search identifies suitable applicants already in system
      • Advert written and vacancy exported to company website and intranet, job boards, agencies, advertising media
      • Candidates begin online application process, answering pre-defined screening questions
      21st Century recruitment 1 of 2
    • Page 9
      • Applicants who do not meet screening requirements automatically notified; others complete online application and may send CV
      • Applications received by the recruitment team or hiring manager
      • Initial selection: successful applicants invited to interview, unsuccessful ones notified via automatically generated emails or letters
      • Recruitment process could include psychometric assessment, further interviews, job-specific evaluations
      • Job offers and contracts generated
      • New employees’ details exported to internal databases
      21st Century recruitment 2 of 2
    • Page 10
      Boomerang hires
    • Page 11
      Boomerang hires
      • Track how many employees leave the organisation and later rejoin
      • Make it easy for employees to be able to return
      • When someone hands in their notice, treat them well
      • Conduct exit interviews, leaving the door open
      • Keep in regular touch with your brightest ex-employees
    • Page 12
      Exercise A
    • Page 13
      Exercise A
    • Page 14
    • Page 15
      • Business benefits of employing women
      • What makes an employer of choice for women?
      • Legally attracting more applications from women
      • Genuine occupational qualifications, skills and experience
      • Finding the right people
      • Ensuring interviews are fair
      • Recruitment and selection processes
      • Welcoming and supporting women in the workplace
      • Avoiding a backlash from other employees
    • Page 16
      Assessment and selection
    • Page 17
      Assessment and selection
      • Competency-based interviews
      • Online psychometric testing
      • Structured interviews
      • Selection scoring processes
      • Work sample tests
      • Psychometric tests conducted in person
      • Literacy tests
      • Numeracy tests
      • Record keeping
      • Situational interviews
    • Page 18
      Exercise B
    • Page 19
      Exercise B
    • Page 20
      Finding the best
    • Page 21
      • Identify your weaknesses so you know which aspects of the organisation you need help with
      • Decide whether your organisation will benefit most by hiring paid advisers or by taking equity-incentivised employees or business partners
      • If you are offering equity to a potential partner, avoid ‘one-trick’ ponies. In other words, make sure he or she is an all-round commercial adviser rather than just being good at a specific task.
      • Ask other small-business owners for recommendations on external advisers
      Finding the best 1 of 2
    • Page 22
      • If you are a member of a trade body, find out if it has any recommended advisers
      • Always ask for credentials and take references. If you are appointing someone to help grow your business, make sure they have a proven track record doing it for themselves
      • Ensure the culture and chemistry are right. Every organisation has its own style of working and will do best with an adviser who shares that style
      • Ensure the person you have taken on to help is capable of growing with you as the organisation expands and don’t be afraid to part company with them of they are not
      Finding the best 2 of 2
    • Page 23
      Case studies
    • Page 24
      Case studies
    • Page 25
      Conclusion & Questions
    • Page 26