Future of Fed Mobility | Citrix Technical Exchange hosted by AMARC | Faisal Iqbal


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The Advanced Mobility Academic Research Center (AMARC) hosted a Citrix Technical Exchange on July 18 at The Hamilton in Washington, D.C. Faisal Faisal Iqbal, Director of Systems Engineering, U.S. Public Sector for Citrix spoke at the event, which featured a Digital Government Strategy panel with Anil Karmel (NNSA), Brad Nix (USDA FNS) and Dan Mintz (AMARC).

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  • “The primary TTB BYOD lesson learned is to avoid allowing data to touch the personal device. Having all data, settings and processing in a central location and using the BYOD device simply as a viewer significantly simplifies the legal and policy implications”
  • Future of Fed Mobility | Citrix Technical Exchange hosted by AMARC | Faisal Iqbal

    1. 1. Director – Systems Engineering, US Public Sector Faisal.Iqbal@citrix.com @virtfaisal Future of Fed Mobility Enabling productivity through Mobility, Telework, BYOD and DCC Faisal Iqbal
    2. 2. State of Federal Mobility BYO 55% Employees Basic Security 1/3 Employees Unsecured Data 42% Employees Productivity 28B Source: MWE Digital Dilemma 2013 Report
    3. 3. Driving towards Federal Mobility DOD Mobility Strategy and Implementation Plan “Establish a mobile device management service” “Promote the Development and use of DOD Mobile and Web-enabled Applications” “Provide an enterprise mobile application environment” DGS Milestone 9.1 Develop government-wide mobile and wireless security baseline (includes security reference architectures.) DHS/DoD/NIST
    4. 4. OPM 2012 Telework Status Report http://www.telework.gov • All 87 agencies participating in the Data Call had established telework policies • Approximately 32 percent of all federal employees deemed eligible • 27 percent of teleworkers worked remotely three or more days per week “Not all managers are comfortable directing employees who telework”
    5. 5. Fed CIO Council’s BYOD Toolkit http://www.whitehouse.gov/digitalgov/bring-your-own-device “…guidance based on lessons learned from successful BYOD programs launched at forward-leaning agencies. ”
    6. 6. Enterprise Mobility Telework Next Gen Workplaces BYOD App Stores Federal Mobile Workstyles Disaster COOP Office Security & Compliance
    7. 7. App + Desktop Virtualization Delivering hosted Windows Apps and Desktops SSL 011010 SSL 1011011010 SSL 1011011010 SSL 1011011010 SSL 1011011010 SSL 101101 SSL SSL 1011011010 SSL APPS DATA USER PROFILE OS Any networkUniversal client Any Datacenter or Cloud FIPS 140-2 SSL DMZ Proxy
    8. 8. People-centric and use case driven Mobilizing Windows Apps GIS and 3D workloads BYO laptop and device Remote Access Thin/Zero Client Computing
    9. 9. Telework Case Study Virtualization • “Home Use” Program • 28,000 users worldwide • Mission Productivity and COOP
    10. 10. BYOD Case Study Virtualization • ~80% telecommuting • $2 million – typical GFE HW costs • $1.2 million in savings
    11. 11. Remote PC Access Secure Remote access to your work computer SSL 011010 SSL 1011011010 SSL 1011011010 SSL 1011011010 SSL 1011011010 SSL 101101 SSL 1011011010 SSL 101101101 Any networkUniversal client Any Thick PCFIPS 140-2 SSL DMZ Proxy
    12. 12. • Platform unification • HDX Mobile • Integrated Monitoring • Unified App Store • Fully PIV-compatible
    13. 13. 2 purpose-built consoles Studio • Automated workload provisioning • Automatic app publishing • Custom delegated administration Director • Real-time assessment • Site health and performance • EdgeSightTM User Experience Analytics
    14. 14. High definition experience on any device Efficient bandwidth utilization Advanced quality of service Cross-continent latency tolerance Industry leading peripheral support Real-time voice and multimedia optimization Point to point unified communications
    15. 15. Virtualized 3D workstation GPU accelerated 3D graphics 15 • Industry First vGPU solution • Full OpenGL and DirectX Support • Fluid experience with full screen 3D apps • 50% reduction in bandwidth requirements
    16. 16. Demo XenDesktop 7
    17. 17. Delivering Windows apps & desktops as a cloud service Citrix Project Avalon
    18. 18. How Federal Mobility Feels Today IA Perspective Mobile makes security and compliance harder. Too many tools are required to manage it. User Perspective Mobile can do so much for my life, why can’t it do more for my agency?
    19. 19. Federal Mobile Security • "Specifically, the Army CIO did not appropriately track CMDs and was unaware of more than 14,000 CMDs used throughout the Army” • ”Army also failed to ensure its commands properly configured devices to store protected information and to use a mobile device management application to do so.”
    20. 20. • Balance security with mobility access • Government data leakage • Delivery to multiple mobile platforms • Secure authentication (smartcard, two-factor) • BYOD, GOPE…security, compliance, mgmt • Dual Persona Federal Mobility Challenges
    21. 21. A complete stack for managing and securing apps, data, and devices App Management Device Management Data Management
    22. 22. Recognized as a “Leader” by Gartner; Winner at Interop Magic Quadrant Critical Capabilities Source: Gartner report, Magic Quadrant for Mobile Device Management Software, May 23, 2013, Phillip Redman, John Girard, Terrence Cosgrove, Monica Basso Source: Gartner report, Critical Capabilities for Mobile Device Management Software, May 23, 2013, Phillip Redman © 2013 Gartner, Inc. and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Gartner is a registered trademark of Gartner, Inc. or its affiliates. For more information, e-mail info@gartner.com or visit gartner.com. Used with permission.
    23. 23. MDX App Vault Secure container that enables app and data containment, wipe and lock MDX Access Secure access to Intranet resources via Micro-VPN MDX InterApp Trusted application communication fabric Container-Based Mobile App Management
    24. 24. • Secure mobile browser • Internal web app access • URL black/whitelists • Mail, calendar, contacts • Enterprise class security • Beautiful native-like experience • Secure file sharing & sync • Mobile content editing • SharePoint & network files Sandboxed email, browser and document sharing apps
    25. 25. Enterprise-enable any mobile app with the Worx App SDK • Simple and powerful SDK • Enabled through a single line of code • Apps can be wrapped post-development • Controls like: ᵒData encryption ᵒAuthentication ᵒSecure lock and wipe ᵒInter-app policies ᵒMicro VPNs Any app can be a Worx app
    26. 26. Demo XenMobile
    27. 27. Data Center Consolidation
    28. 28. Data Center Consolidation Case Study Server Virtualization • Reduced Power consumption by 83% • $472k annual operational savings • Improved capacity and performance by 300%
    29. 29. Building an “Open” Data Center Server Virtualization and Cloud
    30. 30. Network Appliance Consolidation SDX SDN Platform
    31. 31. 1010SL1010101SSL01 Seamless Experience Cloud Solutions Secure Access Client Gateway Data Mobile & Web Apps Collaboration Windows Apps & Desktops AppStore Networking & Cloud Infrastructure
    32. 32. 1010SL1010101SSL01 Seamless Experience Cloud Solutions Secure Access
    33. 33. Resources Citrix.com/USGovernment • Whitepapers • Solution Guides • Govt References accounts Follow us @CitrixPublicSec
    34. 34. Work better. Live better.